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2014 testreview

  1. 1. AP Americas Review Helpful ways to review: flash cards, American civilization chart, review worksheet, quizzes Chapter 9: The Americas: A Separate World (40,000 BC- 700AD) Pages: 208-223 1.How did the first people to arrive in the Americas support themselves? 2.Where were the first advanced civilizations in South America established? 3.What do scientists believe was the reason that the Nazca Lines were created? 4.Which two continents did Beringia once connect? 5.What region is known as Mesoamerica? 6.Which crop was most important to the survival of early Americans? 7.Which one of the following cultures is known for sculpting monumental heads from stone? 8.What effect did agriculture have on early societies? Chapter 16: People and Empires in the Americas (900-1500) Pages: 388-411 1.The potlatch ceremony was used by peoples of the Northwest as a way to 2.The purpose of the Iroquois League was 3.The Maya based their calendar on careful observations of 4.The Maya wrote on bark-paper book known as a 5.The main demand that the Incan state placed on its subjects was the mita, which was a 6.Which of the following was NOT part of the noble class in Aztec society? 7.In which of the following ways did the early North American peoples view their land? 8.How did Aztec religious expression in the late 1400s differ from religious expression of earlier Mesoamerican civilizations, such as Toltec and Maya? Chapter 20: The Atlantic World (1492-1800) Pages 483-499 1.What was the main motive for the French to establish New France? 2.Who conquered the Aztec empire? 3.Why did Europeans see Africans as a better source of labor than Native Americans? 4.What was the purpose of most of the joint-stock companies of the 1500s and 1600s?
  2. 2. 5.What did the encomienda system provide for New Spain 6.Which European country was the first to import enslaved Africans to the Americas? 7.The Aztec and Incan civilizations were unable to defend themselves against the aggression and weaponry of the Spanish? Chapter 22: American Revolution (1550-1789) Pages 563-567 1.What did American colonists protest by boycotting British manufactured goods? 2.Which of the following events did NOT occur before the American Revolution? 3.How did the taxation problem in America differ before and after independence? 4.How did the Declaration of Independence embody Enlightenment ideas? Chapter 26: An Age of Democracy and Progress (1815-1914) Pages: 664-679 1.How was most of the territory west of Texas obtained by the United States? 2.What concepts is the theory of evolution based on? 3.What policy of action led to the Trail of Tears? 4.What event provoked secession of the Southern states from the US? 5.Which of the following influenced the formation of Upper and Lower Canada? 6.What does the word manifest destiny mean? 7.All of the following were key principles of the formation of the United States EXCEPT Chapter 28: US Economic Imperialism in Latin America/Mexican Revolution (1800-1914) Pages: 724-733 1.What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine? 2.Which of the following was a result of the Spanish American War? 3.Why was the Mexican Revolution fought? 4.For what is Benito Juarez remembered? ________________________________________________________________________________ Compare & Contrast Essay (One of the following will be on your test) Option #1 Compare & contrast 2 American revolutions & independence movements Option #2 Compare & contrast 2 American civilizations