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Find the answers to some of the most popular questions asked in Sales & Recruiting, including: What is Social Media?; How do you Push Back Against The Seven Social Media Myths?; How to get Everyone to Buy-In to Social Media?; and Why Should I Care about Social Media?

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  • Myth Perceptions of Social Media in Sales & Recruiting - Pubcon Austin

    1. 1. Myth Perceptions of Social Media in Sales & Recruiting What is Social Media, The Seven Social Media Myths, How to get Everyone to Buy-In, & Why Should I Care? Presented by Casey Markee
    2. 2. Part 1: What is Social Media? “It’s not a FAD folks!”
    3. 3. What is Social Media? Simply stated... “Social media includes web-based and mobile Technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.” -Wikipedia
    4. 4. What is Social Media? Can we define it in a tag cloud?
    5. 5. What is Social Media? How about with a “Tweet”?
    6. 6. What is Social Media? Maybe this will clear things up. I like donuts. Who doesn't like donuts? Donuts make EVERYTHING easier to explain. Still confused? You must HATE donuts!
    7. 7. THE 7 SOCIAL MEDIA MYTHS AND HOW TO GENERATE THE BUY-IN! “Ugh, social media is too hard, too expensive and it’s NOT going to help us… oh and we are way too far behind anyway!”
    8. 8. Myth #1: Social Media is Free “Social Media” is free, “Social Media Marketing & Recruiting” is NOT! Setting up Social Media accounts is free! Managing the accounts, creating content, and promoting content is not! You MUST spend money to MAKE money. Designate someone internally to create, manage, and promote your SM efforts!
    9. 9. Myth #2: My Customers don’t use Social Media! Must. Stop. Laughing. Getting hard to….HA HA HA HA HA!
    10. 10. Myth #3: Social Media Won't Help My Business Really? It helped Virgin America save $13 Million in 2012! Virgin America has a Twitter-based Customer Service Model. Result? Huge savings!
    11. 11. Myth #4: My Competitors are too far ahead in Social Media. Why bother? Every journey begins with one small step… Suck it up!
    12. 12. Myth #5: Social Media is a Time Suck! Wrong! Social Media, like life, is ALL about balance. Use a social content calendar and stick to it! Automate your daily activities. Automate your daily content! Use SMO Tools! We recommend…
    13. 13. Myth #6: It just involves Conversation Participation! It’s a little more complicated… but you can do it!
    14. 14. Myth #7: You can’t sell with Social Media! Tell that to “Dollar Shave Club”. They’re F**king Great!
    15. 15. WHY SHOULD I CARE? “It will help you rank higher, sell more, and it cures CANCER! Okay, maybe not so much on the last one.”
    16. 16. Why Should I Care? Because people TRUST social media more than you think! Source: Nielson, 2012
    17. 17. Why Should I Care? Because it WILL help you rank higher! Social media is INVALUABLE at attracting links and traffic. BOTH of which are necessary to get better higher, organic rankings in Google and Bing.
    18. 18. Why Should I Care? Because social engagement BUILDS UP search signals!
    19. 19. Why Should I Care? Because your COMPETITION is already using it! Image Credit: HubSpot 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Report
    20. 20. Some Final Thoughts Social Media is HERE to stay! Embrace it, and Dominate your Niche!  Embrace the KISS method!  Use the right tools.  Don’t forget to listen to your brand!  Use your employees and customers.  Define ROI – Risk of Ignoring? Return on Influence?  Don’t be intimidated. Don’t let your clients FEEL intimidated.
    21. 21. Connect with me Online @ Today’s Presenter is… Casey Markee of Become a Fan on Facebook: Follow Casey on Twitter: Connect with Casey on Linkedin: http://www.linkedin/com/in/caseymarkee Circle Casey on Google+: Follow Casey on Pinterest: