Wi-Fi VoIP with Cicero


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Wi-Fi VoIP with Cicero

  1. 1. Issue 135 BluePrint Wi-Fi Volume 1, Number 1 Wi-Fi VoIP with Cicero 18 May 2005 Matt Lewis No sooner had voice over IP established itself at Commentary Wi-Fi VoIP with Cicero 1 the beachhead of the telecoms industry than wireless VoIP came a knocking at the same door - and until WiMAX or any other wide-area broadband wireless technology gains market Top Stories traction, wireless VoIP will typically be Motorola formalizes industry alliance for its 2 synonymous with voice over Wi-Fi. In the past dual-mode platform few months alone, there have been a number of announcements, by significant Vonage tests routers for mobile VoIP 3 industry players, promoting solutions to make pushing voice packets over Wi-Fi Hopes rise for UltraWideBand harmony 3 networks a commercial reality. At 3GSM in Cannes, Skype announced that its Nintendo and Microsoft beef up wireless 4 VoIP client will be leveraged on Wi-Fi enabled handsets from both Motorola and i- gaming mate; Philips has announced a cellular handset reference platform with integrated Security group warns of VPN vulnerabilities 4 Wi-Fi and support for the fixed-mobile UMA standard; and rumours surfaced this Fiberlink adds Skype to remote access 4 week that Vonage is on the verge of adding a Wi-Fi voice element to its residential portfolio VoIP service. Nokia introduces enterprise Wi-Fi platform 5 On one hand, implementing voice over Wi-Fi can be a fairly straight forward process. Whether the device is a Wi-Fi notebook, PDA or mobile phone, it simply requires the installation of a softphone client (such Xten’s softphone or the Skype Hotspots client) and an account with a VoIP service provider. In addition to a network Nextel moves into Wi-Fi with Boingo and 5 identifier, many VoIP providers will also provide each customer with a PSTN Wayport number so both incoming and outgoing PSTN calls can be made and received. Public safety hotzone planned for Oregon 6 However, without a more integrated approach to marrying client and network UK’s community wireless networks mapped 6 infrastructure technologies, it is difficult to manage issues which arise with wireless Boingo and Fatport in new roaming deals 6 voice transmissions: these include quality of service as signal strength degrades, as well as hand-off between access points as the caller moves throughout the coverage area. Integrating with cellular features on both the client and the network side also helps service providers to better monitize on offering wireless VoIP. Vendors Colubris-Avaya alliance points to anti-Cisco 7 With this room for innovation, there are a number of smaller companies attempting ecosystem to secure a seat on the wireless VoIP bandwagon. Typically, these companies have Trapeze adds Enterasys to partner list 7 developed end-to-end solutions which are offered through service providers and consist of both a network infrastructure and a client application element. Some of these companies, like Kineto, have a standards-based solution; in Kineto’s case, it is the UMA standard. Others, like Cicero Networks, have SIP and RTP compliant Standards and Regulation implementations which, in Cicero’s case, have been extended to add functionality. Moves towards open standard for WLAN 7 security policy Based in Ireland, Cicero Networks is a private start-up founded in 2002 and the company released version 2.0 of its Wi-Fi VoIP solution in March this year. Its Microsoft XP supports WPA2 security 8 target markets are fixed-line operators, alternative service providers and large enterprises looking to leverage the economic benefits of converged cellular/Wi-Fi devices. Semiconductors These economic benefits are not insignificant. In an example drawn out by Cicero WLAN chipmaker closes its doors 8 for its native Irish market, the cost of routing a three minute outbound call from a cellular/Wi-Fi device over O2’s mobile network and Eircom’s fixed network is five times more expensive than if the same call was simply routed over Wi-Fi and then Metrics onto the fixed network. ABI forecasts over 100m dual-mode 9 Ross Brennan, Cicero co-founder and CEO, acknowledges that it is the enterprise handsets by 2010 which represents Cicero’s primary audience, either as direct customers or, more typically, through a telco provider which has incorporated the Cicero infrastructure into its network. Last month, Irish Telco, Talktelecom, became the first European Deals wireline operator to offer VoWi-Fi services, deploying the Cicero solution to offer Proxim warns of bankruptcy risk 9 wireless VoIP to its corporate customers. Wayport acquires NetPoint in Denmark 10 Other customers on Cicero’s radar are cable operators and MNVOs, but Brennan believes that the cellular operators are still resistant to the idea of integrating their cellular networks with other wireless technologies. Events Although it is IP-bearer agnostic, the Cicero solution is very much a Wi-Fi voice Conferences 10 technology and it is optimised for the delivery of voice packets over a local wireless LAN onto the PSTN and visa versa. Two key optimisations are quality of service control and access point handoff. By monitoring the strength of the Wi-Fi signal and the bandwidth available within the network, the Cicero solution is able to manage QoS by dynamically adjusting the level of voice compression, using, for 1 Copyright © 2005 ARCchart ltd. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 example, more vigorous compression when of UMA since it is far more common for a bandwidth becomes restricted. And again, caller to move within the local area during a by monitoring Wi-Fi signal strength at the call, than it is for the caller to leave the local network level - not just of the associated area altogether and move into the wide area. access point, but also neighbouring access Another advantage of the Cicero solution points - the system can manage an access over UMA is that its softphone client can be point hand-off if the caller moves out of placed on devices with a simple software range of one AP into the coverage area of installation. The Cicero softphone is another. Brennan is reluctant to refer to this presently available for Windows Mobile handoff as “seamless” but he points out that Pocket PC and Smartphone devices and if the access point infrastructure is provided Symbian UIQ and Series 60 phones. By by one of Cicero’s vendor partners, such as comparison, UMA sits at a deeper level of Colubris, the hand-off will be the handset telephony stack and must “imperceptible” to the caller. therefore be implemented by the handset vendor. This will limit the installed based of UMA devices in the market (there are still none which are commercially available) while the Cicero client can, in theory, work on any existing Wi-Fi enabled Windows Mobile and Symbian device – although this will depend on the processing capability of the device since voice compression must takes place at the software level. Cicero will face competition from UMA Cicero’s Pocket PC softphone supporters, like Kineto, and other VoWi-Fi Cicero’s decision to focus on hand-off solution specialists, but the biggest problem between access points as opposed to hand- for all these companies will be the off between the Wi-Fi access point and the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled handsets into wide-area cellular network is interesting the market. While we believe that a range of Editor: Caroline Gabriel since this is opposite to the approach taken such handsets will be released this year, it Rethink Research cgabriel@arcchart.com by the UMA standard. While UMA will depends on how quickly they are taken up support any access point hand-off which is by the enterprise. Publisher: Matt Lewis m_lewis@arcchart.com natively present in the network, the standard itself does not define or control AP to AP hand-off. This is seen as one of the failings ARCchart ltd. 3 Finsbury Square TOP STORIES London EC2A 1LN UK Tel: +44 207 826 9000 Fax: +44 207 826 9001 Motorola formalizes industry alliance for Web: www.arcchart.com Email: info@arcchart.com its dual-mode platform Motorola’s long awaited Wi- In particular, Motorola believes it can open Fi/cellular handsets and up its approach to improving hand-off times enterprise platform should between the different networks. This will be launch in late summer, and in a key focus of work by the IEEE for future the mean time, the vendor is WLAN standards, and by start-ups focused trying to attract broader on voice such as Meru. industry support for the The group has now been formalized under technology, which has been the name SCCAN (Seamless Converged Produced in association with criticized for forcing Communication Across Networks) Forum, Wi-Fi Watch. No part of companies to use 802.11a and has been joined by three switchmakers this publication may be flavour of Wi-Fi. that have been particularly interested in copied, photocopied or Last July, Motorola promised to set up an voice and the hand-off and quality of duplicated in any form or by any means without prior industry group looking to put some of its service issues associated with it. These are written permission from the work, carried out with Avaya and Proxim, Chantry Networks, now owned by Siemens, publishers. The information into the standards process and to offer Meru Networks, which claims to offer contained in BluePrint Wi-Fi interfaces openly to boost uptake and try to superior QoS to the upcoming Wi-F is derived from sources create a de facto standard for enterprise standard extension, 802.11e, and Colubris, which we believe to be VoWLAN/cellular convergence. which also has a separate new alliance with accurate, but is not guaranteed. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 Vonage tests Avaya (see separate item). Also joining the at Motorola, and the vendor’s representative Forum is 2Wire. at SCCAN. “The next step at the conclusion routers for It will be lost on nobody that these new of the trials will be to take feedback we mobile VoIP switchmakers are signing up just as the have learned, make the last few and final original partner, Proxim, has said it is in tune-ups to the system, and then enter the VoIP service leader financial danger. Chantry, Meru and commercial marketplace in a much larger Vonage is poised to Colubris would presumably be eager to take way. We expect it to be later this summer.” launch a wireless version its place as the preferred partner for giant The platform will also support standard and is testing Linksys Wi- Fi routers for the purpose, Motorola, which has a highly advanced access points supporting the upcoming according to news service convergence program encompassing 802.11e QoS standard. CNET. cellular, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and other Motorola is also a passionate supporter of Vonage is also believed to networks. the Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) be testing a WLAN Motorola and Avaya said they are trialing a convergence technology for handing off handset, which would dual-mode WLAN/GSM phone developed between networks using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. work with the router to by Motorola called CN620, which can be It said UMA is not directly involved in the enable users to move around their home or used with a centralized Wi-Fi controller and SCCAN work though, in some ways, it is office, in reach of a Wi-Fi lightweight access points, co-developed by seeking to address a similar problem. access point. group members. Vonage is also likely to “CN620 is our enterprise seamless mobility market the solution to solution currently in early introduction hotspot providers as a trials,” said Jim Wojnarowski, director of value added service. Most industry standards and technical marketing hotspots currently do not support voice quality of service, or are complicated for users to set up and access for VoIP. The routers would Hopes rise for UltraWideBand harmony carry out most of that There are prerequisite for creating the global market effort automatically. rising hopes in short range networks – especially in the Skype, the peer-to-peer that the long digital home – that Intel and other VoIP service, said it is war over supporters dream of. also working on a Wi-Fi UltraWideBa An important player in this drama will be handset approach similar nd standards Pulse~Link, which joined the UWB Forum to Vonage’s. may be last week (see Blueprint Wi-Fi May 11). resolved soon. The Freescale-led UWB The innovative company, which focuses on Forum is making increasingly strong UWB over LAN distances and over wireline indications that it would be prepared to as well as wireless media, has previously work on interoperability with rival remained neutral, focusing on different WiMedia Alliance, led by Texas markets to the proposed standard. However, Instruments and Intel, probably using it did seek to push its own convergence convergence technology from start-up technology, Common Signalling Mode, to Pulse~Link. If such a proposal materializes, the IEEE as a method of allowing as expected, at the next IEEE standards coexistence – though not interoperability – group meeting, it would be an indication between the two warring platforms, and this that the UWB Forum now believes it cannot technology could now provide the basis of a win the battle and that it would be better to harmonization effort. In its initial attempt, it work with the WiMedia Alliance than be gained support from Freescale but not the sidelined altogether. WiMedia Alliance, making its choice of the The pressure to resolve the war over which UWB Forum unsurprising. UWB technology would provide the basis Pulse~Link becomes a promoter member of for the proposed IEEE 802.15.3a personal the Forum and brings its CWave UWB area network standard is mounting, technology to the effort. especially with the prospect of the President Bruce Watkins said that the UWB 802.15.3a physical layer being adopted for Forum was open to working with other other IEEE standards such as Bluetooth and UWB technologies, depending on the ZigBee. An end to the battle would also be application, including the WiMedia another motivation for regulators around the Alliance’s Multiband OFDM and CWave. world to make quick decisions on opening up spectrum for UWB, an essential 3
  4. 4. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 Security group Nintendo and Microsoft beef up wireless warns of VPN gaming vulnerabilities Nintendo and into Wi-Fi hotspots or home WLANs, with Microsoft are minimal configuration changes needed. The UK’s National both enhancing Nintendo will, again, not charge end users Infrastructure Security the Wi-Fi any subscription charges for using the DS Co-ordination Center capabilities of while online though third party publishers (NISCC) has warned of their gaming may do so. GameSpy is middleware that is potential attacks on the platforms as they seek to attack Sony’s used by the Sony PlayStation2 and other IPSec protocol used in browser-based virtual PlayStation range. games consoles for fast game ‘match private networks, which The Nintendo DS dual-screen gaming making’ – easing the process of finding could render encrypted handheld already has built-in 802.11b, but online opponents round the world over messages as plain text now the Japanese vendor has announced wired or Wi-Fi internet links. Nintendo is with only “moderate starting to develop games to support global effort”. This would affect plans to build a network of 1,000 free hotspots in Japan to be used primarily by online play over Wi-Fi on the DS, the first many remote communications to gamers. Other Wi-Fi devices would not be being the upcoming Animal Crossing. enterprise networks via excluded but the marketing and Nintendo says its next home console, Wi-Fi and other networks, environment would be geared to DS users, a codenamed Revolution, will also have in- with IPSec becoming increasingly popular move that follows the success of online built Wi-Fi for integration into home among mobile workers. gaming cafes in South Korea. networks. The company is also looking at Charges for DS users in the Nintendo options to bring DS users online via The NISCC describes the locations will be incurred only through the European wireless partnerships. weakness as “severe” and says it applies to IPSec third party game publishers – Nintendo will Over at Microsoft, a wireless capable configurations that rely on not, itself, charge any fees, since its aim is version of the Xbox gaming console has Encapsulating Security to encourage usage and increase the been unveiled. The Xbox 360 is designed to Payload (ESP) in tunnel desirability of the DS. work with high definition televisions and mode with confidentiality only, or with integrity In the US, Nintendo is also seeking to has built-in 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a protection offered by a leverage Wi-Fi more aggressively to connections. It can support up to four higher layer protocol. encourage advanced activities, such as wireless game controllers. The attacks need to be massively multiplayer games, on its carried out many times platform. It will partner with IGN to use the before they are latter’s GameSpy technology for easy links successful, but once this phase is reached, “the results can be reused to efficiently recover the contents of further inner packets”. The attacks are Fiberlink adds Skype to remote access fully automatable. portfolio The main safeguards that Corporate remote cities such as New York and Los Angeles. companies should take access provider However, Fiberlink – unlike Verizon – does are to configure ESP to Fiberlink was later not see EV-DO as a replacement for Wi-Fi use both confidentiality than some, such as but just as “an option”. and integrity protection; use the AH protocol iPass, to extend from dial-up connections to The company has also signed a deal with alongside ESP to provide wireless, but it is now aiming to provide the Skype, allowing Extend360 users to access integrity protection; and most complete range of access options on Skype, a combination that Fiberlink claims filter ICMP messages at a the market. Its Extend360 software now gets round some security issues with the firewall or security supports Wi-Fi, dial-up and CDMA, and it gateway. VoIP system and makes it more suitable for is shortly to add CDMA EV-DO and enterprise use. Extend360 brings “higher The full advisory is at support for the free peer-to-peer VoIP levels of security during Skype peer-to-peer http://www.niscc.gov.uk/ service, Skype. niscc/docs/al-20050509- transactions”, it claims. 00386.html?lang=en Another new introduction to the Fiberlink Skype is available on Windows, Macintosh, service is anti-spyware checking, via Linux and PocketPC, while Fiberlink's Webroot Software’s SpySweeper software. Extend360 software is limited to Windows It is likely that Fiberlink is partnering with and Mac users, although it is evaluating Verizon Wireless for its EV-DO access – a PDA and smartphone support for future network that currently covers 30 major US releases. 4
  5. 5. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 Nokia introduces enterprise Wi-Fi platform Nokia has unveiled the Local Business dependent on the user or device location, Connectivity Solution, which connects a status and time. company's mobile devices to enterprise The solution is built around client software systems using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth alongside for smartphones supporting Nokia’s Series cellular. 60 and Series 80 platform – mainly Nokia’s Like other multi-network remote access own models, but potentially also some solutions, Nokia’s technology handles phones from Siemens and others. Along security and management issues and enables with the client software, the solution enterprises to recognize, authenticate and contains small multi-radio Nokia Service authorize employee's mobile devices when Point for mobile device connectivity, they arrive in the coverage area. providing Bluetooth coverage and “Enterprises are mobilizing their interfacing to enterprise existing Wlan applications to increase their productivity. infrastructure, and Nokia Service Manager We have developed a local connectivity for user rights, device, and application solution that strengthens the mobilization of management. the existing services and supports the The product is the latest move by Nokia to development of new ones,” said Jouni makes its smartphones a central client Malinen, venture manager at Nokia device within large enterprises, challenging Ventures Organization. the laptop and Windows PDA and Personal information management, increasing the Finnish giant’s own margins messaging, browsing, and content and influence by taking it into the heart of distribution are additional mobile services the mobile enterprise infrastructure. that can optionally be delivered and The first reseller for the software is Fujitsu managed by the Nokia software. Services in Finland. The integrator Application Programming Interface (API) offers mobilization of enterprise specific services with context awareness, where the services can be made HOTSPOTS Nextel moves into Wi-Fi with Boingo and Wayport Nextel, which has Nextel’s initial move is conventional, been one of the however, and somewhat behind many most active of the rivals. Its Unlimited Wi-Fi HotSpot Plan US cellcos in will be available mainly at airports, hotels, trialling broadband convention centres, retail stores and other wireless services locations, plus 150,000 hotel rooms where to run alongside its Wayport's wired Ethernet connections are core cellular available. Nextel subscribers will be able to network, is offering a Wi-Fi service aimed switch into cellular networks when hotspot at business travellers, in partnership with coverage runs out, using Nextel’s Wireless aggregators Boingo Wireless and Wayport. PC Access offering. Nextel’s future parent Sprint has one of the The company’s im240 PC card creates most aggressive hotspot roll-out plans in the single click access to either network, though US, through a range of aggregator partners seamless roaming will only be supported in and, in particular, an alliance with Wayport. phase two. The hotspot service alone is The two telcos’ services will presumably be available for laptops for a monthly fee of integrated post-merger and could also be $39.99. With Wireless PC Access added, incorporated into future plans by the the service is charging a promotional rate of combined operator to create a broadband $54.99 per month, which seems highly wireless network across the US in 2.5Ghz priced in the US market. spectrum. Nextel’s move leaves Verizon Wireless as the only national mobile carrier in the US 5
  6. 6. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 Public safety with no significant Wi-Fi plans – its co- parent Verizon is closing down payphone appears not to support an 802.1x client, as T-Mobile’s more established, and similar, hotzone based hotspots around New York as being service does. Cingular, the largest wireless planned for competitive against EV-DO. However, there are question marks over Nextel’s carrier, is assembling a national hotspot network under the FreedomLink brand. Oregon Connection Manager software, which The latest US metrozone deployment to hit the news is a public safety network for Washington UK’s community wireless networks County, Oregon. Though mooted before, requests mapped for proposals have now The UK’s National Community Broadband possible, according to Malcolm Corbett, been issued with a view Network, an organization to support and head of the project, and is bringing to building the network promote community-based services, has affordable broadband to many parts of the later this year across the mapped 550 such deployments in the country more rapidly than the established whole county. country, most based on Wi-Fi or other telcos. The primary RFP is for a wireless technology. Incumbent British Telecom is looking to use public safety network for Washington County, The listing, available at www.broadband- WiMAX to extend broadband to remote whose seat is at Hillsboro, uk.coop, shows that diverse communities, areas, but like other commercial WISPs, it Oregon. The network will rural and suburban, have networks run by a will find itself up against tough competition be dedicated to mixture of social enterprises, small private for the consumer market in areas where emergency services and companies, voluntary groups and public there is a free, subsidized or community the RFP states: “It is critical to provide all sector organizations, almost all using low network in place. wireless backhaul cost wireless technology to deliver their locations with redundant services. A combination of cheap Wi-Fi kit, network access, best license-exempt radio spectrum and clever practice power networking technology has made this conditioning, and 20- minute battery backup with automatic switchover during power failures. The Boingo and Fatport in new roaming deals County desires IEEE Boingo has extending its reach to about 50 hotspots in standards-based client signed two new the country. Boingo now has 7,000 hotspot radio hardware due to its roaming deals, locations in Europe, in 18 countries, and lower cost and higher interoperability, but will while Canada’s 17,000 worldwide in its catalog. also review proposals hotspot operator Meanwhile, Fatport, Canada’s largest offering proprietary client Fatport has hotspot operator, has signed a two-way equipment. This data signed an roaming deal with NetNearU, which network will have both alliance with NetNearU to broaden its indoor and outdoor provides a hosted hotspot service including footprint. all the back office functions. implementations.” Boingo has confirmed a previously FatPort manages over 300 locations in A secondary network may promised deal with in-flight WLAN service Canada mainly in hotels, restaurants and also be created for commercial use. A Connexion by Boeing, integrating all flights convenience stores. NetNearU has over 130 demonstration network equipped with the service into the Boingo partner networks operating over 1,000 created earlier this year Roaming System, which aggregates locations worldwide. Operators that use its was based on mesh hotspots round the world, mainly in technology from BelAir hosted service can also join its aggregated business focused locations such as hotels. network for greater traffic. One of Networks, using five base stations along a major To enable users to take full advantage of NetNearU's largest partner networks in highway, and tested by this expanded service, Boingo is offering a Canada is BroadbandXpress, which police and emergency special promotion: New Boingo subscribers operates over 70 marina hotspots vehicles. can receive a free in-flight Wi-Fi connection throughout the Puget Sound and Georgia (at $29.99 value) when they sign up for a Strait waterways. Boingo monthly account with a three-month “FatPort is particularly pleased to be commitment. working with NetNearU as they Only a few airlines, such as Lufthansa of significantly extend our network coverage Germany and Japan Airlines, have live worldwide,” said FatPort CEO, Claudia NG. deployments of Connexion but it will spread “For example, our customers are now able to new airlines, and to the first domestic US to access marine locations through routes, later this year. BroadbandXpress, which was previously a Boingo has also formed a Wi-Fi roaming gap in our network coverage.” agreement with Ireland-based Bitbuzz, 6
  7. 7. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 VENDORS Colubris-Avaya alliance points to anti- Cisco ecosystem Colubris has been bolstering its shift from with backbone maker Juniper Networks, hotspot equipment to the enterprise WLAN which is also a recent friend of Avaya, with a string of partnerships, the latest being working to combine VoIP with Juniper’s VoIP specialist Avaya. routers. Colubris and Juniper are working Colubris kit is now compliance tested with on WLAN security and on hotspot front Avaya handsets, through the latters ends for Juniper carrier products. DeveloperConnection program, but many With Cisco seeking to boost its own expect further results from the tie-up. dominance in the enterprise WLAN and Avaya, which is also part of Motorola’s VoIP sectors, it seems that a mesh of enterprise voice over wireless program (see smaller players are banding together to separate item), is working on supporting create an alternative to the giant. With voice calls over both cellular and Wi-Fi Proxim financially unstable (see separate networks, and is said to be cooperating with item), Avaya may be looking for a new both Colubris and voice-over-WLAN switch and access point partner in the specialist switchmaker Meru in this regard. important three-way venture with Motorola Colubris already has a close partnership for an enterprise wireless voice platform. Trapeze adds Enterasys to partner list The wireless switchmakers know that the switchmakers have already adopted as key to survival in their overcrowded market policy – separating their software from the will be strong partnerships, and Trapeze has switch and licensing it, as the hardware now added Enterasys to its list of OEMs, becomes increasingly commoditized and which also includes Nortel, D-Link and even incorporated into Ethernet appliances. 3Com. Enterasys was working on its own wireless While the D-Link and 3Com deals cover switches to complement its core enterprise only part of the Trapeze line and are wired LAN range but has now, like many focused on small and medium enterprises, corporate network providers, turned to a the latest alliance is back in the start-up’s third party. original enterprise heartland. The raft of OEM deals may be a first step towards what some, less successful STANDARDS AND REGULATION Moves towards open standard for WLAN security policy Pulse Wireless first WLAN specialist to adopt TNC is Funk software houses Software, also a contributor member to are starting to TCG, which will incorporate the new take interest in specification into its Radius server and the new Trusted 802.1x client. Network If others follow, policy enforcement could Connect (TNC) become open on WLANs, rather than being specification, which seeks to set open only in the hands of proprietary solutions standards for enforcing policies for end such as those offered by iPass or GoRemote point security. for their enterprise remote access services. The TNC, which was announced earlier this Another likely early adopted will be fellow month by the non-profit Trusted Computing TCG member and Radius product maker, Group (TCG), aims to help stop the spread Meetinghouse Data Communications. of viruses, worms, denial of service attacks Funk demonstrated its Odyssey client and and other vulnerabilities in networks. The Steel-Belted Radius server software, 7
  8. 8. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 running the new spec, with antivirus The TNC specification is similar to end-to- specialists Check Point Software and end security projects such as Cisco’s McAfee. The demo used two TNC Network Access Control and Microsoft's interfaces, the Integrity Measurement Network Access Protect. Microsoft is now a Collector, which is installed in the client promoter member of the TCG, however, so software, and the Integrity Measurement cooperation is possible. Walsh also says that Varifier, installed in the Radius server. the TCG and Cisco have had “conversations”. Microsoft XP supports WPA2 security Following up on a promise made earlier this WPA2 confirms that a PC's wireless year, Microsoft has announced that software is compatible with IEEE 802.11i, Windows XP Service Pack 2 now supports and supports the advanced data encryption the WPA2 Wi-Fi security standard (the mandated by the Federal Information brand name for the new 802.11i Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 specification). specification, by which many government The new update is available as a free agencies and enterprises must abide. download now and makes XP acceptable for The update's added support for WPS IE wireless use in government agencies and allows ISPs to operate multiple logical other sensitive environments. wireless networks on a single physical Another advantage to the update is added network infrastructure — a market support for Wireless Provisioning Services requirement for most providers as they Element (WPS IE), which allows WISPs to replace unsecured connections at hotspots migrate to more secure Wi-Fi hotspots by with security enhanced connections. WPS enabling support for both secured and IE simplifies the network discovery process unsecured Wi-Fi networks on a single and enhances the WPS technology, which network infrastructure during the migration enables automated and more secure process. provisioning of wireless clients in public hot spots. SEMICONDUCTORS WLAN chipmaker closes its doors The latest victim were not in great demand as Wi-Fi is only of the ongoing now entering the mainstream for handhelds shake-out of Wi-Fi and consumer devices. Now that the market start-ups is is picking up, though, IceFyre faces chipmaker IceFyre competition from larger vendors such as Semi-conductor, a Philips and Broadcom, which have made Canadian company extremely compact, low power chips and that was looking to create low power 802.11 can achieve far better pricing and chips for consumer electronics and economies of scale than start-ups. consumer devices. IceFyre was an innovative company, The company told online news service though, and we would expect a larger Unstrung that “we are winding down chipmaker to acquire some of its intellectual operations”. property as handhelds and dual-mode IceFyre seems to have fallen victim to a phones look like one of the best growth common problem for chip start-ups – one of prospects in Wi-Fi for the year ahead. timing. In its early years, low power chips 8
  9. 9. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 METRICS ABI forecasts over 100m dual-mode handsets by 2010 According to a new study from ABI you will be able to start a phone call at Research, annual global sales of dual-mode home, continue it via cellular in the car and mobile phones supporting cellular and Wi- end up on the corporate WLAN at work. Fi connections are likely to exceed 100m by Through all this, the handset would sense 2010. the available signals and switch According to senior analyst Philip Solis, the automatically from one network mode to market will be kick-started when large another – although ABI stresses that this telcos like BT and Korea Telecom launch will not be possible with first generation dual-mode services later this year. devices. “The advantages of dual mode handsets and There are also many question marks over services, when they arrive, can be summed how the operators will price and control up in two words: seamless and economical,” their multi-network services, in terms of the he said. real world economics for large companies. Though the full spectrum of capabilities won't appear in the first generation of products, when these services are mature DEALS Proxim warns of bankruptcy risk Although Proxim platform created with Intel – and its joint narrowed its development with Motorola and Avaya of losses in its first an enterprise voice over WLAN solution quarter, it warned (see separate item). that it will be This could put Motorola in the frame as a forced to seek buyer – the two companies have cooperated bankruptcy before in areas such as public safety and the protection if it does not find a financial US giant is already an investor. backer during this quarter. Proxim shares lost half their value, falling The Wi-Fi and broadband wireless company by 45 cents to 35 cents, on its bankruptcy posted a net loss of $7.8m on sales of warning. $25.4m, narrowing the year-ago Q1 loss of The company has an immediate need for $17.5m on sales of $26.7m. additional financing,” Proxim said in a In January, Proxim hired Bear, Stearns to statement. Despite the talks with a potential explore strategic alternatives, following a buyer, it stressed “there can be no assurance series of disappointing financial quarters that a transaction will occur.” and the delay of some key products. One Proxim needs to raise about $100m to be option would be acquisition and it is entirely debt-free and could probably not reportedly in talks with at least one potential achieve this by selling selected assets. buyer. Proxim’s Wi-Fi switch business is Previously, it had been its preferred route to under huge pressure from start-up sell the WLAN business and retain competitors and price reductions, but it has broadband wireless but a complete sale of some innovative technologies including its the company now seems more likely. pre-WiMAX gear – the basis of a reference 9
  10. 10. BluePrint Wi-Fi Issue 135– 18 May 2005 Wayport acquires NetPoint in Denmark Wayport has acquired Copenhagen based solution and offer their customers an NetPoint, which provides internet access exceptional internet experience.” services to 120 hotels in 24 countries in The acquisition brings with it more than 120 Europe and the Middle East, hotel properties from chains such as complementing Wayport’s own core Accor/Sofitel, Mercure, Ibis, First, Hilton, business in hotel access, which is largely Park Inn, Radisson SAS, Remmen, Scandic Americas-based. and Zleep - as well as a number of privately Wayport CEO Dave Vucina commented: held hotel properties. “With Wayport's leadership in North The NetPoint team, based in Copenhagen, America and NetPoint's leadership in Denmark, will drive Wayport's planned Europe and the Middle East, we can provide expansion of operations in Europe. hotels and other strategic venues a global EVENTS Conferences Wi-Fi Voice Conference 2005 May 10-13, Paris, France Web: http://www.upperside.fr/wifi05/wifivoice2005intro.htm 10