English lll Junior Paper


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English lll Junior Paper

  1. 1. Washington 1 Art is performed by everyone. Even till this day it‟s hard to explain the reason(s) whywe are so amused by its effects. Really we can‟t live without it. The amazing thing aboutit is that as a viewer you can have a clue of what the designer felt when the creation started.Art is unlimited with different forms and art will never go away. Since art is inherent tosociety, its benefits involve everyone. Art is everything and nothing. If you were to try and name it all, the list would neverend. It doesn‟t have to be hard to do either. “You know music, art-these are not just littledecorations to make life prettier. They‟re very deep necessities which people cannot livewithout” (Picasso). To create art the mind must focus on how to create itself. Art inwhatever the form it is that we see it, has main characteristics that enhances the senses. Itis expressed that it can be interpreted in various ways by different people. Any type of artessentially tells a story and is a form of communication with another human being that isdirect but deeply profound; ever heard of a picture containing 1000 or more words, deep inits imprints is a deeper background, a hidden journey now revealed. It started back in theday when people drew pictures of creatures, express their emotion, etc. to highlight pointsin their life to show people instead of tell; which is easier if it‟s complicated for you toexplain something. The goal of expressing yourself through art are to identify and buildinterest in a variety of art forms, while facilitating self-confidence and self-awarenessthrough media, music, theatre, visual arts, dance, etc. (Expressing).Without really noticingour abilities form the start, people have a variety of things they can do that are allessentially and expect of art. Talking is art just from the movement and the variety of allvoices. The beauty of the shape of and the vocal whispers are like instruments that play asong that enhances how you see the world. People may not fully understand the big
  2. 2. Washington 2picture of how much will be missing if art wasn‟t valued or seen or appreciated. Art in amanual form itself help create the world of technology we live in today and more. You‟reprobably thinking „Manual?‟ There is a natural form of it too which is self-explanatory.To get to your point of view, maybe you should think about the music you listen to. Howwould it sound without a beat or some type of vocal expression. The one thing you‟vecome to love would seem duller and not enjoyable. Try living with your world now upsidedown and uneventful. You have just discovered the true meaning of „being bored‟. Art goes back over hundreds and thousands of years. It has been a vital resource forhumans since the beginning of man (Alex). It‟s been a sign of relief and, like books, a wallof memory. Art started simply by mans need to record. Prehistoric art was developed byhumans from the Stone Age periods when the first demonstrations that can be consideredart by humans appeared. During the Paleolithic, man practiced hunting and lived in caves,where cave painting developed. After a transitional period in the Neolithic period, whenman became sedentary and engaged in agriculture, with society becoming increasinglycomplex and religion gaining importance, the production of handicrafts commenced.Finally, in the Bronze Age, the first proto-historic civilizations arise (history). Paintingsstarted the art manifestand still enroll as essential to life today. As time passed, peoplestarted to gain interest in different materials such as Metals and Rocks. Art, in the firstperiod of history, began with the invention of writing, founded by the great civilizations ofEgypt, Mesopotamia, etc. One of the great advances was writing, generating primarily bythe need to keep records of economical and commercial nature. The Hanging Gardens ofBabylon is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and also one of the mostbeautiful pieces of art. For such a society to create something so massive and breath taking
  3. 3. Washington 3only reveals to the world of how much we can advance, Our society is blurred and unevenbrought together by so little things. It‟s now appropriate to think in terms of art as a globalculture (History). Around the world people describe art as life changing; it has never been recorded asinstant fail; meaning having no effect in a better tomorrow or a waste of time. Manypeople have presented what art had done to them, but only one was chosen; this is the storyof how it changed her life. “Art was, more of a calling to me. I had a need to try and spread the feeling of satisfaction so I started to teach it. It could me a lot of things but the most sufficient definition I use is anything that causes the imagination to ignite. I do believe art is created by everyone even by simply dancing or an accident without the person even noticing what they done. I wouldn‟t really separate art into different forms because to me they all are equal in value and causes the exact same emotion that leaves you in aww. When I see art created it makes me proud, especially by my students. We both can find pleasure from a project at its fullest. I don‟t really see anything of bad art. As long as it‟s pleasing to my senses, which it always is, I am always happy.”Morgan Dickens said this quote proud and without hesitant that art she believed was herbest choice in life. It could be easy or hard but art will never be undoable. Let societynotice the real accomplishments of art in its mental form.
  4. 4. Washington 4 Art enhances our lives into a better tomorrow. Used to relief stress, sometimes, itcan also create an environment of self-confidence. “If I didn‟t create, I think my shoulderswould implode form the stress of inactivity” (Alex). Art plays a large part in making ourlives infinitely rich (Esaak). Picasso is a famous artist who believed that the art you createis you mentally. All you are really doing is reforming yourself onto a landscape. “Artwashes away from the soul, the dust form everyday life” (Picasso). They may even create apiece they never thought they could get out of them. It could affect them so deeply nomatter if the image is vivid or eluded.He had said that “The hidden harmony is better thanthe obvious” (Picasso). These quotes explain the realistic activities that goes on insideyour thoughts when you create, a way of finding yourself underneath those piles of yearsof experience. With the physical and mental outcome that goes by mostly unrecognized, imagine aworld where art never existed. It would be a world without culture empty and uneventful.Without art the world would be a dark place, with mundane surroundings. Specifically,drawing as an art form has allowed us as a society to advance in terms of creatingadvertisements, architecture, and other necessities. Almost everything around youinvolved some sort of art in creating it. Art has been important in helping us learn eversince we were children by making us better thinkers in many aspects of school. Numerousexperts on the subject say without exposure to the arts from a young age as humans wouldnot have advanced as much as we have architecturally. (Alex). Without Art, the universewould have no meaning.