Hosted Business VoIP


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Hosted Business VoIP

  1. 1. Hosted Business VoIP Advanced IP Communications VSGi offers Worksmart™ — a Hosted Business VoIP communications solution that delivers high quality digital voice services coupled with powerful features for small businesses and call centers alike. Worksmart™ eliminates the need for non-compatible point solutions like PBXs, Instant Messaging Servers, Video and Web Conferencing Hardware, Collaboration Systems, and even VoIP-enabled firewalls. VSGi’s all-in-one integrated service is the only single source solution that your organization would ever need. Plus, our enterprise-grade multi-carrier VoIP network delivers the kind of voice quality that businesses demand. All this delivered with minimal up-front investment and low monthly service fees. Benefits of Hosted Business VoIP: - Drastically reduce your communications costs “Hosted VoIP solutions are finding particular favor within - Increase productivity for your organization SMBs, as 70% indicate they would prefer a hosted VoIP - Use capabilities beyond your current phone system solution...” - Simple to implement and easy to manage - Reduce your IT resources and total operating costs - Report Recognizes VoIP's Strong Growth Potential Among SMBs Yankee Group - And more... Features Include: Features Include: Features Include: Virtual PBX Worksmart Basic™ Worksmart Collaborator™ Desktop Client AND... AND... Softphone or IP Phone Video Services ACD Smart Call Routing Web Co-browsing ACD Management Private IM Network Desktop Sharing Public IM Access Group Collaboration Flat Rate Calling Push-to-Talk
  2. 2. VoIP Phones C E R T I F I E D R E S As a Polycom Platinum Partner, Certified Service Partner and Certified VoIP Reseller, E VSGi provides its customers with exceptional service and all the right IP phones for a L Hosted Business VoIP environment. VSGi will help select the proper set of IP phones L for your business, then pre-configure and deliver them to your users so that they may E seamlessly plug-in and continue with business as usual. R VOICE VoIP All Polycom SoundPoint IP phones, sold by VSGi, are pre-configured and tested to run on your IP network and include the following features right out of the box: - Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology - providing exceptional sound quality, echo cancellation and noise reduction - Power Over Ethernet (POE) – power your phone with your LAN- saving the need to have AC power at phone location - Multiple Ethernet Ports – plug your PC into your phone; operate multiple desktop devices from 1 Ethernet wall jack - HD Voice – utilizes wideband audio for over twice the voice clarity (Available on Soundpoint 550 & 650 only) - Full Duplex Speakerphone - speak simultaneously with your caller, without any dropouts in either one of your voices - Intuitive User Interface - Large, feature-rich, backlit LCD display - Up to 18 dedicated familiar PBX-like function keys and up to 4 context sensitive soft keys SoundPoint® Model IP 320 IP 330 IP 501 IP 550 IP 601 IP 650 Lines 2 2 3 4 6 6 Ethernet Ports 1 2 2 2 2 2 PoE Capable YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO YES NO YES Display Size 132 x 46 pixels 160 x 80 pixels 320 x 160 pixels 320 x 160 pixels 320 x 160 pixels Backlit Display NO NO NO YES NO YES Polycom SoundStaton® IP 4000 Conference Phone - Full Duplex Conference Phone - 10 ft microphone coverage - Expandable for larger rooms - Backlit graphical user interface 1-877-402-VSGi