BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services Whitepaper


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BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services Whitepaper

  1. 1. BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services™ January 2009 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301. 977.9440
  2. 2. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 2 BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services™ Copyright Notice Copyright © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. All rights reserved. Any documentation that is made available by BroadSoft, Inc. is proprietary and confidential and is considered the copyrighted work of BroadSoft, Inc. This publication is for distribution under BroadSoft non-disclosure agreement only. No part of this publication may be duplicated without the express written permission of BroadSoft, Inc. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. BroadSoft reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. Trademarks BroadWorks® and BroadWorks Assistant™ are trademarks of BroadSoft, Inc. Microsoft, MSN, Windows, and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other product names mentioned in this manual may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are hereby acknowledged. This document is printed in the United States of America. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  3. 3. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 3 Table of Contents Table of Contents.................................................................................................. 3  Executive Summary .............................................................................................. 4  Market Overview ................................................................................................... 5  Web 2.0 and the Xtended Program....................................................................... 5  The BroadSoft Partner Ecosystem........................................................................ 6  Why BroadSoft for Residential VoIP Services ...................................................... 8  A Day in the Connected Life ............................................................................... 10  The Carrier Advantage........................................................................................ 10  Summary ............................................................................................................ 12  0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  4. 4. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 4 Executive Summary As new communication technologies become available, carriers are provided with a unique opportunity to expand their offering and make use of these new technologies to offer value to their subscribers over and above a plain bit pipe. Enhanced messaging such as SMS/MMS, real-time communications including voice, video and file exchange, hosted applications such as network address books, presence and location-awareness are now becoming standardized. The network detects that the By selecting the BroadWorks advanced subscriber left his house. service delivery platform, carriers are in a Other family members are strategic position to make use of these notified that the subscriber is capabilities to enhance the offering to their not at home via presence. subscribers beyond voice and broadband. In addition to these new rich communication capabilities, carriers now have the ability to open up their networks to third-party applications. Web 2.0 applications have already changed The user browses his voice, the way subscribers interact with one another, video, text mails and Instant and by using an open platform like Messages on the TV set via a BroadWorks, carriers can leverage these 3rd- new BroadWorks Yahoo! party applications and mash them up with their widget. own communication infrastructure to offer new and innovative solutions to their subscribers. In addition to tapping into these new network and technologies, carriers can also take advantage of new smart access devices and internet-enabled appliances. BroadSoft’s extensive ecosystem of access partners allow the carriers to use these The subscriber unlocks the devices to maximize the value they can door via a mobile phone and deliver to their subscribers, and in many views video feed from security cases allow them to introduce services that camera on the phone. enable new revenue streams outside of their traditional offering. The technology required to enable this communication model exists today, and is already offered by BroadWorks. By showing our customers how to leverage this model, we can help them increase their revenue and better differentiate themselves in the market. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  5. 5. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 5 Market Overview Trying to predict the future is always hard. But in our industry, there are a few things that no one can argue will happen: Broadband will become a have-to-have utility Speed and bandwidth will easily accommodate multimedia applications Wireless broadband will replace cellular communications Consumer electronics will contain low cost wireless and broadband chipsets Consumers will have multiple devices all connected to the network Connectivity is the core offering for service providers Today, our customers are offering voice over broadband. For the most part, they are replicating the legacy POTS features with next generation technology. To the end user, there's nothing new. They just get voice included in their bundle, along with high speed internet, video and sometimes wireless. This approach tends to erode the price points associated with residential voice. There are no new features to compel consumers to pay more. Many people in our industry talk about service providers becoming "dumb pipe" providers. They question the ability of an operator to add value to their customers beyond just simple bandwidth and network speed. Clearly, to be successful over the long term, operators need to focus on the unique elements that only they can provide. These include quality of service, location, presence, user profiles, application platforms and device / network APIs. Service providers need to build business models around abstracting this information so that the ecosystem can utilize them to enhance user experience and usage. Such an approach will enhance their competitiveness, and keep the usage and revenue levels up. This white paper described how BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services allows the carrier to do that. Web 2.0 and the Xtended Program Over the past years, the emergence of Web 2.0 and Software as a Service technology have seen a lot of smaller players offer a broad variety of applications to web users to meet their specific needs. This phenomenon, known as the Long Tail, capitalizes on an open network that allows any developer to create and sell their applications to the web user community. While some applications such as Facebook appeal to the masses, some others are targeted at narrower niche markets with very specific needs. While the impact of the Web 2.0 model has mostly been observed on Internet users, the introduction of programs such as BroadSoft Xtended™ allow carriers to safely open their networks to web developers to tap into this ever growing pool Web 2.0 applications. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  6. 6. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 6 The Xtended program has three main components: The Xtended Interfaces exposes BroadWorks capabilities to 3rd-party systems to enable the creation of mash-up and new consumer applications in a secure and scalable fashion. The Xtended Developers Program provides a development and support environment for 3rd-party developers to create and test new applications on a real BroadWorks system. The Xtended Marketplace provides a venue for developers and partners to showcase their applications to BroadSoft customers, and conversely, it allows BroadSoft customers to stay abreast of all the new applications that become available. BroadSoft Xtended is a key component of the BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services. It provides the capability and the environment for the carrier to securely open up their network to 3rd-party applications and solutions that ultimately provide additional value to their subscribers. The BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services are about keeping subscribers connected to what they care about, being their family, their social network, their house, or even their car. BroadWorks and Xtended allows for extending Web 2.0 and 3rd-party applications to common subscriber devices in a secure and scalable fashion. By opening their networks with Xtended, carriers can concentrate on what they do best: connecting the users, and rely on a virtually unlimited pool of web developers to create the applications that their users need. The BroadSoft Partner Ecosystem What differentiates BroadSoft from other players in its space is its extensive partner ecosystem. And while BroadSoft has always been recognized for its SIP network and access partner ecosystem, the introduction of Xtended in 2007 has also expanded the ecosystem to web developers and Web 2.0 application vendors. When it comes to differentiation, choosing the right application and access partner makes a huge difference in the subscriber perception of the value added by the carrier. A slick, multi-purpose access device greatly improves the carrier brand image and creates stickiness. In addition to traditional phone-type devices, Xtended also allows for supporting internet appliances which equally contribute to the carrier differentiation. In addition to delivering media and messaging, these advanced access devices also provide other capabilities like call log, click to dial, self-configuration, call control, and they expose a convenient portal for a wide variety of 3rd-party applications such as traffic information, weather, movie schedule, TV schedule, online radio stations and more. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  7. 7. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 7 BroadWorks support of standard interfaces like SIP, MSRP, HTTP and XML maximizes the range of devices the carrier can integrate into their network, and also ensures that the carrier does not paint itself in a corner with a proprietary solution. Advanced access devices usually fall under the following categories: Set top boxes – These devices usually provide a hub for the carrier to deliver all sorts of services to a subscriber. They are often designed as per the carrier specs to meet their specific offering and can offer services such as voice, broadband, IPTV, internet radio, home surveillance, gaming, etc. An example of such a device is the Livebox™ used by France Telecom/Orange for their consumer offering Internet Appliance – These devices are common house appliances with a built-in network interface (Cat 5, Wi-Fi, GSM, etc). The network interface allows these appliances to interact with LAN and WAN applications, under the control of the subscriber. These devices typically use an HTTP-based protocol to communicate with network-based applications and can offer capabilities such as click-to- dial, visual messaging and self-configuration. Examples of such devices include digital picture frames, the TiVo™ box and multi-purpose internet appliance such as Chumby Multi-purpose phone device - These devices can be described as the evolution of the common analog phone. In addition to standard phone capabilities, these devices are designed to act as a family broadband hub and feature an advanced user interface which can be used as a consumer portal to expose a variety of applications offered by the carrier, such as traffic information, weather, movie and TV schedule or online radio. An example of such devices is the OpenFrame device from OpenPeak. Mobile platform – These devices are similar to the multi-purpose phone device in that they use a standard mobile phone package to offer additional applications to the subscriber. In addition to the application mentioned above, mobile platform offer additional mobile-centric applications such as dialers, SMS and MMS-based applications and in some cases, video streaming when the network allows for it. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  8. 8. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 8 Network-enabled consumer systems – These devices are premise-based applications and systems that are augmented with a built-in network interface. This interface allows the application to be hosted by the carrier. An example of such a system is the uControl home security, monitoring and automation (SMA) system which exposes standard northbound interfaces BroadSoft already has partnerships with key players in all these categories, and the ecosystem grows constantly as new and innovative access devices and systems become available. Why BroadSoft for Residential VoIP Services BroadWorks brings together the benefits a multimedia session hub, the Xtended program and the BroadSoft partner ecosystem to offer carriers a new consumer model. By expanding the range of core capabilities that the network can offer via its functions and interface, BroadWorks enables new network-hosted applications such as: Multimedia – BroadWorks support of multimedia allows subscribers to share various types of information with other family members or internet appliances. For instance, parents could upload vacation pictures on the house digital frames in real-time, while talking with the kids at home, or traveling users could get a live audio or video stream from their house security monitors on their mobile phone. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  9. 9. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 9 Messaging and Notifications – BroadWorks support of messaging allows for issuing notifications to users and applications for various events. For instance, parents could receive a real-time SMS notification that their kid tried to call them at home while they were away, or subscribers could get SMS or MMS alarms (with a picture snapshot) if their car alarm system detects a breach. The application could also allow the user to remotely turn off their car alarm from their mobile device. Presence – BroadWorks can inform buddies and other applications of the subscriber presence state (busy on the phone, busy on mobile phone, available, not logged in, etc). The concept of presence can be extended to more than presence clients. For instance, BroadWorks can interact with the subscriber’s security system and report whether there is someone at home or not based on the subscriber’s own motion detectors inside and outside the house, or even in the car. By allowing the carriers to open up their network to 3rd-party developers, carriers can leverage a significant pool of talent who can build a broad range of specialized consumer applications that the carrier itself could not afford to develop. The BroadSoft Xtended program allows BroadWorks to act as a secure hub between 3rd-party applications and consumer applications and devices. This allows the carrier to act as a clearinghouse for hosted applications which they or other offer to their subscriber base. The BroadSoft Xtended interfaces allow for communicating with internet appliances on the customer premises, thus enabling applications that would be otherwise unavailable. The BroadSoft partner ecosystem provides the carrier with the broadest range of access devices in the industry. These devices help the carriers to differentiate their offering These devices often allow the carriers to push ancillary applications to their subscribers. BroadSoft industry-leading interop program facilitate the introduction of new devices on an ongoing basis. BroadSoft’s exclusive use of standard interfaces maximizes the pool of potential access partners. BroadWorks carrier class solution allows for increasing the robustness and serviceability of the Residential VoIP Services solution: BroadWorks offers a secure and scalable platform that turns application reliability from Internet best effort quality to carrier-grade robustness. BroadWorks offers a consumer data model that is designed to support multiple access devices per household, and also offers self-management capabilities for family members to allow them to manage their services and applications. BroadWorks device management and inventory capabilities abstract a lot of the complexity associated with adding and activating new Residential VoIP Services 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  10. 10. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 10 subscriber devices. It provides an open framework for device vendors to build service activation template for their devices so carriers can deploy them in a plug and play fashion without the need for a truck roll. In summary, BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services provides carriers with a technology and business hub to maximize the introduction of innovative solutions in their network in a secure, standard and scalable fashion. A Day in the Connected Life BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services allows the carrier to build a truly compelling and differentiated user offering. Below is an example of a day in the life of a Residential VoIP Services subscriber: 7 am – The subscriber wakes up at a campsite. Based on the subscriber location, a web weather service sends an SMS to the subscriber with the local forecasts. 8:30 am – The subscriber receives a call from the cable guy for an installation. The subscriber unlocks the door and disarms his alarm system remotely via his mobile phone and starts his security camera and directs the feed to his content sharing account. 9:15 am – The cable guy leaves the house and the subscriber locks the doors and arms his alarm system remotely. 1 pm – The subscriber is getting back home. As he gets close to the home, the air conditioning is automatically started. 1:05 pm - The subscriber arrives home. His presence in the house is published to his wife and kids: “Daddy’s home”. 3 pm – The subscriber turns on TV and reviews his voice and video messages on the TV set while watching the pre-game show. 4pm – The subscriber chats (IM) with his buddies on his TV set while watching the first quarter. The Carrier Advantage One may wonder what makes BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services a truly carrier-centric innovation. After all, many subscribers can get access to their home applications via other means like the Internet. The answer is that BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services capitalizes on characteristics that are unique to the carrier. Below are some of the technical capabilities exclusive to the carrier, and leveraged by BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services: The carrier has a unique and exclusive access to the subscribers access devices − A carrier can assess instantly whether a subscriber device can support a specific BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services application, and procure the required device (e.g. video-enabled mobile device) as needed. − Subscribers don’t have to register their device profile with the new application: this can be done automatically by the carrier, thus simplifying the service activation process. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  11. 11. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 11 − The carrier can upsell new applications via teaser campaigns and by advertizing these new applications via the subscriber device. The carrier has a unique capability to deliver media to these devices: − By hosting the subscriber device, the carrier can deliver any type of media to these devices, depending on the application. For instance, in case of an alarm of the security system, the application could ring the mobile user and deliver the security camera video feed in real time. − In addition to real-time voice and video, the carrier could deliver all kind of information to the subscriber device, like a file or a picture (MSRP), a text mail or an instant message. For instance, a subscriber could send a vacation picture from his mobile device to a digital picture frame at home that would be hosted on BroadWorks. The carrier has a unique access to subscriber-specific information: − The carrier has access to static information about its subscribers, like name, home address, phone number, etc. This information can be used to deliver personalized application to the subscriber and facilitate the registration to new services. − The carrier has access to dynamic information about its subscriber, like current IP address, current mobile location, user state (busy/idle), etc. This information can be used by 3rd-party applications to deliver time-sensitive functionality. − The carrier has access to the subscriber telephony services, like call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, messaging, etc. External applications can use the BroadWorks API to query and modify these services to deliver advanced telephony features. Furthermore, the carrier already has a business relationship with its subscribers, which allows new applications delivered by the carrier to be bundled in to create more attractive N-play offerings (e.g. Voice + Broadband + TV + Mobile + New BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services). This gives the carrier a significant advantage over other application providers who would be competing for the subscriber business starting from scratch and without any of the technical integration inherent to a carrier hosted solution. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440
  12. 12. BroadSoft Connected Home™ – Page 12 Summary As IP becomes standardized as the main transport mechanism to connect consumers, and as broadband becomes a commodity, carriers must reposition themselves in the communication value chain if they want to stay relevant and maintain their revenues. The only way to achieve this is to shift the value proposition from bandwidth, price and marketing bundles to application and service differentiation. The BroadSoft Residential VoIP offering is the right tool to enable this new carrier business model. BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services allows the carrier to use the BroadWorks platform as a central hub to deliver a virtually unlimited range of 3rd party applications to their subscribers. These applications are delivered to subscribers via their existing devices, or new devices offered by the carrier. BroadWorks use of standard interfaces and tight integration with its ecosystem partners ensure a smooth integration of these new applications into the carrier offering. We believe that BroadSoft Residential VoIP Services are the future of consumer communication, and BroadSoft is proud to offer it today to carriers around the world. 0808 © 2009 BroadSoft, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. Do Not Copy, Duplicate, or Distribute. 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 Tel: + 1 301.977.9440