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Fsben10 ergosystemmetric-110517151901-phpapp01

  1. 1. ErgoSystem® + METRICfor a life of barrier-free comfort
  2. 2. Functionality,ergonomics, aestheticsThe above qualities are what FSB’s Ergo- Handle solutions and systemsSystem is all about. for architecture 2It acts to support old or handicapped per- Diagonal + oval = optimum grip 5sons (and their helpers – be they com-panions or staff) as they negotiate their A bright choice: stainless steel 7way around bathrooms and toilets as wellas allowing them to be more self-sufficient Good looks and functions forand enjoy greater care comfort and quality showers and baths 9in the home. Well-conceived solutions andThe ergonomics of FSB’s ErgoSystem are accessories for washstands 11unique. We tapped every drop of expertiseacquired in over 125 years of grappling All-round safety in style for WCs 13with handle culture for doors and windowswhen developing our diagonal-oval Ergo- A gripping case for the ErgoSystem 15System, which most admirably delivers onthe issue of hardware for enclosure by the Product overview 16human hand. Products for showers and baths 19Proof that functional and ergonomic prod-ucts can also look good (indeed, in our Products for washstands andview they must) is provided by the many bathroom accessories 41awards won for the design of our Ergo-System, a boon for discerning eyes as well Products for WCs 55as for gripping hands. Supplementary fitments 67Our METRIC offering is a versatile rangeof unobtrusive bathroom accessories set METRIC bathroom accessories 79apart by their geometric forms and top-quality materials. Their formal design is in Door hardware for barrier-freekeeping with the classical theory of propor- living 93tions. METRIC blends in seamlessly witha variety of design concepts – whether in Technical details and planningcombination with ErgoSystem products or notes 101as a self-standing line of accessories. International Sales Organisation 108This Catalogue provides architects, projectdevelopers, planners, clients and operators Reference projects 110alike with an exhaustive overview of theErgoSystem for barrier-free living and theMETRIC range of bathroom accessories.We would be happy for you to factor FSBinto your concepts. We will gladly assist inyour planning processes as well as offer-ing comprehensive advice. 1
  3. 3. Handle solutions and systemsfor architectureFSB is the brand for door and window “Made in Germany” is a symbol of value Its underlying principle is geared towardshardware in “Project” buildings. Without of which we are proud – and a commit- the laws of grip ergonomics. The uniquea doubt, our being a number one choice ment that secures jobs and supports the diagonal thrust of an oval cross-sectionamongst architects and project planners domestic economy. Part and parcel of our makes for optimum gripping quality withalso has something to do with the expertise day-to-day business are ideals such as a reduced exertion of force. Functionality,we have gathered in all aspects of “handle corporate culture that is lived out, resource- visuals and ergonomics add up to a com-culture” over the past 125 years and more. conscious production, well-conceived pelling whole in the ErgoSystem. product design, technical perfection andFSB products from the eastern Westphalian socially responsible action. It is a system that becomes universallysticks (the “B” refers to our production applicable in combination with accessorysite in lovely Brakel) have friends all over Anyone who has spent as long thinking elements such as toilet roll holders, push-the world. The “Made in Brakel” seal is up functional extensions to the human button actuators, armrest pads or showera watchword for timeless design, sharp hand as we have will inevitably also come seats with rotatable, height-adjustableengineering, durability and sustainability. up with products that go beyond the actu- seat sections. ErgoSystem is the ideal so- al handle, examples being our biometric lution for all requirements in the nursing Fingerscan 2.0 door pull, our electronic and hospital spheres. access control system EZK, or our barrier- free “ErgoSystem® diagonal-oval” for sani- tary applications. Forming the basis for the latter is a handle programme in satin matt stainless steel with a number of vari- ants and lengths. Photographers righthand page top left: KU64 – hiepler, brunier2 top right: Wilhelm Busch Gymnasium – Axel Nieberg
  4. 4. Without a doubt, a barrier- architectural expertisefree home needs to be to yield a system that al-well engineered. We feel, lows the elderly or handi-however, that the formal capped to design greaterquality of the products comfort into their livesinvolved is just as impor- without forgoing productstant. We have harnessed that look good.our extensive “handleculture” experience and
  5. 5. Diagonal + oval= optimum gripThe barrier-free products we have designed The oval section is thus organically pre-for sanitary applications draw on 125 years disposed to be adopted as a form forof expertise acquired in all aspects of handles – especially if it is rotated through“handle culture”. The hardware in FSB’s 45 degrees so as to become tilted diago-diagonal-oval ErgoSystem adheres rigor- nally forwards. This echoes the spatialously to the ergonomics of grip. Its diago- sequence gone through when taking holdnally tilted oval cross-section is a unique of something. The arm is in search offeature that optimises the action of grip- direction and support and describes aping by the hand. diagonal motion issuing from the shoulder joint and finding completion in the act ofThere is a basic difference between taking enclosure. A sturdy triangle is thus formedhold of an object and enclosing it. With between the hand and shoulder used andthe former, the fingers only intermittently the area the person is standing on. Thiscome to rest and hence the hand only causes bodily force to be transmitted viaintermittently exerts any force. Enclosure, arm and hand to optimum effect.by contrast, involves the whole surface ofthe hand and hence a far more extensivetransmission of force. The act of enclosingis the most archetypal form of grip: we allresort to it instinctively whenever we haveto support our own body weight.An oval cross-section conforms particularlywell to the laws governing the anatomy ofthe hand. The hand encloses the ellipticalcross-section snugly. The effort is distrib-uted evenly between all finger joints andoptimum use is made of all parts of thehand including the wrist. The upshot isthat far less force needs be exerted by thehand than with a circular cross-section toprevent it slipping on the handle. Ovalstyling offers the greatest possible supportwhilst requiring little muscular exertion. 5
  6. 6. FSB 6204 Stainless steel satin matt FSB 6205 Stainless steel mirror polish FSB 6206 Stainless steel sand-blasted matt6
  7. 7. A bright choice:stainless steelThe generic term “stainless steel” em- Tough as you like: areas of deploymentbraces over 100 different rust and acid-resistant steels. We use a chromium-nickel We recommend the ErgoSystem in stain-steel in the ErgoSystem that bears the less steel for all heavily frequented areas,material No. 1.4301 in conformity to DIN notably in public buildings, hospitals,17 440. It contains approx. 18 % chromium nursing/old people’s homes and adminand 8 % nickel. This is an alloy that has blocks, on ships, at motorway serviceproved its worth in the construction sector. stations and in parks and sports facilities – wherever large numbers of people con-Properties that speak for themselves vene and there is a need for lasting serv- iceability coupled with ease of handling.Stainless steel is just the thing for use inbathrooms and sanitary spaces owing to its Care? Easy!surface being extremely corrosion-resistant,resisting bumps and scratches however Architectural hardware in stainless steelroughly used, showing little wear even if in essentially needs no looking after. Dirtconstant use, and - primarily on account marks can be removed with a damp cloth.of its chromium and nickel content – being Should signs of rust appear on outdoorvery easy to look after. An invisible passive hardware or that used in chlorinated swim-film forms on the surface that is even said ming baths after a while, this is what isto have disinfectant properties. known as flash rust, which is external in origin as opposed to emanating from with-FSB supplies its ErgoSystem in the finish- in the material. It can be removed withes Stainless steel satin matt (FSB 6204), vigorous rubbing.Stainless steel mirror polish (FSB 6205)and Stainless steel sand-blasted matt(FSB 6206). The stock Stainless steel satinmatt version is particularly resilient. TheStainless steel mirror polish variant is anenvironmentally friendly alternative tochrome-plated finishes. The Stainless steelsand-blasted matt finish lends hardwarea very haptic matt character. The mirrorpolish and sand-blasted variants are madeto order. 7
  8. 8. Convenience can be sosimple. A combinationof grab handle and tip-up seat allows the elder-ly to enjoy showeringlike they used to. Round-ing off the range are anergonomic shower headholder, attractive showercurtains and a very prac-tical splash guard.
  9. 9. Aesthetics and functionalismfor showers and baths Single-handed operation and child’s play to use: the new shower head holder Proof that, as well as being an all-in barrier-free system from a single source, the ErgoSystem can in equal measure be operated single-handedly is provided by the new shower head holder. It single- mindedly espouses the FSB philosophy of safe gripping: its height, tilt and alignment can be readily adjusted single-handed – leaving one hand free so the user can, for instance, support him/herself against a grab handle. The retention mechanism is released without having to either rotate the hand or exert any force at all of note. Once the retainer has been released,FSB’s ErgoSystem facilitates extremely Its low weight in comparison with similar the shower head holder rests safely andflexible planning of shower and bath areas products marketed makes it far easier to as if of its own volition in the user’s hand.by dint of a wide-ranging collection of carry around. Its well-conceived designgrabs, angled handles and handrail con- fulfils every wish as regards both looks and In the care domain in particular, thefigurations that can be combined with ac- handling. Its slender, restrained visuals splash guard promises to enhance com-cessories, slide rails or a variable splash render it conspicuously inconspicuous: it fort levels for patients and carers alikeguard. does not impose itself on the proceedings in that it preserves patient privacy whilst like an item of medical equipment but simplifying the staff’s job of providingSolutions that sit well: rather reveals its functional credentials assistance in the bodycare process. Itflexible, comfy, need-driven when used in a most restrained and com- hooks over the grab to serve as a variably pelling manner. positionable privacy screen cum splashThe various seat solutions in the Ergo- guard. Its uncomplicated form of attach-System contribute in a major way towards Seat and back are made of kind-to-the- ment enables one splash guard to be usedcomfort and ease of use in showers: skin PUR, as are all FSB shower seats, economically and flexibly throughout thewith height-adjustable wall-mounted and and are ergonomically finished. A hygiene ward – precisely where it is needed at anywall-hung shower seats by FSB in folding aperture has additionally been recessed given time. It goes without saying that theand rotating variants long having allowed into the seat. The backrest provides plenty fabric, which features a Velcro fastener,adaptation to differing usage and care of gripping substance at the top, making has been fungicide treated; it can also beconcepts, the new hanging seat is a para- it easier for the patient to hold tight while washed and ironed. The hanging rail isgon of flexibility. As and when required, sitting down. Its compact dimensions made of PUR.it can be straightforwardly removed and mean it does not project very far into therefitted elsewhere. Aiding this process are space and is hence conducive to greatera recess in the backrest and a spring- freedom of movement in the bath. Need-assisted folding mechanism that returns responsive usage of the hanging seat isthe seat to the vertical position when not rounded off by optionally available supportin use. Its flexible means of attachment elements for wall or floor fitting.likewise permits of a scenario whereby notevery bath needs to be equipped with aseat, fitting being on an ad hoc basis in-stead. 9
  10. 10. In washstand areas, it isnot just a question of be-ing able to support one-self when needed. TheErgoSystem additionallyincludes a wealth of use-ful and appealing acces-sories – ranging fromtowel holders, wall mir-rors and stowage spaceto hooks for dressinggowns – that will blendin with any bathroom.
  11. 11. Well-conceived solutions andaccessories for washstands The likewise randomly positionable, height- adjustable leg for drop-down support rails increases the load they can support by around 50 kg. It takes next to no time to fit the leg to the grip of the drop-down support rail and it can, therefore, be retro- fitted at any time. Legs reduce the load exerted on the wall, particularly crucial where very heavy people are concerned, and simplify planning if there is any un- certainty regarding the structure of the wall or its load-bearing propensities. When the support rail is retracted, the leg swings up with it, thus proving it can be as discreet as it is functional. Towel holders, hooks, utensils trays and door buffers round off the ErgoSystemThe design permeating our ErgoSystem The astutely conceived mirror height en- range of accessories for washstandslikewise manifests itself in the washstand: sures that there is eye contact betweenthe ergonomic principle of a tilted oval the (wheelchair-)seated patient and thehandle cross-section is reiterated here in carer behind, which is good for relationsthe form, for instance, of a tooth mug an- between the two. Despite being painstak-gled slightly towards the user. The mug’s ingly geared to the needs of the handi-conical styling allows it to be safely re- capped and elderly, FSB’s convenient tilt-moved and accurately replaced. ing mirror also suggests itself as an acces- sory for any bathroom as, indeed, do soBoth a practical and a beautiful many products in the ErgoSystem range.reflection of FSB’s expertise It is the latest indication that recourse is being had to barrier-free products forOur tilting mirror is strikingly less con- bathrooms on account of both their prac-spicuous than other similar products on tical benefits and their appealing looks.the market. Its reticent, pared-down de-sign is devoid of visible adjusting devices So small but so usefuland assiduously exemplifies FSB’s ap-proach to styling and finish. As with all The ErgoSystem’s new wall and coat hooksErgoSystem products, user friendliness add a splash of colour as well as beingenjoys top priority: The ease of action of a handy means of identification: thus, athe mirror’s tilt adjustment mechanism patient only needs to remember “their”can be pre-set as required. The maximum colour to speedily locate their towel orangle of tilt has been optimised with a dressing gown.view to minimising image distortion. Elderly or handicapped people are fre- quently reliant on a wheelchair or walking aid in their day-to-day lives. FSB’s walking aid holder ensures that the latter is within easy reach in the bathroom and can be put aside without toppling over. 11
  12. 12. Added convenience isalmost a must for WCsonce a person can nolonger move as they oncedid. The ErgoSystemmakes it easy not to bereliant on assistancefrom others in this deli-cate sphere of life. Ourhardware can even facil-itate flushing the loo orcalling for staff: as anoptional extra, we cansupply the drop-downsupport rail completewith freely programmablefunction buttons.
  13. 13. Safety in style for allWC applications Know-how that shows through in the fine detail ErgoSystem becomes a system with truly universal applications in combination with meaningful accessories that palpably en- hance sanitary comfort levels such as a toilet brush set in which the handle is already angled for removal and is self- adjusting when replaced. This keeps the arm and hand movements required to a minimum. Whatever one’s level of physical fitness, ErgoSystem components considerably facilitate a number of WC routines – both for those with handicaps and those with- out.Forming the basis for our ErgoSystem is Greater safety thanks to freelythe diagonal-oval handle range in a variety programmable function buttons in Flexible assembly with A-Flexof versions and lengths for all conceivable the handleareas of application. Particularly charac- A-Flex is a new assembly system for drop-teristic of ErgoSystem components for As well as being highly convenient, the down support rails and foldaway showerWC areas is a design geared down to the new freely programmable function buttons seats in the ErgoSystem with which youlast detail towards simplifying complex recessed into the grip of the drop-down can flexibly and speedily adapt to the in-sequences of movements. support rail also meet the requirements dividual or acutely changing needs of of DIN 18 024/2, which stipulates that, guests and patients. A-Flex facilitates flex-Key constituents here, too, are fixed and in barrier-free construction in the public ible application and fixing in equal meas-drop-down support rails adapted to the sector, it must be possible for a person ure. The relevant spaces are merely fittedmost varied of usage concepts; they are to flush the toilet without moving their out with the wall-mounted A-Flex bearermade of unsurpassedly rugged, non- upper body. The integrated push buttons complete with covering plate. The suitablycorroding stainless steel that is virtually – which may be one, two or three in prepared drop-down support rail or fold-immune to denting and scratches even number – can, moreover, be custom con- away shower seat is slotted onto the bear-under the most exacting forms of contin- figured (with an emergency-call function, er plate as required and is ready for useuous use. The distinctive formal vocabu- for instance). They grant patients a large in a jiffy. A-Flex is covered in more detaillary of the elliptical grip sections combines degree of independence from their carers on p. 68.with the design of the connectors to lend by enabling them to comfortably activatethe products an airy, elegant appearance. the functions required themselves.The rugged fixing roses for wall mountingmake for longevity and user safety in equal With the new WC actuator from FSB, ameasure. The fixed and drop-down sup- wave of the hand is all that’s needed toport rails in FSB’s ErgoSystem can be flush the loo. The universally deployablecustom retrofitted with toilet roll holders radio-controlled device requires neitherand actuators. cabling nor any structural preparations; the WC actuator is freely positionable with- in the ErgoSystem and can likewise be retrofitted at any time. The actuator flexi- bly adapts to its users’ changing needs in this way whilst guaranteeing planning freedom and certainty. It is compatible with the WC mechanisms of all the major suppliers. 13
  14. 14. The ErgoSystem makes those regular trips to thelife easier: fitting a bath- bathroom remain one ofroom out with functional, their most straightforwardgood-looking ErgoSystem and pleasant daily activi-products by FSB delivers ties.safety in style. Instead ofbecoming arduous choresfor the elderly,
  15. 15. Easily-grasped casefor the ErgoSystemSystem features System benefits Planning benefits– FSB’s ErgoSystem conforms to all The ErgoSystem’s modular make-up, – The matching range of accessories sections of DIN standards 18 024 and variety of products and plethora of retro- likewise guarantees harmonious formal 18 025. fittable accessory and complementary integration of the system into architec- components make for flexible responses tural schemes.– The ErgoSystem is certificated to to changing conditions during planning TÜV GS (product safety) and TÜV/GGT and use: – With its sleek looks and a brushed matt (comfort & quality). stainless steel finish that discreetly – ErgoSystem grab handles can be sup- echoes the colours around, the Ergo-– Highly non-corrosive handles and other plied with non-standard dimensions on System unobtrusively blends in with parts in stainless steel. The alloy in- request so consideration can be given bespoke bathroom environments. volved is virtually immune to denting to specific requirements. and scratches even under the most – Its premium design quality mirrors exacting forms of continuous use and – Handrail combinations in standard the aesthetic requirements of a new guarantees top hygiene properties. lengths or as system building blocks generation of “youthful seniors”. ensure optimum solutions in any area– Hands fit snugly due to the uniquely of application. – A high level of user acceptancy is elliptical styling of the grip section, brought about by a wide variety of ergo- which observes the laws of anatomy. – Continuous radii with no sharp edges nomically-driven fine detail in all prod- combine with concealed fixings to meet uct groups right through to the acces-– By dint of the oval cross-section, hygiene requirements. sories, which afford users a maximum demonstrably less force needs to be of comfort as well as assisting them in exerted both when taking hold of a – Barrier-free handle system with a single- everyday sequences of movements. handle and holding on to it. minded target-group focus that exceeds general market requirements as regards – The ErgoSystem’s modularity and ver-– Making for optimum transmission of planning, fitments and use owing to its satility make for flexible responses to forces is the 45° tilt in the handle cross- demonstrable ergonomic and visual changing conditions during planning section, which in line with the rules merits. and use. of ergonomics allows the hardware to be taken hold of in such a way that – Custom dimensions and colours can be – Its standard fitments and complemen- a triangle is formed between hand, supplied, cf. p. 70 f. tary products guarantee differentiated shoulder and the body’s vertical axis. spatial appointments in, for instance, – Anti-suicide variants of relevant acces- “optional services areas”.– The coherent design concept under- sory elements can be supplied, cf. p. 74 ff. pinning the ErgoSystem equates with – FSB’s proximity to the market and high-profile qualities right through to – Flexible attachment as required for com- status as a producer in Germany allow the attendant accessories. ponents with an A-Flex solution, cf. p. it to deliver bespoke solutions and inno- 68 f. vations promptly and flexibly. 15
  16. 16. Product digestProducts for showersand baths Grab handle Page 24 Angled rails Pages 22 – 25 Handrail configurations Pages 20–23 Tray Page 23 Walking aid holder Page 32 Bath towel rail Page 38Products for washstands,bathroom accessories Fixed support rails Pages 42 – 43 Drop-down support rail Page 43 Floor/wall-mount. supp. rail Page 44 new Hooks Pages 50 – 51 Hooks (colour-coated) Page 52 Wall buffer Page 51Products for WCs Support rails Pages 56 – 59 Backrest Page 58 Armrest Page 58Supplementary fitments new new Information signs Pages 72 – 73 Customised handrails Pages 70 –71 Handrails for round Page 70 shower partitions16
  17. 17. new newHanging seat Pages 26 – 27 Shower stool Page 30 Foldaway shower seats Pages 28 – 29 Bath seat Page 29Shower curtain rail Page 34 Splash guard holder Page 33 Shower head holder Pages 36 – 37 Slide rails Page 37Towel holder Page 45 Tilting mirror Page 46 Wall mirror Page 47 Utensils tray Page 47Toothmug holder, soap dish Page 49Supporting leg Page 62 WC actuator Pages 60 – 61 Toilet roll holder Pages 63 –64 Toilet brush set Page 64 new new newAnti-suicide variants Pages 74 –77 A-Flex drop-down Pages 68 – 69 A-Flex folding wall seat Pages 68 – 69 Door hardware Pages 93 – 98 support rail for barrier-free living 17
  18. 18. Products forshowers and baths 19
  19. 19. Showers and bathsBespoke handrails The handing of angled railson request (cf. p. 70) and handrail configurations relates to the view into the corner of the space: angled rails indicated as being ‘lefthand’ are for fitting to the lefthand wall from this perspective and vice versa.20
  20. 20. 8213 Stainless steel Handrail configuration8213 0101 r.h. L1 = 675 mm L2 = 675 mm8213 0102 l.h. L1 = 675 mm L2 = 675 mm8213 0201 r.h. L1 = 825 mm L2 = 675 mm8213 0202 l.h. L1 = 675 mm L2 = 825 mm Shown here: l.h. 320 320 135° 70 L2 225 93 225L1 93 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 21
  21. 21. Showers and baths 8210 Stainless steel Angled rail 8210 0201 r.h. H = 1048 mm L = 450 mm 8210 0202 l.h. H = 1048 mm L = 450 mm 8210 0301 r.h. H = 1198 mm L = 600 mm 8210 0302 l.h. H = 1198 mm L = 600 mm Shown here: l.h. H 148 70 L 93 8211 Stainless steel Handrail configuration 8211 0101 r.h. L1 = 750 mm L2 = 528 mm 8211 0102 l.h. L1 = 528 mm L2 = 750 mm 8211 0201 r.h. L1 = 975 mm L2 = 528 mm 8211 0202 l.h. L1 = 528 mm L2 = 975 mm 8211 0301 r.h. L1 = 750 mm L2 = 750 mm 8211 0302 l.h. L1 = 750 mm L2 = 750 mm 70 Shown here: l.h. L2 225 93 L1Bespoke handrails The handing of angled rails Specification details:on request (cf. p. 70) and handrail configurations www.fsb.de/ergosystem relates to the view into the corner of the space: angled rails indicated as being ‘lefthand’ are for fitting to the lefthand wall from this perspective and vice versa.22
  22. 22. Showers and baths 8212 Stainless steel Handrail configuration 8212 0100 L1 = 750 mm L2 = 750 mm 8212 0200 L1 = 975 mm L2 = 975 mm 8212 0301 L1 = 750 mm L2 = 1125 mm 8212 0302 L1 = 1125 mm L2 = 750 mm 70 L2 225 93 225 L1 96 8260 0039 Synth. mat. 155 Tray for clipping onto grabs and handrail configurations 35Bespoke handrails Specification details:on request (cf. p. 70) www.fsb.de/ergosystem 23
  23. 23. Showers and baths 8201 Stainless steel Grab handle 8201 3000 | L = 300 mm 8201 4500 | L = 450 mm 8201 6000 | L = 600 mm 8201 9000 | L = 900 mm L 70 93 8202 Stainless steel Angled rail 8202 5120 L1 = 300 mm L2 = 512 mm L3 = 210 mm 8202 7720 L1 = 450 mm L2 = 772 mm L3 = 320 mm L2 L3 135° 70 L1 93Bespoke handrails Specification details:on request (cf. p. 70) www.fsb.de/ergosystem24
  24. 24. Showers and baths 8203 Stainless steel Angled rail 8203 3000 L = 300 mm H = 300 mm 8203 6001 r.h. L = 300 mm H = 600 mm 8203 6002 l.h. L = 300 mm H = 600 mm Shown here: l.h. H 70 93 LBespoke handrails The handing of angled rails Specification details:on request (cf. p. 70) and handrail configurations www.fsb.de/ergosystem relates to the view into the corner of the space: angled rails indicated as being ‘lefthand’ are for fitting to the lefthand wall from this perspective and vice versa. 25
  25. 25. Showers and baths 8250 new Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR Hanging seat with spring- assisted tip-up mechanism and gripping bulk at the top of backrest 8250 0000 Wall supports 8250 0001 Wall supports/legs 240 240 850 600 470 470 400 400 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem26
  26. 26. Showers and baths 8250 new Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR Hanging seat as 8250 0000 but with armrests on one or both sides 8250 0100 both sides 8250 0101 r.h. only 8250 0102 l.h. only 240 240 183 183 601 600 470 470 650 650 400 400 543 325 325 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 27
  27. 27. Showers and baths 8251 new Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR Foldaway shower seat with soft-cornered rectangular seat 400 160 200 505 145 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem28
  28. 28. Showers and baths 8244 Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR Tip-up shower seat rotatable seat section A-Flex solution for flexible fitting in, for instance, hotels or optional service areas, cf. p. 68 f. 400 510 170 160 8240 Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR Hanging bath seat 700 – 900 345 420 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 29
  29. 29. Showers and baths 8241 1000 Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR Shower and bath stool rotatable Seat section with retention stirrup 8241 420 – Stainless steel (frame) 520 Seat section PUR Shower and bath stool rotatable seat section 400 280 70 8242 Stainless steel 145 Retention stirrup for shower and bath stool 250 70 8242 0001 Stainless steel 250 Retention stirrup for shower and bath stool for fitting in corners Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem30
  30. 30. Showers and baths 8243 new Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR Standing stool with rotatable seat The free-standing stool has a rotatable seat and offers great comfort in bathrooms and changing areas. 480 400 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 31
  31. 31. Showers and baths 8260 0033 Stainless steel Walking aid holder for universal positioning and use in the home 100 44 188 8290 0011 new Retention belt for personal safety 8290 0016 new Belt holder 70 25 90 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem32
  32. 32. Showers and baths 8249 Stainless steel Splash guard holder for shower, hooks onto FSB grabs and handrail combinations 835 22 128 42 8236 0850 Textile Splash guard with fastening loops, for use on FSB drop- down support rails 850 mm in length (cf. p. 56) 8236 0850 .... L = 900 mm H = 720 mm 8200 magicwhite 9000 white 8800 manhattan Optionally available with Specification details: curtains in an inflammable www.fsb.de/ergosystem material. 33
  33. 33. Showers and baths 8238 Stainless steel Angled shower curtain rail with curtain rings (ceiling connector can be shortened on site) 8238 1000 L1 = 1000 mm L2 = 1000 mm 8238 1200 L1 = 1200 mm L2 = 1200 mm 8238 1500 L1 = 1500 mm L2 = 1500 mm 8235 Stainless steel Angled shower curtain rail with curtain rings (ceiling connector can be shortened on site) Anti-suicide variant with re- usable locking mechanism on the ceiling connector 8235 1000 L1 = 1000 mm L2 = 1000 mm 8235 1200 L1 = 1200 mm L2 = 1200 mm 8235 1500 L1 = 1500 mm L2 = 1500 mm Ø 12Curtain designs, cf. p. 33 8299 0012 new Ceiling connector for false ceilings (can be shortened 1000 L2 on site)500 Suspended ceiling Ø 44 L1 L1 Ø 25 Bespoke U-shaped or radial Specification details: designs can also be supplied www.fsb.de/ergosystem on request.34
  34. 34. Showers and baths 8234 Stainless steel Shower curtain rail with curtain rings for alcoves (can be shortened on site) 8234 0900 L = 900 mm 8234 1200 L = 1200 mm 8234 1500 L = 1500 mm 8234 1800 L = 1800 mm 8233 new Stainless steel Shower curtain rail with curtain rings for alcoves (can be shortened on site) Anti-suicide variant incorpo- rating re-usable click-lock mechanism 8233 0900 L = 900 mm 8233 1200 L = 1200 mm 8233 1500 L = 1500 mm 8233 1800 L = 1800 mm 8237 TextileCurtain designs, cf. p. 33 Shower curtain with attach- ment eyelets 8237 1200 .... L = 1200 mm H = 2000 mm 8237 1800 .... L = 1800 mm H = 2000 mm Important note: Shower curtain rails running round a corner require two curtains L Important note: the distance Please request curtain rails in Specification details:70 between the shower curtain combination with glazed parti- www.fsb.de/ergosystem 20 rail and the ceiling must be tions individually. at least 400 mm. The distance between rail centre and curtain Optionally available with cus- is 20 mm and that between tomised dimensions and cur- the bottom of the curtain and tains in an inflammable mate- the floor ought to be 30 mm, rial. cf. example shown. 30 35
  35. 35. Showers and baths The new shower head holder makes for convenient shower- ing: it combines an ergono- mically fashioned bow handle that is safe and easy to oper- ate without any turning action involved and features a main- tenance-free, continuously ad- justable height and tilt mecha- nism. The shower head holder can be effortlessly adjusted with one hand – leaving the other free at all times and giving the user the opportunity to, for instance, hold on to a grab handle. 135 77 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem36
  36. 36. Showers and baths 8239 Stainless steel Slide rail with shower head holder for fitting to grabs and handrail configurations 8239 1198 | L = 1198 mm 8259 1198 new Stainless steel Slide rail with shower head holder for fitting to grabs and handrail configurations Anti-suicide variant Length = 1198 mm 8260 0050 Stainless steel Slide rail with shower head holder for fitting to wall 70 70 Length = 900 mm Ø 22 900 L 90 91 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 37
  37. 37. Showers and baths 8260 0011 Stainless steel Bath towel rail 600 70 Ø 22 90 8260 0021 Stainless steel Twin bath towel rail 600 70 Ø 22 160 You will find FSB’s “METRIC” accessory line on p. 79 ff.38
  38. 38. Products forwashstands andbathroom accessories 41
  39. 39. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8220 Stainless steel Fixed support rail 85 L 8220 6001 r.h. L = 600 mm 8220 6002 l.h. L = 600 mm200 8220 7001 r.h. L = 700 mm 8220 7002 l.h. L = 700 mm Shown here: l.h. Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem42
  40. 40. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8221 Stainless steel Fixed support rail 8221 6000 | L = 600 mm 8221 7000 | L = 700 mm non-handed 85 L 195 140 8224 Stainless steel Drop-down support rail with spring loading, ease of action adjustable as required 8224 6011 r.h. L = 600 mm 8224 6012 l.h. L = 600 mm 8224 7011 r.h. L = 700 mm 8224 7012 l.h. L = 700 mm Shown here: l.h. 85 L 195 140 All hardware bearing either Specification details: the ‘ righthand’ or ‘ left- www.fsb.de/ergosystem hand’ symbol needs to be ordered and fitted to suit the relevant handing. The prevail- ing view in this instance is that towards the washstand/WC: the ‘righthand’ model is for fitting to the right of the wash- stand/WC and vice versa. 43
  41. 41. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8225 Stainless steel Floor/Wall-mounted support rail 8225 6001 r.h. L = 600 mm 8225 6002 l.h. L = 600 mm 8225 7001 r.h. L = 700 mm 8225 7002 l.h. L = 700 mm Shown here: l.h. L 85 850 All hardware bearing either Specification details: the ‘ righthand’ or ‘ left- www.fsb.de/ergosystem hand’ symbol needs to be ordered and fitted to suit the relevant handing. The prevail- ing view in this instance is that towards the washstand/WC: the ‘righthand’ model is for fitting to the right of the wash- stand/WC and vice versa.44
  42. 42. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 0010 Stainless steel Twin towel holder with swivel capability 421 70 Ø 12 8260 0012 Stainless steel Towel holder rigid 412,5 70 Ø 22 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 45
  43. 43. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 0053 Stainless steel Tilting mirror with angle of tilt adjustable from 0° to 12°, easy-action and customisable operation 600 75 800 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem46
  44. 44. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 new Stainless steel Mirror in stainless steel incl. mounting plate Glassless mirror panel as deterrent to vandalism 8260 0054 | 450 x 450 mm 8260 0055 | 600 x 600 mm 600 8260 0056 | 600 x 450 mm 600 8260 0051 Wall mirror 1000 x 600 x 6 mm with 4 mirror holders 600 44 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 47
  45. 45. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 0052 Mirror holders (4) 8260 0015 Synth. mat. Utensils tray with slight inclination towards the wall and non-slip surface for the safe deposit of items 600 150 74 44 450 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem48
  46. 46. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 0041 Stainless steel Synth. mat. Toothmug holder with Synth. mat. tooth mug 85 112 117 44 8260 0040 Stainless steel Synth. mat. Soap holder with Synth. mat. soap dish 130 124 36 44 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 49
  47. 47. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 0001 Stainless steel Wall hook 47 44 8260 0002 Stainless steel Coat hook 87 44 8260 0005 8260 1005 Stainless steel Stainless steel Wall hook Wall hook anti-suicide variant with 32 re-usable tilt fastening 44 8260 0007 8260 1007 Stainless steel Stainless steel 80 Double wall hook Double wall hook 40 anti-suicide variant with 40 re-usable tilt fastening 32 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem50
  48. 48. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 0006 Stainless steel Coat hook 86 44 8260 0004 new Stainless steel 32 Double towel hook 44 35 8260 0003 Edelstahl Wall buffer 132 44 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 51
  49. 49. Washstands andbathroom accessories 8260 0005 new Stainless steel Wall hook, colour-coated RAL 1018 (yellow) RAL 3002 (red) RAL 5002 (blue) Any RAL colour can be app- lied. Please indicate the RAL colour required when ordering and specifying. 32 44 8260 0006 new Stainless steel Coat hook, colour-coated RAL 1018 (yellow) RAL 3002 (red) RAL 5002 (blue) Any RAL colour can be app- lied. Please indicate the RAL colour required when ordering and specifying. 86 44 You will find FSB’s “METRIC” accessory line on p. 79 ff.52
  50. 50. Products for WCs 55
  51. 51. WC 8224 Stainless steel Drop-down support rail with spring loading, ease of action adjustable as required Shown here: l.h. Wall bracket as adaptor solu- tion for the retrofitting of safety and drop-down support rails 8227 0000 160 x 160 mm 8227 0001 oval, 85 x 195 mm A-Flex solution for flexible fit-outs in, for instance, hotels or optional service areas, cf. p. 68 f. 160 L 8224 6001 r.h. L = 600 mm 8224 6002 l.h. L = 600 mm160 140 8224 7001 r.h. L = 700 mm 8224 7002 l.h. L = 700 mm 8224 8501 r.h. L = 850 mm 8224 8502 l.h. L = 850 mm Custom lengths of up to 900 mm can be supplied All hardware bearing either Specification details: the ‘ righthand’ or ‘ left- www.fsb.de/ergosystem hand’ symbol needs to be ordered and fitted to suit the relevant handing. The prevail- ing view in this instance is that towards the washstand/WC: the ‘righthand’ model is for fitting to the right of the wash- stand/WC and vice versa.56
  52. 52. WC 8224 85.. new Stainless steel Drop-down support rail with belt holder 8224 ..31 r.h. 8224 ..32 l.h. Shown here: r.h. Custom lengths of up to 900 mm can be supplied 160 850 8290 0011 new160 140 Retention belt for personal safety on the WC Only in combination with FSB 8224 85.. 160 All hardware bearing either Specification details: the ‘ righthand’ or ‘ left- www.fsb.de/ergosystem hand’ symbol needs to be ordered and fitted to suit the relevant handing. The prevail- ing view in this instance is that towards the washstand/WC: the ‘righthand’ model is for fitting to the right of the wash- stand/WC and vice versa. 57
  53. 53. WC 8247 Stainless steel PUR Backrest for retrofitting to drop-down support rails as required Shown here: 1 backrest 8247 2 drop-down support rails 8224 Special variant in combination with retention belt 8290 0011 available on request. Please indicate combination with drop-down support rail 8224 85.. when ordering. 700 570 135 148 8246 PUR Armrest for fitting to support rails and grab handles 330 38 67 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem58
  54. 54. WC 8224 Stainless steel Drop-down support rail for lateral assembly so as to reduce utility shaft widths for WC bowls projecting max. 550 mm 8224 7021 r.h. 8224 7022 l.h. Shown here: l.h. 930 75 160 160 140 8222 Stainless steel Fixed support rail 8222 7000 | L = 700 mm 8222 8500 | L = 850 mm non-handed 160 L 160 140Fitting details 150 700 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 59
  55. 55. WC 8245 Stainless steel Synth. mat. Toilet roll holder for fitting to support rails and grab handles 132 33 118 8248 0002 Stainless steel Synth. mat. Radio-controlled actuator for flushing the WC 60 85 46 50 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem60
  56. 56. WC 8224 8503 Stainless steel Drop-down support rail with function buttons righthand: 8224 8503 blue (1) / yellow (1) 8224 8505 blue (1) 8224 8507 yellow (1) lefthand: 8224 8504 blue (1) / yellow (1) 8224 8506 blue (1) 8224 8508 yellow (1) 160 850 160 140 700 8248 Stainless steel Synth. mat. Push-button bracket for fitting to support rails and grabs Supplied without push buttons Shown here: Mepa Sanicontrol 860 Brackets for further makes 65 can be supplied on request 123 57 69 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 61
  57. 57. WC 8228 Stainless steel Leg for FSB drop-down sup- port rails to increase support- 35 able load by approx. 50 kg and reduce load exerted on wall 8228 0001 r.h. 8228 0002 l.h. L 23 66 8260 0033 Stainless steel Walking aid holder for univer- sal positioning and use in the home 100 44 188 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem62
  58. 58. WC 8260 0030 r.h. 155 Stainless steel 70 Toilet roll holder with roll retainer 90 129 8260 0130 l.h. 155 Stainless steel 70 Toilet roll holder with roll retainer 90 129 8260 0031 Stainless steel Spare toilet roll holder for one toilet roll 121 44 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 63
  59. 59. WC 8260 0032 Stainless steel Spare toilet roll holder for two toilet rolls 22 223 70 8260 0042 Stainless steel Synth. mat. Toilet brush set 245 363 100 144 You will find FSB’s “METRIC” accessory line on p. 79 ff.64
  60. 60. Supplementary fitments 67
  61. 61. A-FlexFlexible and modularWith A-Flex, FSB offers a well- A-Flex can be particularly An additional benefit derivesconceived means of flexibly recommended for hoteliers or from significantly lower costsand demand-responsively fit- operators of hospitals with op- for the initial fit-out, as theting spaces out with barrier- tional service areas, offering spaces concerned are merelyfree components from the Ergo- them scope for catering to the fitted with an A-Flex bearerSystem. individual or acutely changing plate and use can be made of needs of guests and patients. drop-down support rails and Cases in point are guests in a foldaway shower seats just as hotel who do not require barrier- in the standard scenario. free aids in the bathroom or for whom such aids suddenly become necessary following an acute injury – at a winter sports resort, for instance. 8227 0002 new Stainless steel A-Flex bearer plate incl. cover plate 160 17 for combination with drop- down support rail 8224 60../ 160 8224 70../8224 85.. and folda- way shower seat 8244 0001 (cf. p. 69)68
  62. 62. A-Flex 8224 new Stainless steel A-Flex drop-down support rails with spring loading, ease of action adjustable as required 8224 6041 r.h. L = 600 mm 8224 6042 l.h. L = 600 mm 8224 7041 r.h. L = 700 mm 8224 7042 l.h. L = 700 mm 8224 8541 r.h. L = 850 mm 8224 8542 l.h. L = 850 mm Custom lengths of up to 900 mm can be supplied 160 L 160 140 8244 0001 new Stainless steel (frame) Seat section PUR A-Flex foldaway shower seat with rotatable seat 400 514 170 160 Specification details: www.fsb.de/ergosystem 69
  63. 63. Bespoke handrailsSpecially dimensioned versionwith standard coating ErgoSystem handrails made to measure In years past, FSB has occa- Assuming the job is of suit- sionally manufactured made- able volume, FSB is willing to to-measure hand support sys- provide you with specialists tems for main entrance door to draw up the relevant list of areas in response to market measurements. demand. Comparable solu- tions are feasible for handrail Please fax us your dimensioned designs, including those of a requirements. FSB will then more complex variety, in hos- scrutinise these, produce a pitals and nursing homes. duplicate drawing and submit Thus the ErgoSystem’s unique a quote. diagonal-oval cross-section can also be harnessed for handrails. Special orders of this kind are not industrial series products, however; rather, they are customised productions whose assembly and use lies in the client’s sphere of responsibility.70