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  • The CA50’s subtle waist-line and crowned top and bottom surfaces aid in the overall comfort of the product in the hand. The middle rail acts as a grip feature while holding the product. Side Key Design The side keys sit in a recessed channel, protecting them against accidental actuation, while shielding them from impact on drop. The side PTT key has 4 tactile bumps to aid in blind keying. Combined with a different tactile feel and positioned with ample space from the volume keys, the Mute key is easy to get at, yet hard to hit accidentally. Keypad Design The front facing keypad allows the user to navigate through applications comfortably, using only the thumb. The front PTT key is recessed to protect from accidental actuation. The key layout is simple and user-friendly.
  • Worn against the body or placed against a flat surface, the finger scoop allows sound to escape out of the sides of the product. A scoop was taken out of the back of the product to aid in comfort and hold during scanning.
  • The 8 slot battery charging cradle is exactly one half of the size of the 8 slot terminal charger. This allows the customer to wall-mount 2 chargers directly above or beneath a full 8 slot terminal charger. The 8 slot battery charging cradle is exactly one half of the size of the 8 slot terminal charger. This allows the customer to wall-mount 2 chargers directly above or beneath a full 8 slot terminal charger. Single Slot The cradle is able to charge a spare battery and a terminal at the same time. Cradle power and battery charge status LED’s illuminate through a translucent bottom housing. The terminal charge status is represented through it’s own LED. The footprint of the cradle is small, yet study. Spare Battery Charger 8 batteries charge with individual LED status indicators. The LED around the logo indicates power to the cradle. With the use of a separate metal wall bracket, the cradle is desk or wall mountable. Terminal Charger Cradle power is indicated through an LED around the cradle’s logo. Terminal charge status is show using each terminal’s LED. With the use of a separate metal wall bracket, the cradle is desk or wall mountable.
  • Soft Pouch All of the buttons, as well as the headset jack, are accessible while the product is in the case. The design allows sound to pass through the top and bottom of the case, channeled through the finger scoop. A durable nylon was selected as the material to protect against a variety of researched end user environments. Cut outs along the bottom of the case help the user get the product out of the case without accidentally actuating any keys. Lanyard Clip The lanyard clip was designed to snap onto and off of the product quickly and easily, while remaining secure. The clip is also designed to remain comfortable in the hand while attached to the product. The lanyard, itself, has a breakaway part for safety.

Bluestar CA50.ppt Bluestar CA50.ppt Presentation Transcript

  • CA50 The communication and data tool for all employees VoIP-enabled Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Agenda
    • Introduction to CA50
      • Key Features & Benefits
      • Target Markets
      • Key Applications
    • Understanding the CA50 System
    • Technical Overview
    • CA50 Server
    • CA50 Voice Features
    • Accessories
  • CA50 Overview
  • CA50 The only compact mobile device that combines bar code scan capability with WLAN voice and data communications The communication and data tool for every employee Group Communications Voice Calls CA50 to CA50 & CA50 to Avaya IP PBX (H.323) 1D Laser Scanning Messaging/Paging Task Management Bringing mobility more employees
  • CA50 The tool for every associate to… Improve customer service & provide customers with a more positive experience Improve efficiencies throughout the store Connect associates to better serve customers
  • Key Features & Benefits
    • Access to Information (e.g., price/ inventory check, patient info)
      • Serve customers/ patients better by giving associates access to the information
      • Enhance customer shopping experience / Provide more effective patient care
      • Increase controls on dispensing medicine
    • WiFi messaging/ paging
      • Make associate more available to customers/ patients, anywhere – in building or on the phone.
      • Alert associates of urgent events that require attention (customer call button, nurse call)
      • Provide more effective patient care
      • Improve operations by systematically providing tasks and alerts to associates
    • WiFi Walkie Talkie
      • Improve internal associate communications
      • Improve associate productivity / Improve operations
    • Person to person calls over Wireless LAN
      • Improve internal associate communications
      • Provide nurses quick access to physicians, anywhere
    • WiFi VoIP phone calls to/ from “standard” phones (Telephony)
      • Improve associate productivity by redeploying phone-bound associates
      • Provide an advanced level of customer service
      • Provide nurses quick access to physicians, anywhere
  • Target Market/ Key Needs
    • Retail
      • Increase associate productivity
      • Enhance customer shopping experience
      • Provide an advanced level of customer service
      • Improve internal associate communications
    • Healthcare – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities
      • Provide more effective patient care
      • Increase controls on dispensing medicine
      • Provide nurses quick access to physicians, anywhere
      • Improve overall operations
    • Hospitality
      • Events
      • Hotel/ Guest Services
    • Transportation
      • Airline Baggage Handling
    • Warehouse/ Distribution & Manufacturing
      • Increase associate productivity
      • Improve internal associate communications
  • User Scenario: Retail – Soft Goods Empowered by the UCA, the associate is better prepared to meet customers needs without ever having to leave their side.
  • CA50 – How it works
  • CA50 System Ethernet CA50 Client Voice functionality
    • User & Profile Manager
    • IP PBX Information
    • Phone Directory
    • Business Application
    • Event Logging
    The application (data & phone) runs on server. Phone call handling and management occurs on the CA50.  CA50  UCA Server Software  Charging Accessories
  • CA50 User Interface headset jack (2.5mm plug mono / microphone & speaker) Internal pager (vibrator) motor Speaker
    • Notifications
    • Vibrate
    • LED Flash
    • BEEP
    • WAV File
    USB 1.1 Client SE950 1D laser Scan engine
  • CA50 System Ethernet Pricing & Inventory Database Price check by passing UCA server Price check passing through UCA server Paging/ Alerts
  • Technical Overview
  • CA50 Ergonomics 4.37 in. (11.1 cm) 1.81 in. (4.6 cm) 1.01 in. (2.57 cm) 3.7 oz (105g)
  • Wireless Radio
    • Radio
      • 802.11a/b/g
      • 802.11a will be enabled in future software release (no hardware changes), except where prohibited by law
      • No hardware changes will be required.
        • Product is labeled as CA5090
    • Comments on Wireless Security and Voice Performance
      • Open (no security)
        • Can be useful for diagnosis.
        • Fast roaming.
      • WEP 40 and 128
        • WEP128 should be considered if it meets security needs.
        • Fast roaming.
      • WPA-TKIP and WPA2-AES in pre-shared key mode.
        • Stronger security (esp WPA2-AES)
        • Acceptable roaming
      • WPA and WPA2 with an authentication server
        • Not recommended for use with voice
  • Battery Performance
    • Battery
      • Removable 920 mAh Li-ion
      • No backup battery
    • Battery Life Profile
      • CA50 supports over 9 hours
      • Profile
        • 40 CA50 devices
        • 4 Talk groups with 10 people assigned to each
      • Usage
        • Each person initiates 4 walkie talkie broadcasts per hour.
          • Each device receives 192 walkie talkie broadcasts (from all channels) per hour
          • 36 of the 192 are played on device through speaker
        • Each user makes or receives 2 peer to peer calls an hour.
        • Each user scans barcode and wirelessly transmits data once every 3 minutes.
    • Battery Charging
      • Charging Temperature 0C to 35C (32F to 95F)
      • 3 hour charge time (0 to full)
  • Durable Design Operating Temperature -10C to 40C (14F to 104F) Humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing) Environmental Sealing IP 40
    • Drop
    • 4 ft (1.2M) to concrete at room temp
    • 3 ft (.9M) to concrete at temp. extremes
    • Tumble
    • 250 cycles at ½ meter
    • (500 ½ meter drops)
  • CA50 Server
  • CA50 Solution
    • CA50 agent is the main client that runs once the device is configured.
    • The server-side web application controls the end user experience, including phone book.
    • Web browser supports special HTML tags to targeted business solutions.
    • Voice engine runs local on the CA50 once the information is past to it from the web client.
    • CA50 web server software provides the main end user control for data and voice applications.
    • Server contains user profile and authentication services.
    • Server contains an event logging service.
     CA50  UCA Server Software
    • Server Operating System:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (for development and demo purposes only)
  • CA50 & MSP
    • The CA50 is manageable through MSP 3.0.
    • MSP Stage 3.0 is included with the UCA Server License and allows the customer to quickly configure the CA50.
    • The CA50 has the RapidDeployment and AirBeam Clients.
      • Rapid deployment is the preferred way of configuring the device.
    • MSP will be able to manage the CA50 devices
      • The device information (OS, etc.) will roll up into the MSP console.
      • CA50 devices are not counted on the MSP licensing model.
  • CA50 Voice Features
  • Walkie Talkie Communications
    • One to many broadcast via IP multicast
    • Half duplex– push to talk Walkie Talkie style
      • PTT button disables speaker, enables microphone
      • Audible tone is played to user to indicate that the channel is clear
    • 32 separate “talk groups”
      • Channel prioritization
      • Associate names (e.g., “Sporting Goods”) to talk groups
      • CA50 devices can listen on multiple channels
      • Channels available to user are controlled in the user profile database
    • Walkie Talkie calls have lower priority than Voice Calls
      • Walkie Talkie messages will not be played if user is on a voice call
    • Headset mode supported
    • Walkie Talkie functionality does not rely on the UCA server
      • Walkie talkie calls can be performed even if the UCA server is down
  • Voice Calls
    • Provides basic phone functionality
      • Receive a call
      • Place a call
      • Transfer a call
      • Place a call on hold
    • Modalities Supported
      • Handset mode (traditional phone)
      • Headset
    • Voice over IP
      • Initial release will support H.323 protocol (Avaya S8300 media server)
      • “ Rev B” release (Q1) will add support for SIP and SCCP protocols (firmware update)
      • Voice Quality Manager (VQM) built into CA50
      • Peer to Peer calls over the network be supported in initial release
  • Can I use the CA50 if I don’t have an Avaya IP PBX?
    • Wireless 1D scanner functionality
    • Walkie Talkie communications
    • VoIP calls between CA50 devices over the WLAN
    • You can do everything, except place/ receive calls to/ from devices connected to the IP PBX (landline phones, etc.)
    Access to Information (e.g., price/ inventory check, patient info) WiFi messaging/ paging WiFi Walkie Talkie (PTToW) Telephony VoIP calls over WLAN (P2PoW) CA50 features Future releases will support additional protocols and IP PBXs
  • Accessories
  • Accessories
  • Charging Accessories
  • CA50 Cradles Cradles designed to wall mount and sit on the desk 8 slot battery charger 8 slot cradle 2 battery chargers fit in the foot print of 1 multi slot cradle Wall Desk Dimension: 10.94”x5.0”x2.35” 27.8 cm x 12.7cm x 6.0 cm Dimension: 5.47”x5.0”x2.35” 13.9cm x 12.7cm x 6.0cm Each Cradle will require a 12V 40W power supply. This will be included with each cradle.
  • In use Accessories
  • Questions?
  • Thank You