Implementation of sales strategies in germany and europe    carsten franke
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Implementation of sales strategies in germany and europe carsten franke






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Implementation of sales strategies in germany and europe    carsten franke Implementation of sales strategies in germany and europe carsten franke Presentation Transcript

  • Launch of new products and implementation of sales strategies Carsten Franke has implemented several international sales strategies resulting in top-line growth and profitability increase In this presentation 4 projects are explained to give you ideas how Carsten Franke could support you to further grow your business Please find contact details on the last slide to agree for a meeting
  • Case 1: Implementation of a growth strategy Do you require…… new competencies or additional ressources to launch a new strategy globally or in a specific countries? Carsten Franke can support your business…… implementing the new strategy directly in the countries together with the local managers or distributors
  • Case 1: Implementation of a growth strategy in 14countries, B.Braun Germany (2 years)Situation:  Actual sales development was lower than planned  A new ambitious strategy was developed and to be rolled out in EuropeActivities:  A team of 3 was established to coach the local organisations in the new strategy  Carsten Franke´s responsibility: FIN, S, N, DK, UK, IRL, NL, B, I, CZ, SK, H, A, CHAchievements:  All markets were segmented taking care of local requirements  A tender strategy was developed and price/unit scenarios defined per segment  Country managers received new goals which were monitored globally  Marketshare grew in Europe from 20% to 30% in a saturated market
  • Case 2: Product launch with a new marketing strategy Do you require…… to launch a new medical product in Germany and/or German speaking countries with a new marketing approach? Carsten Franke can support your business…… in his mother tongue German by facilitating Best Practice Sharing workshops and regional meetings as well as doing co-visits with sales representatives
  • Case 2: Launch of SenSura in German speakingcountries and Poland, Coloplast (6 months)Situation:  The first global marketing strategy for a product launch should be rolled out  This required newthinking and a new structure because before the subsidiaries planned their own local launch activities independent from headquartersActivities:  Regional teams were established to convert the global strategy into local activities  ”Best practice sharing” workshops were arranged by Carsten Franke  Local organisations prepared a launch plan which was challenged and accepted by global marketingAchievements:  Countries accepted the new process after some meetings and discussions  SenSura launch was a big sucess (Carsten Frankes responsibility: D, A, CH, PL)
  • Case 3: Redefinition of sales strategy Do you need…… to create a new innovative sales approach or train your local sales people? Carsten Franke can support your business…… doing sales training and co-visits in German, Danish and English language and takes care of the special local environment
  • Case 3: Defence of a high market share in Austria,B.Braun (2 months)Situation:  A product had 50% market share because of high quality  Low price products entered the market and customers asked for significant discounts (30-40%)Activities:  Carsten Franke visited key customers together with sales representatives to find out customer needs and their price flexibility  Customers were segmented  A price and marketing strategy was defined per segment/key customerAchievements:  Customers got the offer as planned and an average price reduction of 10% was accepted (rather than the firstly ordered 30-40%)  Market shares were even increased as customers saw other features for the product and ordered more
  • Case 4: Implemetation of a change management process Do you need…… to implement a new product concept or strategy by overcoming local barriers or limits in the organisation? Carsten Franke can support your business…… with intercultural communication skills which helps in overcoming barriers and finding win-win situations
  • Case 4: Implementation of a new product concept inThe Netherlands, B.Braun (5 months)Situation:  New product required new handling and new processes at customers in hospitals  The Dutch Product Manager claimed that the market is not ready for thisActivities:  Carsten Franke superseded the Dutch Product Manager and developed a sales and training concept for the sales representatives and the customersAchievements:  The local sales representatives were convinced with the approach and a special training  The concept was presented to key customers by many co-visits (Carsten Franke + sales representatives)  The customers liked the concept despite the additional training
  • Carsten Franke has a broad international business background Business responsibility for 11 European countries for wound care in Coloplast Many international launches projects for small and large companies with subsidiaries and distributors Broad sales experience from direct sales to physicians, to distributors and as sales manager Implementation of sales strategies, customer segmentation, CRM and successful tender management
  • Carsten Franke is an international communicator Born and grown up in Germany, lives in Denmark for 7 years Projects from locations in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Finland Speaks German, English, Danish (business language), Finnish and French (communication level) Has created a broad international network by travelling to almost all EU countries, USA, Russia and China M.Sc. in Chemistry (Diplom-Chemiker) and Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) in natural sciences
  • References on requestPlease contact Carsten Franke to agree a meeting(without commitment) to solve your challenges:Phone: +45 50 28 62 36e-mail: