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Solo Telco Gateway
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Solo Telco Gateway


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  • 1.  
  • 2. solo telco gateway Unified Communications CPE for Small Businesses
  • 3. solo telco gateway
    • Small Size
    • Small Budget
    • Small Thinking
    • … but large number of them!
    Let us focus on Greek Small Businesses
  • 4. solo telco gateway
    • Broadband Access for Small Businesses is usually limited to consumer-level use (browsing and email)
    • Very few see Broadband as a Corporate Tool and require a Static-IP
    • Even fewer actually utilize the potential of Business Broadband Services
    Let us focus on Small Businesses
  • 5. solo telco gateway
    • Small Businesses have more needs: from a “Server” to an “Intranet”, from a “PBX” to a “Unified Communications Solution”
    • A new embedded product should fulfill these needs in a complete manner
    • This product complements and provides additional value to the existing SOHO Broadband product line
    Turning Home to SOHO-clients
  • 6. solo telco gateway
    • This product should be an infrastructure that will enable the ISP to satisfy everyday needs of Small Businesses, through additional services
    • Integration with the ISP’s Infrastructure should be transparent for all services, whether hosted in the CPE or hosted in the Datacenter
    Turning Home to SOHO-clients
  • 7. solo telco gateway
    • Use Unified Communications concepts, thus:
      • Maximize productivity for the Small Business, by minimizing communication overhead
      • Differentiate ISP’s product line
      • Will create a new value channel for the ISP
      • Increase the average revenue per customer
      • Ensure customer loyalty and minimize churn rate
    Our Proposal
  • 8. solo telco gateway
    • Provides a new Advanced CPE with all the Unified Communication services a Small Business needs
    • Embedded and fully customizable
    • Should be Simple, Complete, and All they’ll ever Need…
    Our Solution
  • 9. solo telco gateway Making Unified Communications a True Business Realm for SMEs with solo telco gateway
  • 10. computer network voice network unifies all communication networks with a single software solution solo telco gateway
  • 11. solo telco gateway
    • VoIP/SIP Gateway
    • Analog Interfaces (RJ11) for Landlines/Phones
    • Any number of VoIP Phones (SIP)
    • Queues, Conferences, Recordings, Black-listing, DISA, IVR, DTMF, Operator Panel, etc
    … is a Hybrid Analog/VoIP PBX
  • 12. solo telco gateway
    • Fax-to-Email & Email-to-Fax Gateway
    • Support for .PDF .XLS .DOC .HTML .TXT, etc
    • Support for multiple Virtual Fax Devices for concurrent operation
    … is a Fax Server
  • 13. solo telco gateway
    • Network Storage
    • Custom Permissions
    • Private Storage per user
    • Antivirus protection for all files
    • Expandable Storage (w/ USB)
    • USB Printers Sharing
    … is a File Server
  • 14. solo telco gateway
    • Shared Calendars
    • Shared Contacts
    • Tasks/Notes
    • Click-to-Call
    • Compatible with MS-Outlook
    • Instant Messaging
    … is a Collaboration Server
  • 15. solo telco gateway
    • Live or Recorded Video Feed from any IP camera in the LAN to Web & Mobile Phones. Even video-call to camera is supported
    • 24/7 Recording, with rotation and archiving
    • Motion Detection, SMS/MMS notifications
    … is a CCTV & DVR
  • 16. solo telco gateway
    • Firewall
    • VPN Server (site-to-site & roaming user)
    • Proxy with Antivirus (for Web Browsing)
    • Automated Update & Upgrade
    • Complete Automated & Scheduled Backup
    … and is Secure!
  • 17. solo telco gateway
    • These services are hosted centrally* at the ISP, and are transparent to the user:
    • Web Server (HTML, PHP, Drupal CMS, Website Builder)
    • Email Server (IMAP/POP3, Webmail, Mailing Lists, Aliases, Antivirus, Antispam)
    • DNS Server (Master-Slave, Zones)
    Additional Services * optionally hosted locally at the CPE
  • 18. solo telco gateway
    • Small-factor CPE (225x205x50mm)
    • Preconfigured, Plug-n-Play operation
    • Analog Telephony integrated, configurable
    • Small-size, all-in-one solution
    • 1 GHz / 512 MB
    • 5 x LAN / WAN Ethernet
    • WiFi 802.11b/g
    • 2 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x SSD (32GB)
    • 2 x FXS, 2 x FXO
  • 19. solo telco gateway Final Appliance Design Chassis (A) - Front
  • 20. solo telco gateway Final Appliance Design Chassis (A) - Rear
  • 21. solo telco gateway Final Appliance Design Chassis (B) - Front
  • 22. solo telco gateway Final Appliance Design Chassis (B) - Rear
  • 23. solo telco gateway … in the Network
  • 24. solo telco gateway
    • Web Interface
    • User-Friendly
    • Complete
    • All Modules Integrated
    Making Installation and Configuration Easy
  • 25. Web/Mail/DNS Server User Management Website Builder WebMail File Server VPN Server Printer Server Network Management Shared Calendar/Contacts VoIP & POTS Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateway Fax Server Back-Up Wi-Fi Firewall Anti-spam File & Email Anti-virus On-line Global Updating Needs will change. solo gateway will follow. solo telco gateway at a glance:
  • 26. solo telco gateway
    • is internationalized easily
    • is standards-compliant
    • solo gateway was presented at CeBIT Hannover 2008 with success! Visit us at CeBIT Hannover 2009!
  • 27. solo telco gateway
    • Key Integration Points:
    • Domains, Emails and Web content hosted solely at ISP’s Datacenter
    • Email Accounts created and managed easily through Solo Telco Gateway
    • Web content created through Solo Telco Gateway and synced with ISP hosting
    ISP Integration Proposal
  • 28. solo telco gateway
    • Key Service Points:
    • Offer the services and benefits of a Server, without the Server
    • Remote Support, centrally through the Web
    • Massive Update & Upgrade
    • User-friendly
    ISP Integration Proposal
  • 29. solo gateway solo telco gateway as an Advanced CPE can be the single, complete, turn-key solution for all IT and Unified Communication needs of Small and Medium Businesses
  • 30. solo gateway .com www.