Report on APNG Activities in Cairns
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Report on APNG Activities in Cairns






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Report on APNG Activities in Cairns Report on APNG Activities in Cairns Presentation Transcript

  • Update from APNG Ching Chiao APNG At-Large Committee July 18th, APTLD Meeting
  • --APNG (Asia Pacific Networking Group) is the parent org. for APNIC, APTLD, APAN, and many other AP-based Internet organizations -- APNG is now focusing on Next Generation nurturing, At-Large issue and AP Internet history composition
  • APNG Organization
    • Executive Committee
    • Chair: Tommy Matsumoto
    • Vice-Chair: Mao Wei / Benson Wu
    • CFO: Rikio Onai
    • Advisory Board
    • Kilnum Chon / Haruhisa Ishida / Tan Tin Wee / Shigeki Goto
    • Xing Li / Tommy Matsumoto / Paul Wilson / Vincent Chen
    • Jun Murai / Toru Takahashi / Abhisak Chulya / Kazunori Konishi
    • Steering Committee
    • Anthony S.Lee / Atsushi Endo / Izumi Aizu / James Seng
    • Liu Xin / Taeha Park / Tommy Matsumoto / Yoo Ji Yul
    • Secretariat
    • Shin Deki / Masashi Sawada / Mayumi Nakano
  • APNG: At-Large Activities
      • APNG At-Large Committee
      • Chair: Yoo Ji Yul
      • Co Chair: Izumi Aizu
      • Members: Kapil Chawla / Ching Chia o / James Seng / Hong Xue / Quian Hualin / Tommy Matsumoto
    • ICANN ALS in AP
      • Four organizations in the Asia/Australia/Pacific region have been certified as At-Large Structures :
        • Internet Society Vasudhay Kutumbhkum (based in in India)
        • ISOC Taiwan Chapter (based in Taiwan)
        • At Large@ China  (based in P.R. China)
        • National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Associatio n (based in Taiwan)
        • Arab Knowledge Management Society (based in Jordan), which was the first group certified as an At-Large Structure in this region.
        • In addition, the Internet Users Network (based in Japan) recently applied for At-Large Structure certification.
    • At Large & Asia/Australia/Pacific Users Meeting (Open Session)(20th July, 11:00 – 12:30) (Pahang room, Shangri-La Hotel)
  • Highlight—5th APNG Camp
  • 5th APNG Camp
    • Over 30 participants from CN, JP, KR, TW, TH, PH, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan participated the 3-1/2 day meeting (7/2~7/6)
    • Fellowship provided to numerous developing coutries
    • Presentations / Tutorials covering topics such as VoIP, Mobile IP, Internet Culture, DNS and Security issues
    • WG: Internet Development, Startups, Mobile Internet and Culture
    • Next APNG Camp in Kyoto Japan in conjunction with APRICOT 2005 (Feb 21~23)
  • 5th APNG Camp in Cairns, AU
  • 5th APNG Camp
  • Party Time!!
  • Lovely APNG Family….
  • 5th APNG Camp
    • Programs including:
      • Tutorial session from seniors
      • Presentation from juniors
      • Working group discussion
      • APNG Camp fellowship
      • Team building
  • 5th APNG Camp
    • Tutorial session discussed issues on
      • WNI & Mobile business by Weather News, Japan
      • JPRS Intro by Hiro Hotta
      • DotAsia by Che-Hoo Cheng
      • Internet security management by Dr. Yamaguchi
      • DNS Fundamental by Dr. Katoh
      • VoIP Tutorial by Ching Chiao
  • 5th APNG Camp
    • Presentation from juniors focused on
      • Technical track
        • Packet Fragmentation in v6/v4 Tunnel
        • P2P Networking
        • Next Generation Internet in China
        • Reliable Multicast
      • Social track
        • Mini Home in KR
        • Web-photoalbum-based-community in TW
        • Personal News Station in TW
        • BBS Mania
  • 5th APNG Camp
    • Members joined different working groups and discussed about
      • Internet technology
      • Internet development
      • Internet culture
      • Start-up in their own country.
  • Noteworthy
    • The Camp event is more attractive and active
    • More long-term plan for APNG and APNG Camp necessary
    • 5th Camp, No AU / NZ participants…
    • More participants and concrete topics next time in Kyoto…
    • Some local effort for the youth
      • JP: ng-tf (under JPNIC)  JPING
      • CN: CERNET, Beijing and Tsinghua Universities
      • KR: NG Forum
      • TW: TWING
      • Many participants will go back and setup the local camp
      • Yours?