Digitally Speaking - ACTFL Conference 2012


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My presentation from ACTFL 2012 on digital speaking sites.

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Digitally Speaking - ACTFL Conference 2012

  1. 1. Digitally SpeakingFree resources to enhance speaking in the Foreign Language Classroom ACTFL Annual Convention Philadelphia, PA November, 2012 Catherine Ritz
  2. 2. Objectives: – To have a general understanding of available resources – To understand how to enhance existing classroom practices through the use of technologyHow can technology strengthen speaking activities for my students in and out of the classroom? Why bother?
  3. 3. Why not?• Increase use of whole language• Emphasize communicative speaking goals• Give more individualized speaking practice to all students (especially for large classes!)• Make speaking fun!• Transform homework assignments• Update old language labs for free• Add third dimension to projects• Easier to personalize/differentiate• Evidence of student progress in oral skills
  4. 4. New Teacher 101…• Find out what your students’ interests are• Guess what? They ALL love technology!
  5. 5. Think Communicative Goal• Interpretive Communication – The Interpretive Mode is characterized by the appropriate cultural interpretation of meanings that occur in written and spoken form where there is no recourse to the active negotiation of meaning with the writer or speaker.• Interpersonal Communication – The Interpersonal Mode is characterized by active negotiation of meaning among individuals. Participants observe and monitor one another to see how their meanings and intentions are being communicated. Adjustments and clarifications can be made accordingly.• Presentational Communication – The Presentational Mode is characterized by the creation of messages in a manner that facilitates interpretation by members of the target culture where no direct opportunity for the active negotiation of meaning exists.*Definitions from AP French Language & Culture, Course & Exam
  6. 6. Think Assessment• Formative – Do Nows – Homework: quick check of student understanding – Smaller Project: incorporating various topics being worked on in class• Summative – Part of a Test: complete in language lab, in class, or at home – Larger Project: a new layer to a longstanding project
  7. 7. Think Standards
  8. 8. Think End User How can technology strengthenspeaking activities for my students in and out of the classroom?
  9. 9. Straight-Up Voice RecordingSet up free account with gmail.Choose phone number and linkto your phone, then select“Do Not Disturb.”All calls go to your inbox andcan be “embedded” or playedonline. App available.Call me at 617-651-0483.*You can also create groups and text your students!(Check with your school on policies for having student cell phonenumbers, of course!)
  10. 10. Straight-Up Voice RecordingFree basic voice recording site.No registration.Students either email, Tweet,copy link or get “embed code.”No app.*New feature: “Embed” vocarooin your site so students canrecord without leaving your page.
  11. 11. Straight-Up Voice RecordingFree recording site designedfor musicians.Create free account.App available.Can post sound to Twitter,Facebook, email it or get“embed”code.Can leave written comments attimed intervals on recording.Create groups for each class.
  12. 12. Social (Interpersonal) Voice RecordingFree social audio site– like Twitter or FBfor audio – find“friends” to follow- can “comment” on audio recordings.- Link with Twitter or other sites- iPhone app.
  13. 13. Straight-Up Voice Recording: for the Language www.mp3mymp3.comFree download. Free download. Saves files as MP3s.
  14. 14. Kooky Voice RecordingFree site where you canupload a digital photoand make it talk. Veryfun!Students email “embed”code or post on theirown blog.App equivalent: Babblizer
  15. 15. Kooky Voice RecordingFree site where youmake an Avatar talk.Can record voice or typetext and set accent.Students email “embed”code or post on theirown blog.No app.
  16. 16. Narration-Voice RecordingFree site with restrictions(or $1 per registration fordepartment).Students create digitalnarrations with text oraudio. Teachers and otherscan comment.Students email “embed” codeor post on their own blog.App available.
  17. 17. Narration-Voice RecordingFree animation site forindividuals (pay forschool account).Students can recordtheir voice or type text.Students email “embed”code or post on theirown blog.No app.
  18. 18. Narration-Voice RecordingFree note-taking site thatallows for written notes, voicenotes (online, need to uploadaudio recording, on phone, canrecord directly!), and images.Students email link to note,or can Tweet!App available.
  19. 19. Video RecordingGot cell phones in yourclass? Use the cameras!Send kids into the hallto film. Use Splice toput parts of the videotogether, then uploadto YouTube (or emailif the file is smallenough). You can setYouTube videos toprivate so only you canview them.
  20. 20. Video RecordingCreate video messages(up to 10 minutes) thatyou email for free. Canalso get a public link ofthe message, but it onlylasts 1 year! (Or you canset to self-destruct!)$5 to buy a widget toplace on your websiteApp available.
  21. 21. Presentation/Video/Voice RecordingCreate fun interactiveposters. Students canrecord videos or soundfiles on their computers,then upload them to theglog.Can “embed” glogs onother sites.No app.
  22. 22. Presentation/Image/ Voice RecordingTake any image andmake it interactive.With the use ofSoundCloud, you can addaudio (and withYouTube, you can addvideo)!Can “embed” glogs onother sites.No app.
  23. 23. Interpersonal/Class Management Voice RecordingSet up free “Groups” (i.e. classaccounts) in a Facebook-like feel.- Chatrooms- Video/audio posts & messages- Share documents- Conference calls- Calendar- To-Do list- Poll students- Create “sub groups” for projectsApp available.
  24. 24. Interpretive/Interpersonal Voice Recordinghttp://lingtlanguage.comFree for a limited numberof exercises, $79 per yearfor unlimited useRecord prompts or addvideos/written questions,and have students respondorally or in writingNo registration requiredfor students
  25. 25. Class Management Voice RecordingOnline LanguageLab software.Free for basics.- Speaking- Reading- Listening- Writing
  26. 26. Love the “Embed” Code!!• Email embed code as homework, you insert on Blog/Wiki (use “HTML” editor)• Student inserts embed code on a Blog/Wiki
  27. 27. Publish their work!• Blogger – –• Why Blog? – Audience – ADVOCACY!!
  28. 28. Resources from this presentation• •• •• •• •• www.audacity.sourcef •• •• •• ••• •
  29. 29. Additional Resources/ – Check out my Pinterest Boards – Email me your creations and I’ll post on my blog! ( Questions? Discussion? Thank you!