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Your System Configuration Document Transcript

  • 1. Business VoIP Proposal VoIP Business Communications Solution Proposal for United Arab Shipping Company by Gobala Krishnan Page 1 of 11
  • 2. Business VoIP Proposal nStream VoIP Communications Solutions nStream Gateway Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian based company with head office in Kelana Jaya and its R&D hub located in Cyberjaya and Penang. With its technology partner, Mobif, nStream Gateway became the first company in Malaysia to come out with a full scale, high quality VoIP service compatible for small and medium businesses (SME) and SOHO business users. The nStream Voice or NSV is an Internet Protocol Phone Adapter, which allows a person to make calls over the Internet using an ordinary analog telephone (a.k.a single line phone, home phone). It employs Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to enable the human voice to be transported over the Internet. Running on the latest technology – SIP, represents an effective and economical solution's to today's telecommunication industry. VoIP offers significant cost savings for businesses and end users. The internet, being essentially a free resource allows your telephone call to be carried over the internet to its location for free. The nSV can make two types of phone call: 1) NSV to NSV Principally, calls made from one nSV unit to another are completely free as the call remains in the Internet environment. 2) NSV to Regular Fixed / Mobile nSV can also make calls to any standard telephone line around the world (including mobile phones) charged at our low rates. The only reason why you are charged at all, is that the phone call leaves the internet environment, normally quite close to the destination of the phone call. Page 2 of 11
  • 3. Business VoIP Proposal So basically if you make an international phone call to a standard telephone, all you’re really paying for would be the equivalent of a local phone call. With a plug-and-play compatibility, the unit is very easy to install and comes with full CD manual and support. But chances are, you’ll never even need to look at these! Please use the contact details below to set an appointment date for a full presentation and FREE demo. For a 3-D view of the unit please visit our website here. Page 3 of 11
  • 4. Business VoIP Proposal The NSV and You – Full Range of Benefits The NSV is a full system, complete with the VoIP Phone Adapter, and nStream’s own VoIP gateways in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and soon to many other destinations around the world. While most other VoIP solutions only represent one component, i.e the phone adapter, nStream on the other hand controls the end-to-end process, thus delivering better and more consistent quality of calls to local, STD and IDD destinations. Full range of benefits include: Maintain Your Existing Phone Numbers There is no need to change your existing phone numbers. The NSV works with any system, and even give you 2 additional numbers per set. One World One Number Each NSV comes with 2 virtual numbers. These virtual numbers are 100% portable and can be functional in any part of the world. In other words, you can bring your NSV anywhere you travel, and still enjoy the great benefits. No need to additional roaming charges. Online Self-Care System Your staff can monitor all activities and calls made in real-time, 24/7 with our efficient itemized billing system. Now you can have total control of your business costs. 24/7 Technical Support Leave the worries of technology to us. Our friendly and experienced support staff are always ready to assist you. FREE Upgrades and Value Added Services Since the power of NSV s in our gateway, all future updates can be done remotely on our servers, and all you need to do is to reset the unit to enjoy the new features. Our value added services include: o Conference calls up to 30 participants o Call forwarding o Follow-me numbers o Caller ID o Voice message system (coming soon) o Voice to Email (coming soon) o WiFi compatibility (coming soon) And yes… all of these would be FREE for you. Please use the contact details below to set an appointment date for a full presentation and FREE demo. Page 4 of 11
  • 5. Business VoIP Proposal Overview of Your Requirement Client / Company Name: United Arab Shipping Address: 33-5, Menara UOA2 50450, Kuala Lumpur Nature Of Business: Contact Person: Vijay Contact No: Office: 603-21663258 Fax: Mobile: 012-3951044 Home: Email: Current Telco Provider: No Of Lines: 4 main lines, distributed via PBX Telephone System: Nexcom Average Usage: RM 3000 + Network Environment: DHCP PPPOE Username: Password: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Static IP Streamyx Enterprise Fixed IP Static IP: Net Mask: Gateway: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Page 5 of 11
  • 6. Business VoIP Proposal Communications System Plan Router nStream PBX/PABX Voice Head Office / Large Branches We are able to fully integrate your existing PBX / PABX system No extra equipment needed Works with your current Streamyx Enterprise broadband nStream Voice Small / Remote Branch Office Connect directly with nStream Voice Each nStream adapter supports up to 2 phone lines, with 2 virtual numbers Interconnect your Middle East, Hong Kong, Modem / Router Singapore branches to enjoy FREE inter- branch calling Page 6 of 11
  • 7. Business VoIP Proposal Cost & Savings An important part of UASC’s daily activities may include communicating with branches, suppliers and clients all over the world. In the high paced world of telecommunications, the cost of calling international destinations change every month, and in some cases, every day. However, nStream is dedicated to sourcing the best balance of cost and quality to worldwide destinations, because we understand that communications is the most important aspect of business. International Here is the percentage of cost savings to UASC’s probable international calling destinations when using regular PSTN such as TM BusinessLine, using alternative voice providers and using nStream Voice. TM Alternative % over BusinessLine Provider nStream (RM) % over TM others United States 0.900 0.380 0.134 77% 25% United Kingdom 0.900 0.380 0.120 78% 26% UK Mobile 2.000 1.350 1.436 56% -9% India 3.500 1.490 1.141 236% 35% Singapore 0.250 0.300 0.115 14% 19% Kuwait 4.000 1.500 0.680 332% 82% Iraq 4.000 3.000 2.394 161% 61% U.A.E 3.500 1.500 1.840 166% -34% Bahrain 4.000 1.750 1.428 257% 32% 1376% 236% Here are the possible savings in RM, estimating at calls equal to 100 minutes per destination per month. TM Alternative BusinessLine Provider nStream (RM) over TM over others United States 90.00 38.00 13.405 76.595 24.595 United Kingdom 90.00 38.00 11.988 78.012 26.012 UK Mobile 200.00 135.00 143.625 56.375 -8.625 India 350.00 149.00 114.134 235.866 34.866 Singapore 25.00 30.00 11.490 13.510 18.510 Kuwait 400.00 150.00 67.983 332.018 82.018 Iraq 400.00 300.00 239.375 160.625 60.625 U.A.E 350.00 150.00 184.032 165.969 -34.032 Bahrain 400.00 175.00 142.782 257.218 32.218 Savings (RM): 1,376.19 236.19 Inter Branch Page 7 of 11
  • 8. Business VoIP Proposal When it comes to inter branch calling, either local branches or international branches, nStream Voice stands out with its unique ability to connect branch offices at zero cost. Because nStream Voice is built on VoIP technology, all calls routed over the internet terminating to nStream equipment at your branch office can be FREE. Here is a comparison of cost savings to UASC’s international branches when using regular PSTN such as TM BusinessLine, using alternative voice providers and using nStream Voice. Please observe the possible savings in RM, estimating at calls equal to 100 minutes per destination per month. TM Alternative BusinessLine Provider nStream (RM) over TM over others United States 90.00 38.00 0.00 90.00 38.00 United Kingdom 90.00 38.00 0.00 90.00 38.00 UK Mobile 200.00 135.00 0.00 200.00 135.00 India 350.00 149.00 0.00 350.00 149.00 Singapore 25.00 30.00 0.00 25.00 30.00 Kuwait 400.00 150.00 0.00 400.00 150.00 Iraq 400.00 300.00 0.00 400.00 300.00 U.A.E 350.00 150.00 0.00 350.00 150.00 Bahrain 400.00 175.00 0.00 400.00 175.00 Savings (RM): 2,305.00 1,165.00 Please use the contact details below to set an appointment date for a full presentation and FREE demo. Page 8 of 11
  • 9. Business VoIP Proposal Total Savings Based on estimated 12,000 minutes per year (1,000 a month X 12 months) Current Plan Main Telco: Telekom Malaysia Yearly Rental: 540.00 Hardware Costs: 100.00 640.00 Third Party Telco: Newcom Hardware & Installation: Current Usage International 139,800.00 Inter-branch 139,800.00 279,600.00 280,240.00 nStream Voice Plan Main Telco: Telekom Malaysia Monthly Rental: 540.00 Hardware Costs: 100.00 640.00 nStream Adapter Costs: 627.00 627.00 Estimated Usage International 111,457.60 Inter-branch 0.00 111,457.60 112,724.60 Total Cost Savings 167,515.40 * cost per unit of NSV is $165 for the first year, and $120 for the 2nd year onwards. * all values are researched and deemed to be as accurate as reasonably possible. Page 9 of 11
  • 10. Business VoIP Proposal An Investment in Brilliance An investment in the nStream Voice system might just prove to be your best decision for the year 2005! As a business owner or manager, I understand your need to make sure of each investment and the need to make sure on the ROI for each investment. Please use the contact details below to set an appointment for a FREE demo. Gobala Krishnan Marketing Representative Liberty Straits Solutions (001541305-P) E: or T: 013-3947424 For verification and corporate enquiries please contact: nStream Gateway (M) Sdn Bhd (458972-v) AJL 931239 Level 3, Wisma Glomac 3, Kelana Centre Point, SS7/19, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Phone: +603 7625 7370 Fax: +603 7625 7375 Email: Page 10 of 11
  • 11. Business VoIP Proposal FAQ Q: What is VoIP? A: VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is voice communication using the Internet, instead or regular copper lines, as the medium of transport. For more information on VoIP please visit my website Q: Where can I obtain the rates mentioned in the calculations? A: You can get it here: TM BusinessLine charges: TM International Call Rates: Page 11 of 11