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Resolution #080387

  1. 1. 1 Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 Phone: 908-204-3001; Fax: 908-204-3015; Website: Resolution #080387 Award of Bid for Hosted VOIP PBX Communication System awarded to Xtel Communications in the Amount not to exceed $126,321.00 WHEREAS, the Township of Bernards received a bid on Wednesday, June 26, 2008 at 10:30 AM. The bid summary is as follows: VOIP SUMMARY OF 5-YEAR RECURRING COSTS BY CATEGORY BIDDER X-TEL REYNWOOD BUSINESS AT&T AUTOMATION VOIP – TOWN $119,286.00 $192,720.00 $195,900.00 $400,200.00 HALL/HEALTH/ENG PHONE RENTAL – TOWN HALL/HEALTH/ $47,520.00 $15,550.20 $16,200.00 $11,791.60 ENG GRAND TOTAL $166,806.00 $208,270.02 $212,100.00 $411,991.06 WHEREAS, it is the combined recommendation of the IT Director, Town Administrator and the Purchasing Agent to award this contract to Xtel Communications, 10 Lake Executive Park, Suite 106, Marlton, NJ 08053 in the amount of $ 126,321.00, and, WHEREAS, this contract has been awarded to Xtel Communications, through a "fair and open process" pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.4, et seq." WHEREAS, the Supervisor of Treasury Services has certified that funds are available in the budget; the line item appropriations or ordinances to be charged are Capital Ordinance # 1951 line account #C-04-55-951-G04 not to exceed $ 7,035.00; budget operating account #8-01-31-43-B01 not to exceed $5,964.30; and future year operating accounts, pending Township Committee Budget approval, #9-01-31-43-B01; 0-01-31-43- B01; 1-01-31-430-B01; 2-01-31-430-B01; 3-01-31-430-B01 not to exceed $23,857.20 per year. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Township Committee of the Township of Bernards, County of Somerset, State of New Jersey, that the bid be awarded to: Xtel Communications, 10 Lake Elizabeth Park, Suite 106, Marlton, NJ 08053 in the amount of $126,321.00, and NOW THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, by the Township Committee of the Township of Bernards, that the Purchasing Agent is authorized to issue a purchase order to: Xtel
  2. 2. Communications, 10 Lake Elizabeth Park, Suite 106, Marlton, NJ 08053 in the amount of $126,321.00. I agree to the terms as stated in this Resolution and by signing this document as Vice President of Xtel Communications, I am committed to follow all terms of this award. ____________________________________________________ Elizabeth Sorino, Vice President Agenda and Date Voted: September 9, 2008 TREASURER’S CERTIFICATION I, Terri Johnson, Treasurer of the Township of Bernards, hereby certify that adequate funds are available for the above referenced purchase in the amount not to exceed $126,321.00. Monies are available in Capital Ordinance # 1951 line account #C-04-55-951-G04 not to exceed $ 7,035.00; budget operating account #8-01-31-43-B01 not to exceed $5,964.30; and future year operating accounts, pending Township Committee Budget approval, #9-01-31-43-B01; 0-01-31-43-B01; 1-01-31-430-B01; 2-01-31-430-B01; 3-01-31-430-B01 not to exceed $23,857.20 per year. Date: August 28, 2008 Terri Johnson Supervisor of Treasury Services REVISED EXPLANATORY This contract is for 5 years of phone service. To assist you in the costs and savings over the course of five years, the breakdown will be done as follows: phone service (per minute costs, services, etc), hardware costs, and connection costs. Phone Service – The total charges from X-Tel for voice over IP service and support is $1988.10 per month. It includes up to 20,000 minutes of local and long distance service for townhall, engineering and the health dept. - comparable to what our current usage is for those buildings. Any minutes over the 20,000 will be billed at 2.9 cents per minute. It will save us approximately $1500 a month from our current local and long distance service costs, or $90,000 over the course of the five years. Hardware – Our current phone system has phones 10 years old. We have copper DIDs and trunks at these locations at least 30 years old. Because this equipment is outdated, costs are higher for maintenance, service is specialized to specific departments within Verizon, and the quality of calls is poor. The hardware we will be purchasing from X-Tel as part of this contract totals $7035, $5100 for switches and $1935 used to modify existing data connections at each workstation. In a separate purchase, we will be purchasing 100 VOIP phones, costing an approximate $200 per phone, equaling $20,000. This purchase is separate because we will most likely be purchasing the phones from another vendor. This, we feel, will be a better alternative to “ renting” the phones and paying monthly maintenance on them as outlined in this bid proposal, which was bid as an option at $47,520 over the course of five years. This should save us a minimum of $20,000 over the five year period from the bid option.
  3. 3. In 2007, $90,000 was appropriated in Capital Ordinance #1951G for purchase costs of the VOIP/PBX phone system. Our capital expenditures should ultimately total no more than $35,000, therefore $55,000 will be returned to the Capital Improvement Fund to offset future Township projects. Connection costs – Because of the bandwidth demand by passing voice and data over our internet connection, we will need to upgrade our current internet connection. We currently have a connection that we pay our internet service provider $700 per month. In a separate but related purchase to another vendor, we will be upgrading our service, expanding our bandwidth speed by up to 25x and be cutting our monthly cost to approximately $400 per month. Features of the new system are as follows (features that do not exist with our current system in red): 1. Total redundancy and security by having the telephone and voicemail hardware located in a remote Central Office in case of electrical and/or internet outages. All incoming calls to be answered and forwarded immediately to emergency phones set up for this occurrence during an emergency. 2. Remote access via an easy-to-use web portal for administrative and user changes to services and set up. 3. Scalability of system without the necessity to order and install additional significant hardware or software when additional employees are added. 4. Adds, moves and changes to be accomplished by Township staff eliminating the expense and wait time for outside vendors to accomplish move, addition or deletion of phones and to eliminate the significant expense of equipment maintenance contracts. 5. The ability to easily connect remote workers to the system with full telephone system features and benefits. 6. Detailed Call Records showing both incoming and outgoing calls Auto Attendant Features 1. Full Auto Attendant 2. Delayed Auto Attendant 3. Multi-level Attendant 4. Call Routing based on Time of Day, Holiday Hours, Night Service Call Management 1. Auto Attendant Answering 2. Live Person Answering 3. Direct-Inward Dialing – Direct to a phone/sub-attendant/voicemail box 4. Caller ID Name/Number – 5. Individual mailboxes 6. Guest Mailboxes (not associated with a phone) 7. Voicemail convert to Email capability 8. Voicemail convert to Text Message capability 9. Station Hunt Groups for Group Answering 10. Find Me/Follow Me – individual user programmable through web portal 11. Call Hold 12. Call Transfer-Attended 13. Call Transfer-Blind 14. Call Forwarding – No Answer and Busy 15. Incoming Call Blocking
  4. 4. 16. Incoming Privacy Screening 17. Outgoing Call Block 18. One-Button Redial 19. Do-Not-Disturb 20. Speed Dialing 21. Company Wide Directory 22. Three-Way Conferencing 23. Conference Bridge 24. Music-On-Hold – downloadable from Mp3 or upload through web portal 25. Call Log with Dial from Log Call Recording 1. Call Detail Records – real-time call records including from, to, call duration, date and time and call type 2. Call Volume Graphs by time of day, month, year or custom dates 3. Call traffic by extension (programmable by Admin). PURCHASING CERTIFICATION I herby certify that I have prepared this resolution and reviewed it for accuracy. Date: August 27, 2008 Francis J. Decibus, QPA, RPPS, Purchasing Agent CERTIFICATION I hereby certify this is a true and exact copy of a resolution adopted by the Bernards Township Committee on 09/09/2008. Denise Szabo, Municipal Clerk