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Online immigrationsearch Document Transcript

  • 1. Online Immigration Search: Primary Resources Part 1: Immigrant Primary Source Search SOURCE Primary Source: Young Modern Immigrants http://teacher.schol /IMMIGRATION/young _immigrants/ QUESTIONS Choose 1 immigrant and retell their immigrant story. Make sure to answer why they came and where is their native homeland. What type of things does Edison decide Thomas Edison to film? Give 3 Motion Picture examples. Primary Source: em/00694367 Primary Source: Pictures of Ellis Island (Library of Congress) es/item/200170444 Choose 3 pictures to describe. What do these pictures tell you about these immigrants and their journey? ANSWERS What did you find interesting? What stood out?
  • 2. 3/ After using the Ellis Island Map, take the virtual tour and http://teacher.schol choose 2 sections of Ellis Island to /IMMIGRATION/webc highlight and summarize what ast.htm happened at that section of Ellis Island. Primary Source: Map of Ellis Island Primary Source: “California As I Saw It” (1849-1900) http://memory.loc.g ov/ammem/cbhtml/ cbhome.html Give 4 descriptions of what California was like according to those who first saw it? What is similar & different about the pictures of Angel Island, compared to http://www.poeticwa Ellis Island? Primary Source: Angel Island (pictures & poems) What type of experiences were the Asian immigrants having at Angel Island? How do they describe them? Part 2: Google Map Activity Instructions: Using Google Maps, mark the following locations: ● Angel Island (and the route to Angel Island that most immigrants took) ● Ellis Island (and the route to Ellis Island that most immigrants took) ● Current location: Provo, Utah ● Top 2 countries that came into Angel Island ● Top 5 countries that came into Ellis Island
  • 3. ● ● Your family’s personal journey to America (where you started to where you ended up) After you have “pinned” all these locations, and drawn lines from your family’s history, share your map with Ms. Baker. Visual Instructions: Step 1: Open Google Maps: and clip on “Create Map.” Make sure to give your map a title. I would suggest titling it, “Your name, immigration map.” (For example, “Ms. Baker’s Immigration Map”) Step 2: Choose the “pin” option and pin your main countries that had immigrants, Ellis Island, Angel Island, your family’s immigration route (use line feature). Each pin will ask you to title that pin or line.
  • 4. Step 3: Add lines and routes
  • 5. Step 4: Make sure to include your immigration route. You might need to scroll over on the map to see other countries. Step 5: Share your map with Ms. Baker by clicking the “Share” button on the top right corner of the map. Make sure to type Baker’s email in to the “Invite People” box so she can view your completed map. (Baker’s email: