Wedding To Do List


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Wedding To Do List

  1. 1. Top 10 Wedding to do List When planning for your big day, there is so much to do that you don’t want to leave anything off. So, to help you prepare for your wedding, here are Top 10 “to do” list to help you keep everything in order. 1. BUDGET It is very important to review your finances before getting married. Knowing your savings and the amount you can still save is very important. You can also ask your parents to help you with the expenses. But if you do not feel comfortable asking your parents then do not feel pressured to do so. Always remember to stick with your budget and don’t go way to high. 2. DATE & VENUES It’s always good to have two dates in mind for your wedding day. Dates that you think are special for both of you and dates that will match with the venue of your wedding. The purpose of two dates is if the other date does not work then the other date will back it up. 3. MOTIF With the motif of your wedding, it is always good to talk about it with your partner. Knowing what is comfortable with both of you will make it more creative. 4. INVITATIONS Surf the net for some new styles of wedding invitations. Some prefer the old envelope sealed with a candle drop and some plain and simple with a little touch of native materials.
  2. 2. 5. HAIR & MAKE UP Choosing a make-up artist is very important because it can enhance every bride’s natural glow and aura. And every bride deserves to be beautiful in her special day 6. COUTURIER AND DESIGNER It is very important to be vocal to your couturier about the design you want; be open to suggestions, too. 7. PHOTOGRAPHER AND VIDEOGRAPHER It is advisable to check the photographer’s portfolio to have an idea of his style and approach. In this way you can cherish the memories of your special day the way you wanted it. And don’t forget to create a “must take” photo list and give it to the photographer 8. BRIDAL CAR You don’t want to worry too much about your guess riding the bus just to get to your wedding. Hire a reputable rent- a car company. 9. SOUVENIRS Souvenirs can be anything from lamps to figurines and teddy bears. But try to choose a souvenir that your guess can use or something that will remind them of your special day. 10. HONEYMOON You can choose from places memorable for both of you or place where you have never been to. Why not try the Italy or Rome? And don’t forget to book in advance. 233 North Main Street, Downtown Farmville, VA 23901 Phone: 434-392-5111 Fax: 434-392-4070