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  • Slide Purpose: Introduce yourself and build rapport – enter your name and title on the lines provided, and update the date if needed. Key Message: None
  • Slide Purpose: Briefly ID the issues that PCs create to gain initial agreement with you audience. Key Message: Computing with PCs is expensive, and more difficult than it needs to be. There are many issues that IT shops face today in delivering the user desktop. The costs associated with buying, securing, deploying, and maintaining desktops is estimated by many analysts to be as much as 64% or more of an annual IT budget. 64% When you factor in issues around multiple applications and the additional complexity of layers of additional PC software needed to make the desktop secure and productive, it can eat up the entire IT budget, leaving little for important efforts like business alignment, or strategic efforts.
  • Slide Purpose: Detail the Cost Benefits and Business Benefits of Thin Computing Key Message: The benefits of thin computing are numerous and well documented by independent companies. Choosing the right desktop is a key opportunity for both cost and business benefits. I’ll use the term thin computing a lot today, and by that I mean: the combination of a datacenter architecture like Citrix Application Delivery, Microsoft Terminal Services, or VMware VDI, and a well-managed thin desktop architecture, like Wyse thin clients. Let me go into a little more depth here. Analyst firms IDC and Gartner agree that thin computing saves money over using PCs. IDC has released a whitepaper on how much thin computing customers have saved using this technology. This largest of its kind empirically derived study delves in the use of thin computing by over a dozen midsize to large customers, and that the savings and productivity gains are significant. The results are: [read left portion of slide]. The business benefits of thin computing are significant. Security / privacy/ – With thin desktops, anti-threat software can be enforced, and does not need to be installed on the desktop. Just protect your servers. Uses can’t take data from desktops or servers without authorization, and the thin desktop hardware itself can’t be modified into an Xbox, so units are not prone to theft. From another angle, thin clients, coupled with a backend datacenter like Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Services, or VMware VDI provides safe and secure work from home and other off-site locations. Some of our customers, like Hilton Reservations, put a thin client at the employees home so employees can work securely, and don’t need to compete with or secure a home PC. In fact, the NBC television network uses thin computing to cover the Olympics with a myriad of reporters connecting into a central story repository. Privacy of data is a huge problem with theft of notebook computers or the theft of the hard disk from computer desktops. Thin computing does not use hard disks at the desktop. One of the biggest banks in the word, Deutsche Bank, uses our thin clients with their Citrix installation to ensure that their customer data stays private Compliance/disaster recovery : Thin clients have no data stored on them, which simplifies adherence to SOX, HIPAA and BASIL-II requirements. – Univ. Pittsburgh Med Center uses Wyse thin clients on medical carts connected over a wireless LAN, to bring patient data right to the bedside, and ensure HIPPA compliance. They found it was a better solution than using notebook PCs. Thin computing also supports a robust business continuance, disaster recovery strategy. Since no data is stored at the desktop itself , but only in the datacenter and co-locations, recovery centers are easy and inexpensive to set up in the case of an event. Centralized Management – Thin clients are managed centrally by sophisticated software, and Wyse offers a number of management options for companies of all sizes. This way, device configurations, firmware updates, and asset Management is simplified. With thin clients, the IT administrator can provide, or withhold, access to peripherals, the Internet, or multimedia. Centerville Schools, in Ohio uses Wyse dynamic provisioning technology and Citrix to thin clients in its classrooms. They and other education customers found that providing a controlled desktop improves student learning and engagement, and increased test scores 40% over kids that didn’t have access to the thin client equipped classrooms. With thin clients, Adds/Moves/Changes are simplified, and in most cases, no physical desktop move is required, as the employee simply logs into the thin desktop already installed at their new location and all their data and apps are served up by the Citrix server. This eliminates IT visits to desktops, and break/fix activities are nearly eliminated. IT is able to become more strategic and eliminate tactical activities. In a thin client, there is no HDD, so there’s nothing to crash, all user data backups can be managed by IT for better recovery, and users can’t “fiddle” with desktop settings. I just read an article on two major studies on HDD reliability, one from Carnegie Mellon, and one from Google, and these reports suggest that HDD failures are surprisingly frequent, and failures rates were observed as high as 13% per year. Why put your data at risk? Another benefit of centralized management is that users cannot install unauthorized applications (AOL, IM, Skype, Kazaa). Reliability -- Thin clients are designed without the parts that fail most, and are up to 9 times more reliable than PCs, yet they typically use 1/10 the energy, generate little heat, and no fan noise. Thin computing enables Rapid deployment – once your datacenter installation is in place, adding users is easy, just put a thin client on the desktop, plug it into power and the network, and it’s ready to go. Companies with branch offices don’t need IT staff in those offices, as regular office workers can install thin clients in about 15 minutes. FedEx wanted a desktop that would tie into their backend systems, was easy to deploy and didn’t require a lot of training for their over 140K employees. They choose Wyse Windows-based terminals and have used them for nearly ten years. Power / Noise / Cooling – TCs use 85 – 95% less energy than PCs, and use as little as 6.6 watts in full operation. With no fans, HDDs, or DRD readers, no moving parts at all, these devices make no noise, so users report that TCs reduce distractions in the office that hamper concentration, also – because these devices emit a fraction of the heat generated by traditional desktops, less air conditioning is needed in the areas that utilize them, further reducing energy costs.
  • Slide Purpose: Introduce Wyse’s product line, at high level. Key Message: Wyse offers a spectrum of hardware and software products to deliver the benefits of thin computing. Wyse’s product line consists of our thin client and thin computer devices, which include a choice of Windows CE, Windows XPe, Linux, and our exclusive Wyse Thin OS. Units are available in small chassis, with integrates software features like TCX, and optional functionality like smart card readers, Wifi, USB 2.0 ports, and PC and PCI card slots. Our provisioning technology is centered around Wyse WSM today, designed to deliver the richest client experience, and facilitate simpler management and maintenance, greater security, and unlock the best features of Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware datacenter architectures. Wyse’s Management product is Wyse Device Manager, the best selling product in its class, and the centerpiece of a rich thin client management strategy. WDM can also connect to popular frameworks, making migration to thin computing easier. And TCX is our brand that includes a suite of products (available separately) that deliver multi-display, multimedia, and USB virtualization functionality over the ICA and RDP protocols that connect nearly all clients to the datacenter options we support.
  • Slide Purpose: How Wyse integrates with a Citrix Applications Delivery Installation (RECOMMENDED, BUT OPTIONAL IF CUSTOMER DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CITRIX) Key Message: Wyse adds value and an assurance of compatibility to the Citrix Application delivery model. We begin with the basic Citrix environment, based on a server, MS Windows Server 2000 or 2003, and a Citrix Application Delivery technology, talking over a WAN, LAN, or wireless to the clients. Builds involved: Client : First, all Wyse thin clients are Citrix Ready, and support the ICA protocol, with our Wyse Thin OS offering delivering of the fastest ICA performance available. Our products are tested and compatible wit Citrix key technologies like Password manager, Access Gateway, and WANScaler. We’re adding support for additional Citrix Technologies. We integrate our Enrichment technology, TCX, into the ICA experience transparently to the user for a richer experience, and Support Citrix Password Manager for secure smart card use. We’re also working with Citrix to integrate performance monitoring technology Citrix EdgeSight. Provisioning – With Wyse, you’ll have the option of a state full (firmware in flash) or zero-client (stateless) device (firmware delivered over the network dynamically). Our provisioning technology gives you the ability to buy a lower cost, more secure thin client with no local storage, and deliver the right local functionality to it on-the-fly. Today, we support dynamic provisioning with Wyse Thin OS, Windows XPe, and in the future, will support other embedded operating systems. This model dramatically improves the functionality and capability of the client, is the most secure model available, and reduces the hardware cost of the client device, since no local storage is needed, other than the RAM inherent in all thin clients. This provision approach ensures all these benefits and complete compatibility with VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix products. Our provisioning solution focuses on the client health and functionality, and does not prevent the use of Citrix technologies like EdgeSight manager. Management – Our management product provides rich remote configuration management, asset management, automated upgrades, and diagnostics. Our management product WDM is the only to integrate with Citrix’s Management Console, giving you a single view of servers and clients. Virtualization – Wyse has developed a set of user experience enhancement products (software only) that work with the Citrix ICA protocol to narrow the gap between PC and thin client user experience. First is our multi-display support, enabling two displays to be connected to supporting thin clients, and provides a natural visual behavior for applications across the displays. Also available is TCX Multimedia, which delivers a rich multimedia experience to users, including high frame rate video and animation acceleration. TCX Multimedia supports a broad and expanding list of data types. Lastly, Wyse is enabling VoIP capabilities in the thin clients to expand the usefulness of the devices in environments that would benefit from a VoIP strategy (later this year) – Project Yak. . Each of these technologies work together to make a Wyse thin client a natural client for the Citrix Applications Delivery datacenter environment. Better than a PC, and better than thin client alternatives.
  • Slide Purpose: Optional slide to discuss the hardware products. Key Message: Wyse has a broad selection of platforms to address the issues IT faces. Wyse thin clients and thin computers are a terrific way to be Green. They use far less energy than PCs, and our lowest use model consumes less energy than a single Christmas Tree light bulb (4.4 watts). In some cases, we use 99% less energy than a PC workstation (450 watt workstations are still common in installations). They also contribute less to landfills, by being smaller, and needing replacement less than PCs. We offer a set of platforms that enable the right mix of price, performance, and features. With a variety of ports for peripherals, All Wyse units offer long life – some of our customers have been using Wyse thin clients for nearly 10 years without replacement (FedEx). Each unit can be mounted horizontally, vertically, on a wall, the back of a monitor, or wherever you need the unit to go. [Review chart if customer desires]
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  • Customers requested a thinner thin client. Challenge is that current ultra-thin concepts lack enterprise functionality Wyse’s vision: Zero clients – simpler HW Tested in 2006 by Wyse Consists of zero client hardware and provisioning software – both available now from Wyse Advanced client OS and local functions are delivered real-time into device RAM at boot Most flexible client for IT ever Eliminates firmware memory Eliminates client management tasks Strongest security model Boot-up faster than a PC for similar functionality Windows XP embedded supported today
  • WARNING – COMPLEX BUILD SLIDE Slide Purpose: Show how a zero client is different from a thin client . Key Message: Zero client is a simpler model, and eliminates local persistent storage entirely. With a stateless client we deliver the XP embedded firmware dynamically, from a secure server when needed. Eliminating the need to ever manage the client again. Delivering the most powerful ICA client requires a robust OS in the client Here's how a thin client is different from a zero client: [GO through build]
  • Slide Purpose: Position WSM as a part of the Project: Orion Dynamic Provisioning strategy. Key Message: Wyse’s provisioning product, WSM, is designed for TCs, does not compete with our partners, and enables our partners best features on a thin client. Wyse’s project Orion is a plan to provide an even more attractive way to manage a thin computing desktop. The first product in the project is called WSM, and is software that is placed on a server in the datacenter to dynamically provision your supported thin clients with Windows XP embedded, Windows 2000, or Windows XP pro. These operating systems, running inside the thin computer itself, deliver a no-compromise computing experience, including the benefits of a PC, but with the business and cost benefits of thin computing. With this product, you can literally replace a PC with a thin client, and deliver an identical user experience, but with substantial IT benefits. WSM is the only provisioning technology focused on enabling this experience for stateless and “zero” client devices (today, Wyse 941G, V00 and V00L fit this definition). It delivers the OS and the applications to the thin client over the network at boot time, in a way that’s far faster than network booting, and more powerful. This approach dramatically simplifies management and patching of the OS and applications, and is compatible with all features of Microsoft, Citrix and VMware. The OS and applications are handled independently of one another, rather than forcing you to bundle apps into the OS image. This feature reduces the number of images you’d need to support a wide variety of users types, and makes OS image management far easier than competing products. WSM is also able to provision VMs in a VMware VDI environment, on-the-fly. Working with Virtual Center, WSM is able to create a VM, and populate it with the OS and applications needed by the user in real time. This approach is far more cost effective than building VMs manually, enables new users to be provisioned in two minutes, and saves $thousands in storage costs by requiring a small fraction of the storage to provide the same user experience.
  • Slide Purpose: Show Wyse’s management strategy is designed to be attractive to customers who have diverse needs, or an established PC management strategy already in place. Key Message: WDM is a solid part of Wyse’s best in class management strategy. Wyse understands that our customers may need a management solution, or have one already. That’s why we offer our industry leading Wyse Device Manager product, as well as provide support for other client management options, including SMS (available Q1 2008) and Altiris. If you use a framework like Citrix management console, CA Unicenter, or IBM Tivoli, these products work with WDM as well. In fact, Wyse WDM is the only management product that integrates with Citrix Management Console.
  • Slide Purpose: Intro top level WDM Key Message: WDM is the leading centralized TC device manager, capable of scaling to over 100,000 units. Our management technology, Wyse Device Manager is the leading product of its type. It provides asset management, configuration management, updates and diagnostic capability to centrally manage all of your Wyse and supported devices. It’s a mature, stable product that was initially introduced in 2000, and has been enhanced and improved to meet the demanding needs of very large installations. It’s capable of managing large installations with client distributed across buildings, states, and continents. The workgroup edition is bundled with every unit we sell, and an Enterprise version is available that adds advanced features for larger installations. Both versions are designed and supported by Wyse, and we offer maintenance and support programs to ensure your long-term success.
  • Slide Purpose: Intro Wyse Key Message: Wyse is a strong company focused on thin computing, based in Silicon Valley for over 25 years. About Wyse, we’re the inventor and patent holder of the thin client, and have been leading the thin computing market ever since. This computing, is, as you’ve now seen, the combination of thin client hardware, management and other solution providing software. We’re a 25 year old company, so we’re established, and have offices and resources around the world. Our HQ is in Silicon Valley, California, with close proximity to some of the best talent available. Nearly half of the Fortune 100 are our customers, with more joining all the time.
  • Slide Purpose: Show Partners (Notice that Sun has been removed) Key Message: Wyse partners with the leading companies, so we deliver a higher quality experience overall We have the right partner network to ensure your success, and are one of only two vendors in the market with a direct relationship with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft, so we can offer support for their enhancements quickly and with high quality. Our consulting partners EDS, IBM, and Accenture can help you define a major installation, and our channel partners Dell, AT&T, Tech data, Ingram Micro, and CDW can provide devices and advice for small and midsize installations. And of course, the Wyse team is available to help.
  • Add 24 hour fitness , golds, Jenny Craig, Hilton Slide Purpose: Prove that Wyse has achieved success with the customers prospects respect. Key Message: Wyse’s customers and partners are the leaders in their industries. [Note that we do not include Wal-Mart and Deutsche Bank in this list, as they prefer we do not. Use your best judgment in mentioning these customers to your prospects.] Many of the Smartest companies on the planet trust our products, including the tops in their category.
  • Slide Purpose: Remind the audience that we have a lot of resources to provide necessary details to make a decision. Key Message: Wyse has the tools, papers, and resources to make the decision process straightforward. And lastly, we know that any new architecture shift brings new questions and issues that need answers. We, along with our partners Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, have a large library of resources to give you the answers you need. We offer TCO calculators that generate customized reports and presentations, so you can show the benefits of a Wyse solution to your team, and a variety of whitepapers and primers to explain how thin computing delivers these benefits. Finally, we offer a variety of success stories and case studies, all on our web site, to describe the experience and benefits others have had.
  • Slide Purpose: Introduce yourself and build rapport – enter your name and title on the lines provided, and update the date if needed. Key Message: None


  • 1. Who needs a PC these days? Manfred Maierhofer Regional Sales Manager
  • 2. The Challenge With Computing Today Cost of acquisition Information security Cost of software deployment and maintenance Cost of hardware deployment and maintenance Manageability of multiple applications Complexity and vulnerability to attack
  • 3. Thin Computing Address the Challenges Head On Cost Benefits Business Benefits Security / Privacy Compliance Manageability Reliability Rapid Deployment 40% Reduction HW and SW costs 29% Reduction IT operations costs 88% Reduction worker downtime 78% Increase IT staff productivity Source: Gartner Inc (8/05), IDC (11/05), and Wyse Estimates Power/Noise/Cooling
  • 4. Thin Computing Model Comparison Thin Client Cloud, Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp Centralized User density and TCO Task Light / Best LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi Good Good Better Virtual Client Cloud, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View Centralized App compatibility and OS flexibility Task, Knowledge Light / Better LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi Better Better Better Zero Client Citrix Provisioning Server, Wyse WSM Distributed Experience of PC, control of Thin Computing Task, Knowledge Heavy / Best LAN, WAN Best Future Best Datacenter / control point Execution Benefits Ideal user type Client / Green Network User Experience Mobility Security / Control PC PC Distributed De-facto Standard Task, Knowledge Heavy / Poor LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi Best Best Poor Storage Management Shared Execution Display Light Management Storage Management Isolated Execution Display Light Management Storage Management Execution Management Storage Execution
  • 5. Wyse ® Thin Computing Framework Client Provisioning Management Virtualization Wyse HW Wyse SW Common Services Layer Datacenter / Cloud Zero Client Provisioning – Wyse WSM™ Third-party Management Integration Thin Client Management – Wyse Device Manager™ Experience / Functional Virtualization - Wyse TCX™ Suite VMware ® View Citrix ® XenDesktop or XenApp Microsoft ® Terminal Services or Hyper-V Legacy / HTML Wyse V class Wyse X class Wyse R class Security, Smart card, Wireless Enhanced Client OS Portfolio Wyse Thin OS™, Windows® CE, Wyse Linux™, Windows XPe Wyse S class
  • 6. Wyse Solution Portfolio Clients The most secure, lowest cost, computing devices, with value added capabilities like Wyse TCX Provisioning Provision zero clients with XPe or XP OS to successfully run problematic apps on the client Management The leading thin-computing IT-management software, with rich integration and connector capabilities Virtualization The TCX Suite: Delivering a richer user experience with RDP and ICA protocols
  • 7. Wyse Complements Citrix ® Application Delivery Branch Office WAN LAN ICA™ Web Apps Citrix ® NetScaler ® Citrix ® WANScaler™ Wireless Citrix ® Access Gateway™ Citrix ® WANScaler™ Citrix Presentation Server™, Access Essentials™, or Citrix XenDesktop™ Citrix Ready Solution of the Year Virtualization
    • Wyse TCX™ Suite Provides:
      • Multi-display support
      • Multimedia acceleration
      • USB Virtualization (XenDesktop)
    + TCX Client
    • Wyse Clients Provide:
      • Citrix ICA™ and TCX Integration
      • Citrix Password Manager™ / Smart card Integration
      • Integration / Certification of Key Citrix Products
      • Full Support for XenApp and XenDesktop
    • Wyse WSM™ Provides:
      • Zero-client provisioning
      • Run “PC” or problematic apps on Zero-client
    Accelerator (optional) Management
    • Wyse Device Manager™ Provides:
      • Integrates with Citrix Management Console
      • Configuration Management
      • Asset Management
      • Automated Upgrades
      • Diagnostics
  • 8. Thin Client SW / HW Platform Options
    • Wyse Viance
      • Desktop Appliance for Citrix XenDesktop
    • Wyse Thin OS
      • Most popular, fastest, simple management
    • Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise
      • Robust, simple management
    • Enhanced Windows CE & XP embedded
      • Rich add-on capability, and customization options
      • Broad peripheral support
    • Windows XP Professional
      • PC functionality on a thin client (via provisioning)
    • Connection broker support standard
    • Firmware customization available
    *Select models X,L,XP X,L V,W,L,C,X,XP W,L,C,X OS VGA (X90) VGA & DVI-D (X90L) Express Card Internal* Internal B/G/N* and Bluetooth* 3 (side) 1.2GHz +GPU* X class Video Ser/Par Expansion PS/2 Smart card WiFi USB CPU Model Internal B/G/N* and Bluetooth* Internal* B/G USB USB Internal*/USB USB 2 2 PCI Express* PC Card* USB 2S* / 1P* 1S / 1P 1S DVI-I and DVI-D DVI (VGA w adapter) or Dual-DVI-I* VGA 2F / 4B 1F / 2B 2F / 2B 1 / 1.5GHz +GPU 800MHz / 1.2G 366MHz R class V class L/LE S class
  • 9. Energy Efficiency
    • Reduce energy usage by up to 90%
    • Less materials used in manufacture
    • Lower transportation costs
    • Longer service life
    • Fewer parts to recycle
    • 90% reduction in e-waste
    6.6 watts Thin 70 – 150 watts PC
  • 10. Device Flexibility Entry Control Mobile Carts Mounted Systems Mobile and Studio Broadcast Indoor Kiosks Hospitality Classrooms and Libraries Harsh Environments Outdoor Kiosks
  • 11. Wyse S class Desktop Thin Clients
    • For Virtual Desktop Environments via VMware VDI, Citrix, Microsoft
    • Ultra Simple, Ultra Green - only 6.6 watts, fan-less
    • Ports include 10/100 Ethernet, VGA, audio in and out, 4 USB2, Serial
    • Models with Windows XP embedded, Windows CE, Linux, and WTOS
  • 12. Wyse V class L/LE Desktop Thin Clients
    • For Virtual Desktop Environments via VMware VDI, Citrix, Microsoft
    • VL - 800MHz CPU / VLE - 1.2GHz CPU
    • 1 DVI output, VGA compatible, or dual DVI-I (V10L Dual DVI)
    • Dual display capable
      • 2 digital or 2 VGA (V10L Dual DVI)
      • 1 digital and 1 VGA with optional cable (V or VL)
    • Supports Wyse Collaborative Processing Architecture delivers excellent quality multimedia experience
    • Green - only 13 watts, fan-less
    • Flexible - rich set of ports including DVI-I, audio, USB2, PS/2, serial, parallel
    • Optional PCMCIA, Smart Card and Wi-Fi B/G
    • Zero client and models with Windows XP embedded, Windows CE, Linux, and WTOS
  • 13. Wyse R class High Performance Desktop Thin Clients
    • Highest performance thin clients
      • Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise or Microsoft Windows XP embedded
      • Single or dual display
      • High performance superscalar CPUs
      • Discrete graphics processors for performance and future protocols
      • HW display support up to 2560x1600x32-bit
      • No motors results in lower power consumption, quiet operation, and ultra-high reliability
      • Built-in support for Wyse Collaborative Processing Architecture
    • R class LE adds:
      • PCI express expansion
      • Parallel port
      • Dual displays up to 2560x1600x32-bit
  • 14. Wyse X90/X90e Ultraportable Thin Notebooks
    • For Virtual Desktop Environments via VMware VDI, Citrix, Microsoft
    • No local HDD means no data at risk if lost, broken, or stolen
    • 1.2GHz CPU for excellent multimedia with optional Wyse TCX
    • Super light at 1,2 kg
    • 12.1” WXGA 1280 x 800 LCD
    • Green - low power, no fan, silent
    • X90 includes WiFi b/g, 10/100 Ethernet, VGA output, int. and ext. audio, USB2, Express slot
    • X90e adds Smart Card and Bluetooth 2.0
    • Use anywhere with 3G data via Express card slot or Mobile phone DUN via Bluetooth (X90e)
    • Visit-free management via Wyse Device Manager
    • Wyse enhanced Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
  • 15. Wyse X90L/X90Le Desktop Replacement Thin Notebooks
    • For Virtual Desktop Environments via VMware VDI, Citrix, Microsoft
    • No local HDD means no data at risk if lost, broken, or stolen
    • 1.2GHz CPU for excellent multimedia with optional Wyse TCX
    • Easy to Carry at 1,8 kg
    • 15.4” WXGA 1280 x 800 LCD
    • Green - low power, no fan, silent
    • X90L includes 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n wireless, 3G wireless cards using Express card slot
    • 1SD, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 VGA & 1 DVI output
    • Visit-free management via Wyse Device Manager
    • 1GB Flash/1GB RAM Standard
    • X90Le adds Smart card and Bluetooth 2.0
    • Wyse enhanced Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
    Network Computing, Issue 6/2008, X90L
  • 16. Understanding Desktop Virtualization Blade Servers Running hypervisor and management software ICA
    • Flexible provisioning of hardware resources
    • Flexible access (anywhere, anytime)
    • Centralized management and provisioning of OS
    • Completely isolated environment
    Virtual Machines Running Windows © XP Pro or Windows Vista PC
  • 17. Complexities with the Architecture Device Management Connection Broker Protocol Limitations Virtual Machines Running Windows © XP Pro or Windows Vista PCs Blade Servers Running hypervisor and management software
  • 18. Wyse Virtualization Software
    • Wyse TCX
    • Adds functionality to ICA and RDP
    USB Device Not Recognized
    • TCX Multi-display™
    • Enables natural behavior for multiple displays
    • Correctly positions dialogs
    • Places applications on specific screens
    • TCX USB Virtualizer™
    • Virtualizes USB ports to OS on VM, enabling use of USB peripherals, including scanners, CD/DVD reader / writers, webcams, hand- helds, and printers.
    • TCX Multimedia™
    • Enables rich multimedia display, improves server scalability
    • Accelerates Mpeg1, Mpeg2, WMV, Mpeg4 Part 2, AC3, AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA media types.
    Poor Multimedia Performance Poor Sound Performance
    • TCX Rich Sound™
    • Bi-directional sound support for Virtualized environments.
    • Enables speech recognition, dictation, VoIP and Unified Communications applications
    Addresses these key user experience limitations
  • 19. Wyse Virtualization Software Reduces Server CPU and Network Load for Multimedia Content
    • Typical
      • 15 VMs playing media file consume server CPU with 97% utilization
    • With Wyse TCX Multimedia
      • 15 VMs playing media file consume 88% less CPU at 12% utilization
      • 65 VMs playing media file only consume 86% of CPU
      • Up to 800% improvement in server scalability
    Number of XP VMs Server CPU Utilization Better
  • 20. The Zero Client – A New Option
    • Customers requested a thinner thin client.
    • Wyse’s vision: Zero clients – simpler HW
    • Advanced client OS and local functions are delivered real-time into device RAM at boot
      • Most flexible client for IT ever
      • Eliminates firmware memory
      • Eliminates client management tasks
      • Strongest security model
      • Boot-up faster than a PC for similar functionality
  • 21. Zero Clients and Provisioning: On Demand Delivery of Device Identity Provisioning Server Zero Client Zero Client with Provisioning Identity delivered on Demand Thin Client OS Local Apps (ICA Client) Most TC’s Today Identity resides in local Flash
  • 22. Provisioning Software Desktop PC environment Wyse TC environment Store/Manage/Secure Cost Network Access
    • Centralized storage and management system
    • Operating System
    • Applications
    • Security
    • Database
    • Wyse WSM
    • PC functionality without local HDDs
    • Maintenance free client environment
    Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Store/Manage/Secure Store/Manage/Secure Store/Manage/Secure Store/Manage/Secure Store/Manage/Secure Store/Manage/Secure XP Pro OS Applications Execute
  • 23. Provisioning Software
    • Expands capabilities of thin clients, replaces management tools
    • Provision Windows XP embedded to a zero client in real time, under central control
    • Provision Windows applications, including ICA and RDP clients, ill-behaved, and multimedia independently
    • Designed for zero clients and thin clients
    • Supports Microsoft’s, Citrix’s and VMware’s “PC-only” features on a thin client
  • 24. Management Software IBM Tivoli Client Management Wyse Device Manager Integration Options Citrix Management Console CA Unicenter Altiris Deployment Server Microsoft SMS (CE and XPe) LANDesk (XPe)
    • Wyse WDM
    • Scalable centralized client management
    • Highly flexible integration options
  • 25. Management Software
    • The #1 selling thin client management product WW
    • Most scalable with support for hundreds of thousands of thin clients
    • Integrates with the Citrix Management Console
    • Extensive configuration, update, diagnostics, and asset management functionality
    • Designed for global deployment with distributed server support
    • Covered by Wyse Maintenance and Support Offerings
  • 26. Wyse Technology Inc. The Global Leader in Thin Computing
    • Inventor, patent holder, and total shipment leader for desktop & mobile thin clients
    • Partners with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware on Virtual Desktops
    • 26+ years of innovation
    • Global scale and distribution capability:
      • HQ in San Jose, CA.
      • Offices throughout USA, Europe, and Asia/Pacific
    • Blue chip customers – half of Fortune 100 use Wyse
    2006 WW Market Share 1981 1985 1990 1995 2000 Company Founded Incorporated In Taiwan Listed on NYSE Taken Private Listed on Taiwan OTC Intro Rapport / WDM #2 General Purpose Terminal 47% US GPT 1 st ISO-9002 In Taiwan US ISO-9001 #1 World GPT 1 st TC #1 TC #1 Windows ISO-14001 (Taiwan) Intro WTOS 2005 Taken Private Enterprise Desktop Virtualization #1 TC #1 Windows GHC WSM Virtualization
  • 27. The Wyse Advantage - Market Leadership  Significant Technical Footprint – Product Customization Leader  Customer Support staffed with Wyse Employees – 24 x 7 available  Global Brand/Support/Service – Over 6 Million Units Shipped WW  Inventor / Patent Holder For the Thin Client  Winner Green IT Solution Europe 2007  Winner of Citrix Solution Partner of Year 2007  Winner of Microsoft OEM Excellence Award 4 Years  1 of 2 Thin Client Vendors with Direct Relationship with Microsoft  R/D Centers in San Jose, Beijing, Bangalore  #1 in WW Shipments 12 Years in a Row
  • 28. The Wyse Advantage - Solution Portfolio  Apple ® MAC OS Terminal Services  ClearCube ® Blade PC  Provisioning SW: OS / Application Streaming For Zero-Clients  Client HW: Desktop and Mobile Solutions  Management SW: Scalable, Broad Device Management Product Line  Microsoft ® Terminal Services  VMware ® Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)  Citrix ® Delivery Center / XenApp / XenDesktop  Support for Leading Datacenter Platforms  Leader in Emb. OS Support: Wyse Thin OS, Linux, Win CE, Win XPe  Virtualization SW: The Richest User Experience over ICA and RDP
  • 29. The Wyse Advantage - Key Strategic Partners Strategic Alliances & Global Services Providers Channel Partners Technology & Supply Chain Partners
  • 30. The Wyse Advantage - Blue Chip Customers Construction Banking Business Services Government Services Pharma Hospitality Shipping Telecom Energy Manufacturing Transportation Retail Wyse Confidential
  • 31. The Wyse Advantage - Resources to Make You an Expert Report Output PowerPoint Output TCO and benefit calculators Whitepapers And Primers Customer Case Studies
  • 32. Wyse Technology The Global Leader in Thin Computing