Hosted business VoIP


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Hosted business VoIP

  1. 1. Hosted business VoIP Whatever your VoIP requirements, IP Solutions has the expertise and experience in delivering hosted business VoIP telephony solutions to businesses of all sizes in both the private and public sectors. Are you making the most of VoIP? Hosted IP Telephony provides businesses Why choose VoIP? with a network based service, providing a Our corporate VoIP solutions can utilise the Hosted VoIP has numerous benefits for all types comprehensive range of telephony features full range of services including Hosted VoIP, of business, but is it right for you? for a monthly user fee. The monthly fee includes SIP Gateways, Provisioning Applications, all maintenance and support costs, giving you Hosted VoIP features QoS Broadband, and IP phones to create superior service at an all inclusive price. a bespoke VoIP solution that meets exacting The features available with hosted VoIP can standards in terms of quality (QoS) and Our telephone services can substantially reduce match any hardware PBX solution. security. the cost of company calls – including mobiles, Hosted VoIP IP phones enrich employee connectivity and change the Our Hosted VoIP service offers our customers way your business communicates forever. Choose from our range of VoIP phones from an awarding winning solution that is delivered the world’s leading manufacturer. by an award winning hosted VoIP platform. Whatever your business, we provide bespoke, secure and scalable hosted VoIP services and VoIP Phones to suit your business needs.
  2. 2. Why Choose VoIP? Hosted VoIP Features Hosted VoIP IP Phones If you are considering a business grade Our Hosted VoIP solution can now compete IP Solutions business hosted VoIP solutions telephony solution for your business, then with any hardware solution, be it in call quality, are designed for complete compatibility with Hosted VoIP is right for you. security and cost efficiency – it’s ideal for any the industries leading manufacturers of VoIP size business – small, medium or large. phones and VoIP equipment. Hosted business VoIP offers the key benefits Whether you decide to opt for pure hosted of economies of scale, cost efficiencies and We offer a selection of advanced business VoIP or a gateway solution, IP Solutions will centralisation (even for small businesses) plus VoIP phones and VoIP office equipment from offer your business bespoke, robust and it also delivers the feature-rich capability and the world’s leading manufacturers. secure requirements such as fully redundant flexibility of an IP-PBX. Here are some of the PSTN back-up lines to provide complete Mobile VoIP for business key benefits. redundancy. Mobile VoIP for business, or fixed mobile Capital cost reduction Our Hosted VoIP solution offers feature rich convergence, works by using compatible As you don’t need a large PBX (a telephone functionality: GSM WiFi handsets via WiFi access points exchange system, like a server) the cost of the over a hosted VoIP network. Mobile calls will • Abbreviated dialing business telephony system is greatly reduced. be guaranteed within workspaces as each • Caller ID display site will have built-in Quality of Service (QoS) Call cost reduction facilities. The dual GSM WiFi handset can be • Call Trace Calls between employees within your Voice used instead of the desk phone and every network are free, usually just calling another • Voicemail handset benefits from the full PPM features department will be the cost of a local call. such as click to call, forward transfer etc. • Call routing Furthermore all other landline calls local and • Unifies mobile and desktop VoIP phones international are greatly reduced. • Company directories • Need never give out a mobile number again Advanced security • IP phone time zone support • Use mobile phone over the business’s The security of every call is enhanced as all • TAPI compatibility telephone network calls go through our high-level security Data ...and many more. Centre. Furthermore there is Session Border This solution will enable users to make and Controller security in place to make sure every Personal Phone Manager (PPM) receive business calls on their mobile, anywhere call is delivered securely. The Session Border in the country, over their business’s VoIP PPM is a web-browser-based application that Controller (SBC) is a firewall designed network which will significantly reduce costs. allows the user to manage calls from a PC specifically for VoIP calls and protects your through an easy-to-use web browser interface. Integrate multiple sites telephony solution from exposure to the public internet. Conferencing With multiple offices, mobile users and home workers, routing inbound sales and service The latest VoIP technology updates Through the conferencing application, carriers calls can be complicated and expensive. can deliver conferencing services to their Upgrades to the VoIP service and technology With IP Solutions network services, you customers without deploying conferencing are made remotely whenever new features can route calls seamlessly to any destination, hardware at the customer’s premises. become available. You will receive them the without expensive leased lines or mobile moment they are launched rather than having Advanced ACD forwarding costs. to wait for a maintenance visit to come and The Advanced ACD application can receive Pay as you grow – a software-based product install new hardware on your site. calls from outside callers (for example, that will grow with your business without the Business benefits to a main company number or a department) worry of typical PBX hardware restrictions. and evenly distribute these calls among Call routing agents trained in a particular product, Never miss a call with advanced call routing business area, etc. as it could be your biggest prospect or most important customer. Receptionist Console Assistant Easy administration VoIP Receptionist Console Assistant is an Users can change their personal call routing application that can be used to manage in seconds from any location. incoming calls to a main telephone number at a particular site. Remote access Working remotely over a VPN connection, Reduce your carbon emissions gives instant access to the same phone Is your business becoming sensitive to carbon environment so the user can make and emissions? Do you want to reduce your power receive calls as if they were in the office. consumption and fuel costs? A true mobile office • Reduce your power consumption by using Access to sophisticated phone functionality a hosted IP telephone with its softphones wherever you are. • Enable your employees to have the Total choice flexibility to work out of the office, which Any user, any office, any phone. will reduce fuel consumption IP Solutions are working toward a greener environment and can help you achieve your green targets. Call us to find out how you can reduce costs and enhance communications with hosted VoIP.