Campus VOIP Project

I. Forward

At present, data net is greatly developed. It is generally recognized that the future
Campus VOIP Telephone Project

message through mobile phone.

Under this circumstance, we put forward the solution of c...
Campus VOIP Telephone Project

2.2 Network topological structure

  Universal credit card                Building of re...
Campus VOIP Telephone Project

Even lots of schools can not get any income from this telephone network. The initiative ...
Campus VOIP Telephone Project

                        month month month month month            month       month      ...
Campus VOIP Telephone Project

school and improves the dominant position of school on telephone business.

E. In additi...
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  1. 1. Campus VOIP Project I. Forward At present, data net is greatly developed. It is generally recognized that the future development is on the basis of data net, achieving multi-business of voice, data and video, etc. on the data net. And the aim integrating three nets into one is also the planning and expectation of Next Generation Network (NGN). Recent years, wideband data net is greatly developed in china and has certain scales of network bandwidth and coverage. The network technique/VoIP technique represented by IP is also increasingly improved and stabilized. Now, the technologies of next generation and softswitch have already entered into our lives to provide excellent voice and multi-medium services. Next generation network is business-based, and achieves relatively independent business system to make business independent from network and to effectively and flexibly provide business through separating business from call control and call control from load-bearing. So the supplies of business and application has more flexibility to meet the increasing and updating business requirements of users and to bring network the capacity and competition of sustainable development. At present, as the biggest national public computer internet with abundant network resources, Chinese Education and Research Network is the important network paralleling with public internet. In school, be able of loading multi-medium, voice, data and other business, the optical fibers are generally laid to each floor and the network bandwidth in school is basically 1000M. Modern university is in an open teaching environment and the academic communication is frequent between domestic and abroad; meanwhile, there are a lot of works on teaching and managing to do. Various works of recruiting students, employment and other teaching management need a great deal of communications. Under such circumstances, the communication fee stays at a high level and teaching management expenses are out of control as the results of adopting telephone network applying traditional technique of PSTN. As the young people in new ages, modern students have active minds and broad communications, and they cry out to a voice service with low price and excellent quality to meet their requirements. However, the charging standard based on traditional PSTN is high for students due to high cost for establishing network, whether local call or long-distance call. Most students have to make long-distance call in external illegal phone bar or to transmit
  2. 2. Campus VOIP Telephone Project message through mobile phone. Under this circumstance, we put forward the solution of complete campus network telephone business based-on softswitch system by abundant experience in communicating industry, leading core technology and the profound understanding to future development of communication. The execution to this solution will not only meet the students’ requirements for cheap telephone service, bus also bring excellent yield to school and reduce the administrative communication fee of school: the telephone charge between difference offices in campus is zero and the charge for long-distance call will be reduced to a reasonable level; meanwhile, because of the combination of telephone network with the system of universal credit card, the students only have to take a campus card issued by campus universal credit card system instead of various phone cards to make call, to have meal and shopping, etc. It is simple and convenient to achieve the complete digitalized business of campus universal credit card. II. Solution of campus VOIP 2.1 General of solution of campus VOIP At present, different schools are all unstinting in their efforts to establish digitalized campus and expand the application based on digitalized campus network. Campus universal credit card just is one of the most important applications. However, “campus universal credit card” does not really achieve the aim of “going around the campus with one card” due to various reasons. Students have to take several cards, such as special phone card for making call. We develop new technology on the basis of original campus universal credit card, addressing to the development and improvement of digitalized campus system, and put forward the campus universal credit card integrating with campus phone business. The system obviously has the following features:  Establishing VoIP network to achieve the business of phone voice by the way of campus wideband network with the technology of softswitch.  Campus network is combined with original universal credit card. The two networks are integrated into one.  The operation of VOIP campus telephone network is stable and safe.  The campus telephone based on VOIP technique has the same using method with that of traditional telephone.  In offices of school, common or IC telephones are applied.  In students’ apartments, IC card of current universal credit card system is applied.  In family dependents' building of school, common phone is used.  It can achieve free or low charging call between all the telephones in school.  Local call or domestic and international long-distance call can be made in a favorable price with all the telephones in school. Page 2
  3. 3. Campus VOIP Telephone Project 2.2 Network topological structure Universal credit card Building of residence IC card system telephone Hall of residence for Voice proxy server IP wide area teacher network SPC exchange Public telephone in dining Trunking room Gateway Charging management Metropolitan Softswitch system server Area network System of computer room Central computer room Network management System Ethernet Schematic of university voice network The above networking modes are applicable to one city or one region. Several campus VOIP telephone networks are supported by one VOIP platform and each telephone network can independently achieve the operation of management, accounting and analysis on investment return. Currently, the communication equipments in school are mainly operated and invested by communication (or telecommunication) companies. Different schools will select different operators adopting traditional PSTN. In this kind of cooperating mode, neither school, students, operators can obtain an excellent service or interests. In respect to operators, they have to invest a great deal of funds and labors for erecting a set of complex PSTN communication network, on the contrary, it however takes a long time to obtain benefits. Take the example of some university in Liaoning province, some communication operator invested nearly RMB 0.1 billion Yuan to establish PSTN telephone network. After the network is put into service, the operator will get the annual income of RMB 2.4 million Yuan. Taking the maintenance costs into consideration, the operator draws the conclusion that it is impossible to get money back in 100 years. In respect to students, they have to make a local all at the price of 0.2 Yuan/minute or a long- distance call at the price of 0.7 Yuan/minute. In this way, the price is not attractive for students. So the value of ARPU in students’ dormitory can not be improved. In respect to the school, they only can get a small amount of royalty from operation in the communication business of traditional PSTN, generally lower than 10% of gross income. Page 3
  4. 4. Campus VOIP Telephone Project Even lots of schools can not get any income from this telephone network. The initiative of school can not be improved by this kind of cooperation. The above are limitations of traditional PSTN campus telephone. In modern society changing with each passing day by communication technique, only to provide a kind of advanced communication service at high quality and low price, the development of campus communication can be driven. On the basis of this kind of customers’ requirements, we bring forward the VOIP phone that is suitable for campus. Comparing with traditional campus phone, the campus universal credit card VOIP business of Poscard Group has the following marked advantages:  Small investment: only invest RMB 1.5 million to establish a campus wideband telephone system of 3000.  Simple networking: fully utilizing the current campus wideband, only switch in the terminal, the system can be used after debugging softswitch system.  Convenient usage: Wideband network telephone fully combines with the platform of campus universal credit card. The students can make calls at any telephone in any wideband network telephone in campus by utilizing campus card.  Convenient management: adopt the operating mode which is compatible with the platform of universal credit card, no need to set independent operating institution for campus telephone.  Remarkable yield. A. Investing party: for a school with 3000 dormitory telephones and 10000 students, according to the statistics of Chinese Students Associations, it shows that the results on communication expenditures of Chinese undergraduates in first half year of 2004 are: each student spends about 21.9 Yuan on campus telephone for each months and the phone charge on each phone is 67 Yuan. In fact, in case of applying telephone business at low price and excellent service in campus, the communication expenses spending on cell phone and external phone bar by students can be drawn back. It can expect that the communication fee on campus telephone by students is not only reduced, but also students are attracted to make long time call after providing telephone business at low price and excellent quality. The phone charge is expected to be 26 to 27 Yuan/month. For a school with 10000 students, the phone charge for one month can reach to RMB 0.27 million Yuan. The more important thing is that, it can save a great deal of administrative communication expenses after the office system adopts wideband network telephone. It is conservatively estimated that total investment will be gotten back in 10 months by school. project Unit First Second Third Forth Fifth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh Page 4
  5. 5. Campus VOIP Telephone Project month month month month month month month month month Month Investment Platform 10,000 40 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 investment RMB Terminal 10,000 90 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 investment RMB Phone charge 10,000 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 of operators RMB Royalty for 10,000 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 school RMB Other 10,000 26 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 investment RMB Total 10,000 165 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 RMB Accumulated 10,000 165 175 185 195 205 215 225 235 245 255 investment RMB Output Income of 10,000 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 monthly RMB phone charges Accumulated 10,000 27 54 81 108 135 162 189 216 243 270 income of RMB phone charges Yield Accumulated 10,000 -138 -121 -104 -87 -70 -53 -36 -19 -2 +15 profit RMB The above shows that the repayment period of investment is about 10 months if investing campus dormitory telephone. B. Students: in the condition of low investment cost, investing party (operator) can strive for excellent settlement price from basic operator, such as Telecommunication Company, generally the charge for long-distance call is lower than 8 fen/minute, and so lots of profit can be returned to users. Comparing with the 0.7 Yuan/minute for long-distance call, the investing party can reduce the charge for use to 0.25 Yuan/minute even lower after applying VOIP telephone. The students are willing to accept this convenient and cheap telephone business. They need not to make call at external phone bar. C. Basic operator: At present, the competition in telecommunication industry is more and more ardently. It also is not the age “King’s daughter needs not worry about marriage”, telecommunication of different basic operators are independently operated. Especially, several big operators have come into the market. Earnings and benefit are the primary aims of operation. In this project, only need to provide basic facilities without investment, the basic operators can obtain the stable settlement fees for phone charge. It also complies with the operational principle of low investment and high yield. D. School: this kind of operational mode can bring more than RMB 0.3 million Yuan for Page 5
  6. 6. Campus VOIP Telephone Project school and improves the dominant position of school on telephone business. E. In addition, rich and colorful business for added value can be developed after adopting VOIP campus telephone network. For example, after establishing video telephone, students can “face with”parents and lover by utilizing the phone, who are miles away. Page 6