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Qwest solutions featuring:

  1. 1. Qwest solutions featuring: Qwest® Hosted VoiP service Case Study:
  2. 2. H O WA R D S Y S T E M S Customer: I N T E R N AT I O N A L Howard systems international www.howardsystems.com Howard systems international (Hsi) is one of the largest Business CHallenge: privatively held information technology (it) staffing and services as the enterprise-wide phone system at Howard systems international (Hsi) aged, firms in the u.s. Headquartered in stamford, Connecticut, the maintenance costs had begun to spiral company delivers its services through a national network of offices out of control. the company looked to and a highly mobile sales team. while Hsi’s national presence replace the PBX systems at its locations enables the company to partner with principal accounts in multiple across five states with a cost-efficient, standardized system. from a technology locations, this business model requires effective communications standpoint, Hsi wanted to leverage among Hsi employees across five states. existing data connectivity. a key business goal was to provide a voice system for Hsi’s sales force that would support high mobility while helping them remain in close touch with the company. solution: after an exhaustive feasibility analysis of multiple solutions, Hsi selected Qwest ® Hosted VoiP service for its six locations. Benefits and results: • Qwest Hosted VoiP service delivered a return on investment (roi) in approximately 15 months. FAC I N G T H E C H A L L E N G E S • Hsi’s long-distance costs are down 70 maintenance costs on the PBX systems across Hsi started to rise percent. dramatically, and this was one clear indication that it was time to replace • time and costs for phone system administration are reduced significantly. the enterprise-wide phone system. • five contracts for on-site maintenance with limited it resources and six Hsi locations, ease of installation were eliminated and consolidated into and reduced support requirements were vital criteria as the company the single Qwest Hosted VoiP service. evaluated potential solutions, according to Joseph deluise, Vice • Qwest Hosted VoiP service provides President of technology services. true mobility for employees who can “in addition, we wanted to see what products were available that remain connected to the organization, no matter where they are. would make our sales force truly mobile,” deluise said. “our goal was • Qwest’s experienced teams made the to give them a way to stay connected within the enterprise via voice installation very painless and provide while making geography irrelevant,” he added. rapid phone and online support. Hsi performed a detailed feasibility analysis for five potential solutions. “we looked at cost and return on investment, and we wanted to leverage the data connectivity we already had—that’s a fairly sizable investment,” deluise said. “we plotted on paper what our start-up costs would be and what our short-term and long-term cost of ownership would be. if it was a purchased solution, we looked at how long it would take to depreciate,” deluise explained. “of course, we also tried to seek out people who had already used any of the solutions to learn about the results at their organizations,” he noted.
  3. 3. “Qwest Hosted VoiP service paid for itself in about 15 months, and we’ve been saving a tremendous amount of money ever since then. Compared to a traditional PBX system this is much more powerful, much more dynamic, and because it is hosted, we have nothing to maintain, upgrade or worry about.” —Joseph deluise, Vice President of technology services PROVIDING A SU C C E S S F U L S O L U T I O N D E L I V E R I N G R E S U LT S Hsi determined that a hosted voice over internet “Phenomenal” is the word deluise used to describe protocol (VoiP) solution would serve the company well in the return on investment of approximately 15 months. terms of low entry cost and long-term maintenance. “Qwest Hosted VoiP service has paid for itself in less “with a hosted service, we could avoid the need to than two years, even with up-front capital costs for new upgrade every two or three years, which was a major routers and handsets,” he noted. problem we were facing at the time,” deluise said. “with Qwest Hosted VoiP, because everything is Hsi chose Qwest Hosted VoiP service. “the Qwest connected on-net, any call between our office locations is ® service seemed to be a much more mature product than actually free. that alone cut our long-distance costs by 70 what other comparable vendors were offering. also, we percent,” deluise stated. already had a tremendous amount of experience with Qwest Hosted VoiP service is delivering significant Qwest data services, and we were very happy with that,” savings in administrative time and costs. “we no longer deluise said. rely on people at each location to help support the deluise explained that when Hsi talked with Qwest phone system, so these employees are now free to engineers, it increased their comfort level even more. focus on their primary job functions,” explained deluise. “we got an understanding of what the implementation “the person in my department who was executing process was like and how the Qwest Hosted VoiP administrative and maintenance functions is now a service works and functions. it sounded like a very solid developer. i was able to offload the few telephony solution,” deluise said. administrative functions to a very junior tech support “the deployment was very painless. i was pleasantly person who is able to handle it swimmingly,” deluise surprised at how straightforward it was,” deluise said. said. “once i’d laid out our issues and expectations, Qwest Hsi was also able to eliminate contracts for on-site addressed every one of our needs. everything was where maintenance with five different maintenance companies it needed to be when we threw the switch,” he said. and consolidate all of the support needs into one easy-to- in addition to the Qwest Hosted VoiP service, Hsi manage relationship with Qwest. purchased the handsets and networking equipment using the Qwest auto attendant feature, Hsi has through Qwest. “this assured us that everything was also consolidated its multiple receptionist positions into going to work right out of the box. and if i ever have a one. “we have auto attendant set up at each of our problem, i can simply call Qwest and say ‘i’m having a locations, but they actually all point back to a central one. problem with this particular piece of equipment’ and they the receptionist can see who’s on the phone and handle take it from there,” deluise stated. the call regardless of the caller’s actual physical location,” six Hsi offices located in Connecticut, new Jersey, deluise noted. north Carolina, ohio and texas are now using Qwest (Continued on back cover) Hosted VoiP service.
  4. 4. CR080348 2/08 PROVIDING TRUE MOBILITY “People can now forward their phone to another location, forward it to their home, or just simply take their phone home with them, and they are still reachable with a four-digit extension,” deluise said. “to an end user, it’s very valuable to know that you’re still part of the organization, you’re still plugged in, you’re very connected to everything else that’s going on even though you’re not sitting in your normal seat,” he noted. PERSONAL ONLINE DASHBOARD LETS USERS TAKE CONTROL “all of our users have the Hosted VoiP office Package that gives them access to a web portal where they can personalize their own phone experience. as people discovered this portal, they only needed to see it once and they completely embraced it. this is a very sophisticated phone system with many more features than they’ve ever had, and the portal enables them to manage it easily,” deluise said. ® QWEST SPIRIT OF SERVICE IN ACTION “i’m completely blown away by the fact that i know that Qwest has dramatically expanded the number of customers they have on Hosted VoiP, and yet you can still get someone very, very quickly if you need support. and in most cases, the person you get doesn’t transfer the call; they are all set to start working with you and troubleshoot the issue,” deluise said. C O N TAC T US send a priority email to your Qwest representative. Get Qwest. Get Nimble. 1801 California Street • Denver, CO 80202 • 1 800-860-1020 • www.qwest.com Customer’s opinions are based on customer’s experiences with the Qwest products mentioned. Individual results may vary. Copyright © 2008 Qwest. All Rights Reserved.