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May 7 Language Arts Goes 21st Century

May 7 Language Arts Goes 21st Century

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Teresa Castellaw 4 th Grade Wittenburg t [email_address] With Digital Tools Goes 21 st Century Language Arts
  • 2. Use Technology
    • To enliven your literacy program
    • To motivate and engage students
    • To allow students more responsibility and accountability for their learning
    • To make your classroom more global
    • To make your life easier!
  • 3. K-2 Language Arts
    Ideas for Wordle: Spelling list, letter recognition, phonics practice, sentence order, etc.
  • 4. Create Cartoons
    Use for digital storytelling with beginning readers and writers.
  • 5. Read Aloud Software
    • Read the Words
    • Awesome Library/ Talkster
    • These are just 2 sites I found with free downloads for read aloud. Use for reading student stories, spelling words, or information from any website.
  • 6. Site for All!!!
    • This site has links for all kinds of digital tools
    • By category such as: presentation, collaborative,
    • Research, video, music, drawing, writing, etc.
  • 7. 3-5 Language Arts
    • Bring stories to life on the web. There are a world of possibilities and many are FREE!!!
    • Let’s look at some examples:
    • Legends and Folktales by country
    • Aesop's Fables read aloud (also fairy tales, poetry, famous authors, tongue twisters, etc.)
    • Pat Walsh’s Stories for Learning Use story telling to teach science and social studies’ lessons.
    • Lit 2 Go Free collection of stories and poems in
    • Mp3 format.
  • 8. Digital Storytelling
    • Powerpoint is a great program but there are tons of other free software available.
    • Here are just a few:
    • Glogster ========
    • http://
    • Photostory 3 (example)
    • Voice Thread
  • 9. Ideas for Using Digital Tools in Language Arts
    • Create a photo essay of an original story
    • Write in the perspective of the character as a journal entry
    • Create a news broadcast of the events of a story
    • Make a multimedia experience
  • 10.
    • Famous/Infamous Storytellers:
    • Storyline online – Many famous celebrities doing
    • read aloud of popular children’s books.
    • BookHive – Wonderful storytellers
    • *Use as introduction for storytelling. Have students view examples and practice their own versions.
    • Book Trailers as Introduction for Book Talks
    • Book Trailers Students will see a very brief video like a movie
    • trailer about the book.
    • You Tube – search children’s book trailers – Tons of examples of student made videos as book trailers.
    • Use Voice Thread, Photostory 3, Glogster, Wix, etc. for
    • creating Book Trailers and Book Talks.
  • 11. Tools for Reader Support
    • Word Wizard Easy template to create mini dictionary using any theme, book, or vocabulary level.
    • Into the Book Interactive activities with 8
    • research based strategies.
  • 12. Book Marking Site
    • Instead of using “favorites” to
    • mark all your favorite websites,
    • use this site to organize and free
    • up space on your laptop.
  • 13. Screen Capture Tool
    • If you’ve never used a screen capture tool, watch and learn. It can be used for so many useful things in the classroom.
  • 14. Finally – The End
    • This is the tip of the iceberg!
    • I have found tons more resources
    • but too little time to include.
    • Email me if you would like
    • additional resources or help with
    • any of the software presented
    • today.
    • Thank you for joining me!
  • 15. CREDITS
    • Gail Lovely (session at NCTIES)
    • (screen captures)