IP Telephony


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IP Telephony

  1. 1. Dec. 7, 2003 Yukio Saito, Senior Manager Broadband IP Services Division NTT Communications Corporation [email_address] Trend of the IP Telephony in Japan The 2nd Asia Pacific Broadband Summit NTT Communications’ strategies to the VoIP market continuously growing
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Trend of the VoIP market in Japan 2. NTT Communications’ strategies and future evolution ・ IP telephony services of NTT Communications ・ Future evolution for the VoIP services and our activities toward providing total office solutions ・ IP Centrex service called “.(dot) Phone IP Centrex”
  3. 3. 1.Trend of the VoIP market in Japan
  4. 4. Class A ( Equivalent to a fixed telephone) Class B (Equivalent to a mobile telephone) Class C End-to-end delay Loss probability (Connection quality) < 100ms ≦ 0.15 < 150ms ≦ 0.15 < 400ms ≦ 0.15 Rating factor(G.107) > 80 > 70 > 50 (Note) (Note) * The Rating factor and the delay in the table shall be satisfied at a probability of 95%. (Note) it means that only its communications quality is “equivalent to a fixed telephone” or “equivalent to a mobile telephone”, but any other functions are not necessarily equivalent to a fixed telephone or a mobile telephone. ■   Quality standards for providing the IP telephony service ・ The 050 numbers are assigned to a carrier in case that its IP telephony service is satisfied with the quality level of Class C or higher in the following table. Telephone numbers for IP telephony services 050 -  CDEF  -  GHJK The CDEF part is assigned by Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications(MPHPT) to each carrier. Ex. NTT Communications : from 3300 to 3450 The GHJK part is assigned to subscribers by the carrier having the CDEF number. ■   050 number ・ As of Nov. 2003, about 10 million numbers are assigned to 24 carriers (11 Digits)
  5. 5. Influences of the IP telephony service in the market ■   Corporate customer ・ Reduction of costs for internal calls within a company and external calls. ・ Integration of voice communications into the existing in-house data Network (V/D integration). ■   ISP/CATV ・ ISP provides the IP telephony service together with its broadband access service such as an ADSL. ・ Major CATV operates its own CA and obtain the 050 numbers to provide the IP telephony service. ■   Contact Center/Call Center ・ Improvement of the customers’ satisfaction by integrating the customer contacts by using telephones, webs and e-mails. ・ Reduction of labor costs of operators by using tele-workers and second carriers at home having special skill or working time. ・ Expansion of communications and businesses through V/D integration.
  6. 6. Currently using. Will use it within 1 year. Currently studying or evaluating on use of it. Will not use it in future. Corporate User’s trend toward VoIP ※ 2002: n=218, 2003: n=241    Source: IDC Japan, 2003/Ric Telecom’s monthly magazine “Computer Telephony” in June 2003
  7. 7. Reduction of costs for external calls Internal call charges or charges of calls between the subscribers are free Efficient use of the network To provide service enhancement in future Others ※ Multiple answers N = 123 Factors promoting VoIP deployment in companies    Source: IDC Japan, 2003/Ric Telecom’s monthly magazine “Computer Telephony” in June 2003
  8. 8. Forecast of the number of companies using VoIP 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 2002 2003 2004 2005 To use IP Centrex service To use VoIP-GW To use TA type (Using the existing PBXs) (Using the existing telephone) Source: Investigated by NTT Communications (Using IP telephone) IP Network IP telephone existing telephone TA IP Network VoIP GW PBX PBX IP Centrex existing PBX and telephone
  9. 9. NTT Communications Plala Networks, NTT-ME Fusion Communications KDDI, Japan Telecom, Powered Com Soft Bank BB Current situations of the IP telephony service for consumers Plala Networks, NTT-ME Fusion Communications KDDI, Japan Telecom, Powered Com NTT Communications IP telephony service Carriers (wholesale) ADSL/FTTH operators ISP Providers ● BIGLOBE ● NTT Communications (OCN) ● @nifty ● So-net ● Panasonic hi-ho Yahoo!BB Premises of the IP telephone user Premises of the IP telephone user Premises of the IP telephone user Premises of the IP telephone user Premises of the IP telephone user ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ 53 companies (as of Oct. 16) Acca Networks, NTT East/West etc. ● BIGLOBE ● DION ● POINT ● @nifty 5 companies (as of Jul. 31) ● Fusion Communications ● BIGLOBE ● Gunma Internet About 20 companies (as of Jul. 1) ● BIGLOBE ● WAKWAK ● ASAHI Net ● Plala About 45 companies (as of Jul. 1) etc. etc. etc. etc. Acca Networks, e Access, TEPCO, Local carriers of electric power companies etc. Acca Networks, e Access, NTT East/West etc. NTT East/West Source: Extracted from Nikkei Communication No. 397 Aug. 25, 2003 ADSL : asymmetric digital subscriber line FTTH : fiber to the home 2.8 M subscribers 5 M subscribers 2.5 M subscribers Not announced 0.2 M subscribers No. of broadband users (Asahi Shimbun Sep. 17, 2003)
  10. 10. Use ratio of Contact media Source: Datamonitor, Contact Babel/CRM Perfect Vision     issued by Ric Telecom in 2002 Use condition at OCN Contact Center ( Inquiries to the customers support desk) データは 2003 年 4 月実績 (web データは5月実績) Web collaboration Others E-mail Others Text chat Web collaboration E-mail Result in 1999 Forecast at the end of   2003 Telephone Telephone Text chat VoIP Web access Data is a result of April 2003 (Web data is a result of May) E-mail FAX Telephone
  11. 11. 2. NTT Communications’ strategies and future evolution ・ IP telephony services of NTT Communications ・ Future evolution for the VoIP services and our activities toward providing total office solutions ・ IP Centrex service called “.(dot) Phone IP Centrex”
  12. 12. Company Home Data communications services IP telephony services IP telephony service for ISPs/CATVs 2003.3.1 ~ 2003.3.1 ~ OCN . Phone Office 2003.7.17 ~ 2003.4.10 ~ (eVLAN, B-OCN) 2003.9.30 ~ (Arcstar IP-VPN) ( Reference ) http://www.ntt.com/index-e.html IP telephony services of NTT Communications (wholesale)
  13. 13. ■   ISP ・ Call control and voice packets are transferred over the CATV network. ・ IAD (ADSL Modem with VoIP functions) is provided to each ADSL user. In case of FTTH, TA(Adapter with VoIP functions) is provided. ・ SIP and RTP. ・ Call control and voice packets are transferred over the Internet. ・ MGCP or SIP and RTP. ・ In case of Large CATV, it has the CA and the 050 numbers. ・ ISP uses the CA and the 050 numbers provided by IP telephony service carriers. SIP : Session Initiation Protocol RTP:Real-time Transport Protocol MGCP:Media Gateway Control Protocol Features of the IP telephony service provided by ISP/CATV ■   CATV ・ TA is provided to each CATV user.
  14. 14. ■   Costs can be reduced by integrating voice communications into an in-house data network through the VoIP technology. (V/D integration) ・ Facilities which have already introduced for constructing a data network such as routers etc. can be also used for voice communications. ・ Since the existing LAN circuits for the in-house data network can be used, installation works of telephone lines etc. are not required. ・ Costs can be reduced by utilizing the bandwidth capacity of an in-house data network more efficiently. NTT Com’s IP Centrex service = “.(dot) Phone IP Centrex” Advantage of the IP Centrex Service
  15. 15. VoIP network for ISPs/CATVs e-VLAN / IP - VPN OCN Access ( FLETS/ ACCA) Telephone network Extension numbers,   050 numbers Company-A Company-B .Phone IP Centrex OCN、ISP、CATV FW VoIP network for corporate users NTT Com VoIP infrastructure network International Number portability from PSTN (Planed) Standard PBX functions VPN/Internal Interworking FW/NAT Mobile From Oct/23 From Nov/5 Outlines of .Phone IP Centrex service Domestic: 10.8/3 min From IP to Mobile: 19/min From Mobile to IP: 70 - 84/3 min (NTT DoCoMo) 1 PHS (Planed) VoIP networks other carrier interworking (Planed) Domestic: 8/3 min
  16. 16. R LAN IP telephone TA VoIP-GW ■ IP telephone Existing telephone .Phone IP Centrex service Existing PBX ① ② ③ ④ IP-PBX R ・ ODT ・ PRI ・ TTC2M etc. ■   Signaling protocols ■   Types of accommodation to the service ・ SIP ・ MGCP Outlines of .Phone IP Centrex service ■   Standard menu of PBX Functions Call Waiting / Call Forwarding / Call Identification / Multi-Line Hunt Groups Call Transfer / Call Hold / Call Restriction
  17. 17. ■   IP Contact Center ■   Mobile IP Centrex ■   Unified Message ■   Desk Free (Mobile office) ■   Wireless LAN security enhancement ■   Groupware interworking with VoIP ■   Mobile terminal with more advanced functions ■   Collaboration among PC, PDA, SoftPhone and mobile terminals Future evolution activities ■   Multiple customer contacts such as telephone and e-mail, and integration of the customer DB ・ Enhancement of communications ・ Reduction of communications costs ・ Voice and data integration ・ Innovation of working style and flow Future evolution for the VoIP services and our activities To create new values and value chains!
  18. 18. Toward Mobile IP Centrex Mobile telephone network VoIP infrastructure network eVLAN/IP-VPN Existing telephone terminal Data communications Fixed telephone network .Phone   IP Centrex International telephone network CA MG ADSL/FTTH ADSL/FTTH ・ Internal calls are free of charge ・ PBX and wiring are not required ・ Terminals can also be used as an ordinary mobile telephone Existing PBX In-house LAN Wireless IP Telephone Mobile IP Centrex VoIP value-added services Data communications GW Current IP Centrex Mobile IP Centrex Wireless LAN IP telephone Evolution -> to cordless office/Desk Free Unified message Web conference/ TV conference IP Contact center etc. Hot spot Wireless LAN Seamless connection environment
  19. 19. Unified Message   [ Example of Notes and .Phone IP Centrex ] <ul><ul><ul><li>.Phone IP Centrex </li></ul></ul></ul>In-house voice/data integration network Head office Branch office Sales office SOHO Tel. No. PBX functions Notes e-mail address Unified message function Lotus Notes Customer Data Center (IBM Data Center) PSTN Telephone (internal/external) Unified message (Telephone -> Voice message) Unified message (Voice message -> e-mail) Unified message system e-VLAN / IP-VPN OCN Interworking between “.Phone IP Centrex” and “Lotus Notes” ■   Example of the unified message solution by alliance between NTT Com and IBM Japan No presence/No response × Transfer http://www.ntt.com/release_e/news03/0007/0728.html
  20. 20. .Phone IP Centrex (VoIP network) D 【 NTT Com Data Center 】 .Phone IP Contact center ・ IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Automatic voice answering. Call assignment with DTMF inputs. ・ ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Function for distributing receiving calls automatically. A call will be connected to the optimum operator according to the operator’s skills and/or the callers data. Basic services ・ Simple DB interworking DB reference with a call flow. To display DB contents on the agent terminal’s display. ・ Provision of Original Call Flow It is possible to define unique call flows for the respective customers. 【 Company-A Call flow /IVR/ACD 】 MG Free Dial Media gateway 0120-X ~ X / 03-X ~ X Contact Center of Company-A ・ Real time report display It is possible to browse agents’ conditions and call conditions on a real time basis. ・ Management statistic data output It is possible to capture call records of agents and call processing records for a certain period. xDSL / FTTH 【 Inquiry 】 ・ Call monitoring, Call interruption Call monitoring by supervisors. ・ Call transfer/Hold between agents, External call transfer To transfer calls to supervisors. Call transfer to the exiting call center through PSTN. IP Contact Center [ .Phone IP Contact center service ] Agent working at home
  21. 21. Thank you for your kind attention.