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Learn more about author Garth Nix and the books in his Keys to the Kingdom series

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Garth Nix

  1. 1. Garth NixAuthor
  2. 2. • Born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia• He’s had many different jobs, including book editor, bookseller, and part-time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve• He writes award-winning fantasy novels• He’s sold more than 5 million copies worldwide• He lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and 2 childrenBiography
  3. 3. Garth Nix BooksArthur Penhaligon, destined to die at a youngage, is saved by a key shaped like the minutehand of a clock, but his survival invokes thewrath of the mysterious Mister Monday whowill stop at nothing to get the key back, andArthur is forced into a desperate quest tounravel the secrets of the key and discover histrue fate. The Keys to the Kingdom Series
  4. 4. Arthur, having survived an encounter with astrange house that nearly killed him onMonday, has to return again when his familyand the entire world is threatened by GrimTuesday. The Keys to the Kingdom
  5. 5. Everyone is after Arthur Penhaligon including strange pirates, shadowy creatures, and Drowned Wednesday, whose gluttony threatens both her world and Arthurs.The Keys to the Kingdom
  6. 6. When Arthur is drafted into the Glorious Armyof the Architect by Sir Thursday, he mustsurvive basic training, avoid getting posted tothe Front, and figure out how to free Part Fourof the Will, while Leaf tries to banish Arthursdoppleganger on Earth. The Keys to the Kingdom
  7. 7. Still holding the fourth key, Arthur Penhaligon receives a suspicious offer from Lady Friday and travels to the Middle House to find out if he should accept it.The Keys to the Kingdom
  8. 8. Even as he grows stronger and closer todiscovering the secret of his identity, Arthurmust face further dangers and conflicts as hestruggles to attain the Sixth Key from thepowerful Saturday. The Keys to the Kingdom
  9. 9. As Arthur Penhaligon seeks to find the seventhkey, complete his quest to save the Kingdom towhich he is heir, and learn his true identity, hediscovers that he has a greater purpose than hecould have imagined. The Keys to the Kindgom
  10. 10. Sabriel, daughter of the necromancerAbhorsen, must journey into the mysteriousand magical Old Kingdom to rescue her fatherfrom the Land of the Dead.Abhorsen Trilogy, Book #1
  11. 11. •••• Websites
  12. 12. • In the LTE Library!• Look for F NIX in the Fiction SectionWhere can I find books byGarth Nix?
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