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General Questions    1.   What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013 – 2014?From the beginnin...
3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC in Romania, what is the role of AIESEC in Romania?Based on that, how can AIES...
   big number of unemployed young people in Romania and other countries- campaigns for sub        products on oGIP and oG...
5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizationsfor 2013 – 2014 terms (have...
Some of the key milestones that I commit to strive for during the next term in order to achieve my visionfor the ’13-’14 a...
double than the last term)Number of awards received nationally or locally   Like every year, and the last term we applied ...
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5. general questions zbirn catalina


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Transcript of "5. general questions zbirn catalina"

  1. 1. General Questions 1. What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013 – 2014?From the beginning of my term till the end of it the reasons for which I wanted to apply in the MC have notchanged but increased. If at the beginning of my term the only one reason to apply in the MC was thepassion for AIESEC and the mindset of doing things properly, after months of starting to know people fromthe network, of understanding better the area and thanks to the fact that I was in the NST the reasons havebecome more relevant and many. Due to the results of me and my teams, due to the work in the NST andunderstanding of the area and I came to the certainty that I am able to do something that can bring animpact and take to performance this area.To make it short, my reasons to apply in the MC of AIESEC in Romania are:  Determination to do something that has an impact and brings performance  Passion for AIESEC and AD area  People and values oriented towards achieving same objectives  Impact and benefits that this area can bring in AIESEC 2. What is the leadership that the World & Romania is expecting from AIESEC?I will split the answer to this question in: what the world and Romania expects from the leadership conceptand what should we do in order to get there.From discussion that I had with externals and Alumni I got to the conclusion that the world’sexpectations are split. There are people that still expect from AIESEC those change agents, those trueleaders that will change everything in the companies, businesses they will work or fund, and there are theother ones, that don’t expect any more from AIESEC those change agents. Why this? Because the timeshave changed, the generations have changed and also the perspectives. We are not anymore viewed asproviders of qualitative leaders, now the people before hiring an AIESEC-er think twice.The whole world expects leaders that know how to do things, know how to make others implement andmotivates them day by day to be in the teams. Also are expected leaders that have as a strategy “doingthings” , and do them by example, and not only establish strategies and directions.Analyzing what leadership has AIESEC in Romania now and what the world expects we can get to theconclusion that we are not anymore exactly the leaders that are wanted. We are not far from that but wehave to work a lot to get there and even exceed their expectations.What I think that we should do in order to get there is first have a strong organizational culture regardingvalues, vision, why, how, what we do it, what are our main products. More exactly we need a betterunderstanding of the organization, strong education cycle for members so that they generate well preparedleaders. The next step after preparing them is to give or choose members on the right positions for themand based on their leadership style or way of working. This needs a better knowing of our members and astrong understanding of each projects need. And looking at what projects we are trying to do, both nationaland local, I get to the conclusion that for the future we need charismatic leaders, cultural and performingones that will lead the organization and its leaders from D2 to D4. Having qualitative leaders that believe and show values and AIESEC spirit we will sure have thechange agents and leaders that the world is expecting from us.
  2. 2. 3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC in Romania, what is the role of AIESEC in Romania?Based on that, how can AIESEC in Romania be more relevant? Strengths Weaknesses Implementing the GIP sub products Almost all LCs missed the realization peak Growth in TMP, TLP for oGCDP Growth in oGCDP, iGIP Only 15-20% of our incomes come from 2 new national AIESEC projects ( Academy and exchange programs Rebranders) Most of the objectives realized by a small Pilot country for the implementation of NPS number of LCs (78% of oGCDP by 3 LCs; 50% Positive cash flow in the MC of iGIP by 2 LCs) Sales done by MC for international conferences – Low members efficiency on exchange Iashington, EuroCo programs Preparations for EB wanna be delivered by the NCD projects are not self-sustainable MC Lower results than the previous year in National CRM system iGCDP and oGIP Nationally aligned recruitments (members & 5 LCs without membership exchange) 1 LC closed VP AD or Alumni responsible in many LCs CRM – low percentage of usage National raising campaign on alumni Small percentage or no implementation of development the NPS in all the areas Functional NST on each area Few alumni directly involved in exchange Regional/ GN strong conferences VP communication, not in all the LCs Small percent of profit from the Alumni area Opportunities ThreatsPartnerships with universities Most of the big companies have partnershipsBig number of unemployed young people in directly to the universitiesRomania and other European countries (Greece, Work & Travel, ERASMUS and other recruitmentBulgaria, Slovakia,etc.) companiesLow living costs in Romania GIP legalityYouth interested more and more about traveling Other NGOs that develop their productsGovernmental relations continuouslyThe ERASMUS program is close to its end Small rate of youngsters that pass the BAC The instable political situation from Romania at the momentLooking at what we did this year as AIESEC, at the vision we had, I think that this year we were focusedmore on “act to achieve our potential”, develop strategies, establish processes, and become a national teamthat works for the same goals. So our role this year in Romania was to develop more our memberswhich further through their actions will bring the impact that AIESEC wants.What I think we should for the next year in order for AIESEC to be more relevant in Romania is continuethe implementation of our strengths, improve our weaknesses, built on opportunities that come acrossand transform the threats opportunities. For example we can take each opportunity and capitalize on itwith the help of our partners and Alumni:  partnerships with universities- use them in order to bring internationals for Rebranders, to assure accommodation etc
  3. 3.  big number of unemployed young people in Romania and other countries- campaigns for sub products on oGIP and oGCDP  ERASMUS close to its end – taking into consideration that it was one of our main competitors we can capitalize on their students marketAlso, as I said, we can transform the threats into opportunities:  other NGO’s that develop their products continuously- create PBoX-es together in order to generate GCDPi  ERASMUS recruitments- partnership with them in order for people that go on this program to be CEED-ers in that country  small number of people that pass the BAC- connect the ones that pass with AIESEC through EwA, make projects and summer camps for them in order to have a well prepared pool of people for the recruitment4. AIESEC Romania is halfway towards our 2015 midterm ambition. Evaluate our key achievementsfrom 2010 and key things that should happen in the next 3 years. From discussions with the MC and LCP’s I got to the conclusion that our key achievements for half ofthe way towards 2015 midterm ambition are:  Implementing global drivers from AI: sub products for GIP, NPS, EWA, LLC  Measurement & growth in TMP & TLP programs  Implementing LEAD for EB’s  Defining & measurement of EwA & LLC  Focus on alumni : VP Alumni Development in each LC  Project based structure  Culture of ONE Romania  Positive cash flow for the MC Thinking at 2015’s statements and analyzing our achievements until now I can see that each and one of them is framed in one of the statements:  Our growing physical and virtual reach => sub products for GIP, EwA, Global Citizen, Special Units (Bucharest)  Our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership => LEAD for EB’s  Our collaborative environment => ONE Romania culture  High quality experiences => NPS Pilot What should we, as AIESEC Romania do in the next years in order to achieve at their true potential all the statements of 2015 midterm ambition is:  Focus on growing the quality of TMP&TLP experiences through performance on GIP&GCDP(high qualitative experiences)  Continue the implementing of NPS score with high results ( first choice partner)  National education plan for EB’s and people with leadership positions ( develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership)  Focus on product development on each of our areas/stakeholders =>for EwA, LLC etc ( growing our physical and virtual reach)
  4. 4. 5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizationsfor 2013 – 2014 terms (have in mind the connection between our products and externalenvironment).This year (2012), until now, the number of realizations for each program of ELD was not very satisfying. Wehave good numbers only for TLP( 482 on 21 November from 651 planned), GCDPo ( 172 from 206) and GIPi (27 from 28). So the problems are for TMP, GCDPi and GIPo. What we could do in order to increase thenumber of experiences delivered for these programs are not only changes but also implementation of somesimple processes:TMP Record on the platform all the experiences Implement Allocate the members on the right projects not allocate them because we have no members to apply Preparation programs based on needs Develop assessmentGCDPi Develop and implement relevant projects Develop both for AIESEC and for society by ourselves or together with other NGO’s Develop and implement product development that generates money for sustaining PBoXes Make the existing PBoXes self-sustainable Implement through grants, sales or good financial managementGIPo Maintain and have focus on current sub Implement products Internal campaign for H4TF members and Develop young Alumni Partnerships with the universities that have students which could go on GIPo program6. What will AIESEC in Romania remember about 2013 – 2014 term? Describe which will be the keymilestones you commit to strive for during next term.This year, when the new MC started their term and when we as EB’s started our term I wanted from US-AIESEC Romania to be remembered for being the generation that believes and shows her values, thatbrings impact through qualitative experiences. I envisioned that through: leading by example and have wellprepared members, establish and develop long term partnerships, deliver our promises, increase thenumber of exchange experiences, be self-sustainable and get to a positive cash flow at national level.Analyzing the year that has passed I can say that I envision almost the same things for 2013-2014: be a stronggeneration that takes action based on structures and values,that knows how to use the opportunities inorder to bring performance.
  5. 5. Some of the key milestones that I commit to strive for during the next term in order to achieve my visionfor the ’13-’14 are:  Implement product development to generate money to invest in exchange growth in the first quarter of my term and even during transition (Alumni fund)  Implement product development/strategy for H4TF area in order to generate exchange in each quarter  Implement direction of GIPi during the whole term in order to increase the number of deliveries to and with the help of Alumni  Implement event management strategy in order to generate profit from conferences/events during the transition and further during the term  Involve Alumni more in the education cycle of members in the first quarter( coaching and mentoring system, constant trainings and conferences delivered by Alumni)  Constant feedback from Alumni for programs and product developments7. In 2014, AIESEC in Romania is the winner of the Global Excellence UBS award. Explain why.“Taking into consideration the criteria for winning the Global Excellence UBS Award and the achievementsthat we had during 2013-2014 in AIESEC Romania, our country this year has won this unexpected prize. It’san honor for us, especially that we haven’t received this prize since 2006.What was the main thing that made us apply for the prize even if we thought we have no chances was thedetermination with which we have worked this year and the passion for AIESEC. Beside the results I thinkthat our vision as AIESEC Romania was the one that brought us the prize: “A strong organization with aculture headed towards offering qualitative experiences and bringing an impact.”And the results that brought us this prize are:Criteria for Global UBS Award AIESEC in Romania resultsAbsolute growth in GIP,GCDP, TMP & TLP  Growth with 2000 TMP experiences (doubleexperiences delivery than the ones from 2012-2013)  Growth with 500 TLP experiences (double than the ones from 2012-2013)  Growth with 500 GCDPi and outgoing experiences (double than the ones from the last term)  Growth with 250 GIPi and outgoing experiences (more than double from the previous term)Growth in months of reserves over the last term In the last two terms we had a growth in months of reserves. In the last term we have grown with more than one year in reserves thanks to the positive cash flow left from the last term and from the incomes that we had at both national and local level on projects/conferences.Absolute growth in the number of members with Thanks to the strategy from the HR area from theboth exchange(GCDP or GIP) and team ( TMP or last year based on having integrated experiences theTLP ) experiences realized in the last term number of members with both experiences grew with 60 in the last term( which means more than
  6. 6. double than the last term)Number of awards received nationally or locally Like every year, and the last term we applied forform external organizations/ entities several prizes, both national and local level. Our impact and achievements made us win 10 prizes at local level and 3 at national level which represents more than we have won the last 3 terms.Months of financial reserves Due to our self-sustainable projects, good financial management, long term partnerships we don’t have to worry about being forced to survive only with our financial reserves.Quality Index / NPS score In 2012-2013 we were just piloting the NPS score with a high score. In the last term the number of exchange experiences grew and also their quality. So now the grade at national level for NPS score is 9.50.