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iiNet Business VOIP
iiNet Business VOIP
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iiNet Business VOIP


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  • 1. iiNet Business VOIP Talk is cheap If you want to start making great savings on your business call costs, get VOIP into your vocabulary. VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and works just like your traditional landline service but at a fraction of the cost. Anyone can call a VOIP number, it’s really easy to setup, and because the calls are run through a superfast iiNet broadband connection, call quality is just like your old phone line. Features No fee for ii to ii calls Priority support Call your other offices on iiNet VOIP and we won’t From our dedicated Business team charge you a cent, even if they’re on the other side (6am to 6pm WST Mon-Fri). of the country. 15c untimed calls to anywhere in Australia Track your calls online Call any landline in Australia, talk as long as you No waiting til the end of the month to see want, and all you’ll pay is 15c. who’s rung who. One invoice Internet + phone in one bill – let’s keep it simple. Talking hardware To start making VOIP calls, all you’ll need is either a VOIP adaptor (an ATA), or a VOIP enabled modem/ router. Connect either of these to a standard phone and you’re away. Business VOIP rates Line rental $9.95 ii to ii included Local calls 15c untimed National calls 15c untimed International calls From 5c per minute Land to national mobile rates 29c per minute Only 5c Per Minute to; UK, USA, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more. Extra features Voice mail Call waiting Voice messaging to email Three way calling And many more
  • 2. iiNet Business Multiline VOIP Multiline VOIP If you’ve got more than one landline, or see yourself needing to add more in the future, Multiline VOIP is a great solution – it’s everything previously mentioned but multiplied. Change all your lines to VOIP, and you’ll not only save more money, you’ll also see the benefits of more efficient networking. Here’s how it works All your calls are delivered via your Internet service, with a data switch directing the call traffic across multiple lines. Setting up Multiline VOIP is easy. Our team will make sure you’ve got a VOIP solution that’s right for you and your business. Lines Multiline cost 1-2 lines $9.95 for 1st and 2nd line 3-9 lines $7.95 for 3rd to 9th line 10+ lines Available on request Where do I sign, or multi-sign? Plant VOIP and watch your business grow. To sign up or find out more information on our business VOIP products, check out or give our priority business support team a call on 13 24 49. 13 24 49