Web Development News Trends Information, by Claude Penland


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Web Development News Trends Information from ClaudePenland.com

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Web Development News Trends Information, by Claude Penland

  1. 1. Web Development News and Trends as of Year-End 20101. Google Gains Access to European Patent Databases2. About.Me Officially Launches3. So How Do You Build an Insurance-Related Company on the Web?4. Chinaccelerator Launches Six New Startups5. Seventy Databases that are Really, Really Important6. There are at least twenty-five reasons why visitors leave websites immediately7. Wicked Start is a NY-based Startup helping Startups8. U.S. Small Business Administration Launches Redesigned Website9. WordPress.com’s Parent Has Revenue of $10 Million Per Year10. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich Plans to Simulate Earth11. myHeureka Launched to Protect Ideas and Inventions12. New York Startup has a Twist on Divorce and is Hiring for Several Spots13. When Building Startups, Witness the Power of Blogging14. “Google Editions” Launching15. Create Five PowerPoint Slides, Receive $10,000,00016. Ask Legal Questions at LawPivot.com17. Courseload LLC is a startup for digital textbooks18. The Economics of Seinfeld at YadaYadaYadaEcon.com19. New Twitter “Who to Follow” People Directory
  2. 2. 20. Are you recruiting on Facebook? Check out Work4Labs.21. Recruiting.com sold to Jobing22. Wanted Technologies’ New Tool Estimates Number of Candidates Per Job23. How Do You Build a Data Startup?24. Analyze 50% of Tweets for $360K/year25. Get Feedback on Website Changes Before You Make the Changes26. NUvention Helps Northwestern University Students Create Startups27. Own a website? Ning launches social network features for it.28. Create a Tag Cloud with http://TagCrowd.com , Using Any Website or Text29. DeusM Creates Online Communities for Clients30. TwitSpy is Google Maps plus Twitter Public Timeline Stream in Real Time31. Domain Names That End in .LY May Be Endangered32. Fabulis 2.0 Gay Social Network Launches. Facebook Twitter FoursquareGroupon Yammer Mix.33. Web Startup Private Valuations Are Accelerating34. StartupQuote Launched, Features Quotes from Company Founders35. 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make36. Facebook overhauls their Like button. Can Like within Apps, apply to Pages,and Count.37. News.me to be launched by New York Times later this year38. DataSphere raises $10 million for Local News software. Patch.com coming, too.
  3. 3. 39. Web Developer Jobs trend graph, last 5 years40. Web Marketing jobs trend graph, last 5 years41. Discover Eight Hot New Photo Startups on the Web42. How to Improve Your Web Marketing, These 9 New Ways43. Launch a Web Startup for less than $2,000 in 10 Steps44. 7 New Types of Websites to Place Classified Advertisements45. 7 More Reasons to Use Twitter: Seven New, Neat Twitter-Related Websites46. How To Get More Out of Facebook: 8 New Websites Show You How47. Buddypress enables you to create online communities around WordPress48. Songwhale, connects companies to customers through texting49. 5 Resources to Manage Multi-Author Blogs50. 5 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks51. YouTube Video Creation links