Graphic facilitation gallery by Catherine Bachy


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Classic paper/markers and chalk pastel panels. 8 x4 feet panels, digitized. And digital media using Sketch Book Pro on the ipad.

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Graphic facilitation gallery by Catherine Bachy

  1. Graphic Facilitation Gallery by Catherine BachyGraphic Facilitation Gallery by Catherine Bachy
  2. A key step in a team’s or organizations strategic planning is having a clearpicture of the group’s history. It is key to be able to answer the questions:How did we get to where we are? What did we learn along the way?Visual facilitation can assist a team or board to review the agreementsthey made and to see the trajectory of their project over time. They canquickly identify why, what, where and when and what their key learningswere at every step of the way. GROUP MEMORY: PROJECT OR ORGANIZATION HISTORY
  3. Taking time to gather the group’s thinking in a day long strategic planningmeeting before moving on to the next activity helps the group reflect onwhat they’ve learned and what they want to capture for furtherconversation or action. HARVESTING GROUP WISDOM
  4. Teams seek clarity and alignment on the purpose and value of their workso they can powerfully tell their story to key stakeholders and funders. Ican guide your team through an iterative, visual conversation to get focusand clarity on the outcomes you want for the important work you do. VISUAL THOUGHT PARTNER
  5. Groups brainstorm next steps in how to move their work forward. Here Icaptured the meeting on post it notes and we grouped the notes to create afuture action panel. Graphic displays such as this one help the group createa memory for the meeting, something they can go back to build on for futurework and actionCAPTURING NEXT STEPS FOR ACTION
  6. Participants’ contributions to the panel with their words and images create apowerful display that fosters the group’s on going ownership of the meetingoutcomes. This panel now hangs in the organization’s main conference roomas a living reminder of the commitments made at the end of a strategicretreat.CREATING COMMITMENTS ANDCLOSURE
  7. Digital media works for graphically recording a virtual meeting or akeynote at a conference where the participants don’t need to see whatI’m recording in the moment. They benefit from the graphic image as areminder of the essence of the speaker’s message.DIGITAL MEDIA
  8. Keynote by Thomas Crum at the 2011 Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action Conference
  9. Pegasus Systems Thinking Conference, Keynote
  10. A digital media platform works well to capture the essence of a coachingsession with a client or to render a concept in a visual way. Rather thangetting typed notes from sessions, my clients receive a digital image they canrefer to as a reminder of what they took away from the session and want tointegrate into next steps. VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS OF CONCEPTS
  11. To honor my clients’ confidentiality, I am not sharing any of their images. Here is an image I created for myself after a coaching session with my long time coach and colleague. It helps me to remember how to get back to what’s really important to me: listening to my inner knowing and wisdom and taking five minutes every now and then to do so!
  12. A blog post of colleague, Erica Mills of Claxon Marketing, inspired this graphic that captures the main points and flow of her article. This helped her to communicate her thinking in a visual manner.