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  • To transfer a call directly to some ones voicemail dial a pound before the extension. So to transfer a call to voicemail press Trnsfer #(extension) then press Trnsfer again to send the call through. Please note that you will want to touch the Trsfer button for the second time right away, do not wait to hear the message. If you hear the message the call your transferring will not.
  • The Call Park feature allows you to place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved from another phone in the Cisco CallManager system (for example, a phone in another office or in a conference room). If you are on an active call at your phone, you can park the call to a call park extension by pressing the Park soft key. Someone on another phone in your system can then dial the call park extension to retrieve the call. You receive a call on your desk extension, e.g., 6024. You want to take the call in a conference room for privacy. Press the Park soft key. The Cisco CallManager server to which your phone is registered sends the first available call park directory, *1234, and displays it on your phone. Watch the display for the call park directory number (so you can dial that directory number from the conference room phone). Walk to an available phone in the conference room. Dial *1234 to retrieve the parked call.
  • You will know you are on a conference call because your caller id will say “to conference”.
  • To see the conference list soft key press the more soft key twice, then the conference list soft key. Everyone can see the conference list, the initiator has an asterisk next to there caller id.
  • Do not lift the handset; if the handset is off hook you will not be able to forward your calls.
  • Note: You should be able to see a gray shadow box outlining the text of the soft keys. If you can not see this box you need to turn your contrast up. If you can not read the text you need to turn your contrast down.
  • Press the Directory button on your phone, scroll to corporate directory and press select. Enter the desired amount of information and press the search soft key (for a “b” press the two button twice quickly). Scroll to highlight the caller id of the person you wish to call the press the dial soft key.

VOIP Powerpoint Presentation VOIP Powerpoint Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Cisco IP Communications Solutions End User Training Carlsbad USD November 2008
  • Section 1 - Using Your New IP Phone
    • By the end of this section you will be able to complete the following:
      • Place, transfer, & park calls
      • Place a conference call
      • Forward all calls
      • Change contrast & Ring Tones
  • Getting to Know Your Phone
  • Using the Soft Keys
    • Soft Keys: Point to feature options displayed along the bottom of the LCD screen.
    Example: Soft keys when handset is lifted Softkeys: first screen Softkeys: when more button is pressed
    • Press the button beneath any soft key to select that function.
    • Soft keys change depending on the feature in use.
    • Select the more soft key to see more soft keys.
    • Do one of the following:
      • Lift the handset
      • Press a line button ( Speaker button lights)
      • Press the Speaker button
      • Press the Headset button
    • Dial the phone number
    Placing a Call Soft Keys Handset Line Buttons Speaker Headset
  • Answering an Incoming Call
    • Do ONE of the following:
    • Lift the handset
    • To answer with the speakerphone:
      • Press the Speaker button, or
      • Press the Answer soft key (while the handset is on-hook), or
      • Press the line button for the incoming call
    • Answer with a headset:
      • If not lit; press the Headset button
      • If lit do one of the following:
        • Press the Answer soft key
        • Press the line button for the incoming call
    • * Press the Mute button to mute a call or to disengage mute.
    Handset Speaker Headset Mute Soft Keys Line Buttons
  • Transferring a Call
    • Answer the call.
    • Press the Trnsfer soft key. This places the call on hold.
    • Dial the number that the call will be transferred to.
    • When the dialed number rings, either:
      • Press the Trnsfer soft key again, or
      • When the party answers, announce the call and press the Trnsfer soft key.
    • If the party refuses the call, or the call does not complete successfully, press the Resume soft key to re-join the original call.
    Soft Keys
  • Parking and Retrieving a Call
    • During a call, press the more soft key, then the Park soft key.
    • Note the Call Park number displayed on the screen (displays for ~10 seconds).
    • From any IP phone, dial the Call Park number .
    • You have two minutes to answer the call, then it starts ringing at the original phone.
    Soft Keys Park an active call on one phone and retrieve the call on another phone .
  • Making Conference Calls
    • Place the first call and wait for it to be answered.
    • Press the more soft key, then, press the Confrn soft key. This selects a new line and places the first call on hold.
    • Dial another telephone number.
    • When the next call is answered, press the Confrn soft key to add this person to the conference call. You should now be able to speak to both called parties.
    • If you wish, you can add up to 3 more calls; for each, press Confrn , dial the next number, then press Confrn.
    • Maximum participants is 4 ( 3 other lines and yourself).
    Creating an “on the fly” ad hoc conference Soft Keys
  • Conference Call Tips
    • The conference call ends when only two parties remain on the line.
    • If the initiator of the conference call hangs up, the other parties can continue on the call.
    • Press the Hold soft key to place a conference call on hold. Answering a second call will temporarily remove you from the conference. Press the Resume soft key to return to the conference call. This will cause MOH not to be played to conference
    • Press the Speaker button to place a call on speakerphone.
    • Press the ConfLi Softkey to see a list of all participants. The initiator can remove participants by highlighting the caller they want to remove and pressing the Remove Softkey.
  • Forwarding all Calls
    • To forward all incoming calls to another extension:
      • Press the CFwdAll soft key. You will hear two beeps.
      • Enter the telephone number to which you want to forward all your incoming calls, or press the Message Function Key
      • A flashing right arrow appears next to your telephone number on the LCD to indicate that all incoming calls are being forwarded.
      • The number calls are forwarded to appears near the bottom of the display. To forward to voice mail press CFwdAll then the Messages button.
    • To Cancel, press the CFwdAll soft key. You will hear 2 beeps.
    Soft Keys Forwards all calls to a different phone. Message
  • Using the Call Log
    • Press Directories Function Key
    • Menu will appear for Missed Calls; Placed Calls; & Received Calls – scroll and select log.
    • Calls will be displayed and show date & time received.
    • You can dial back a number using soft keys.
    Directories Scroll Soft Keys
  • Using the Directory
    • Press Directories Function Key
    • Scroll down to Corporate Directory
    • Menu will appear to enter either First Name; Last Name or number.
    • Enter your selection using the keypad to enter letters (like text messaging)
    • You only need to add the first few letters of the name and hit search.
    • Use Scroll key to scroll names
    • You can dial a number using soft keys.
    Directories Scroll Soft Keys
  • Changing the Ring Type
    • Press the Settings button
    • Then press 1 for User Options. Scroll to highlight Ring Type; press the Select soft key.
    • Press the Scroll key to highlight a line or the default ring setting.
    • Use the Scroll key to highlight a ring type.
    • Press the Play soft key to hear the highlighted ring type.
    • To select a ring type, press the Select soft key and then press the OK soft key.
    • Repeat Steps 2 – 5 to set the ring type for other lines.
    • Press the Exit soft key to exit.
    Settings Scroll Soft Keys
  • Changing the Contrast
    • Press the Settings button
    • Then press 1 for User Options. Scroll to highlight Ring Type; press the Select soft key.
    • Press the Up and Down soft keys to change the contrast.
    • Press the Exit soft key to exit.
    Settings Scroll Soft Keys
  • Section 2 – Voicemail
    • By the end of this section you will be able to complete the following:
      • Set up your voicemail
      • Hear new, and saved messages
      • Check your messages from an outside line
  • Becoming a Voicemail Subscriber
    • Press the Message button.
    • Listen carefully to the prompts and respond as prompted:
      • Enter the default password
      • Record your name
      • Record a greeting that outside callers will hear when you do not answer your phone
      • Change your phone password (Later, you can change any of these settings)
    • The system will tell you when you have finished; you are then a Unity subscriber.
      • If you hang up before finishing, you will be prompted again the next time you call Cisco Unity.
  • Accessing Voicemail from Your Phone
    • Press the Messages button.
    • Enter your password.
    • Press 1 to hear new messages, or 3 , 1 to hear saved messages.
    • Follow the voice instructions.
    Messages Red Light: Message Waiting Note: When you listen to a new voice message it is automatically saved until you delete it .
  • Accessing Voicemail from another Phone
    • When operator comes on, press *
    • Enter your extension number.
    • Enter your password.
    • Follow the voice instructions.
    • Push Message function key
  • Accessing Voicemail from an Outside Phone
    • When Voicemail answers, press *
    • Enter your extension number.
    • Enter your password.
    • Follow the voice instructions.
    • Dial your direct phone number
  • Section 3 – User Webpage
    • By the end of this section you will be able to complete the following:
      • Log onto your phone webpage
      • Change Call Forwarding Features
      • Configure and use your Speed Dials
      • Changing your password & PIN
  • Use Unified CM User Options
    • Open Internet Explorer and go to URL
    • Enter your User ID and Password.
    Click the Submit button. Note: Your User ID will be your network logon And password
  • Adding Abbreviated Dials
    • Insert number or extension under “number” field
    • Name under “label”
  • Using Abbreviated Dials
    • Configured using CCM User Web Page.
    • While phone is idle – press number on keypad.
    • Then press “Abbrdial” softkey.
    “ Abbrdial”