SMX West 2012 - Differentiate or Die


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  • What/Who is Grasshopper?
  • People like to talk about themselves, what they do, they like to identify themselves as something – it’s not about your product - create something they can say ‘this is me’
  • All focused on entrepreneurs – 0 mentions of a phone system - 2.2 million views - Those videos were all well thought out – they mention techcrunch, mashable, they use the latest song or meme, they mention things like hacker news, sxsw
  • 130+ # of press mentions - According to WMT - FB is our #1 source of inbound links
  • Google +, personalized search, WOM – When it comes down to it, no one REALLY cares about their phone system, they want it to work. What can we do to make them care about Grasshopper?
  • Customers promoting us to other customers –social mentions – board of tweets
  • Get so caught up in traditional SEO tactics & link building that we forget about something so simple – businesses helping businesses - Comarketing
  • Find people who target the same market as you - Guest posts – partner pages – FB Posts/Tweets – Giveaways – Bar Camp Tour
  • We once said, hey, we work with a lot of the same people, we should be friends
  • SMX West 2012 - Differentiate or Die

    1. 1. Differentiate or Die@casiegOnline Marketing
    2. 2. Who is Grasshopper? We MUST differentiate ourselves to succeed.• Virtual phone system = boring• Competitors offer same product• Compete with Google Voice
    3. 3. Dare to Be Different Create for your market, not your productGive your customers something to talk about Make new friends
    4. 4. The most frequently used word in conversations is “I”
    5. 5. Be Your AudienceYou already know who they are, now learn: Where What They What They They Hang Like Talk About OutPeople don’t love brands, they love whatbrands do for them.
    6. 6. Entrepreneurs can change the world Sh#t Entrepreneurs Say The New Dork: Entrepreneur State of Mind 0 Mentions of a Virtual Phone
    7. 7. Give your customerssomething to talkabout.
    8. 8. Tactics Handwritten Notes Starbucks Gift Cards Dinner with Founders Get Customers Books Candy Press
    9. 9. Don’t Be Random Identify Identify Identifycustomers with customers likely customers yousocial influence to share already have a relationship withYou can’t force people to share, but youcan help your chances.
    10. 10. Make New Friends
    11. 11. Find people who Locate the right Go in with antarget the same person idea in mind market
    12. 12. Results WOM Radio Searched Online Other TV/Video
    13. 13. Thank You! @casiegNo animals were harmed in the making of this presentation