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Catapult thought leadership presentation western district conference  - v2 (td)
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Catapult thought leadership presentation western district conference - v2 (td)


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Staking a MarketLeading Position ThroughPublic RelationsPresented to PRSA Western District Conference March 13, 2012
  • 2. Presentation Overview• Objectives – Provide attendees with overview of components to market leadership program – Explain how to create a market leadership position for your client or organization – Outline practical ideas PR Pros can immediately put to use – Real world case studies – Q&A & group insights and interaction
  • 3. What is a Leader? “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Adams 3
  • 4. Market LeaderWhat Is It and How Do I Become One?
  • 5. Perceived Market Leaders – BUT WHY?
  • 6. Market Leadership Perception is reality!
  • 7. Large or Small IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!
  • 8. What is Thought Leadership? • One element of a successful brand leadership strategy • More than just making a claim that you are the best in your industry • Can help you earn respect from reporters & also build trust, credibility and your brand with your customers • Positions your organization as a subject matter expert that is sought out for commentarySource:
  • 9. Thought Leadership Approach• Points to consider in establishing your thought leadership position:  Does it support your organizational objectives?  What does your organization stand for?  What is your area of focus?  What is your organization’s history (legacy)  What ties your products and services together, what’s consistent?  How do your competitors describe themselves?  What can you uniquely claim (that you can support!)
  • 10. Thought LeadershipAct like THE LEADER in what you say and do, period!
  • 11. Positioning & Messaging FormulaCreated by marketing guru Geoff Moore in “Crossing the Chasm” adozen years ago:•For (target customer)•Who (statement of need or opportunity)•The (product name) is a (product category)•That (statement of key benefit – that is compelling reason to buy)•Unlike (primary competitive alternative)•Our product (statement of primary differentiation)This marketing positioning formula guides you to reflect on thetargets and value of your business to a customer.
  • 12. Media Relations:Create relationshipsNews releases reinforce keymessaging statements and havesteady cadence of issuanceAll discussions w/ mediamirror key messages (simplify)Coverage incorporates keymessages
  • 13. Analyst RelationsInfluence the influencersGet positioning and leadershipmessages included in key industryreportsUtilize analysts as third-partyreferences to echo company’sleadership stanceInclude analyst quotes inannouncements
  • 14. Strategic Messaging:Weave throughout allcompany materials (PR,marketing, advertising,website, social media)Ensure consistency amongcompany spokespersonsMake it simple (andmemorable!) but defensible
  • 15. Content MarketingSelf-publish your company’sstory!Relevant, quality content isgold to journalists and editors!Create stream of contributedarticles for placementTap Op-Ed opportunitiesBecome the subject matter expert
  • 16. Thought LeadershipSpeaking, speaking, speakingAwards programsHave others do the talkingfor you (case studies, partnerprograms, reviewers, bloggers, etc.)
  • 17. Social MediaDevelop social media strategyand program that incorporatesyour messagingTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,YouTube, etc.Have other internal “subjectmatter experts” tweet, post andblogPromote all your PR andmarketing programs via social media
  • 18. Leverage Social Media ForThought Leadership#1 Micro sites on key thought leadership topics of interest to yourorganization#2 Secure Twitter hashtags (ex: MVaaS)#3 Create Video Scribe#4 Blogs#5 Video Sharing Sites i.e. YouTube#6 Podcasts#7 Forums#8 User Groups#9 Message Boards#10 Linked In Groups 19
  • 19. How Do I Use This In The Real World?
  • 20. Danube Case Study – RepositionedCompany from Services to Product Company in 18 months!
  • 21. Executed Danube = Scrum Strategy• Revised positioning & messaging to align with company goals• Reiterated messaging in steady drumbeat of news announcements• Strong analyst relations – needed for 3rd party; also for market research reports• Major PR pushes (launches) several times• Significant by-lined article program -- more than 50 by-lined articles placed in 18 months! Tight, consistent positioning helped complete exit strategy via acquisition in less than two years!
  • 22. Danube’s Corporate Messaging FiltersInto Thought Leadership Program• Danube Technologies = Scrum – Projects @ Work: “Scrum Drives Agile Movement” – “Defining Done in Scrum” – DZone: “Responsiveness in the ScrumWorks Community” – “How to Adopt Scrum: A Better Approach to Project Management” – “Scrum Team and Metrics”
  • 23. Danube News Releases/Coverage DANUBE TECHNOLOGIES RESPONDS TO SCRUMWORKS COMMUNITY INPUT WITH ENHANCEMENTS TO SCRUMWORKS PRO Leader in Scrum project and program management tools adds print capability, theme filtering, and reporting improvements BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 2, 2009—Danube Technologies, Inc., the leader in project management tools and training for the Scrum project management framework, today announced new reporting, theme filtering, printing, and resource allocation reporting to its ScrumWorks® Pro product. The result of user input from Danube’s Community Portal at ( new features build on the enterprise capabilities launched in ScrumWorks 4 and demonstrate Danube’s commitment to listening and responding quickly to customer feedback to advance Scrum practices across large-scale deployments.
  • 24. Danube News Releases/Coverage CollabNet Acquires Danube Acquisition of Worldwide Scrum Project Management Leader Uniquely Positions CollabNet to Lead the Agile ALM Market BRISBANE, Calif., Feb. 22, 2010—CollabNet, the leader in Agile application lifecycle management (Agile ALM), announced today that it has acquired Danube, the worldwide leader in Scrum project management solutions. Danube offers the industry- leading ScrumWorks Pro software for Agile project and program management and provides training, certification, coaching, and consulting services to organizations implementing Agile. The Danube acquisition uniquely positions CollabNet as a leader in the emerging Agile ALM market. CollabNet and Danube assist more software development teams with collaborative, distributed, and Agile ALM projects than any other company in the world. The terms of the deal are confidential.
  • 25. Message Filtered Into Stories
  • 26. Scrum Positioning Filters Into Stories
  • 27. ‘CollabNet Goes Agile, AcquiresDanube’
  • 28. Customer Quote – Danube “The impact of our media and analyst relations had a tremendous impact on the success of our business and, without question, played a significant role in Danube and CollabNet coming together as the two leaders in their respective markets,” explained Laszlo Szalvay, former CEO and co-founder of Danube and GM of CollabNet. “As a self-funded technology start- up, the investment we made in PR reached far beyond my initial perception of standard ROI, and delivered a much higher level of value through all of the effort that went into building and positioning Danube as the clear leader in Scrum.”
  • 29. Sonic Foundry Case Study: From‘Mohawks to the Boardroom’ in just two years! Sonic Foundry = Rich Media
  • 30. Late 2001: Provider of DesktopSoftware
  • 31. End of 2001: Enter Gov’t Market SONIC FOUNDRY TO EXPAND OFFERING FOR GOVERNMENT SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE MARKETPLACE Twenty million dollars of government- and corporate-funded research in multi-dimensional biometric analysis technology to be commercialized MADISON, Wis., November 19, 2001 – Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ: SOFO), a leading provider of rich media software, systems and services, will demonstrate new software designed to help government agencies streamline the capture, analysis and management of disparate types of media – including both live and archived speech, video, biometric, text and database information – at the upcoming Government Video Technology Expo in Washington, D.C. (Booth #835) on November 28-29, 2001. The software is the result of the core technologies integration of Sonic Foundry’s industry leading media capture and production capability and the recently acquired MediaSite expertise in indexing, analyzing and understanding media and biometric information. Sonic Foundry completed the acquisition of MediaSite just one month ago. The Company is providing an offering to enhance enterprise-based biometric and media storage and analysis applications for surveillance, pre-screening, data scanning and random security checks, that help government agencies effectively manage, and analyze disparate media types -- such as fingerprints, face scans, video files and voice prints -- with a single and cost effective platform. MediaSite’s core technology was derived from a Carnegie Mellon University research effort funded by leading government agencies and private corporations, including NASA, DARPA, NSF, Bell Atlantic, Boeing, CNN, Intel and Microsoft. It spans seven years of research, representing more than $20 million in research investment. MediaSite brings a solid base of government experience and customers to Sonic Foundry’s coffer, including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Command (JTASC) and Office of Naval Research. The National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Commerce also funded MediaSite to develop systems for real-time indexing and retrieval of unstructured
  • 32. Established Credibility• Sonic Foundry had no presence or credibility in the government space• Used relationship with newly acquired company and Carnegie Mellon to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of government market• Used Dean from CMU and Pittsburgh exec as company spokespersons• Created corporate messaging that helped integrate the new story• Tied new product offering to national trends (9/11)
  • 33. Early 2002: Ride National TrendsNATIONAL ID CARD MANDATE HEATS UP, YET INDUSTRY EXPERTS STILL SEE GAPSCarnegie Mellon researchers say a complete profile should include multiple biometrics, data and videoWHO: Howard D. Wactlar Vice Provost for Research Computing and Associate Dean School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Project Director of the Informedia Project, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Krishna Pendyala Senior Vice President, Strategy, Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ: SOFO), Former Assistant Director of the Informedia Digital Video Library Project, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon UniversityWHAT: This week’s proposal for a national identification card system is being debated throughout the county — online, on the air, in print and at the water cooler. At the heart of the matter is determining who someone is. The challenge in doing so is that every official document used for identification purposes — Social Security card, birth certificate, passport, driver’s license — has proven unreliable in answering that question. They’re all too easy to obtain, forge and manipulate. Face-recognition technology, while generating considerable interest of late, has its own shortcomings; namely that, at best, it only provides a one- dimensional view of individuals. Born out of seven years of research at Carnegie Mellon University comes the Unified Security View by S Sonic Foundry, a far more comprehensive solution that would allow law enforcement and government agencies to access, compile and cross-index various forms of data from disparate databases, and then quickly build a multimedia profile of an individual comprised of biometrics, such as facial scans, voice prints, retinal scans and fingerprints, with text information, such as country of origin, reason for entering country and travel history. The aggregation and analysis of this type of information over time would have a profound impact on the effectiveness of security applications. It is one thing to change the name and picture on an ID card, changing the name, face, finger print, voice print and travel patterns so as not to make a match with another record and send up a red flag is quite another.
  • 34. Mid-2002: Added CredibilitySONIC FOUNDRY TO HOLD CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING TODAYON ALTERNATIVE TO NATIONAL ID CARD Briefing to take place in Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2226, on Capitol HillWHO: Representatives (sponsors) from: Sonic Foundry, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), rich media experts Congress (several U.S. Senators and Representatives) Dept. of Commerce (Benjamin Wu, Deputy Under Secretary for Technology) Carnegie Mellon University, College of Computer ScienceWHAT: Present ideas and a technology demonstration that offer an alternative to the current proposed National ID Card systemWHERE: Capitol Hill -- Rayburn House Office Building Room 2226 Washington, DCWHY: Proponents of the National ID Card system view it as a key component to ensuring our nation’s security and accurately identifying potentially threatening individuals. However, when one considers the time, money and legislation it will take to issue, track and read such a card – for all U.S. citizens – it becomes obvious that such a system, unfortunately, is, at best, many years away. A more realistic and timely alternative is to manage biometric data in secure, existing databases, as opposed to directly embedding information into an entirely new type of card. This system could then take full advantage of existing forms of IDs – such as driver’s licenses and passports – and avoid the issuance of biometric-enabled cards and readers. Sonic Foundry, Inc., a rich media company with roots in managing the massive amounts of digital content for the data-intensive entertainment industry, has developed a complete system that captures and manages multiple forms of biometric, media and text information as part of a single, unified identification dossier – that can be used today to compare and build upon information that resides in existing databases. Sonic Foundry’s security and surveillance platform is derived from a seven-year, $20 million Carnegie Mellon University research effort funded by leading government agencies and private corporations, including NASA, DARPA, NSF, Bell Atlantic, Boeing, CNN, Intel and Microsoft.
  • 35. 2003: Evolving to new messaging SONIC FOUNDRY SETS SIGHTS ON RAPIDLY EMERGING RICH MEDIA MARKET AS THE NEXT CHAPTER IN COMPANY’S EVOLUTION Software developer of standard-setting Sound Forge, ACID and Vegas titles, breaks new ground with emerging media technology for the enterprise MADISON, WI, May 19, 2003 – With the announced pending sale of its Sound Forge®, ACID® and Vegas® series of software titles, along with its completed sale of entertainment media products and services, Sonic Foundry continues its bold business strategy that will take it into new markets while, at the same time, leverages the very creative and innovative roots that formed the genesis of the company’s founding in 1991. Rimas Buinevicius, chairman and CEO, says the company plans to use its new financial leverage (see recent releases “Sony Pictures Digital To Buy” and “Sonic Foundry Sells Its Entertainment Business”) and sharpened focus to set the standard for an emerging technology – rich-media creation, management and distribution systems for the enterprise (rich media is defined as audio, video, text and graphics combined and streamed over the Internet). “Sonic Foundry always has represented technical innovation, fresh ideas and taking an unconventional approach to software design that results in intuitiveness and ease-of-use for the end-user,” said Buinevicius. “Those ideals, and that passion, will continue as the foundation from which we move forward with products like our Web presentation system, MediaSite Live™ and other rich-media solutions we develop for the enterprise.
  • 36. Mid-2003: PR Turning PointSONY PICTURES DIGITAL TO BUYDESKTOP SOFTWARE ASSETS OF SONIC FOUNDRYCULVER CITY, CA & MADISON, WI – MAY 2, 2003 – Sony Pictures Digital and Sonic Foundry®, Inc. (NASDAQ:SOFO) announced today Sony Pictures Digital has struck an agreement to purchase all of Sonic Foundry’s desktop software products and related assets for $18 million cash and assumption of certain trade payables, accrued liabilities and capital leases associated with the desktop software business. “During the past three years, we have come to recognize and admire Sonic Foundrys engineering expertise and value their software applications. We are excited to integrate this world-class team and their products into our ongoing efforts to produce and deliver the next generation of consumer entertainment services,” said Patrick Kennedy, executive vice president of Sony Pictures Digital. “The sale of our music and video digital software products is a key milestone in Sonic Foundrys history,” said Rimas Buinevicius, chairman and CEO of Sonic Foundry. “We couldnt pick a better partner than Sony Pictures Digital to carry on the same passion and success weve achieved over the past 12 years,” he said. “Consummation of this agreement will give us the cash we need to pay our debt and allow us to focus our attention on writing the next successful chapter of Sonic Foundry’s story – rich media – and building upon the early success we’ve already achieved with our Web presentation solution, Media Site Live™.”
  • 37. Step 6: Hammer the new message
  • 38. Establishing Leadership PositionSONIC FOUNDRY TRIPLES REVENUES IN FISCAL 2004 MADISON, WI – Dec. 2, 2004 – Sonic Foundry®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), a leading rich media solutions company, today announced results for its 2004 fiscal year, including a number of key milestones in revenues, customers, markets and technology. During fiscal 2004, Sonic Foundry effectively rebuilt itself – transforming from a rejuvenated start-up into one of the industry’s top rich media technology providers.
  • 39. Media & Analysts Agree. . .
  • 40. Tapped Third Parties• Customer wins and case studies• Product reviews• Industry analysts, consultants and other influencers• Awards – in fact, developed our own!
  • 41. Rich Media Impact Awards
  • 42. Bottom Line? Established not only a leadership position, but a whole new market category of rich media! Validated by media, analysts and other companies entering the market.
  • 43. Market Leadership via PR• Play to your organization’s unique strengths• Craft messaging that articulates your strengths and positions you clearly against your competition• Use your PR and social media arsenal to drive home your market leadership position (3rd parties, consistent messaging, coverage, confidence in everything you do)• Hammer the message home and demonstrate it with results• PR is a very efficient and cost-effective tool for establishing a market leading position
  • 44. Remember. . . Pick a Market PositionYou Can Own & Defend Danube = Scrum Sonic Foundry = Rich Media
  • 45. Catapult PR-IR Questions?Terri Douglas Christie Denniston, APRCo-founder & Principal Senior Director@tdouglas @prhightech
  • 46. THANK YOU!!!!