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Undringsdokument.doc - Universitetet i Oslo

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF OSLO Department of Informatics INF 5261 Spring 2006 Mobile VOIP Av Jens-Martin Grønne (jensmarg) Naser Seid (nasers) Didar Akrei (didarak) Tofik Sahraoui (tofiksa) Yuzhu Yang (yuzhuy) Junjie Cao (junjiec) Ervin Ricardo Reyes (ervinrr)
  2. 2. GOAL: The objective of this course is to understand theoretical background and know about common techniques, methods and technologies for developing and analyzing mobile services. This group has decided to take a closer look at VoIP on cellular phones. The interest for this subject is summed up under. • What is VoIP? How does it work? • Knowledge of standards and specs o What kind of quality can be assured? o What other services will be available other then the ones currently offered by cellular phone operators? o How roaming/handover works on VoIP? • Future solutions Some of the group members are interested in an empirical research of this subject. • Is the market ready for VoIP on cellular phones • What are the consequences to the cellular phone market by introducing VoIP • What will the quality be? Costs? • Today a Telio customer is dependent on ISP provider as well as Telio, will this effect potential customers to VoIP solutions on mobile phone platforms? • How will UMTS/WIMAX/WLAN be included in the infrastructure? What problems may rise? What solutions are there? This is a tentative report where we establish our interests on this subject. When we establish contact with Telio we will work together on a more specific definition of this subject. Our working strategy will consist on three milestones, we will deliver three reports, the first one which will be called pre-project report (deadline today), mid report (deadline 28.03) and an end report (deadline 10.05). The communication between the group members will be pr. E-mail. And the work routine that we have developed will be on every Tuesday at 1400 hours.
  3. 3. CV for Telio Name: Jens-Martin Grønne E-mail: jensmarg@ifi.uio.no Currently enrolled in: Profesjonsstudiet i Informatikk, Systemutvikling og datakommunikasjon at the University of Oslo (5 year master programme). Master thesis: Mobile / wireless VOIP. Relevant courses taken at the University of Oslo Description in English only where available. INF103 - From User Interface to Hardware Description from: http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF103/ Brukergrensesnitt Grensesnitt mot applikasjoner, programbiblioteker Kommunikasjon, nettverk, distribuerte systemer Operativsystemer Maskinarkitektur, samspill mellom program- og maskinvare Maskin-nær programmering, binær representasjon av data INF110 - Algorithms and Data Structures Description from: http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF110/ Gjennomgang av datastrukturer som lister, trær og grafer, samt hvordan disse kan benyttes til å lage effektive algoritmer for bl.a. sortering, forskjellige former for lagring og søkning og nettverkstraversering. Det legges vekt på programstruktur, rekursiv programmering og effektivitet, samt design av grensesnittet til en datastruktur, dvs. skillet mellom definisjonen og implementasjonen av en datastruktur. INF3190 - Computer Communication Description from: http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF3190/index-eng.xml Basic introduction to central functions of communication systems. This includes addressing, routing, flow control, error handling, reliability and synchronization. Example for the use of these functions in today’s communication systems are presented, and more specifically how there are used with different network technologies. Important architecture and protocols are covered. UNIK4270 - Security in Operation Systems and Software Description from: http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/unik/UNIK4270/index-eng.xml The seminar introduces the concept of security in operating system and software, and gives a brief overview of applications of cryptography. Main subjects are models and implementation of authentication, identity and access control mechanisms, theory of exploits and malicious software, and techniques for mitigating these threats.
  4. 4. UNIK4250 - Security in Distributed Systems Description from: http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/unik/UNIK4250/ Emnet tar for seg sikkerhetsbegrepet, og gir en kort innføring i kryptografi. Truslene mot distribuerte datamaskinsystemer nevnes, samt de grunnleggende mekanismer som brukes for å sikre datamaskinsystemene, og de mer sammensatte mekanismer. Det nevnes også litt om sikring av databaser, ettersom disse er utsatt for noen trusler som kommer i tillegg til de sedvanlige. Other courses taken: • INF101 - An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming • INF102 - Information Systems Development • INF3120 - Software Engineering • INF3210 - Information Design • INF3150 - Operating Systems - I • INF3160 - Operating Systems - II • INF3221 - Problemdefinering, krav og modellering • INF5290 - Computer Companies and Management • INF5700 - Organisering og ledelse av tekniske prosjekter • INF5750 - Open Source Software development and Java frameworks in global networks • MAT100B - Introductory Course in Mathematical Analysis with Computations • MAT008 - Discrete Mathematics • STK1000 - Introduction to Applied Statistics • EXPHIL03 - Examen Philosophicum Relevant work experience I have been employed at Telenor since January 2004. I have been working with support and surveillance of Telenors advanced network services, such as large VPNs, VOIP, SDH networks, HDSL networks, DXX networks, Global telephony and GRX traffic. During my time at Telenor I have also been responsible for developing a new logging system for all tickets opened in our department. Relevant experience I have installed and configured the open source PBX Asterisk. I now have a setup consisting of one Asterisk server and four SIP clients. The main reason for setting this up has been to learn more about VOIP and the bonus has been free calls between me and family members. I have also looked in to the IAX protocol for easy NAT traversal, but haven’t found any adapters that support the protocol for sale in Norway yet, so I have only tested it with software clients.
  5. 5. Name: Tofik Sahraoui Phonenr: 99784819 Email: tofiksa@ifi.uio.no or tofik.sahraoui@telio.no I reached bachelor of computer engineering in 2004. I started my master of informatics degree in spring 2005. Relevant academic courses: • Mobility in the Internet • Mobile communications • Sikkerhet i distribuerte systemer (security in distributed systems) • Software Engineering Currently im taking: • Development of mobile information systems and services From my bachelor degree in computer engineering: • Discreet math • Webproject • Java programming • Linear Algebra • Physics • Java programming 2 • Computer architecture • Chemistry and environment • Algorithms and data structure • Unix and operative systems • Relations databases • System and network administration • Computer security Relevant working experience: Since may 2005 I have been working as NOC at Telio.
  6. 6. Curriculum Vitae Didar Akrei Personalia Name Didar Akrei Adress Olav M. Troviksvei 18, H0413, 0864 Oslo E-mail didarak@ifi.uio.no Burthdate 20.12.1977 Education: 2006 Master degree, of Informatics, University of Oslo, expecting finishing 2008 2004 Bachelor degree, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo 1999 Immaculate at University of Oslo Courses: INF5261 (This semester) UNIK4230 Mobil communication (This semester) INF1000 Basic programming INF110 Algorithms and data structures INF212 Databases INF240 Data communication INF3140 Parallel programming INF5100 Advance databases INF-DID Informatics didactics UNIK4250 Security in distributed systems UNIK4530 Surveillance and monitoring IN102 Programming project IN219 Software engineering IN228 Problem solving with high level languages Computer experience: Java, HTML, XML, UML, SQL, ODL, MS Windows, Linux Working experience: Computer engineer and helpdesk for student, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo Language Norwegian, English, Kurdish
  7. 7. Name: Ervin Reyes Adress: Økernveien 5 oppg.2, 0653 Oslo Date of birth: 26-09-81 Telephone: 993 05 544 Email: ervinrr@ifi.uio.no I have achieved a bachelor in computer engineering fall 2004. Currently I am working on my master degree at the University of Oslo. My courses are as follow: - Coding and Information Theory - Mobile communications - Mobility in the Internet - Development of mobile information systems and services I work as assistant manager at Peppes Pizza Karl Johan. I have special interest in wireless communications systems and networks such as MANETS, GSM, UMTS, WIMAX and WLAN. And how this technologies can be applied in different situations and scenarios. I am a social person that enjoys having a good time with friends. I was born in Nicaragua and have been living in Norway since 1999. I speak and write Norwegian, English and Spanish. I like working out and having a good time in good company.
  8. 8. Name: Junjie Cao e-mail: junjiec@ifi.uio.no Courses: IN105 Introduction to programming IN114 Software engineering and relation databases IN115 Algorithms and data structures IN147 Software and hardware IN166 Computer science and society IN211 Programming languages IN270 Data Communications
  9. 9. LANGLIA 37 • 0854 OSLO PHONE 93647170 • E-MAIL NASERS@IFI.UIO.NO NASER BEYAN SEID OBJECTIVE Student project in INF5261 spring 2006. Mobile VoIP EDUCATION 2005-2007 University of Oslo Oslo Norway Master of informatics  There are many different subjects on this degree. The courses that I think are interesting for this project are, INF4150 and INF4160 and INF4190. The 4150/60 is about making OS kernel and the theories behind designing OS kernel. 4190 is about computer networks. The 4150/60 courses have I finished last semester while I am doing the later (4190) course this semester. 1999-2003 University of Oslo Oslo Norway Bachelor of informatics /economics  There are many different subjects on this degree among others economics. The interesting courses for this context may be INF103 and INF265 and Macro and micro economics.  Here is a link where you can find course description. Just change XXX with the course numbers for all university (INF) course. www.ifi.uio.no/ infXXX 2000- University of Oslo Oslo Norway Bachelor of engineering (Datateknikk)  I am 2 courses (statistics and physics) away from finishing this program. How ever there is two particularly course that I have taken whom mite be interesting in this project’s, Datasikkerhet and distribuerte informasjons systemer EMPLOYMENT 2005 Telio Oslo, Norway NOC  I have been working in Telio as NOC for the last three month.
  10. 10. -Name : Yuzhu Yang -Mobile : 41525637 -Fast Phone : 24092883 -Email : yuzhuy@ifi.uio.no -Courses taken before: INF1000 : Java Programming INF1010 : Java Programming 2 INF1020 : Data Structure INF102 : System Development INF1040 : Digital Presentation INF1060 : Introduction to OS and CN INF3100 : Database Systems INF3120 : Software Engineering INF3330 : Programming with High Level Languages(Python , Perl) INF3190 : Computer Networks STK 1000 : Statistics MAT1030 : Discrite Mathes MAT100B : Calculus EXPHIL03E : Exphil NORINT : Norwegian life and Society