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Netrake Corporate Backgrounder

  1. 1. Netrake Corporate Backgrounder Company Description Netrake provides leading session border control and security gateway solutions to the global IP market to secure and improve service deployment velocity while enabling the seamless migration for fixed-to-mobile convergence. Netrake's nCite session controllers and security gateways stand as the first line of defense for wireline, wireless, cable, and fixed/mobile operators delivering real-time control of voice and multimedia applications across IP networks. Netrake's solutions support Residential/ISP VoIP, WLAN, carrier-to carrier peering, and business VoIP all while allowing service providers to extend their VoIP traffic across multiple types of network borders - taking advantage of convergence and the emerging IMS architecture. Market Opportunity The Yankee Group forecasts the market for session controllers will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 124 percent between 2002 and 2007, becoming a $312 million market in 2006 and reaching $624 million in 2007. Infonetics Research forecasts that worldwide Session Controller revenue will reach $304 million by the end of 2006, a CAGR of 195 percent. Netrake Products nCite Session Border Controllers Netrake's nCite™ SE and nCite™ DE high performance Session Controllers were designed and tested in partnership with the world's leading IP Communications carriers, such as Level 3, and independent third party labs to ensure the product meets or exceeds the functional and operational requirements of service providers worldwide. Netrake's session border controllers resolve the peering, latency, quality of service, capacity and control issues preventing widespread commercial deployment of VoIP. The session border controller is a transparent addition to existing VoIP networks that enables carriers and service providers to fully realize PSTN parity - resulting in a reduction of costs and increased revenue through the interconnection of VoIP islands. Several current market drivers point to the increasing demand for IP services that can only become a reality with native IP interconnection. VoIP networks are typically built as "island networks" due to complexities associated with IP interconnection or peering (such as address overlap and security firewalls). The lack of scalability in current VoIP deployments is compounded by the lack of performance parity with the PSTN. Many indicators include: the tremendous growth of IP PBXs and the adoption of VoIP and SIP- based products. As Netrake's nCite session controllers enter the market, they will support three main applications areas for wireline and wireless networks: 1. Residential 2. Carrier to Carrier Peering
  2. 2. 3. Enterprise Security • Hardware based DoS protection- Deep packet classification • Performs intrusion prevention by detecting and blocking overflow buffer attacks. CERT Advisory CA-2003-06 test suite for SIP signaling vulnerabilities • Rogue RTP Detection Ease of Management • Fully redundant solution purpose-built for carrier market • Reduces VoIP network complexity with a single, compact system that replaces multiple point solutions • Carrier-Class Redundancy/Reliability Media Anchoring • Media anchoring configurable on a virtual proxy basis • Modify signaling traffic to accommodate NAT/NAPT Session Admission Control Solution • Provide a virtual line count for a customer • Bandwidth management and policing • Apply QoS metrics to calls that exceed the virtual line count Session Detail Record Solution • Provide start/stop records for both signaling and bearer traffic • Provide key performance indicators of voice bearer traffic (latency, jitter, loss) Interconnection • Carrier to Carrier, Enterprise to Carrier, Residential to Carrier • nCite is the most cost effective VoIP interconnection, reducing the need for PRIs Netrake's nCite Session Controllers Deliver: • Unmatched Scalability - nCite is designed to more than satisfy the requirements generated by any economic model, from small to very large. • Unequaled Support - nCite reduces infrastructure requirements by replacing multiple point solutions with a single, integrated (signaling and media) solution and reduces VoIP network complexities o Reduces operations costs o Leverages existing investments in networks and back office systems • High Availability and Reliability - Fully redundant hardware and software architecture for system processor, switching fabric and I/O modules ensures no loss of calls and highest quality of reliability. • Ease of Management - Deployment of nCite Session Controllers does not require modifications and/or special configurations to existing network infrastructure including; routers, gateways, gatekeeper capabilities, or security systems nCite EMS
  3. 3. Netrake's nCite™ EMS is a complete, GUI-based management system designed to simplify the operation of carrier-class VoIP networks. nCite EMS seamlessly integrates with existing back-office systems and provides comprehensive configuration, provisioning, security, alarm reporting, performance data and billing mediation. nCite EMS offers many powerful tools that enhance and consolidate key management functions, streamlining many of today's labor-intensive processes. The system, which scales to support a number of users, is based on industry standards facilitate management from any location worldwide. The nCite EMS is used to monitor, provision, and maintain the nCite components and the defined traffic policies. One EMS server supports over 50 nCites. Configuration Management • Provisioning of the nCite virtual routing domains and virtual proxies Fault Management • Monitor alarms and events Set thresholds for alarms Real time monitoring Policy Management • Create and implement access control lists ACL's, VoIP policies, customer policies and global policies Performance Management • Generate ststistics and reports • Identify current and part network activity Administration Tools • Schedule tasks • Design data and time Security Management • Define user profiles • Access control users Netrake IMS Solution Service providers’ evolution to fixed mobile convergence is being driven by multiple market factors, including the opportunity for higher ARPU, technological advancements, and user demand. The realization of this evolution lies in the unification of SIP with legacy and mobile domains based upon the IMS architecture. Such unity enables service providers to attract new customers, enter new domains, and employ new business models while leveraging their investment in data-centric IP networks. This also improves OPEX by reducing the number of platforms. As the boundaries between fixed, wireless and virtual operators are fading, Netrake's 3GX is a scalable solution applicable to all carriers - offering them security of their networks and subscribers as they move into new carrier domains.
  4. 4. Netrake’s 3GX solution provides a single network access point that can unify GSM, CDMA, and SIP for the IMS standard. The co-existence of multiple protocols on a single platform will provide service providers with a graceful evolution path to an IP-based infrastructure while preserving current investment. The Netrake 3GX also acts as a single services management point where QoS and security policies can be applied dynamically on voice, video, MP-3 streaming and many other applications independent of network type or protocol. The 3GX provides air-tight security, dynamic session control of the user and the application, and directs traffic management of the subscriber to the edge of the network. This capability will enable providers to deliver multimedia services to a range of different devices while maintain security, service continuity and Quality of Service (QoS). Within the 3GPP IMS and ETSI TISPAN architectures, Netrake converges the Packet Data Gateway (PDG), P-CSCF, and the BGF (Border Gateway function) into a single platform to provide operational efficiencies, reduce service entry points for security and ease of subscriber management, and offload process-intensive tasks from the core network infrastructure to enable service scalability and increase network security. 3GX Value Added Features • Single fixed/mobile network access point for security and service management • Multi-protocol support - UMA, IOS, SIP • Off-loads high performance functions required at the network edge from core network elements • Dynamic session security with Netrake Secure Session Interface (SSI) • Dynamic subscriber bandwidth management with Secure Session Interface (SSI) • Intelligent edge based routing High capacity, Performance, and Reliability Netrake’s Unique Product Evolution Strategy Toward IMS Netrake is the only company in the industry today that has a near-term product evolution plan that converges the necessary Session Border Controller (SBC) functionality used in fixed networks and the IPsec security functionality used for Wireless LAN networks. As service providers move toward convergence Netrake provides technology building blocks to solve particular network problems. The following diagram shows how within the IMS architecture the combination of SBC functions identified as P-CSCF and A-BGF are combined with the signaling gateway function defined as a Packed Data Gateway (PDG).
  5. 5. Interoperability Netrake has conducted interoperability testing with the leading VoIP companies in the world to insure that our nCite product family will interoperate in customer networks. The following table describes the interoperability that has been conducted with leading equipment suppliers and includes key categories: Key Categories: • Application servers • Billing platforms • Gateways • IAD’s • SIP phones • Softswiches • Video phones and softphones Awards • 2006 – CTIA Wireless Emerging Technology Award - Network Infrastructure - UMA Network • 2004 - Session Control Leader in Frost & Sullivan report on Market Share by Global Sessions • 2004 – SUPERCOMM SUPERQuest Award for Backbone/Edge Networking • 2004 – Product of the Year – Internet Telephony Magazine • 2003 - Product Innovation Award – Internet Telephony Magazine • 2003 – “Networks as Advertised” Award - Miercom • 2003 - Hot Technology (Session border controllers) - Telecommunications Magazine • Pulver 100 • 2002 - Product of the Year - Internet Telephony Magazine • 2002 – Product of the Month – Telecommunications Magazine Headquarters and web site
  6. 6. 3000 Technology Drive, Suite 100 Plano, Texas 75074 Phone: 214-291-1000 Fax: 214-291-1010