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  1. 1. Application Note for NICE Systems NICE CEM v8.8 Digital Recording System
  2. 2. Glossary of Terms: This document includes information for the following products: • NICE VoIP (Voice Over IP) Logger • NiceScreen Screen Logger • NiceCLS Servers • NICE Applications Workstation • NiceUniverse Workstation LAN - Local Area Network WAN - Wide Area Network ROD - Recording-on-Demand VoIP – Voice Over IP
  3. 3. 1 General Information The NICE VoIP recording solution is designed around an open system architecture that can be adapted to a call center’s current requirements. It solution fully integrates with Cisco TSP 3.X. NICE CEM v.8.8 is fully integrated into a LAN (Local Area Network), and WAN (Wide Area Network) and includes easy-to-use Microsoft windows based applications (i.e. NICE Applications) that are used to retrieve telephone conversations from a comprehensive long-term calls database. The system includes Windows-based software tools for audio retrieval, centralized system security authorization, system control, and system status monitoring. Also included is a call parameters database (NiceCLS) that tightly integrates via Call Manager including optional advanced audio archive database management, search tools, a wide variety of Recording-on- Demand capabilities, and comprehensive long-term call database for immediate retrieval. Nice systems contains other options for enhanced system capabilities, these include remote playback, Voice over LAN, remote diagnostics and remote alarm faxing or dialing delivered by the system. 2 Main Contact Information Headquarters USA Headquarters APAC Headquarters Address NICE Systems Ltd. NICE Systems Inc. NICE APAC Ltd 8 Hapnina Street 301 Rt 17 North 10th Rooms 1407-08 Harbour P.O Box 690 Floor Centre 43107 Ra'anana Rutherford NJ 07070 25 Harbour Road, ISRAEL USA Wanchai HONG KONG Main Telephone +972 9 775 3777 +1 201 964-2600 +852 2598-3838 Main Fax +972 9 743 4282 +1 201 964-2610 +852 2598-3838 General E-mail 3 3rd Party Contacts Name Role Phone Email Laurent Levy Partner Manager +972-9-7753322 Moty Cory Technical integration +972-9-7753725
  4. 4. 4 3rd Party Product Information For more information on our products, please visit or contact the sales office in your region. For partner information, please contact Laurent Levy ( 5 3rd Party Product Overview NiceUniverse v8.8: NiceUniverse v8.8 is a complete Quality Management solution for contact centers that enables scheduled recording of agent calls, even in a free-seating environment. Using NiceUniverse v8.8, contact center supervisors can simultaneously play back voice and screen data, and then use on-line forms to evaluate agent performance. Evaluations can then be calibrated to ensure fair and consistent scoring. NiceUniverse v8.8 provides a powerful reporting tool, which enables statistical analysis of agent performance. The reporting tool can be used to support the contact center decision-making process. In addition, NiceUniverse v8.8 supports the following features:  The NiceUniverse v8.8 Evaluation and Report applications can be accessed and run via the Internet. This enables supervisors to continue their evaluations and analysis even at some distance from the contact center.  Evaluations can be sent as email attachments to other members of the contact center.  When voice data is recorded, NiceUniverse v8.8 enables you to save the combined data in the AVI file format for playback via Microsoft Windows playback applications.  Playback of voice and screen recordings can be via telephone extension or the LAN (using the PC speaker). NICE Applications v8.8: NICE Applications used by the Administrator include the following: NICE Administrator Application used by the Site Administrator to set up and configure system resources, which include Users and User Groups, NiceCLS Servers, Audio Input Channels and Audio Output Devices. NICE Query Application used to locate and play recorded audio and screen. NICE Supervision Application that generates alarms if system failure occurs, and maintains a log of system events. NICE Monitor Application used to monitor live audio and screens from agents, as well as record-on- demand. NiceCLS v8.8: NICE Systems NiceCLS (Call Logging System) v8.8 provides a means of collecting the details of a large number of calls from a telephone switch and storing the records in a structured database. Any call whose details are stored in the database can be located, and its recorded audio can be played back upon request. The NiceCLS v8.8 includes the server software to support the NiceUniverse v8.8. NiceCLS v8.8 provides a wide range of features to meet the requirements of organizations that perform large volumes of important transactions via the telephone. For modern dealer systems and Contact Centers, NiceCLS v8.8 includes features such as free-seating, recording-on-demand, and selective recording. The NiceCLS v8.8 flexible and open architecture enhances the power of the NiceLog v8.8 Recording System. NiceCLS v8.8 ensures quick and easy search for, and playback of, recorded audio, call filtering for recording, and an archiving method that makes recorded audio more manageable.
  5. 5. NICE VoIP v8.8: A Win2000 -based digital voice over IP recorder that sniffs and processes & stores audio in a high-quality audio-compressed digital format. NICE Total Recording records all incoming and outgoing calls that are received by the Cisco TSP. Each input channel in the voice logger is dedicated to a specific time slot. Detailed call information is passed through the Cisco Call Manager to the centralized database server, NiceCLS v8.8. NiceCLS v8.8 is used to link the time slot to the associated extension so that the station number and/or agent that handled the call can be identified and the call can be retrieved for playback. NiceScreen v8.8: The NiceScreen Logger v8.8 is an optional component of the Nice Universe system that manages screen agent recording and stores the recorded screens on its disk drive(s). The NiceScreen Logger controls the following functions: • Agent screen recording in sync with the audio corresponding to the screen • Maintains a database of screen recordings • Automatically locks screen captures (up to 100%disk capacity) • Enables up to 20 concurrent screen data playback connections • Enables real-time monitoring of agent screen activity For screen captures functionality, agent recording software (NICE Screen Agent) is installed on each agent workstation. Screen data is transferred from agent workstations to the NiceScreen Logger via the LAN. NICE Screen Agent (optional) The NICE Screen v8.8 Agent application is installed on all agent stations in the contact center. The application captures agent screen activity data and transfers the data to the NiceScreen Logger for archiving. During playback, the NiceCLS Server coordinates the recorded audio and screen data of the agent call. 6 3rd Party Product Features In cooperation with Cisco, NICE has fully integrated its patented IP recording technology with Cisco AVVID environments based on Cisco Call Manager (CCM), as well as Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC) with Intelligent Contact Manager (ICM) environments. NICE VoIP provides a full range of recording applications for Cisco AVVID users, including Total Recording, Selective Recording, Record-on-Demand and Quality Management Recording. The system seamlessly integrates with blended (traditional and VoIP) environments. The system is fully integrated with NICE’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform, which, in addition to the solutions mentioned above, includes NICE Feedback™ (IVR customer feedback application), NICE Learning™ (integrated e-Learning applications) and ScreenSense™ (integration-free. screen-event triggering) and NICE Link™ (integration with CRM or homegrown call center applications). NICE VoIP for Cisco AVVID Features − Integration with CCM and IPCC environments using a CTI link connection or Cisco Skinny signaling decoding. − Unlimited number of recording channels per system. − Support for Total Recording, Selective Recording, Quality Management Recording and Recording-on-Demand. − Supports Cisco Call Manager redundancy for Business Continuity Planning purposes. − State-of-the-art system administration. NICE VoIP’s comprehensive and strict security features enable security settings down to the individual level. − Integration with NICE Storage Center™ for centralized archiving. − Compression of G.711 calls to G.729A for reduction of storage costs.
  6. 6. − NiceUniverse applications may be added for Quality Management. Random call recording can be scheduled to evaluate and improve agent performance. − Supports IP phone services for Recording-on-Demand and for recent calls playback.