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    AC204G AC204G Document Transcript

    • Azatel Confidential AC204G 2-Port Voice + 802.11b/g WLAN VoIP Router Product External Specification Issue Revision: 1.00 Issue Date : April, 2005 Issued By : VoIP Product Planning Team This document contains confidential proprietary information and is the property of Azatel Communications Inc. The contents of this document may not be disclosed to unauthorized persons without the written consent of Alpha Networks Inc. Azatel Confidential 1/6 2010/5/6
    • Azatel Confidential I. Product Introduction Product Description: The AC204G VoIP router links traditional telephony networks to IP networks with conventional telephony devices such as analog phones or fax machines. It can reduce long distance phone charges and deliver toll-quality voice communication over the IP network. This VoIP router provides two loop start Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) ports and four LAN ports. One Ethernet port for a DSL/Cable Modem or other WAN devices, and the other for connection to create a home or small office LAN networks. The built-in DHCP server/client and Network Address Translation (NAT) function automatically assign IP address for LAN users, allowing multiple users to share a single Internet connection. It can be configured/monitored via the Console, Web browser, Telnet and HTTPS provisioning is also supported. Product Features: - 2 Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) POTS ports (RJ-11 Jacks) - 1 NWay 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet port for WAN-connection - 4 NWay 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet port for LAN-connection - 1 Mini-PCI 802.11b/g Wireless AP build-in - Voice Activity Detection (VAD) /Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) - Silence suppression to reduce bandwidth consumption. - Adaptive jitter buffer for a smooth voice reception - Lost packet recovery ability for improved voice quality - Support QoS (Quality of Service) for voice quality guarantee. - Build-in PPPoE function to support dial-up connection for broadband technology. - IP address assignment using DHCP or static configuration - RIP1/RIP2 and static routing support - Support IP sharing to allow multiple users to access the Internet via a single IP address - Support Caller ID function - Configuration download using HTTPS and SSL/TLS client certificate encryption and authentication - Support VPN Pass-Through - MAC and Packet filter support - Remote configuration and management over the Internet using web browsers Azatel Confidential 2/6 2010/5/6
    • Azatel Confidential II. Product Requirement Y/N/D: Y means “Yes, this feature will be in the product.” N means “No, this feature will not be in the product.” O means “Hardware or Software feature is optional” TBD : To Be Determined 1. Hardware Requirement 1.1 WAN Port Requirements: 1.1.1 One port for Fast Ethernet connection RJ-45, Auto MDI/MDI-X 10/100Mbps Y 1.1.2 Standard Compliance IEEE802.3 for 10M Ethernet Y IEEEE802.3u for 100M Ethernet Y 1.1.3 Rate adaptation 10/100 Mbps, Auto-Negotiation Y 1.2 LAN Port Requirements: 1.2.1 Four ports for Fast Ethernet connection RJ-45, Auto MDI/MDI-X, 10/100Mbps Y 1.2.2 Standard Compliance IEEE802.3 for 10M Ethernet Y IEEEE802.3u for 100M Ethernet Y 1.2.3 Rate adaptation 10/100 Mbps, Auto-Negotiation Y 1.3 Wireless LAN Requirements: 1.3.1 Build-in Mini-PCI slot for wireless Mini-PCI Y connection 1.3.2 Standard Compliance IEEE802.11b/g Y 1.3.3 Rate adaptation 1, 2, 5.5, 6,11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps Y 1.4 Voice Port Requirements: 1.4.1 Two ports for POTS connection RJ-11, FXS interface Y Loop Start Y 1.4.2 Telephone dialing mode support DTMF Y 1.4.3 Ringer Equivalency Number REN=5 Y 1.4.4 Tone Detection DTMF Y Modem/Fax Tone Y 1.4.5 Line Impedance 600ohm Y 1.4.6 Country Tone Support e.g. DT, BT, RBT, Howler support Y 1.4.7 Calling Number Display Feature NTT specification compliant Y BellCore specification compliant Y ETSI specification compliant Y 1.5 Console Port Requirements: 1.5.1 One serial port for debugging RJ14 phone jack Y 1.6 LED Indicators: Condition Color Timing 1.6.1 Power Power ON Green Solid Y Power OFF Dark - 1.6.2 Status/Alarm Power On Self Test /Booting Green Blinkin Y Power On Self Test failure Red g System ready w/o registered Dark Solid During Registering Green - System ready with registered Green Blinkin g Solid 1.6.3 Prov. Provisioning success Green Solid Y During Provisioning Green Blinkin Provisioning fail Dark g - Azatel Confidential 3/6 2010/5/6
    • Azatel Confidential 1.6.4 WAN Link/Act Ethernet port Link Green Solid Y Ethernet port Tx/Rx activity Green Blinkin g WAN Speed Ethernet port speed 100Mbps Green Solid Y Ethernet port speed 10Mbps Dark - 1.6.5 LAN Link/Act Ethernet port Link Green Solid Y Ethernet port Tx/Rx activity Green Blinkin g LAN Speed Ethernet port speed 100Mbps Green Solid Y Ethernet port speed 10Mbps Dark - 1.6.6 WLAN WLAN port Link Green Solid Y WLAN port Tx/Rx activity Green Blinkin g Message Waiting (MWI) Green Blinkin Y No message waiting Dark g - 1.6.7 Phone On Hook Dark - Y Off Hook Green Solid Ringing Green Blinkin g 1.7 Chassis Requirements: 1.7.1 Material ABS+PC 1.7.2 Width 192.5mm Y 1.7.3 Depth 118.4mm Y 1.7.4 Height 31mm Y 1.7.5 Weight Y 1.7.6 Regulatory labels Include EMC, Safety, Model No, Serial No, Ver. Y 1.7.7 MAC address label Y 1.7 Power Requirement: 1.7.1 External Power Adapter AC Power Adapter O Output: 12V AC, 1.2A AC to DC Power Adapter O Output: 12V AC, 1.25A 1.8 Miscellaneous 1.8.1 Embedded Factory Reset Switch Y 2. Software Requirement 2.1 Reset to factory defaults Y 2.2 Play ring splash to phone when system ready Optional Y with registered 2.3 Telephony Support: 2.3.1 Call Control Protocol SIP (RFC3261) Y 2.3.2 CODEC G.711 (A-law and U-law) Y G.723.1 Y G.726 Y G.729A Y 2.3.3 Echo Cancellation G.168 Y 2.4 FAX Support 2.4.1 FAX Relay PCM (G.711) Y T.38 O 2.5 Quality of Service Azatel Confidential 4/6 2010/5/6
    • Azatel Confidential 2.5.1 Priority Queue Y 2.5.2 TOS - Type of Service 3 levels supported: Normal, Signaling and RTP packets Y 2.6 Data Bridging/Routing: 2.6.1 Bridging/Routing Mode Selectable Y 2.6.2 IP routing RIP1, RIP2 (RFC 1389) Y ARP (RFC826) Y ICMP (RFC791) Y 2.6.3 Static IP Addressing and Routing Y 2.7 Wireless AP 2.7.1 ESS-ID ESS-ID Support Y 2.7.2 WEP Support 64/128/256 bits Y 2.7.3 WPA Support Y 2.8 Configuration/Management: 2.8.1 DHCP DHCP Server (RFC2131) Y (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) DHCP Client (RFC2131) Y 2.8.2 Embedded Web Server HTTP1.0 (RFC1945) Y 2.8.3 Auto-Provisioning Via automated centralized configuration file Y 2.8.4 Configuration Restore/Backup Y 2.8.5 TELNET Y 2.8.6 SNMP SNMP v1 and v2c O MIB II (RFC1213) O 2.8.7 TFTP Client Provides firmware upgrade and configuration file Y download 2.8.8 Performance Monitor DSP/Ethernet statistics Y 2.8.9 Console Management Through RJ-14 Y 2.9 Security: 2.9.1 User Authentication Administration Username/Password control for Telnet, Console, Y SNMP and WEB configuration PAP (RFC 1334) Y CHAP (RFC 1994) Y 2.9.2 NAT/Firewall NAPT Y TCP/UDP port forwarding Y DMZ Y ALGs Y 2.9.3 VPN Pass-Through IPSec pass-through Y PPTP pass-through Y 2.9.4 SIP Authentication SIP authentication with password encryption (e.g. Y MD5) HTTP Digest Authentication Y 2.9.5 Provisioning Security Configuration download using HTTPS and SSL/TLS Y client certificate encryption and authentication Encryption of configuration file Y 2.9.6 Packet Filtering Filter by IP Address Y Filter by Port Number Y Filter by Protocol Y 2.9.7 MAC Filter Y 2.9.8 VoIP NAT traversal SIP/STUN Y 2.10 Miscellaneous 2.10.1 PPP over Ethernet Client PPPoE (RFC 2516) Y 2.10.2 Automatically re-login to ISP - Automatically connect by power ON. If failed, will Y retry with interval of 1minute (till succeed to connect) - Sending LCP Echo Request with 1-minute interval. If no reply, 3 times retry with 5-sec interval Azatel Confidential 5/6 2010/5/6
    • Azatel Confidential 2.10.3 Call waiting alert tone support Y 2.10.4 MAC Cloning Y 3. Safety/ EMC Requirement 3.1 Safety Requirements: 3.1.1 UL/CUL Y 3.2 EMC Certification: 3.2.1 FCC Class B Y 3.2.2 CE Class B Y 3.3 Environmental Specifications: 3.3.1 Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C Y 3.3.2 Storage Temperature -10 °C to 55 °C Y 3.3.3 Operating Humidity Range 5% to 95% Non-condensing Y 4. Engineering Test Requirement: 4.1 IEEE Specifications: 4.1.1 IEEE 802.3 (10Mbps) Compliant Y 4.1.2 IEEE 802.3u (100Mbps) Compliant Y 4.2 Performance Test: 4.2.1 Test Lab Y 4.2.2 Available upon vendor’s request. Y 4.3 Quality Engineering Test 4.3.1 Cold Test IEC 68-2-1 Y 4.3.2 Dry Heat Test IEC 68-2-2 Y 4.3.3 Damp Heat Test IEC 68-2-3 Y 4.3.4 Damp Heat Cyclic Test IEC 68-2-30 Y 4.3.5 E.S.D Test IEC 801-2 Y 4.3.6 Isolation Test IEC8802-3 Y 4.3.7 MTBF 5. Packing/Content Requirement 5.1 CDROM User’s guide, Quick Installation Guide Y 5.2 Quick Installation Guide Hardcopy Y 5.3 Power Adapter Y Azatel Confidential 6/6 2010/5/6