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  • Sell our advanced capabilities to help carriers terminate their traffic Sell concept of managed services provider – focused on voice and messaging Sell quality – direct routing to owner of customer, route via worlds Tier 1 carriers, integrate their carriers Sell intelligence – peering and portability Services for mobile operators


  • 1. © Copyright 2007 Arbinet-the x change, Inc. All Rights Reserved. VoIP Peering Pilot Using the Internet2 Backbone
  • 2. Topics To Be Covered
    • Introduction to Arbinet
    • Legacy Telephony Interconnection
    • Voice Peering Basics
    • Peering Applicability to Universities
    • Internet2 – Arbinet Voice Peering Pilot
    • Pilot Program Status and Next Steps
  • 3. Arbinet manages the complexity of voice termination
    • Integrated voice and messaging termination service provider
    • World-leading peering community offering global registry services
      • Direct routing to 91 network providers serving 328M customers in 52 countries
    • Quality A-Z termination using Tier One providers
      • No term commitments
      • Single consolidated invoice/payment
    • Integration of private commercial and reciprocal arrangements
    • Automatic number and SMS/MMS portability correction
    Blue Chip Customers Worldwide
  • 4. Arbinet’s Network Reaches Around the Globe
    • Connect to any site using TDM and VoIP
    • Arbinet routes traffic between “buyer” and “seller” across its backbone
  • 5. Legacy Telephony Interconnections are Complex and Expensive Public Internet Caller Called Customer VoIP Gateway VoIP Gateway Local SP Long Distance Carrier Wholesalers Long Distance Provider
    • Public Switched Telephone Network
      • Serial hand-offs
      • Multiple competing carriers for each leg
      • Each carrier adds its transit fee
      • Technology conversions for transport
    Originating Service Provider Arbinet TDM International PTT
  • 6. VoIP Peering as an Alternative to the PSTN
    • VoIP Peering – the interconnection between two service providers for the completion of a seamless session between subscribers on their networks
        • Enabling Solutions Providers may provide transmission, switching, database, settlement, or other services to facilitate the session
    • The benefits are:
        • Improved call quality
        • Lower costs
        • New services
  • 7. Why is so little VoIP Peering taking place?
    • Few calls will route between VoIP partners
      • For example, if 5% of US customers are VoIP end users
      • % of US traffic that is VoIP to VoIP: 5% of 5% = 0.25%
    • It’s hard work
      • Identify all peering partners
      • Agree upon a commercial relationship
      • Agree upon IP addresses to interconnect
      • Agree upon private or public Internet transport
      • Exchange and update numbers with all your partners
      • Query all outgoing calls against an ENUM-like server
      • Bill and settle for termination, when required
  • 8. How Does Peering Work in General Terms?
    • Company B shares telephone numbers and routing information
    • Company A loads information into an ENUM transaction server
    • Company A outgoing calls are queried for matches to Company B numbers
    • Successful matches provide the routing information
    • Calls are routed for termination
    • An enabling solution provider may be required to facilitate the session
    Company A Calling Customer Peering Company B numbers and routing Company B ENUM server returns routing address Called Customer
  • 9. Revisiting Telephony Interconnections Using Peering Caller Called Customer Company B Company A Called Customer Terminating Service Provider Direct Peering over IP Arbinet’s PeeringSolutions Enabled Peering Routing Intelligence
    • Originating entity connects directly to its key partners
    • Peering Enabler handles smaller partners and PSTN destinations
    • Peering Enabler provides security, transport, settlement (as required)
    • PSTN Commercial terms reduced to termination charge plus transit fee
    • PeeringSolutions – Arbinet’s global peering community
    Register user numbers
  • 10. Internet2 - Arbinet Pilot Information Flow Components Non-profit, non-stock company Supports multiple registrars Downloads numbers and routing instructions SPIDER Registry TITAN Server Internet2 Community Center Arbinet Peering Solutions SM Registrar Create Accounts Manage Numbers Manage Partners Publish Numbers Research and Educational Institutions
  • 11. Create Accounts
    • Private Peering Accounts – used for internal network routing
      • Only visible to the company that created them
    • Public Peering Accounts – shared with other service providers
      • Account presence is public – not the information
    • Receiving Account – Store numbers from partner relationships
      • Downloads to a TITAN addressing server
  • 12. Manage Numbers
    • Numbers can be entered in several ways:
      • Direct input of numbers via the user interface
        • Individual numbers
        • NPA-NXX
      • Input via a text file from the host computer
    • Under Development:
      • SOAP/XML interface
  • 13. Manage Partners
    • The name and contact details of all Public Accounts in SPIDER are displayed
    • University Numbers are NOT shared or visible to anyone
      • Requires explicit permission from the number owner
    • For the Pilot:
      • Core TITAN Operator requests an interconnect to a University
      • The system manages the progress of the interconnect request
      • Partner’s numbers and the addressing information are downloaded
    • Any subsequent changes of numbers are synchronized as they occur
  • 14. Publish Numbers
    • Publish Numbers has two primary uses:
      • Combine Private accounts used for internal routing into one Public account
      • Allow an intermediary (e.g., Arbinet) to ‘publish’ numbers and entry points
        • Connect to a broader range of partners via Arbinet resources
    • All changes to numbers are synchronized to the ‘publishing’ accounts
    • Service Providers can request ‘peering’ with a publishing account
  • 15. University Peering using Arbinet’s PeeringSolutions Import Numbers Download Numbers Route Call Over Internet2 Backbone Peer with Partner University Query ENUM
  • 16. Extending Peering Relationships Beyond Internet2 Members Numbers Already in PeeringSolutions Account Peer with Arbinet Download Numbers Establish Interconnect
  • 17. Receiving Peered Calls From Outside the Internet2 Community Originate Call Query ENUM Route Call Query ENUM Convert to VoIP Arbinet Members Arbinet Members Originate Call
  • 18. Making Peered Calls Beyond the Internet2 Community Route Call Originate Call Query ENUM 900+ Voice Service Providers 91 Peered Networks 328 Million Subscribers 52 Countries
  • 19. Internet2 – Arbinet VoIP Peering Pilot Implementation Texas A&M ITEC University 4 University 3 University 2 Call Overflow to PSTN or Peering Service Enabler Texas A&M Internet2 Backbone TITAN Server PBX PBX PBX PBX PBX
  • 20. Current Pilot Status and Next Steps
    • Successfully created a “receiving” account for the central Internet2 TITAN server
    • Successfully created a peering account for Texas A&M
    • Entered test numbers via Arbinet’s PeeringSolutions Registrar
    • Successfully peered the two accounts within the Registrar
      • Result: Texas A&M numbers and routing address are in the TITAN
    • Initiate SIP-R or ENUM queries and confirm correct response
    • Route test calls within Texas A&M locations
    • Add a second university peering account
      • Peer, query and route via Internet2 backbone
    • Add a few more universities to the pilot program
    • If pilot is successful, extend peering service to the Internet2 community
    C O M P L E T E T O D O
  • 21. © Copyright 2007 Arbinet-thexchange, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Cliff Radziewicz Vice President – Business Development 120 Albany Street Tower II, 4 th Floor New Brunswick, NJ 08901 +1 732-509-9152 [email_address] www.arbinet.com