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  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about Covad. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn how to reduce your expenses for business communications, while increasing employee productivity. And we’ll tell you about a limited time offer to simplify your communication challenges and save money with the exciting new Covad Unlimited Advantage plan..
  • Our business communication solutions can serve any businesses’ requirements. Covad CleareEdge Pro is a fully managed service for your business, replacing the need for you to operate a PBX on your premises, and the administration time and effort to manage the system. We provide an integrated telephone, voice mail, conferencing and high-speed Internet service all operating on industry standard Internet routers and switches. We provide numerous alternatives for analog and business telephone sets, which may include the sets you are already using today. For businesses that wish to manage their own PBX, the Covad ClearEdge Integrated Access network solution reduces your total voice and Internet monthly network expenses. It also introduces new disaster recovery services for you - to ensure calls can be received during any unanticipated outage. And finally, we offer a complete ISP portfolio for businesses Internet requirements All backed by the industry’s best customer satisfaction agreement available.
  • Covad ClearEdge Pro provides a complete business communication suite for your voice communication requirements, including telephone service, find-me follow-me capabilities for users, unified visual voice and fax mail, voice and web conferencing, instant messaging and directory services. We offer a complete range of telephones, from analog phones to the latest business sets from Cisco systems, Polycom, Toshiba and SwissVoice. You can provide your own equipment, or obtain equipment from any of our dealers.
  • We ensure a smooth transition from your PBX solution to the managed Covad Pro service. Your customers will experience no changes. They’ll continue to dial the same numbers they already know. Your employees will be able to dial their existing contacts, with no changes required to dial plans. Operator assistance and 911 remains unchanged as well. They’ll enjoy the new functions offered to them at the desktop with the dashboard. And it’s so easy to implement. We provision a managed T1 digital service to your business, connect to your choice of industry standard routers and networking equipment, and ensure the service performs the way you expect. If need additional lines, including DID, local or toll-free lines, we can have them provisioned in minimal time. You’ll be able to manage your services with an easy to use web-based administration tool. The same powerful tool used by numerous customers across the country.
  • Employees can be located in remote sites and have full access to all Covad Pro services. Simply plug one of our phones in a router at a remote location that is connected to a broadband Internet service, and the set is configured in seconds to be ready to receive and place calls. And you won’t have to worry about firewalls or fixed IP addresses, as we’ve designed the solution to automatically become available without any difficulty. Please note that due to the nature of unmanaged Internet services, the sound quality may diminish slightly during peak times of the day. We also offer managed T1 services for remote users that are unable to get a high speed Internet connection at all times. It’s important to note that 911 calls are not supported with implementations using dynamic IP addresses over unmanaged connections, since users are able to disconnect and connect their phone at any location they wish. Businesses must have alternative phones for 911, or deploy Covad’s remote solutions with Fixed IP addresses.
  • Covad ClearEdge Pro offers complete Internet services that leverage the same digital connection used for voice communications. By converging both voice and data applications over 1 high speed connection, you reduce your total expense by sharing the same bandwidth. For as little as $200 per month, you can offer high-speed broadband service to your users of voice services.
  • Covad supports several popular phones, and continues to introduce new models every year. From power users to regular stations, there’s a wide range of choices for all types of phone users in your company.
  • Covad’s service will meet your requirement now and in the future as your business grows. We use the latest communication technologies and continue to upgrade them with state of the art communication applications, all supported around the clock by communications experts. We’ll focus on keeping the communications systems working, while you focus on making your business successful. Our service office has been designed from the beginning with the best technologies available. From redundant components to ensure high reliability, to the latest VoIP technologies which ensure superior performance over your digital network, we continue to invest in the world’s most advanced solutions for today’s business communications requirements. And there’s no more guessing how large a PBX will be needed? Can my voice mail system handle our applications? How large of a conference bridge should I buy? What happens if we open an office in another building? With Covad, we can provide a managed solution for any number of users no matter where they are located. From10 users to 10,000 users – you’ll never need to have to bring in the forklift to remove your last purchase decision. And when you use our service, you sleep well knowing you’re being services by communications experts solely focused to ensure your systems are delivering the service you expert at all times.
  • In summary, Covad ClearEdge Pro provides you with a high speed connection that will serve your voice and data requirements. All part of a complete managed service that will significantly reduce your communication expenses. We offer a complete voice and data service
  • Take advantage of the Unlimited Advantage Plan – flat rate usage programs for any size business. You get unlimited local and domestic calls, along with Internet service all over Covad’s managed Broadband connection. Please note demand conferencing and remote click-to-call incur a 4 cent per minute charge. CDRs are not provided with monthly bill for Unlimited Usage Stations, but can be purchased. Some additional charges: Meet Conferencing - 17/14/11 ¢ per minute Off-Net Dashboard conferencing – 4 ¢ per minute Off-Net Remote Click-to-Call – 4 ¢ per minute 800 Service - 5 ¢ per minute International calls - current rates Monthly CDR Reports available for $25 Does not include monthly Broadband access fee
  • There’s more to Covad Unlimited Advantage than a price difference from our measured plan. You get the piece of mind knowing that your operating expenses are not predictable. Take the guess work out of what is needed for your employee’s communication expense. Take the complexity out of figuring out what you’ll spend this month and where you’ve spent it. It’s a simple way to leverage Covad to the fullest and not worry at the end of the month what your bill will be.
  • Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of our service guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll switch you to another service provider. You won’t have to change any numbers for customers, so there’s no interruption to your business. It’s part of our commitment to ensure high customer satisfaction.
  • We’ve had the pleasure to work with leading customer-oriented businesses such as ColorSpot. They’re a leading provider of horticultural products to store across the country. Since they’ve deployed the Covad Pro solution, they’ve saved over $500k in 3 years. A tremendous saving by partnering with Covad – the leading managed service provider of business communication solutions.
  • There are many other customers that save every month. Take a look at Fox Racing – manufacturers of high performance bike shocks. Even a small business with 88 stations saves over $50k in three years. In fact all businesses can save money with Covad, whether they use Covad ClearEdge Pro or our Covad ClearEdge Integrated Access network service for PBXs. All of which are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Select Covad Integrated Access or Customer Satisfaction Guarantee buttons to continue.
  • Lastly, I think as we look back at 2005 and it’s challenges, we should take note of the numerous awards we won in the industry. These recognized our leadership as a communications provider, leadership in product innovation, and marketing. Notables: Internet Telephony: Best SMB Provider The recognize our niche and that we have services and support focus targeted to this sometimes neglected segment. CMP Media/VARBusiness Magazine Midmarket “Product of the Year” A recognition of our innovative vPBX services (Now known as Covad ClearEdge Pro) Ad Tech Finalist Although we didn’t win this award, it’s the Oscars of Search Engine Marketing awards. The winner are based on results of an overall campaign. We were a finalist with Pontiac G6/Oprah giveaway (the winner), and the Pontiac Solstice Apprentice campaign. One would say Covad behind Oprah and the Apprentice is good company. Digital Marketing Gold Award for best online/offline Integrated Campaign We won over Coke and Nike in this category. Again, a great milestone.
  • We had some very positive first reviews of our first solution when we launched it in April 2001. In 2002 we won the very prestigious Product of the Year award from Network Magazine.
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about Covad. We look forward in working with you, and earning your business in the months and years to come.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Managed Communication Solution Williams Real Estate Susan Jenkins July, 2006
    • 2. Covad & Williams Commitment
      • To determine the answer to the following questions:
      • Was there a valid application for the Covad solution at Williams Real Estate?
      • How precisely would Williams Real Estate benefit from a Covad solution in terms of communications and productivity improvements, as well as hard dollar financial justification?
      • Covad:
      • Expend the resources to discover the answers to these two questions.
      • Present findings and make recommendation on how to proceed
      • Williams Real Estate:
      • Getting access to people and information
      • Scheduling a meeting with key influencers and department heads
      • A timely decision, yes or no, once recommendation presented
    • 3. Session Agenda
      • Process Overview & Summary
      • Covad Overview
      • Covad Dashboard Demonstration
      • Overview of Findings
      • Solution Recommendation
      • Business Case Justification
      • References
      • Next Step
    • 4. Covad Overview
      • Covad is a telecommunications services provider that specializes in serving medium size businesses with comprehensive communications solutions
        • A managed service that replaces - or complements - a PBX
        • Local and long distance voice service
        • Internet access and web hosting
        • Breakthrough productivity enhancing applications
      • Covad provides highly effective solutions by combining voice and data over our converged IP network. Customers enjoy real cost savings and benefit from enhanced productivity.
      • Note: If a dealer or partner is involved in the process, an additional slide should be added giving an Overview of the Dealer/Partner.  
    • 5. Midmarket Product of the Year 2005 VARBusiness Names Covad vPBX Midmarket Product of the Year According to VARBusiness publisher Robert C. DeMarzo, "Our readers tell us that the middle market is one of the fastest-growing IT categories today, and Covad VoIP vPBX is the one that best meets that segment's needs." VARBusiness provides strategic insight to technology integrators, and they solicited input from information technology (IT) vendors and solution providers to determine which products and services were best for mid-market customers-companies with from 100 to 999 employees. Entries were considered by VARBusiness editors, who selected just 100 of the more than 400 nominated products. Note: vPBX is now known as Covad ClearEdge Pro
    • 6. 2005 Product of the Year Covad Wins Three Internet Telephony Magazine Awards Readers of Internet Telephony magazine, along with its editorial staff and executives associated with the International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC), have selected Covad for three key awards: Best Hosted VoIP Provider, Best SMB Provider, and Top 100 VoIP for 2005. Awards like these are among the best indicators we have for measuring whether we're delivering real value for our customers.
    • 7. 2005 Market Leadership Award Frost & Sullivan 2005 Market Leadership Award For the second year in a row, Covad has won the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award. Each year Frost & Sullivan presents its Market Leadership Award to a company that has displayed excellence in all areas of market leadership, including identification of market challenges, drivers, and restraints, as well as strategy development and methods of addressing these market dynamics. Covad believes that the key to winning this award is listening to the market, which is synonymous with listening to its customers and remaining at the forefront of broadband innovation.
    • 8. Covad Dashboard Demonstration
    • 9. Williams Real Estate Overview
    • 10. Williams Current Situation
      • Two Locations
        • Los Angeles Headquarters – 50 employees
        • Sacramento Satellite Office – 28 employees
      • Telecom/Data Environment
        • Los Angeles – Mitel SX-200 Switch
        • Sacramento – Lucent Partner Switch
        • Multiple Service Providers
        • Separate Voice & Data Infrastructure
      • Current Challenges
        • Communication Costs
        • Communication between Offices
        • Mobile Workforce
        • Administration Costs
        • Call Control
    • 11.
      • Lower Costs
        • Decrease monthly telecom and internet costs for multiple service providers.
        • Lower cost of communications between sites.
        • Decrease Travel costs of over $10K per month.
        • Decrease costly administration and attendant call control
      • Employee Productivity Improvement
        • Ensure the conducting of business in a timely manner
      • Streamline Administration Time
        • Provide tools to limited resources to complete MACs
      • Increase Mobile Workforce Productivity
        • Provide clients with immediate access to agents.
      • Improve Call Monitoring and Control
        • Provide access to call activity information and filtering of inbound calls.
      • Incorporate Simplified Unified Messaging
      Williams Objectives
    • 12. Williams Real Estate Current Infrastructure
    • 13. Current Williams Network Topology
    • 14. Current Physical Infrastructure
      • Current Phone Systems
        • Mitel XS-200 PBX in Los Angeles
          • 50 stations
        • Lucent Partner KSU in Sacramento
          • 28 stations
      • Current Internet Connection
        • High Speed DSL
    • 15. Current Applications
      • Current Voice Applications
        • 10 Company-wide speed dials
        • Separate Voice Mail Systems: Active Voice Repartee in Los Angeles and Merlin Mail in Sacramento
        • Webex for weekly Conferencing
        • One Toll Free Number coming in to Los Angeles
      • Current Data Applications
        • Coval DSL for Internet
        • VPN software for LAN connectivity
        • Corporate Intranet on Los Angeles web server
    • 16. Current Service Providers
      • Minutes/Month Cost/Month
      • Local: SBC 38,000 $ 2,250
      • Long Distance: AT&T 12,300 1,250
      • Inbound 800: MCI 4,000 1,000
      • Conferencing: Webex 1,500 600
      • Internet Service: Covad DSL 300
      • WAN – VPN: AT&T 1,200
      • Total 55,800 min $ 6,600
    • 17. Covad Proposed Solution
    • 18. Unique Solutions for Your Individual Business Requirements
      • Covad ClearEdge Pro Managed voice and Internet services eliminating the need for your PBX
      • Covad Broadband Nationwide broadband services for Covad Pro
        • Hundreds of thousands of business users rely on our service every day
      PSTN Service Office™ Customer
    • 19. Application Description – Covad ClearEdge Pro
      • Complete business communication suite:
      • Local and Long Distance Telephone Service
      • Call log
      • Find Me / Follow Me
      • Unified visual voice and fax mail
      • Voice and web conferencing
      • Instant messaging
      • Directory services
    • 20. Application Description – Covad Pro
      • Transparent for callers
        • No changes to DID, toll-free or existing business numbers
      • Transparent for employees
        • Outbound calls
        • Operator services, directory assistance and 911 calls
        • Voice VPN dial plans
      • Easy to implement
        • Managed broadband service to your premise
        • Leverages standard routers and networking equipment
        • Web-based administration
        • Flexibility to add additional lines at any time
    • 21. Cost-Effective Remote Agent and Telecommuter Solutions
      • Deploy your employees in remote locations
      • Support all standard functions
        • Dashboard
        • Remote dialing, conferencing, voicemail, instant messaging
        • Voice VPN dial plans
      • Transparent for callers
        • No impact on inbound calls
      • Flexible alternatives:
        • Solutions for Fixed or Dynamic* IP addresses
        • Supports broadband connections >384k
    • 22. Combine Covad Pro and Covad Broadband for Significant Savings
      • Optional broadband service delivered over the same network connection:
        • Broadband high-speed access
        • Web hosting
        • Email account
        • Toll-free 24x7 technical support
      • Converged voice and Internet service at a fraction of what you’re paying today
    • 23. Covad Proposed Infrastructure
    • 24. Proposed Covad Network Topology
    • 25. Covad Physical Infrastructure
      • Voice and Data Connectivity
      • The Covad Service Office and T1 access will replace existing Mitel SX-200 and Lucent Partner switches and analog phones lines
      • Utilization of Cisco 1721 Routers
      • Utilization of Cisco Ethernet Switches
      • Utilization of:
        • current Williams firewalls
        • existing Cat5 infrastructure
    • 26. Select Any Combination of VoIP, PBX or Analog Telephones Cisco VoIP Phone Polycom VoIP Phone Analog Phone LG VoIP Phone
    • 27. Covad Pro Serves Your Present And Future Requirements
      • Scalable solutions for any number of employees
      • The industry’s most comprehensive voice and Internet service available
      • Industry standard routers, switches and sets
      • State-of-the-art VoIP technologies
      • Support from our communication experts
    • 28. Covad Provides A Complete Business Communication Solution
      • Cost-effective integrated voice and data services
        • Affordable local and long distance rates with free calls between Covad locations
        • Complete web hosting and email services
        • Robust voice messaging, teleconferencing and web conferencing
        • Simple control and administration with one convenient bill
      • Managed high-speed connection to your site
        • Provisioning, installation and management of dedicated high-speed line
        • Connection to public switched network via Covad’s state-of-the-art Service Office™
        • Supported by Covad communication experts
    • 29. The Benefit of Covad
      • Not need to invest in upgrades or new PBX.
      • Decrease in travel costs.
      • 12,000 MOU of free long distance calls between LA and Sacramento.
      • Find Me capability set up by employee.
      • Attendant routing of calls using visual soft console.
      • The Dashboard & Administrative Portal minimizes administrator’s time.
      • Quick and easy set up of unique profiles for each employee.
      • Save $ 63,750 on purchase of a new PBX
      • Decrease travel costs by 50% or $5000/month
      • A savings of $1,200/month in long distance costs.
      • 50% of calls/day received ‘live’ by recipient
      • 100% of calls routed effectively resulting in increase in customer satisfaction & empowerment.
      • Save 2 days/month in administrative MAC
      Lower Costs & CapEx Employee Productivity Improvement Streamline Administration Time Impact Solutions Objectives
    • 30. The Benefit of Covad
      • Increase Mobile
      • Workforce
      • Productivity
      • Improve Call
      • Monitoring
      • and Control
      • Incorporate
      • Simplified
      • Unified Messaging
      • Instant Conferencing provides immediate access to customers and employees
      • Conferencing scheduled quickly, easily and at no costs
      • Employee activity and locator at a glance
      • Immediate access to call activity information
      • Ability to ‘filter’ inbound calls
      • Provide a ‘built’ Auto Attendant decreasing need for full time receptionist
      • ‘ One window’ viewing of voice and fax messages improving retrieval time.
      • Remote visual access to voice mail through the Dashboard
      • Save $ 500/month on conferencing expenses
      • 30 min/day, 2 ½ hours/week, 10 hours/month time saved in screening calls or routing calls
      • Increased possibility of less call attempts (I.e. 15 min/day, 75 min/week, 5 hours 25 min/month)
      Impact Solutions Objectives
    • 31. Covad Cost Comparison
    • 32. Current Expenses
      • Monthly Services $ 6,600
        • Local, Long Distance (19,300 Minutes)
        • Inbound 800 (3,000 Minutes)
        • Conferencing (1,500 Minutes)
        • Internet (2 DSL connections)
      • Lease Expense $ 1,771
        • Existing Mitel SX-200 and Lucent Partner
        • Maintenance $ 1,101
      • Unknown Costs
        • Installation/Setup fees to move existing lines.
          • (typically $75 per line)
      • Renewed PBX maintenance contract?
        • Costs for future upgrades?
        • Cost for franchising in remote workers?
      • Total Monthly Recurring Charge $ 9,472
      3 Year Total = $364,067
    • 33. Proposed Pricing Summary
      • Monthly Services $ 4,921
        • Covad Service for 82 stations and 8 remote users
        • Local & Long Distance (Unlimited Domestic)
        • Inbound 800
        • Covad Voice & Data Conferencing
        • Internet
        • 2 T1s (including redundancy)
      • Projected Lease Payment $ 2,142
        • Complete migration to hosted IP Telephony
        • Includes
          • turn-key installation
          • user training
          • all Covad setup fees
      • Other Costs Effected
        • Traditional PBX maintenance contracts no longer necessary
        • No incremental costs for future upgrades - automatic
        • Costs for remote workers included
              • Total Monthly Recurring Charge $ 7,063
      3 Year Total = $ 248,287
    • 34. Cost Comparison Summary (3-year cash-flow amortized)
      • Monthly Savings: $ 2,409
      • 3-year Savings: $ 115,780
      • % Savings: 32 %
      Current Service Covad Service Monthly Fees $ 6,600 $ 4,921 Lease Payment 1,771 2,142 Maintenance 1,101 Total MRC $ 9,472 $ 7,063 3 years Cash Flow $ 364,067 $ 248,247
    • 35. Unlimited Advantage Plan*
      • One year price guarantee
      • New flat-rate usage program
        • Unlimited calls
          • Domestic long distance
          • Local
          • Inbound*
          • Find Me / Follow Me
        • ISP Service for each T1
          • Web hosting
          • E-mail
        • All Dashboard services
        • Current rated plan still offered
        • Free DID porting for ALL new Covad Pro installations
      * Certain high usage businesses such as outbound call centers and predictive dialer applications are not eligible $ 54.95 Up to 24 $ 44.95 25-49 $ 37.95 50-99 $ 34.95 100 + Monthly Cost Stations
    • 36. Covad Unlimited Advantage Plan (optional slide)
      • Ideal for businesses that desire greater cost management
        • Provides expense predictability
        • Avoids seasonal spikes
        • Eliminates uncertainty
        • Includes Internet expense
        • Reduces toll charges
        • Simplifies billing statements
        • Alleviates department billing complexity
    • 37. Hardware Lease Options (optional slide)
      • Polycom $1,443
        • (90) IP500 IP phones
      • Cisco $1,682
        • (40) 7940 IP Phones
        • (50) 7960 IP Phones
      • Cisco $2,142
        • (90) 7960 IP Phones
      Note: each of the above configurations include powered ethernet switches, router, full turn-key installation, training, and Covad setup fees Note: leases above are 36 months, $1 buyout Low High Medium
    • 38. Why Select Covad?
    • 39. Benefits of Selecting Covad
      • Demonstrated expertise in IP-based applications and data solutions.
      • Proven success record of implementing services where the core business depends on voice and data services.
      • High level of knowledge and expertise of technology best practices.
      • Coverage throughout the US.
      • Partnerships with Sylantro, Cisco, Microsoft and Sun to integrate with new and existing Directory Services and Application Infrastructure.
      • Because of our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
    • 40. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
      • “ We are confident of our ability to provide a high quality solution that provides real value. If at any time you are not satisfied with your Covad service for any reason let us know right away. If we can’t make it right we will support your decision to discontinue Covad service and assist with the transition to another service provider. Earning your business everyday helps us stay focused on providing a valuable service that continues to meet your evolving needs.”
    • 41. Satisfied Customers
    • 42. Customer Spotlight: Color Spot
      • Wholesales horticultural products to warehouse stores
      • Locations: 9 offices, 409 stations (growing to 500)
      • Needed new PBX while cutting over $100k
      • High collaboration costs
      • Lack of salesperson productivity and accessibility
      • Why Color Spot chose Covad Pro:
      • Dashboard simplicity = productivity and convenience
      • Administrative costs lower via one vendor
      • 4-digit dialing = convenience and cost savings
      • Conferencing reduced travel expense
      • Savings over $500K in 3 years
      $524,191 $ Savings PBX Covad $1,809,735 $56,009 $284,267 $1,285,543 3-Year TCO $41,899 Monthly Fees $134,810 Setup Fees
    • 43. Customer Spotlight: Fox Racing Shox
      • Makes high-performance bicycle/motorcycle shocks
      • Locations: 1 office, 92 stations
      • PBX at capacity – wanted better scalability
      • Maintenance was becoming a distraction
      • Need for new system with lean capex budget
      • Lack of local vendors made MACs difficult and expensive
      • Why Fox Racing chose Covad ClearEdge Integrated Access
      • Able to meet capital budget
      • Simplicity of moves, adds, changes
      • Scalability of Covad system a plus for growing company
      • Dashboard highly desirable for administrative team
      $54,595 $ Savings PBX Covad $234,219 $5,724 $85,208 $179,624 3-Year TCO $4,945 Monthly Fees $47,719 Setup Fees
    • 44. Awards in 2005 Marketing Awards Product/Service Awards October 2005 Internet Telephony Best Hosted VoIP Provider Best SMB Provider Top 100 VoIP Provider January 2005 Internet Telephony Product of the Year for 2004 (Covad VoIP) April 2005 Cisco Brand Usage Recognition Best Integrated Campaign “ VoIP the Movie” April 2005 Cisco Partner Summit 2005 Service Provider Innovation Winner for 2004 September 2005 Frost & Sullivan 2005 Market Leadership Award (North American Hosted IP Telephony and VoIP Access Service) November 2005 Ad-Tech Finalist Best Search Marketing Campaign October 2005 Digital Marketing Gold Award Best Online/Offline Integrated Campaign “ The Ringing” July 2005 TMC Labs/Internet Telephony 2005 Innovation Award (Covad VoIP with Voice Optimized Access) October 2005 CEBA Creative Excellence in Business Advertising Finalist Single Page Ad “ Death by Dialtone” May 2005 CMP Media/VARBusiness Magazine Midmarket "Product of the Year" (Covad VoIP vPBX)
    • 45. What People Say About Our Products “ … not only snagged our Editor's Choice award, it did so handily. The folks who designed the service's Web front-end applications deserve a lot of the credit.. At the end of our testing, we found (it’s) stellar usability enough to take the Editor's Choice prize.” “… the first service in 2001 to combine high-quality voice with Internet functionality” Network Magazine - Product of the Year 2002 “… Voice over IP is not new, but (this) approach is offering an intuitive Web user interface with a host of features…” PC Magazine, June 26, 2001 “… a feature-rich business management tool, at an unbeatable price. It has helped us streamline call handling, and boost sales and service levels. Mike Pacelli - CIO, CarlsonWagonlit Travel “… some of the best capabilities in the industry. In addition to the cost -effective bundle of voice and data, the package includes the Dashboard, Find me, Instant Conferencing , unified messaging and presence management features.” Frost & Sullivan –Marketing Leadership Award 2003 and 2005
    • 46. “ The high price of a PBX always concerned me. That’s why I went looking for a better alternative. I’m glad I found Covad. From a systems point of view, they gave us many advantages: fast setup time, ease of implementation, continual upgrades, really low labor cost and we didn’t have to buy a lot of equipment. Our people love the features. Any new offices, we’ll be going Covad.” Dan Nutley, Director of Internet Technology, Home Savings Mortgage   “We consider them a business partner. We honestly do. Very few suppliers are as easy to do business with --- particularly phone companies. Covad has given us flexibility, the ability to implement marketing and customer service programs that we couldn’t do otherwise. Covad is very feature-rich yet it is also very affordable. Besides being reliable, Covad is very responsive to our needs. When I have a question or a problem, which is rare, I can pick up a phone and talk to a human being!” Mike Pacelli, VP and CIO, Atlantic-Pacific Carlson Wagonlit Corporate Travel “The cost savings we get are much less important to me compared to the operational gains. We’re running a multi-multi-million dollar business and spend a very small portion of our revenue for telecom. Effective communications is critical to our success. Covad gives us a comprehensive and reliable phone and data system, and that’s key. They certainly have made us more efficient, and give a great deal of logistical and operational support to our business.” Paul Loeffel, Chief Financial Officer, Anthony Vineyards, Inc. Customers Speak for Themselves
    • 47. “ Covad gives us a far more powerful phone service that perfectly complements our growth and sales strategy. And the total package of local, long distance and Internet service makes far more sense for us than dealing with a variety of vendors.” Steve Ellenburg, Chief Information Officer, Color Spot Nurseries   “Covad really helps us in recruiting. Once an agent sees what our agents can do with their phones, they want to be part of our organization. It’s a tremendous advantage. And the ease, convenience, as well as the features are so great for my business. So when we had to expand into a second location, I never gave it a second thought: Covad was the solution. Telecom’s a huge part of my business. That’s why I’m with Covad.” Phil Limon, Owner, RE/MAX Online   “You just don’t understand the power of the Covad solution until you start to use it. The flexibility is incredible. It’s easy to use and you can do a whole lot more with it. It’s also absolutely reliable, and my monthly charges are significantly less. We’ve upgraded our capabilities for lower cost --- what’s not to like? Covad is one of those tools that makes life more comfortable.” Lee J. Schweichler, President, Schweichler & Associates Customers Speak for Themselves
    • 48. “ Covad allows me to manage my phone system from my desk. I have two facilities ten and forty miles away. I’m able to take care of them from here, and I don’t have to call anybody to get things done. The technology is excellent. There’s no need for big switches or huge capital expense. New features just show up. And my bill stays the same every month. I like that.” Brian Goodell, Director of MIS, Bakersfield Family Medical Center “We’ve had Covad service for over a year and continue to be very pleased. We continue to benefit from Covad’s steady stream of new features and have not found any other service or product that comes close to providing the functionality. We will be moving to a new location later this year and fully intend to take Covad with us.” Bob Musor, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Viaquo “Many of our employees were comfortable with our existing voice system. I was concerned about employee downtime while learning a new phone system. Once employees sampled Covad’s easy-to-use features, the transition was automatic, and the increased efficiency immediate. The biggest surprise is that our voice quality with Covad is higher and more reliable than with our previous system.” Dave Laukat, Chief Executive Officer, ecFood   Customers Speak for Themselves
    • 49. “ We operate 24/7, and Covad backs us up with support 24/7. They’re easy to work with, and very responsive.” Jim Chase, Information Technology Manager, Anthony Vineyards, Inc.   “The self-management is terrific. We’re growing rapidly, and we wanted a provider who wouldn’t charge us for simply moving a phone. Now we can make all our own moves, adds and changes, for free. The features are excellent. I’m very, very satisfied with the Covad technology. And I can’t say enough about the people and the service.” Wayne Hall, Owner, Keller Williams Franchise   “I rely on Covad. My business is 90% corporate and we have clients all over the country. The phone system is my whole business --- we have to have a working system. With Covad, I don’t need to worry.” David Redman, Vice President, Carlson Wagonlit Corporate Travel “Covad really streamlined our business. It’s easy to use, and very reliable. The business is 99% dependent on our telecom service. It has to work. Covad works.” Bob Loyst, Vice President, Bay Area Produce Customers Speak for Themselves
    • 50.   “ Frequent phone interaction is vital to our success. When people have the tools they need to work efficiently, everyone wins --- employees, customers, and the business itself. Covad has helped us seal the deal on all those fronts.” Tom Anthony, Chief Financial Officer, Floor Seal Technology “ This is where phone systems should be. The technology is very sound, and the total cost of ownership really makes sense. Covad is a great company. Support is several steps above anything I’ve ever received from other phone companies. And their solution is so easy to grow with. It just works.” Naseem Choudhury, Information Technology Manager, IronPort Systems Customers Speak for Themselves
    • 51. Proposed Next Steps and Schedule
    • 52. Covad & Williams Commitment
      • To determine the answer to the following questions:
      • Was there a valid application for the Covad solution at Williams Real Estate?
      • How precisely would Williams Real Estate benefit from a Covad solution in terms of communications and productivity improvements, as well as hard dollar financial justification?
      • Covad:
      • Expend the resources to discover the answers to these two questions.
      • Present findings and make recommendation on how to proceed
    • 53. Next Steps
      • Executive approval of Covad Solution – July 19, 2006
      • Covad presents revised proposal, if required. – July 19, 2006
      • Williams Real Estate executes customer agreement – July 19, 2006
      • Covad has placed circuit orders for Los Angeles and Sacramento locations – target install of September 15, 2006
      • Covad will manage & coordinate complete installation. Service activation projected based on 60 – day standard interval
      • Covad will provide on-site training of all your employees. Remote users can attend training in person, or we can coordinate a separate web-based training session
    • 54. For questions, please call Susan Jenkins (925) 555-3333