Choices for Today, Flexibility for Tomorrow


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Choices for Today, Flexibility for Tomorrow

  1. 1. AT2 Communications, Inc. Network Telephony Overview Your Needs for a Telephony System, Today and Tomorrow Your Requirements Today At minimum, your system must provide reliable telephone service that connects employees at your site to one another and the world beyond. Until a few years ago, there were just two ways to do this: with a Centrex subscription or a traditional PBX. Unfortunately, neither was designed to work with the data networks—LANs, WANs, and the Internet—now ubiquitous in business. Furthermore, neither is based on industry standard technology. Their proprietary technologies make it difficult and expensive for an organization to make changes—to, add or move users, shift services, and integrate applications. Business telephone service changed irreversibly in 1997 with the introduction of the 3Com NBX networked telephony solution. The first system to converge telephone and data networks, it allows voice traffic to travel in real-time as either Ethernet or IP data packets. Infrastructure Costs What’s the real cost of having two networks—one for voice, one for data? At your site, every telephone system requires a framework—an infrastructure —of network equipment and wiring to carry voice communications. This wiring runs from the telephone system chassis/cabinet to and from all your users’ phones. Traditional PBX systems require their own dedicated voice infrastructure; the data network (LAN) wiring and equipment— switches, routers, gateways—must be completely separate. A 3Com NBX system eliminates the costs and complexity of owning two infrastructures by converging the voice and data networks onto one. The result: you can halve infrastructure capital expenses and operational costs; you also cut future costs for expanding your networks and integrating applications. Choices for Today, Flexibility for Tomorrow Glossary Of Relative Terms AMIS Audio Messaging Interchange Specification ANI Automatic Number Identification ASR Automatic Speech Recognition CoS Class of Service CDR Call Detail Recording CRM Customer Relationship Management CTI Computer Telephony Integration DNIS Dialed Number Identification Service DoS Denial of Service IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol IMAP4 Internet Messaging Access Protocol version 4 IP The Internet Protocol (Layer 3 of the OSI protocol stack) ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network IVR Interactive Voice Response LAN Local Area Network MAC Media access control (in Layer 2 of the OSI protocol stack) MACs Moves, Adds, and Changes OSI The international Open Systems Interconnection reference model PBX Private Branch Exchange PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network QoS Quality of Service SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol TAPI Telephone Application Programming Interface (or Microsoft/Intel Telephony API) TCO Total Cost of Ownership TTS Text-to-Speech VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol VPIM Voice Profile for Internet Messaging WAN Wide Area Network WAV Wave file (Microsoft Windows format for encoding sound) 4703 Shavano Oak Drive, San Antonio, TX. 78249 (800) 208-9838 - (210) 493-6050 -
  2. 2. AT2 Communications, Inc. Network Telephony Overview Key Benefits Extensive Applications Runs speech recognition, customer relationship management, automatic provisioning, accounting, softphone, and other applications based on industry standards. Has voice mail, automated attendant, hunt/calling group, call detail reporting, computer telephony integration, and unified messaging applications—and robust PBX functions—built in. Simple to Use and Administer Designed with non-technical staff in mind. Adds/moves/changes are self-directed. A Web browser and the NBX NetSet™ utility make administration fast and easy, from anywhere on the network. Just one person can manage both the voice and data networks. Open Architecture It starts with a foundation of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet that lets users plug their NBX phone into millions of Ethernet ports around the world. The system grows by adding industry standard data switches and routers, expanding in size and capabilities as demands arise. Organizations choose the type of Ethernet connectivity best for them, from wireless LANs to multi-site WANs. NBX solutions use a diverse set of standards-based interfaces, including: • IMAP4 enables users to view and listen to voice mail with standard e-mail clients (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Eudora). • TAPI for built-in computer telephony integration (CTI) lets users dial numbers and manage active calls from a computer screen. • TAPI/WAV supports seamless connections to unified messaging applications. • H.323 is used for connecting multiple sites or third-party devices. Proven Availability Ensures high availability of voice services, even when network servers are down, via an independent real-time operating system. The solution’s high reliability matches that of traditional PBXs. The most popular IP-PBX system in the world, The 3Com NBX system delivers exceptional investment assurance. The 3Com NBX 100 and V5000 SuperStack® 3 NBX solutions both use the same system software and system cards. With a 3Com NBX solution, you can combine your voice and data systems on a single network infrastructure. You save the overhead of having two separate networks, and can take advantage of powerful new applications—many already built in. The award-winning NBX solutions delivers crystal-clear, toll-quality voice communications. It brings 10/100 Mbps performance to users’ worktops, and is radically simple to use. It delivers the benefits of voice-over-IP (VoIP) and advanced voice messaging—without the high costs and operational complexity of TDM PBX or proprietary IP systems. Upgradeable Software Business needs inevitably change, so the 3Com 3 NBX solution is software upgradeable, making it easily expandable and flexible. New functionality, even documentation, can be offered minutes after it becomes available and can be automatically dispersed to every system device and every user. If business needs dictate additional capabilities, they can be added simply with software licenses. Traditional PBX products require customers to pay extra for capacity that may never be needed or for capabilities only available on the largest platforms. The NBX solution is a pay-as- you-grow platform that is economical for twenty users and powerful enough for more than a thousand users per site. 4703 Shavano Oak Drive, San Antonio, TX. 78249 (800) 208-9838 - (210) 493-6050 -
  3. 3. AT2 Communications, Inc. Network Telephony Overview Key Features Voice Messaging A powerful built-in voice messaging system built into the 3Com NBX ensures that important communications are never missed. Listen over the phone or use a PC with either a browser or a standard IMAP4-compatible e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook) to listen to and manage voice mail messages. Voice mails are saved as a.WAV file attachment in the e-mail client and can be detached, shared, and stored indefinitely. Base system supports four automated attendant (AA) ports and 4 hours of voicemail (VM) storage, scalable up to 72 AA ports. Off-Site Notification Notifies users of new or urgent messages via pager, phone, cell phone, or SMTP e-mail client; provides cascading notification for up to five external numbers. Multisite Voice Mail Exchange Businesses with multiple sites and multiple voice messaging systems can compose and distribute voice mails to co-workers at other sites. The NBX telephony system can also communicate directly with other third-party VPIM-compliant messaging systems. Users and customers will find the sophistication of 3Com's multi-site solutions to be completely transparent. With support for uniform dialing plans, these solutions make reaching another office as simple as calling a co- worker across the aisle. Automated Attendant Services Multiple, multilevel AA provides callers with information and messaging directions when phones are unattended, allowing them to dial by name, number, or department; supports up to 20 menu layers and as many as 1,000 phantom/1,500 station voice mailboxes. VoIP and Toll By-pass Applications Connect offices with NBX Virtual Tie Line licenses. Provide low-cost, high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) using a WAN, VPN, or the Internet. Users "hop on" the company WAN and "hop off" at another office, using the distant location's telephone lines to dial a long-distance call for the price of a local call. Additional multisite connectivity options include traditional Analog, T1/PRI/QSIG, or NBX ConneXtions H.323 Gateway software. Least Cost Routing Controlling unauthorized long-distance telephone calls is easy with the comprehensive dial plan of the NBX solution. It can automatically allow, disallow, and route calls based on parameters such as time of day, day of week, user class of service, exchange number, and area and country codes. Outbound calls are automatically routed in the most cost-effective way. NBX Call Detail Reporting NBX systems include a complete Call Detail Reporting (CDR) package to further monitor and control business operations. Phone usage can even be tracked to internal account numbers, allowing clients to be charged for phone consultations. With NBX Call Detail Reporting, organizations can track and control costs and productivity. 4703 Shavano Oak Drive, San Antonio, TX. 78249 (800) 208-9838 - (210) 493-6050 -
  4. 4. AT2 Communications, Inc. Network Telephony Overview User Worktop Options NBX pcXset PC Client Softphone Software An ideal connectivity solution for travelers and telecommuters, this software puts the equivalent of an NBX business phone—a "softphone"—onto the screen of a Windows laptop or PC. Users can place and receive calls using a keyboard, mouse, and USB headset. They will enjoy the benefits of traditional telephone functionality, even voice messaging and CTI. 3Com NBX Business and Basic Phones 3Com phones operate dynamically as Layer 2 (Ethernet) or Layer 3 (IP) devices that users can self-locate—plug into any LAN port without losing custom-programmed features and calling privileges. They include a variety of models, from full-featured 10/100 Ethernet units with extensive customizable features and wireless infrared ports to exceptionally affordable basic phones. 3Com NBX Attendant Console The NBX 1105 Attendant Console can monitor staff availability and manage calls easily for an entire organization from a central location. 4703 Shavano Oak Drive, San Antonio, TX. 78249 (800) 208-9838 - (210) 493-6050 -