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The line from lhasa to gurge kingdom
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The line from lhasa to gurge kingdom


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   Gurge kingdom is mysterious and secluded; not only because of its own story, but also its location. So how mysterious the Gurge kingdom is? Where is the Gurge kingdom?

   Gurge kingdom is mysterious and secluded; not only because of its own story, but also its location. So how mysterious the Gurge kingdom is? Where is the Gurge kingdom?

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  • 1. The line from Lhasa to Gurge kingdom Gurge kingdom is mysterious and secluded; not only because ofits own story, but also its location. So how mysterious the Gurgekingdom is? Where is the Gurge kingdom? Gurge kingdom locates in Zhada of Tibet. Just as you know,since opening of Qinghai Tibet railway, traffic is convenient and fast.However Tibet journey is still thought as one of the difficult travel.Getting into Tibet is still like a stimulating thing. Also Road ofLhasa to Gurge kingdom is rough much more than some Tibetjourney lines. Also most of local Tibet drivers do not want to drivefrom Lhasa to Gurge kingdom. So, how is this road like? How dotourists get to Gurge kingdom from Lhasa? Actually, there is a schedule bus from Lhasa to Gurgekingdom, however it is not like you wonder you can take on theschedule bus as you want or in time. Sometimes the schedule bus isnot ready to set out. So it depends on your luck, and good luck orbad luck, who knows? Also you should not worry too much aboutthe schedule bus; there are private cars or traffic vehicles which arewilling to get into Gurge kingdom. Surely, it is good if you catch theschedule bus. But maybe the price of schedule bus is expensive than
  • 2. private traffic vehicles. At first, you should catch schedule bus on time or by your luck.Surely, if you miss the schedule bus or it is not willing to get toGurge kingdom, you should combine with some other tourists on theway so that you can take private vehicles economically. Bargainingwith private diver is needed; you will spend less than takingschedule bus if you are good at bargaining. And then, you will startyour long and stimulating journey from Lhasa to Gurge kingdom.You will meet some hiker along way, some of them are prayers, andhowever some of them are just walkers. They are addicted to hiking,you can witness a lot of various hikers trek devoutly in Tibet. Say"hi" to them and you will feel you are comfortable at least you are invehicle, there is just your buns standing pain; your heart willexperience a stimulating journey. OK, are your buns and heart ready?Let us go! Road begin winding on the way to Zhada. The bumpiness,narrow dirt road side by mountains, the other side is very dangerousslope. Many times, before turning a sharp bend or climbing a steepslope, you can not feel that there is other dangerous lines in front ofroad; however in many cases, after turning a sharp bend or climbingthe last steep slope, original hard road in front of. you turn into theboundless plain; most of the time, because you cant see the direction
  • 3. of the road, ahead the cloud in the sky as if in the horizon, you willfeel that you and car are like in the sky. The rough road is narrow,bumpy and muddier steep. The road is with mountain, sometimes,the car suddenly at the top of the mountain, and will cross river stonein the next time. The landscape of Zhada is more offbeat and unique;this is why so many tourists also refuse to give up Zhada and Gurgekingdom of China and Tibet journey. After you can adapt to thatstimulating feeling, you can witness magnificent soil forest. Actually,you will really shock by that land after you getting into soil forest.You will cross soil land and feel the unique and exciting soil forest.Although road is rough, landscape can cover hardships. After all,you have less time to witness the Himalaya Mountains and Gangdisemountains in sight on both sides of the parallel in your whole life.You are so busy with your work, and it is not easy for you to feelnature and trek from Tibet to somewhere. At last you will arrive at Gurge kingdom after a long journey,you will never regret about the rough road before. In the sun, theboundless but magnificent Gurge kingdom reflects the inexhaustiblecolor; layer upon layer of peaks and knolls of earth millions ofgullies, deeply bury many past; distant snow mountain is like agoddess who are fall in love with Gurge kingdom. Clear gully linesare like telling a history, the sunlight shows a different color and
  • 4. adds the charm to Gurge kingdom. The building of Gurge kingdom,different shapes can cause different imagination; and the earth’smost breathtaking beauty, is a kind of whole and spectacular beauty.I like this kind of beauty, because of its beautiful atmosphere, thebleak and desolate feeling.