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  1. 1. SmugMug is a paid digital photo sharing website, which allows users to upload both HD photos and videos to their SmugMug sites. Launched in 2002, the company focuses on both amateur, as well as professional photographers - offering a toolset which facilitates the selling of digital and print media. Smugmug Maximum number of galleries NO Maximum capacity(MB) 50MG Allows customizing? YES Labels NO Private Galleries YES Download allowed YES Spanish/Catalan NO
  2. 2. Minus is a revolutionary chat and photo experience that lets you travel the world and meet new friends. They wanted Minus to emphasize simplicity and minimalism. Part of this experience involves a simple and short name. Minus Maximum number of galleries Maximum capacity(MB) NO 1TB Allows customizing? YES Labels YES Private Galleries YES Download allowed YES Spanish/Catalan SPANISH
  3. 3. Flickr (stylized as flickr and pronounced "flicker") is an image hosting and video hosting website, and web services suite that was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, and effectively an online community, the service is widely used by photo researchers and by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media. Flickr Maximum number of galleries Maximum capacity(MB) NO - Allows customizing? YES Labels YES Private Galleries NO Download allowed NO Spanish/Catalan SPANISH
  4. 4. Photobucket is an image hosting and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community created by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal dedicated to preserving and sharing the entire photo and video lifecycle. Photobucket hosts more than 10 billion images from 100 million registered members, who upload more than four million images and videos per day from Photobucket the Web and connected digital devices. Photobucket's headquarters are in Denver with regional Maximum number of galleries NO offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.. The website was founded in 2003 Maximum Crystal and received funding from Trinity Ventures. It was acquired by Alex Welch and Darren capacity(MB) by Fox Interactive Media in 2007. In December 2009, Fox's parent company, News Corp sold Allows customizing? YES Photobucket to Seattle mobile imaging startup Ontela. Ontela then renamed itself Photobucket Labels YES Inc. and continues to operate as Photobucket Private Galleries YES Download allowed YES Spanish/Catalan NO
  5. 5. ImageShack is a free image hosting website headquartered at Los Gatos, California. ImageShack has a subscription service but the majority of its revenue is produced from advertising related to its free image hosting. ImageShack Maximum number of galleries NO Maximum capacity(MB) 5MG Allows customizing? NO Labels YES Private Galleries YES Download allowed YES Spanish/Catalan NO
  6. 6. SlideShare is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service. Users can upload files privately or publicly in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument presentations. Slide Slideshare decks can then be viewed on the site itself, on hand held devices or embedded on other sites. Launched on October 4, 2006, the website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but for Maximum number of galleries NO slideshows. The website was originally meant to be used for businesses to share slides among Maximum capacity(MB) 5MB employees more easily, but it has since expanded to also become a host of a large number of Allows customizing? NO slides that are uploaded merely to entertain. Although the website is primarily a slide hosting service, it also supports documents, PDFs, videos NO webinars. SlideShare also provides users and Labels the ability to rate, comment on, and share the uploaded content. The current list of SlideShare's Private Galleries YES investors includes Venrock, David Siminoff and Dev Khare Download allowed YES Spanish/Catalan NO
  7. 7. TUTORIAL How to Create a Gorgeous Photography Website with SmugMug in 90 Minutes – A Complete Step-By-Step OHY&list=PLBmDaO1xct4B4WOCkGUirQcI5HVz 4jgf_
  8. 8. TUTORIAL 1 Step 1: Sign Up With SmugMug and Upload Our First Gallery In this video, we’ll create our SmugMug account (if you haven’t done so already), and create our first gallery – filling it with beautiful images. HVz4jgf_
  9. 9. TUTORIAL 2 Step 2: Upload a few more galleries and create our Portfolio gallery In this video, we’ll fill out our site by creating a few more galleries and uploading more photos. I’ll show you how to use the “Quick Settings” feature in SmugMug. Then we’ll use the best photos from each gallery to create our very important (and impressive) Portfolio gallery. And we’ll be using a secret SmugMug ninja trick to create our Portfolio. That’s right – Secret. Ninja. Trick. 7q8&list=PLBmDaO1xct4B4WOCkGUirQcI5HVz 4jgf_
  10. 10. TUTORIAL 3 Step 3: Setup Our Site Settings, Create the Menu Bar and Social Media Profile Step 3 is about creating our profile and site settings so things just “work” in the later steps vPM&list=PLBmDaO1xct4B4WOCkGUirQcI5HV z4jgf_
  11. 11. TUTORIAL 4 Step 4: Customizing Our SmugMug Website In Step 4 we get to have some fun while we customize the look and feel of our website using SmugMug’s New “Drag and Drop” customization tools. It’s what you’ve been waiting for I know! No coding, no special skills required. Just follow along and have fun. Using SmugMug’s new “drag and drop” customization tools we’ll make the following changes to your website: kA&list=PLBmDaO1xct4B4WOCkGUirQcI5HVz4j Adjust the color of our default “Ludwig” theme gf_ Create the homepage slideshow Add a text block (customer quote) under the homepage slideshow Design the Header section – stacked and centered Customize the other page types by removing unwanted content blocks and adjusting the margins
  12. 12. TUTORIAL 5 Step 5: Create Our “Work With Me” Page and Contact Form In this step, we’ll create a special page on our website which will provide information about you, the photographer, your services, and client testimonials. This is where you sell yourself – to hopefully get people to contact you (through our fancy xLk&list=PLBmDaO1xct4B4WOCkGUirQcI5HVz contact form) and attract4jgf_ business! more
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