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    D2 VoIP Solutions on PowerPC Processor_Asia_PAC D2 VoIP Solutions on PowerPC Processor_Asia_PAC Presentation Transcript

    • The Leader in Power Architecture based VoIP Software from D2 Technologies: Quark Li, FAE Manager The Power Architecture and Power.org word marks and the Power and Power.org logos and related marks are trademarks and service marks licensed by Power.org. 1
    • • Section Divider Technologies About D2 Heading
    • Corporate Overview VoIP Software Leadership Core competence: Embedded VoIP software solutions Complete suite of field proven voice technology Virtual DSP: SoftDSP and HardDSP Extensive system integration experience Rich VoIP History Product Line Highlights n 1993: D2 Tech founded n 10’s of billions mins/month – HQ: Santa Barbara, CA – Leading softswitch vendors – Provider of VoIP software for TI – CPE and end-points DSP’s: C54x and C55x – Over 14yr+ proven field S/W – Acquired by Virata (became GlobespanVirata) in 2000 n vOpen: Complete VoIP s/w on TI C54x and C55x DSP n 2003: New D2 Tech formed – Rich voice coder: G.729AB, – Spun-out of Globespan-Virata G.723.1A, GSM/AMR, ..etc – Re-acquired IP portfolio & customer accounts n vPort: SoftDSP on PowerPC, MIPS, ARM based SOCs n 2004: Taiwan office opened – ARM: 920, 922, 926ejs, 11 – Provide efficient local integration – MIPS: 4K, 4KEc, 24K, 34K, 64 and training support for Aisa – PowerPC SoC: Freescale, AMD. including JP, TW, CN, KR ..etc – Others on Demand 3
    • D2’s Embedded VoIP Leadership Leading embedded VoIP S/W for CPE and Terminals • ATA • VoIP Gateway or Router, Triple-play IAD • IP Phone • WiFi phone • Dual-mode FMC (GSM+WiFI) phone • IPSTB • VoWiMAX IAD Extensive ecosystem • CPU Core: • SoC: • O/S: • CODEC/SLIC: 4
    • Field Proven Software Sample Top-Tier Customers 100+ design wins WW for D2 VoIP software solutions D2 VoIP software = leader in VoIP traffic minutes per month 5
    • SoftDSP Technology • Section Divider Heading on PowerPC
    • DSP In The Past: Hard DSP 7
    • DSP Now: Hard DSP, SoC 8
    • DSP Now: Software DSP on Power Architecture Power Architecture SoC 9
    • Software DSP vs. Hardware DSP Soft DSP Hard DSP Pros: Cons: Single CPU design and Dual Dual CPU design CPU if necessary Two sets of tools and O/S One set of tools and O/S Higher recurrent cost: separate Lower recurrent cost: shared memory and I/O memory and I/O Pros: Simplify hardware design Cons: Slight lower clock speed Slight higher CPU clock speed More deterministic DSP Less deterministic DSP Lower real-time demands on Higher real-time demands on O/S O/S 10
    • Value Position of D2 vPort on Power Architect Save the H/W cost of dual CPU, external DSP, extra memory, I/O … etc Single toolchain and O/S for development on the same CPU which reduced S/W development cycle Simplify the hardware design Utilize the unused cycles and DSP instructions of high-speed advanced Power Architecture CPU’s. EX: Freescale MPC83xx Portable S/W to the same Power Architecture architecture, EX: migrate from MPC8314/8315 to MPC8323 Best solution for CPE devices 11
    • D2’s vPort Solution: • Best VoIP Solution to CPE Section Divider Heading Devices
    • vPort Product Line Product Applications Specific Features Common Features • SIP or IM/P2P protocol* • Wi-Fi Phone • Speaker Phone – Full Duplex + Acoustic vPort MP – VoWLAN Echo Canceller • Voice and Telephony (Mobile Phone) • FMC/Dual-Mode – Audio Drivers Signal Processing – VoWLAN + GSM • Wideband CODECs* – Voice Compression • Power Management (CODECs) – Adaptive Jitter Buffer – Packet Loss • IP Desk Phone • Speaker Phone Compensation – Full Duplex + Acoustic vPort IPP • IP Speaker Phone Echo Canceller – Echo Cancellation (IP Phone) • Video Phone – Audio Drivers – VAD/Silence Comp – Voice functionality • Wideband CODECs* – DTMF and Call Progress Signaling – DTMF Relay • ATA/Router/IAD • FXS support – ADSL2+, VDSL2 – SLIC drivers • Signaling Protocols – FTTx (GPON/EPON) – Line Echo Canceller – SIP & H.323/MGCP vPort GW – WiMAX, 3/3.5G • FXO support* – XMPP, MSN, MS LCS* – PSTN Fail-over – Google Talk for phone (CPE Gateway) • Voice+Video/Triple Play – PSTN connectivity / call – Yahoo Messenger for – VoIP on IPSTB origination phone • Fax Relay* – Skype** • OS Integration • FXS support* – OSAL: OS Abstraction vPort CP • DECT/Cordless VoIP – SLIC drivers – SIP-based for ITSP Layer – Line Echo Canceller (DECT/Cordless – VoIM/P2P Voice – Real-Time OS • FXO support* phone) (stand-alone, w/o PC) – PSTN Fail-over enhancements for Linux – PSTN connectivity / call *Optional Features origination 13
    • vPort Architecture SoC 14
    • vPort: Leading Embedded VoIP Software Product Line Highlights Delivers substantial savings in cost – Save Cost • No additional hardware DSP needed SAVE COST! Broadest multi-platform support – Time-To-Market • Available on Power Architecture platforms • SoftDSP API (vTSP API) Common Voice DSP engine interface across different hardware platforms • Internet Service Interface (ISI) VoIP/VoIM protocol abstraction layer for multi-service support • OS Adaptation Layer (OSAL) for Multi-O/S support VxWorks, Linux (OpenSource & Commercial), Nucleus, et. al. Highly optimized and field proven • Lowest CPU (MHz) utilization and memory footprint • Widest field deployments, including carrier/operator environments Optimized OS and System integration – Provide same voice quality as HW DSP • Provide Real-time optimized kernel, tasks & drivers for Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernel • S/W DSP processing on Kernel-mode packet processing (no user space packet flow) – via LKM 15 15
    • • vPort-GW Heading Section Divider on Freescale MPC83xx
    • vPort-GW on VoIP IAD – FTTH/WiMAX IAD SoC: Freescale MPC8314/15/23 Product: FTTH/WiMAX 2FXS VoIP IAD QUICC II Engine Technologies Security Engine Unique microcode for NAT and others D2 standard ISI voice API Available 17
    • D2 vPort VoIP live demo on Freescale MPC8315 and MPC8323 EVB Intranet PSTN Phone Internet Home PSTN Phone Available 18
    • vPort-GW 1.4 – NB Feature List OS DSP Software (vTSP) Application Linux 2.6 G711 A/u-law, Codec Negotiation Protocols G729AB Silence Suppression • RTP RFC 3550 & 3551 G726-32K Proxy calls from outside firewall • SIP RFC 3261 & 2543 G.723.1A * 3-way call conference • SIP PRACK (RFC3262) iLBC * DTMF relay • SIP RFC 3263 G.168 16-48ms tail LEC Speed dial • SDP RFC 3264 &2327 Packet Loss Compensation Call waiting / Caller-ID • SIP RFC 3265 Silence Compression Calls from behind firewall • SIP UPDATE (RFC 3311) DTMF Tone Generation Call Hold/Retrieve • SIP RFC 3428 DTMF Tone Detection Call Forwarding (Busy/NO • SIP REFER (RFC 3515) DTMF Relay (RFC2833) Answer/Unconditional) • SIP RFC 3581 Call Progress Tones Call Return • SIP RFC 3605 Type 1 and Type 2 Caller ID Call Blocking • SIP RFC 3842 Generation (FXS) US, Japan, Do not disturb • SIP RFC 3891 ETSI Configurable Ring Pattern per • SIP RFC 4028 Dynamic Adaptive Jitter Buffer Port (Ring Cadence) • SIP INFO (RFC 2976) Fax/Modem Tone Detection Repeat dialing on busy • SIP RFC 2617 Fax Pass Through: G.711 Call Transfer • SIP RFC 3611 T.38 Fax Relay • STUN (RFC 3489) 3-way Calling Conference • > 1 UA login Telephony driver FXO Support ** * =Optional Feature **=Customized by Demand 19
    • Thank You Hsinchu, Taiwan
    • Thank You Beijing, China