Explore Extended Volusion to Magento Migration with Cart2Cart


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Cart2Cart is pleased to present improved and extended Volusion to Magento migration opportunities. Henceforth, web-based service provides a possibility to preserve order IDs and create product variants based on combinations of their attributes while moving . Finally, store owners can perform an ideal transfer without downtime of Volusion store. http://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/shopping-cart-migration-options/1133-volusion-to-magento-migration

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Explore Extended Volusion to Magento Migration with Cart2Cart

  1. 1. Explore Extended Volusion to Magento Migration with Cart2Cart Ternopil, Ukraine - November 28, 2013. Cart2Cart - an automated migration service is steadily improving. In accordance with this fact new features for Volusion to Magento migration are constantly releasing. Cart2Cart strives to satisfy needs of every merchant and presents totally upgraded opportunities for migration. Saving order IDs and a possibility to clear current data on a new Magento store are now available for those who decided to move from Volusion to Magento. No Need to Match the Orders - Preserve the ID Numbers Web-based service provides an extremely useful feature. Possibility to save order ID numbers on a new Magento store will help to keep processing orders from old Volusion store. This option notably relieve management of a new store. Also it minimizes order delays caused by moving the store to another platform. Launch a New Store Like a New Page Wanted to test Magento platform? Created too much fake products or categories on a new store? In this case, clearing current data is recommended to prevent inconveniences during migration process. Cart2Cart provides an option to exclude this task from pre-migration checklist. Helpful improvement that increases quality of a transfer. 100% Uptime Migration Traffic is the mainstream of e-Commerce. That’s why it is important to preserve it during the migration process. Catch the benefit from keeping Volusion store running during data transfer and exclude traffic lose. An automated migration service ensures no downtime during Volusion to Magento migration. Another point for moving to desirable open source Magento store. Enjoy Data and Design Moving with no Efforts Changes are good, but not always. Merchants usually have no time even for setting up the migration. What to say about customizing the design of a new store? Cart2Cart offers a simple solution. An automated migration service provides a possibility to save the design of a source store. Make the new store design look like the old one ordering one of a Data&Design Migration Service Packages. Experienced Cart2Cart tech engineers will perform migration and compose a full report. As a result the store owners will have enough time to take care about business out of the web. About Cart2Cart Web based automated shopping cart migration service already performed more than 11 000 successful migrations. Thousands of satisfied customers made Cart2Cart the world leading store migration service. High speed of transfer without additional software to download makes migration process as simple as never before.
  2. 2. Media Contact Cart2Cart press@magneticone.com Brodivska 5B st.,Ternopil 46000, Ukraine www.shopping-cart-migration.com