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Sxsw ala-presentation

  1. 1. Librarians  take     SXSW  by  storm!   Welcome—Mimosa  Time!     (byob)  
  2. 2. Today’s  Format   •  Facts  and  Info   •  Panel  Insights  (our  stories,  our  roles)   •  Rinse  and  Repeat…   •  Q&A   •  Breakouts  with  panelists  for  more   personalized  Q&A  
  3. 3. #sxswLAM   #alaac14  
  4. 4. Some  vocabulary   •  SXSW:    South  by  Southwest     •  Southby:  slang  term  for  SXSW   •  sxswLAM:  South  by  Southwest  Libraries,   Archives  and  Museums  
  5. 5. What  is  SXSW?  
  6. 6. What  is  #sxswLAM?   Good  quesVon…  
  7. 7. What  is  #sxswLAM?   •  A  core,  volunteer  group  of  passionate  library,   museum  and  archive  staff  who  aXend,  present   and  acVvely  recruit  their  colleagues  to  join  them   at  the  annual  SXSW  InteracVve  conference  in   AusVn  TX.   •  Partner  OrganizaVons  (ALA,  PLA,  #ideadrop,   EveryLibrary,  Urban  Libraries  Unite,  Digital  Public   Library  of  America,  Harvard  Library  Test  Kitchen   design  group,  others)   •  Vendors  (Proquest,  InnovaVve  Interfaces  Inc.  [III],   Mobile  Beacon,  others)  
  8. 8. •  sxswLAM  works  to  connect  people  to  the  tools   that  help  them  fuel  their  passions.  They  see   SXSWi  as  an  opportunity  to  talk  with  other   creaVves  and  evangelize  libraries,  archives   and  museums.   •  We  all  (LAM,  partner  orgs,  vendors)  live  in  a   cloud  of  vibrant  interacVon.    At  the  center  of   our  shared  universe  is  the  core  LAM  group  –   which  is  also  an  enVty  of  its  own.     What  is  #sxswLAM?  
  9. 9. The  Short  Version   •  Vision  for  evangelizing  libraries,  museums  and   archives  to  the  SXSW  technology  community   •  A  mission  for  making  new  friends  and  bringing   back  stuff  we  can  use   •  Volunteer-­‐powered   •  High  Passion   •  Goodwill-­‐powered     •  High  credibility  &  trust  (no  formal  org  structure)  
  10. 10. Our  Panel   •  Sandy  Tijerina  (#ideadrophouse  –  partner  org)   •  ChrisVan  Zabriskiei  (Queens  Public  Library/  Urban   Librarians  Unite  &  2014  sxsw  presenter)   •  Mary  Abler  (First-­‐Vme  aXendee  2014;  American   Libraries  SXSWi  blogger)     •  John  Chrastka  (EveryLibrary  SuperPAC  –partner   org)   •  Carson  Block  (#sxswLAM  ringmeister  and  panel   moderator)  
  11. 11. Our  SXSW  Stories  (Panel)   •  What  was  our  first  involvement  with  SXSW?     •  What  further  acVons  did  we  take?   •  What  are  the  results?  
  12. 12. SXSWi   •  A  place  to  gather  with  others   •  A  place  to  share  ideas   •  “An  incubator  of  cuong-­‐edge  technologies  and  digital   creaVvity,  the  2014  event  features  five  days  of  compelling   presentaVons  and  panels  from  the  brightest  minds  in   emerging  technology,  scores  of  exciVng  networking  events   hosted  by  industry  leaders  and  an  unbeatable  lineup  of   special  programs  showcasing  the  best  new  websites,  video   games  and  startup  ideas  the  community  has  to  offer.  From   hands-­‐on  training  to  big-­‐picture  analysis  of  the  future,   SXSW  InteracVve  has  become  the  place  to  preview  the   technology  of  tomorrow  today.”     –  (From  hXp://      
  13. 13.   Why  should  the  library  community   have  a  presence  at  SXSWi?  
  14. 14. We  want  to  get  the  word  out:       Libraries,  Museums  and  Archives   are  players  in  the  digital  age.     We  want  to  share,  learn  and   collaborate  with  other  players.  
  15. 15.   SXSWi  is  a  place  to…  
  16. 16. SEE  
  17. 17. BE  SEEN   •  Show  people  we’re   not  “just  about   books”     •  Put  libraries  on   entrepreneurs’   radar   •  Show  that  libraries   have  something  for   everyone  
  18. 18. HEAR   Beware!  Important  conversaVons  abound…   [Private  screening  of  Edward  Snowden  interview  at  #IdeaDrop  House,   Photo  credits:  Mary  Abler  and  Cindy  Fisher]  
  19. 19. BE  HEARD   •  LAM-­‐member  panels   2014  included:     –  The  new  startup   garage  for  innova2on?   Libraries!  (Janie   Hermann  and  Venu   Moola)     –  We  will  not  be   shushed:  Guerilla   Library  Advocacy  (ULU;   Lauren  Comito  and   Chris2an  Zabriskie)    
  20. 20.   SXSWi  is  also  place  to…  
  21. 21. MAKE  NEW  CONNECTIONS   With   entrepreneurs,   startups,   emerging   technologies,   and  established   companies   Above:  Tina  Coleman  talks  to  a  visitor  at  the   InnovaVve  Interfaces  booth  (and  look  at  all  our   swag!)     [Photo  credit:  Carson  Block]  
  22. 22. MAKE  COMMUNITY  CONNECTIONS   ChrisVan  Zabriskie  represenVng  the  Volunteer  Library   Brigade  entrances  passersby  with  Guerilla  StoryVme   [Photo  credit:  Carson  Block]  
  23. 23. MAKE  COMMUNITY  CONNECTIONS   Labrary  (Library  Test  Kitchen)  co-­‐sponsored   events  with  AusVn  Public  Libraries   [Photo  credit:  Aspen  Walker]  
  24. 24. MAKE  FAMOUS  CONNECTIONS?!   If  you  sVck   around  long   enough,  you’re   bound  to  run   into  someone   named  Neil…   Neil  Gaiman,  2013     Photo  credit:  Meghan  Sitar  
  25. 25. MAKE  FAMOUS  CONNECTIONS?!   Neil  Young,  2014     Photo  credit:  Carson  Block  
  26. 26. AND,    (of  course)  HAVE  FUN  
  27. 27. #sxswLAM  has  fun  down  to  an  art!  
  28. 28.   Now  for  some  Hits  and  History  
  29. 29. Jessamyn  West  at  SXSWi   2000:    First  aLendance     2008:  Jessamyn  West  presented  The  Day  They  Tested  the  Manifesto:  how  we  handled   a  sexism  brouhaha  at  MetaFilter  hXp://       In  2009,  Jessamyn  West  made  a  call  to  acVon  on  her  blog,,  for  library-­‐ land  panel  submissions:   hXp://­‐help-­‐me-­‐get-­‐more-­‐library-­‐content-­‐into-­‐ sxsw/       2010:  Jessamyn  West  and  Jenny  Engstrom,  Panel:  How  the  Other  Half  Lives-­‐-­‐Touring   the  Digital  Divide   Archived  informaVon  here:  hXp://     2011:  Jessamyn  West,  Fiona  Morgan,  and  JusVn  Grimes,  Panel:  Offline  America-­‐-­‐Why   We  have  a  Digital  Divide   Archived  informaVon  here:  hXp://     and  here:  hXp://    
  30. 30. Jessamyn  in  her  own  words  
  31. 31. In  between  there  was  some  library   presence  –  but  mostly   observaVonal  
  32. 32. 2012—LAM  arrives!   •  The  Great  Library  Swindle:  Your  Rights  Are  at  Risk  w/   Carson  Block   •  Read/Write  Library:  Mapping  a  City  Through  Media  w/   Nell  Taylor   •  Making  Stories:  Libraries  &  Community  Publishing  w/   Amy  Buckland,  Char  Booth,  Michael  Porter,  Nate  Hill   •  Guerilla  MarkeVng  @  Your  Library  w/  Cathleen  Ash   •  A  Penny  Press  for  the  Digital  Age  e/Jessamyn  West,   Fiona  Morgan,  Norberto  Santana  Jr.,  Ryan  Thornburg,   and  Tome  Stytes   •  Radically  Open  Cultural  Heritage  Data  on  the  Web  w/   Adrian  Stevenson,  Jon  Voss,  Julie  Allinson,  Rachel  Frick  
  33. 33. 2013—LAM  is  in  the  house!   •  Libraries:  The  UlVmate  Playground  (Andrea  Davis,   Naval  Postgraduate  School,  Carson  Block)   –  hXps://       •  Poetry  in  MoVon:  Sound  Culture  and  Data  Mining   (Tanya  Clement,  The  University  of  Texas  at  AusVn)     •  Culture  Hack:  Libraries  &  Museums  Open  For  Making   (Rachel  Frick,  CLIR  Digital  Library  FederaVon)     •  Why  Digital  Maps  Can  Reboot  Cultural  History  (Butch   Lazorchak,  Library  of  Congress)     •  Black  TwiXer  AcVvism,  Bigger  Than  Hip  Hop  (Stacie   Williams,  Harvard  University)    
  34. 34. Andrea  Davis  –  in  her  own  words  
  35. 35. sxswLAM     SXSW  InteracVve  +  Librar*  +  Archiv*  +  Museum*   Through  the  eyes  of  Andrea  Davis  2009-­‐…  
  36. 36. Volunteer  =  free  badge!  +  contacts   SXSW  Panel  Liaison  Program:  Help  Us  Improve  the  Event!     2009  marked  the  introducVon  of  the  InteracVve  Panel  Liaison   (IPL)  program,  …     If  you  are  very  detail-­‐oriented,  anVcipate  having  significant  free   Vme  in  the  first  three  months  of  2010,  and  would  like  to  see   SXSW  programming  conVnue  to  improve...  then  you  might  be  a   good  candidate  to  be  an  IPL  in  2010.  Want  more  informaVon?   Then  e-­‐mail  us  ASAP  and  we'll  fill  you  in  on  all  the  details.     now  =  InteracVve  Speaker  Assistant  (ISA)    
  37. 37. The  Meetups  &  Drinkups  
  38. 38. Library’ing  =  Interac2ve!  
  39. 39. Load  the  Schedule  w/  LAM  Panels  
  40. 40. CollaboraVons  #MIH   LibraryBoxen  +  DPLA   Awesome  LiXle  Library  +  CREATE   Mobile  Mini  Libraries  +  Everylibrary   ERL  +  Ideadrop  
  41. 41. Memories  are  made   Even  on  the  plane  geong  there   Zotero  Bibliography  
  42. 42. ParVcipate  from  Afar  
  43. 43. And  then  came  sxswLAM  2014…  
  44. 44. Introducing  a  few  key  players…   •  ER&L’s  #IdeaDrop  House   •  EveryLibrary   •  DPLA  and  DFL   •  ULU  and  VBL   •  Library  Test  Kitchen   •  ALA  and  PLA-­‐sponsored   acVviVes   •  Vendors:  InnovaVve  Interfaces,   Inc.  and  ProQuest   •  Awesome  library-­‐land  folk   including…     Photo  credit:  SXSWi  
  45. 45. ULU/VLB   The  radical  team  of  ChrisVan   Zabriskie  and  Lauren  Comito   took  to  the  streets  of  AusVn   as  the   Volunteer  Library  Brigade,   conducVng  story  Vmes  and   street  reference  for  awe-­‐ inspired  passersby.  The   passion  of  this  power  duo  is   infecVous,  and  they  brought   fresh  ideas  to  this  year's   efforts.  Photo  credits:  ChrisVan  Zabriskie  (above),  Unknown  via  social  media  (below).  Text  by  Stacie  Ledden  from     hXp://­‐collaboraVon-­‐sxswi-­‐phenomenon      
  46. 46. ER&L:  #IdeaDrop  House   Sandy  and  Bonnie  Tijerina  from  ER&L   found  the  perfect  locaVon  for  this   year's  IdeaDrop  house,  a  space  not  far   from  the  convenVon  center  where   people  came  together  to  connect,   share  ideas  and  discuss  important   topics  in  libraries  and  beyond.  With   the  help  of  their  fabulous  AV  tech   Albert,  the  house  not  only  live   streamed  conversaVons  from   librarians  and  thought-­‐leaders,  there   was  a  "confessional"  where  people   could  record  their  thoughts  on  SXSW   and  librarianship.  They  also  live   streamed  the  Ed  Snowden  simulcast   so  we  could  avoid  the  crowds,  enjoy   mimosas  and  watch  together  from  the   comfort  of  the  couch.   Photo  credit:  Mary  Abler     Text  by  Stacie  Ledden  from     hXp://­‐collaboraVon-­‐ sxswi-­‐phenomenon    
  47. 47. EveryLibrary   EveryLibrary  ensured  we  were  well  fed   and  well  connected  over  the  course  of   the  weekend,  sponsoring  breakfast   each  morning  at  the  IdeaDrop  house   and  meet-­‐ups  at  our  favorite  AusVn   jaunt  Mugshots.  John  Chrastka,  this   week  named  a  2014  Mover  and  Shaker,   talked  with  start-­‐ups  and  venture   capitalists  about  how  invesVng  in   libraries  is  invesVng  in  a  healthy   economic  future.  At  breakfast  each   morning,  we'd  discuss  our  successes   from  the  day  before,  what  we  were   excited  about,  what  we  had  planned  for   the  next  day.   Text  by  Stacie  Ledden  from     hXp:// impact-­‐collaboraVon-­‐sxswi-­‐ phenomenon    
  48. 48. Library  Test  Kitchen   A  serendipidous  and  deligh€ul   addiVon  this  year  was  the  presence  of   the  Labrary,  Library  Test  Kitchen's   prototype  library  space  out  of   Harvard.  Jeff  Goldenson  and  Jessica   Yurkofsky  are  two  of  the  coolest   people  you'll  ever  meet  and   converged  on  the  lawn  of  AusVn's   O'Henry  Museum  to  show  off  their   student-­‐designed  library  machines.   They  provided  inspiraVon  and   parVcipaVon  to  SXSWi  aXendees,   showcasing  the  possibiliVes  and   creaVvity  that  abound  in  libraries.  
  49. 49. A  first-­‐Vmer’s  experience:  Mary  Abler  
  50. 50. Key  Partnership  Elements   •  Shared  vision     •  Complimentary  vision   •  Shared  resources   •  Complimentary  resources   •  Solid  and  reliable   •  All  partners  benefit  =  win  
  51. 51. Vendors     •  Sponsorship  started  in  2013  –  with  Proquest’s   sponsorship  of  the  #ideadrophouse   •  In  2014,  InnovaVve  Interfaces  Inc.  sponsored  a   booth  on  the  trade  room  floor  with  open   access  to  #sxswLAM  friends  and  partners     •  StarVng  in  2013  partners  also  contributed   cash  and  Vme  to  the  efforts  (EveryLibrary,   Carson  Block  ConsulVng)  
  52. 52. …and  *you*  next!  
  53. 53. Wait…   where  are  the  Archives  and   Museums?!?!  
  54. 54. Want  to  help?   Ringmeister   •  Coordinate  people  &  partners  (within  and  outside  of  LAM),  be  accountable,  inspire,  lead,  roll   up  sleeves,  ensure  it  happens,  whatever  it  is...   LogisVcs  Team   •  Mark  the  road  ahead;  keep  us  informed  and  aware;  make  plans;  keep  us  ahead  and   confident;  head-­‐off  last-­‐minute  frenzies;  provide  logisVcs  at  major  milestones  (i.e.  physical   events  at  ALA  MW  and  SXSWi);  keep  the  curves  rounded  and  road  rock  steady...   MarkeVng  &  Branding  Team   •  Keep  sxswLAM  informed;  keep  world  informed  about  sxswLAM;  promote  panelpicker   submissions  among  libraries;  promote  and  equip  voVng  for  LAM      panels;  outreach;  solicit   press  and  blogger  coverage;  coordinate  media  opportuniVes  with  #ideadrophouse;  keep  our   brand  clear  and  consistent;  spread  the  love  the  the  four  corners  of  the  earth...   Budget  and  Fundraising   •  Someone’s  goXa  pay  for  all  this  stuff.    CreaVve  fundraising  ideas,  execuVon  and  collecVon.     Guide  budgetpartnerships  (with  markeVng  team)  for  sponsorships  or  co-­‐branding  (i.e.   Togather)   Crazy-­‐a##  SXSWi  site  impact  team   •  Save  $  where  needed,  spend  where  needed.    Seek  out  &  cement  mutually  beneficial  Channel   ‘Dre.    WWDD?    (What  Would  ‘Dre  Do?)  to  ensure  sxswLAM  mindshare  at  the  conference.     Create  focused,  impac€ul  approach.    Reissue  legacy  ideas  (libraryboxen?)  and  find  new   avenues.  Working  with  logisVcs  and  budget  team,  coordinate  event  presence,  cheers  bar,   parVes,  and  other  groovy  stuff.      
  55. 55. Other  ways   •  ISA  program   •  Administered  through  SXSW   •  Badge  in  enchange  for  volunteer  help  
  56. 56. Online  Presence   Website:  hXp://     Facebook:  #sxswLAM  =  Librar*  +  Archiv*  +   Museum*   hXps:// sxswLAM/736334886389118/? noVf_t=group_acVvity    
  57. 57. QuesVons?       @CarsonBlock