Voice over IP Solutions for Enterprise


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Voice over IP Solutions for Enterprise

  1. 1. Product Portfolio Overview Voice over IP Solutions for Enterprise
  2. 2. In today’s tough, sink-or-swim business environment, high-performance Internet technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) can help your company find the strategic edge you’ve been looking for. Nortel Networks* can help businesses of all sizes thrive by creating a converged architecture that shifts voice traffic to the IP network. Your company can deliver new services, penetrate new markets, and reduce operating expenses by taking advantage of this new technology, dramatically increasing revenue opportunities. Nortel Networks has the extensive experience in both telephony and data networking needed to deliver these next-generation solutions, and is uniquely poised to help your business unleash the profit potential of the Internet. Voice over IP Solutions for Enterprise
  3. 3. Nortel Networks understands that new investments need to deliver tangible benefits, and we’ve developed a complete portfolio of solutions designed to empower your business, contain costs, and drive Succession Communication profitability. Whether you are deploying a Server for Enterprise 1000 pure-IP solution across a single site or Designed to provide a scalable, full- multiple branches, adding VoIP capabili- featured pure-IP solution for large ties to your existing PBX, or upgrading enterprise environments, Succession your key system to a digital/VoIP or pure- Communication Server for Enterprise IP telephony environment, we have the 1000 is the only product on the market products you need to maximize the that can deliver a comprehensive suite of efficiency of your personnel and the telephony applications equivalent to those performance of your network. offered by the industry-leading PBX Nortel Networks VoIP solutions offer a new approach that can result in significant system, Meridian 1*. In addition, the Succession server provides cutting-edge e- Evolutionary or savings. Less expensive to operate and business solutions such as the Symposium* Revolutionary maintain, VoIP networks eliminate the IP Contact Center Solutions, CallPilot* need to lease additional broadband lines. unified messaging, centralized Optivity* VoIP Solutions And by introducing new services such as Web-enabled multimedia call centers, management services, customer relation- ship management software, IP telephones, The Choice powerful unified messaging applications, remote management capability, and other and wireless voice over IP. The Succession Communication is Yours e-business productivity tools, your business Server for Enterprise 1000 supports up to VoIP architectures are typically can increase customer service, employee 640 IP stations per server. Additional developed using two approaches: productivity, and maximize revenues. servers can be added on an as-needed basis, revolutionary, pure-IP networks and The Nortel Networks VoIP solutions providing a scalable solution capable of evolutionary IP-enabled networks. include the following elements: providing service to thousands of users. Pure-IP telephony networks are capable Succession* Communication Server For companies who already have an of delivering enhanced VoIP capabilities for Enterprise 1000 delivers a full- installed network of IP-enabled Meridian across campus environments and wide featured, pure-IP VoIP solution for PBXs and Business Communications area networks, whereas IP-enabled enterprise environments that can be Manager systems, the Succession server can telephony networks are designed to scaled to support thousands of users. be seamlessly inter-networked to create a supplement the existing capabilities of Succession Internet Enabled Solutions company-wide pure-IP or converged digital telephony systems. for Meridian* provide an evolutionary digital/IP infrastructure. migration path to VoIP, delivering line- Revolutionary pure-IP solutions side VoIP capabilities to traditional PBX Retain the Performance of Digital from Nortel Networks deliver full-featured installations, as well as extending trunk- Telephony and Profit from the telephony services over high-performance side PBX and remote service VoIP Enhanced Capabilities of VoIP IP networks that can offer all of the capabilities over high-performance The experience of being on a VoIP performance features of traditional PBX- IP links. network is completely transparent to your systems, and also support exciting new Business Communications Manager employees, maintaining the effectiveness of technologies such as distributed call centers, enables small- and medium-sized your workforce and eliminating the need advanced wireless solutions, and more. businesses and branch offices to create for extensive training. Users will find that either revolutionary pure-IP networks, the Nortel Networks i2004 Internet Evolutionary IP-enabled solutions or evolutionary hybrid digital/VoIP Telephone provides excellent voice quality can extend VoIP services across the environments. and quick access to a broad range of converged LAN, and allow the centralized features, and the i2050 Software Phone is Meridian PBX system to extend telephony ideal for bringing telephony capabilities to services to branch-office and home-office your multimedia Windows PC. Adding environments. By updating your current VoIP capabilities to the network delivers communications investment your other benefits and enhancements that are company can preserve the viability of its designed to increase system-wide perform- existing PBX or key system, and benefit ance and the efficiency of your personnel. from the innovative features that are only (continued on next page) supported by VoIP.
  4. 4. Pure-IP solutions based on the in chat windows or requesting a network a smaller branch office. This Succession Communication Server for personal callback simply by clicking approach preserves the viability of current Enterprise 1000 deliver the following a “Call Me” button. hardware investments, enabling the key benefits: Enables Nortel Networks Access Points market-leading Nortel Networks business Consolidates voice and data traffic onto to be easily deployed at any location on communication features and service a single cabling infrastructure, reducing the network, providing support for capabilities to be seamlessly interwoven costs by eliminating the need for a 802.11 wireless devices. across the converged infrastructure. separate cabling system for the Services can also be extended to smaller telephony network. Creating a Converged offices via the Nortel Networks Remote Simplifies moves, adds, and changes by IP-Enabled Environment Office 9150 solution, a fully survivable supporting DHCP-enabled IP telephones In addition to creating IP-based telephony WAN solution that provides support for that register themselves automatically as networks, the Succession Communication up to 32 users. Other Remote Office soon as they are connected. Server for Enterprise 1000 can be internet- solutions are available to extend connec- Extends distributed call centers to multiple worked with existing Meridian 1 and tivity to the home office environment. sites, enabling calls to be seamlessly routed Business Communications Manager instal- to agents at branch or home offices. This lations to create a converged digital/IP approach balances workloads and can network. For example, a company with a improve customer service. pure-IP installation at its new facility can Advanced IP-based call center applica- extend connectivity to an existing site with tions enable customers to interact with an IP-enabled Meridian 1, and also use the agents over the Web, posing questions Business Communications Manager to Integrated Solutions for VoIP The Nortel Networks VoIP Software Solutions changes can be handled quickly and CallPilot Unified Messaging Services efficiently, and fault monitoring enables solutions for Enterprise share a CallPilot combines voice, fax, and e-mail managers to act proactively to prevent into a single point-and-click interface on potential network outages. Seamless common set of software applica- your multimedia Windows PC. Voice integration between the Optivity messages can either be played back over Telephony Manager application and tions and hardware accessories your phone or on the PC’s speakers, stored the powerful, system-wide Optivity for future reference, or forwarded as an Network Management System offers a that are designed to maximize attachment to an e-mail. Voice mail is comprehensive solution for managing easily accessed from any location, and all of the elements present in converged the performance of your messages can be conveniently forwarded environments. from one extension to another, or messages network. Extending an to multiple extensions can be left simulta- IP Contact Center Solutions neously. Faxes can be received as e-mail IP Contact Center Solutions enable and quickly forwarded to other users. businesses to unleash the profit potential integrated solution across the CallPilot supports leading e-mail clients of the Internet offering unparalleled choice such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange/ and customizability for integrated business network reduces costs and Outlook/Outlook Express, Novell solutions. Using IP, businesses can extend Groupwise, Netscape Mail, and Eudora. their contact centers to agents anywhere, increases the effectiveness of while providing a seamless experience for Centralized Management Services customers and suppliers. This flexibility your personnel, eliminating the Optivity Telephony Manager enables helps to attract and retain customers by skilled personnel at the central site to making it easier to conduct business with need to deploy, maintain, and manage the entire telephony network from them - anyway and anytime. a single location, dramatically reducing IP Contact Center Solutions build manage disparate systems. administrative expenses. Moves, adds, and upon the strength of the award winning
  5. 5. What is a Converged Networking Environment? In a converged environment, both telephony and data signals are transmitted as packets over the data network. This approach delivers several advantages, including: 1. Cost-effective VoIP. Bandwidth 2. Simplified networking architecture. 3. Portable, flexible solution. Network resources that have traditionally been A single infrastructure is capable of deployments and reconfigurations are restricted to data can now be used for carrying both data and telephony traffic, simplified, and service can be extended telephony, maximizing the efficiency of saving money by eliminating the need to to remote sites and home offices over your network. Digital voice circuits can pull separate cables. This approach reduces cost-effective IP links. be relegated to back-up status or even repair time and streamlines network eliminated, and toll charges between installations and reconfigurations. branch offices can be reduced or eliminated. Networking Environments Symposium Call Center portfolio to Internet Telephone Switch Module i2050 Software Phone intelligently handle customer interactions This innovative device allows a desktop PC The exciting i2050 Software Phone of every type - phone, fax, e-mail, and and the i2004 Internet Telephone to share transforms your PC into a full-featured the Web. Businesses can then manage a single Ethernet connection. The switch telephony communications platform. customer needs more effectively, resulting module snaps conveniently into the base Simply load the software, plug in a headset in stronger, more profitable relationships. of the i2004 Internet Telephone, and is into the USB port, and receive full- designed to prioritize telephony traffic featured telecommunications services Hardware Solutions over the PC’s data traffic. Sharing a single directly from your PC. Ideal for call i2004 Internet Telephone connection simplifies the network wiring center agents using Computer Telephony The Nortel Networks i2004 Internet system and ensures optimum telephony Integration (CTI) products such as Nortel Telephone provides clear, high-quality performance. Networks Symposium, this software-based telephony service, and offers the same solution provides unified voice mail/ familiarity and ease of use as a traditional Power Over LAN Hub e-mail/ fax messaging services, and offers telephone. The i2004 phone connects Designed to provide a high-reliability the same services and capabilities as the directly to the LAN via a modular RJ-45 solution for providing power to desktop i2004 Internet Telephone. The solution connector, enabling your company to i2004 Internet Telephones over the also supports powerful directory capabili- capitalize on the economies of a simplified network’s cabling system, the Power over ties, with instant access to data that can wiring system within the enterprise. LAN Hub can be easily installed into the either be stored locally on the PC or The unit supports both Dynamic Host wiring closet. Telephone installations are accessed remotely. Control Protocol (DHCP) and static IP simplified by eliminating the need to addressing for configuration and IP address connect each telephone to a local AC management flexibility. Once configured, power outlet, enabling phones to be the unit can be easily moved without deployed even if AC power is not rewiring or intervention by the network available at the desired location. manager – simply plug the phone into any port on a LAN with sufficient bandwidth.
  6. 6. Succession Internet Enabled the need for costly forklift hardware Expansion chassis becomes an Solutions for Meridian replacements. independent, fully-survivable system Nortel Networks offers a smooth, Packetizing voice and fax traffic and that is capable of accessing the public evolutionary migration path to a routing it over the corporate intranet network directly, even if it’s unable to converged digital/VoIP environment for reduces costs through trunk consolida- access the main switch. businesses that have a Meridian 1 or tion and toll bypass, leading to a quick Together, these products deliver a Meridian SL-100 communication system return on investment. Clear telephony comprehensive solution for providing IP- in place, or are planning to purchase one. signals are ensured by the Meridian enabled solutions to Meridian 1 systems. This ensures the continued viability of Internet Telephony Gateway’s Quality of The net result is a smooth, graceful your investment, and opens the door to a Service (QoS) monitoring capabilities. If migration path to the benefits offered by hybrid digital/IP network that delivers latency or packet loss exceeds specified VoIP — businesses are free to migrate to the powerful advantages of VoIP systems thresholds, calls are gracefully transi- the new architecture at their own pace, and applications to your Meridian PBX tioned back to a circuit-switched without compromising prior investments environment. connection. This IP-based technology is or existing business practices. The Succession Internet Enabled completely transparent to the user, and Solutions for Meridian include the supports high-value signaling features Business following innovative products: such as Caller ID and Calling Party Communications Manager Line-Side Gateway Name Display. Designed for small- and medium-sized The Internet Telephony Gateway line Wireless IP Gateway The e-mobility* businesses and branch offices, Business card brings the power of VoIP to your 802.11 Wireless Gateway adds support Communications Manager supports both Meridian 1 installation, enabling for VoIP solutions such as wireless pure-IP and IP-enabled network architec- personnel to use the i2004 Internet headsets. By supplying your workforce tures. Whether your company is interested Telephone, i2050 Software Phone, or with these advanced wireless solutions, in establishing a next-generation, pure-IP wireless VoIP devices. The card your company can dramatically improve environment, a hybrid digital/IP telephony packetizes and compresses voice signals the efficiency of its personnel. network, or needs a smooth migration for transmission over the IP data Remote Office Solutions For IP path from a Norstar* key system to a more network, and provides support for up to connectivity to smaller remote sites, cost-effective VoIP infrastructure, Business 96 VoIP stations. Using industry- users can select the Nortel Networks Communications Manager provides an standard G.711 and G.729 compression Remote Office 9150, Remote Office ideal solution for all types of businesses. and DiffServ Quality of Service, clear 9110, and Remote Office 9115 Business Communications Manager voice transmissions are ensured. For solutions. These units leverage your offers numerous benefits, starting with optimum performance in large, complex Meridian 1 investment by extending powerful new e-business applications that networking environments, a Passport* service over cost-effective IP links to level the playing field with larger competi- 8000 Layer 3 routing switch can be Nortel Networks Meridian digital tors. And Nortel Networks wireless e- deployed to achieve high-availability, telephones located at branch or home mobility solutions ensure that your wire-speed throughput of voice signals offices. The remote sites connect over employees are never “away from their across the network. T1/E1, ISDN BRI, cable, or DSL lines desks,” yet are free to roam, increasing Trunk-Side Gateway The Internet to a Nortel Networks Reach Line Card their effectiveness. Telephony Gateway trunk card enables installed into the Meridian 1 PBX at the your company to use cost-effective IP central site. Call quality is ensured by a bandwidth between graceful, transparent switchover to a Meridian switches, replacing more circuit-switched connection if call expensive PSTN connections or quality begins to degrade. Survivability dedicated leased lines for voice. Routes for branch offices is built in. can also be established between Option 11C Mini IP Expansion Meridian switches and other Nortel Companies who have the smaller Networks VoIP-capable systems, such as Meridian Option 11C PBX can use this the Succession Communication Server innovative solution to add capacity for Enterprise 1000 or Business beyond nine PRI connections, and also Communications Manager. Your reap the benefits of VoIP. The Mini Meridian investment is completely Expansion chassis can be added to protected because users at the Meridian corporate LAN, and VoIP services installation continue to use their existing established between the Meridian and telephones and applications, eliminating the satellite device. In addition to the many benefits offered by VoIP, the Mini
  7. 7. Business Communications Manager Voice processing applications include Unleashing the Profit delivers the following key benefits: unified messaging solutions that enable Potential of the Internet Data Services are extended to all users, you to manage voice mail, e-mail, and When you select Nortel Networks as your enabling them to communicate via e- incoming faxes directly from your partner in putting cutting-edge VoIP mail, access Web sites, and share files multimedia Windows PC. In a mixed solutions to work for your business, you’ll between remote locations. Virtual Private Meridian 1–Business Communications profit from a potent blend of carrier-grade Networks (VPNs) are also supported, Manager environment, CallPilot and reliability, advanced e-business applica- providing secure connectivity to a Nortel Meridian Mail* can be extended to tions, and powerful cost-containment Networks Contivity* Extranet Switch, a remote offices, enabling users to listen to features designed to maximize revenues. Nortel Networks Shasta* 5000 voice mail, save or forward messages, By delivering better customer service and Broadband Service Node, or another view faxes on screen and forward them increasing the productivity of your Business Communications Manager. as e-mail, or use Caller ID to go straight workforce, your company can achieve the Multimedia Call Centers put up to 80 to key messages. And the Auto strategic edge you’ve been looking for. active and 250 configured agents at your Attendant feature gets your callers where Nortel Networks VoIP solutions give customer’s fingertips. Agents in multiple they need to go – fast – without the you everything you expect from a high- locations, including home offices, can need for hiring a full-time switchboard grade PBX phone system, plus an exciting support the same queue. Customers can operator. range of IP solutions designed to enter the queue simply by clicking a In a pure-IP environment, each turbocharge profitability and boost the button and entering their phone Business Communications Manager can performance of your business. For more number, and will receive a phone call as support up to 90 IP stations. In a hybrid information on putting the power of soon as an agent is available. Customers digital/IP environment, up to 139 stations VoIP to work for your company, call and agents can chat online, and can be connected, providing a flexible 1-800-4-Nortel, or contact your Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) networking solution that meets the needs Nortel Networks representative today. is also supported so agents will have full of a wide variety of businesses. access to background information on a As network demands increase, caller before the conversation begins. additional levels of performance can be The end result? Dramatic potential achieved by installing the Business Policy improvements in customer service. Switch. This device maximizes network VoIP Solutions deliver telephone service availability, and ensures that mission- between branch offices, enabling critical IP applications will deliver top employees to make calls or send faxes performance — without the need to without incurring long-distance charges. overprovision the network to ensure By using the extra bandwidth on your bandwidth access. WAN, your company can reduce expenses and maximize the utility received from network investments. Wireless IP connectivity for phones, laptops, or barcode scanners is provided anywhere on the network where a Nortel Networks Access Point is installed, even in remote network installations.
  8. 8. For more information, please contact your local Nortel Networks account representative or call 1-800-4 NORTEL (1-800-466-7835) or 1-506-674-5470. Nortel Networks Corporation 8200 Dixie Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 5P6, Canada www.nortelnetworks.com Copyright © 2001 Nortel Networks. All Rights Reserved. *Nortel Networks, the Nortel Networks logo, the Globemark, CallPilot, Contivity, e-mobility, Meridian, Meridian 1, Meridian Mail, Norstar, Optivity, Passport, Shasta, Succession, and Symposium are trademarks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Nortel Networks assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this document. 11004.08/08-01