Apps for the 4 skills presentation 2013


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  • “Decide what you want, before someone else decides for you.” I actually can’t say things this much nicely. But you can have someone who can in here: Self management skills
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  • “Decide what you want, before someone else decides for you.” I actually can’t say things this much nicely. But you can have someone who can in here: Self management skills
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Apps for the 4 skills presentation 2013

  2. 2. ABOUT ME & THEAPPS I LOVE • We have 15 iPod Touches for students, many have their own iPhones• All the apps I use are free!• All apps can be found by going to the AppStore on your iPad/iPod/iPhone and searching by name
  3. 3. HOW I USE THE APPSWITH MY STUDENTS• Student-centered/paired activities• Learning stations• Alternative formats for homework or projects• 10-minute activators• Advice for getting started: • Pick one app that you think will be effective to meet your learning goal • Enlist students to help you test it out (offer extra credit)
  4. 4. MEMATIC• iPad/iPod• Quick, silly way to get students to write a sentence!• Students email you the meme to turn in
  5. 5. PERFECT CAPTIONS• iPad/iPod• Take pictures, add captions!• Add effects to images• Email to hand in
  6. 6. EVERNOTE• iPad/iPod & web:• Students can write, take notes, and record audio• Students can email you their “note” to turn in
  7. 7. SCRIBBLE PRESS• iPad only• Designed for children to create books using templates• Can select blank book, add photos, images, text, captions, etc.• Email to share
  8. 8. GOOGLE DRIVE• iPad/iPod & web• With gmail accounts, students can work collaboratively on Word, Excel, PPT type files• Files can be shared and you can make edits in their work
  9. 9. GOOGLE VOICE• iPad/iPod & web • To have students record phone calls:• Establish a Google phone number linked to your phone • Student must have Google Voice phone number• Choose “Do Not Disturb” if you want students to leave • From online: you messages • Go to Settings• You can listen to the • Click on Calls messages on your iPhone or • Check the box next to Call online (linked to your regular Options (Enable Recording) Gmail account) • Recorder must receive the call in order to record it• You can respond with text message or can embed the • There is an announcement recording on a website/blog that the call is being recorded! • Press 4 at any time during the conversation to record – press 4 to stop, or hang up • To share recording with you, student goes to account online, then shares via email
  10. 10. SOUND CLOUD• iPad/iPod & web:• Students create account• Record easily directly on iPad/iPod• Share with teacher, teacher can leave written comments at various points within recording• Create “groups” on website
  11. 11. VOICE THREAD• iPad/iPod & web:• Students create account• Take pictures in class, add voice recordings or text• Share with teacher via email• Can embed on website/blog
  12. 12. SPLICE (VIDEOS)• iPad/iPod• Use the video camera feature on the iPad/iPod• Record multiple scenes and use this app to splice them together• Can add title, transitions• Upload final video to YouTube, , email if small enough, or have student transfer to their computer
  13. 13. POCASTS• iPad/iPod• Search for audio lessons in your language• You can prepare questions for students• Takes time to find the right files (good summer PD opportunity!)• Example: • SpanishPod101, FrenchPod101, ItalianPod 101, ChineseClass 101, ArabicPod 101
  14. 14. RADIO/TV STATIONS• iPad/iPod• Find your favorite foreign radio/TV station as an app• Create questions for various recordings, have students complete in class or at home• For advanced students, have them listen to a news story and create questions for the class
  15. 15. QUIZLET• iPad/iPod & web:• Teacher creates account and makes flashcards groups (can make your own or search for your textbook)• Students can also create account and add your flashcard groups• Audio-enabled flashcards with very good accents!
  16. 16. IBOOKS• iPad/iPod• Books in “Public Domain” can often be found for free in iBooks• Reading in iBooks, students can highlight, make notes, email quotes
  17. 17. IBIBLIO• iPad/iPod• French books in Public Domain• Includes overview, author information, full text, and audio recording
  18. 18. MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS• iPad/iPod• Search the “Newstand” store for free magazines/newspapers in your language• You can also just use the web browser to search for magazines & newspapers online that aren’t available for free as apps!
  19. 19. FLIPBOARD• iPad/iPod• Follow various news sources (from Twitter, FB, etc.) in any language
  20. 20. WHAT APPS ARE YOU USING?• ?•,