Compare to different magazine covers


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Compare to different magazine covers

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  • Compare to different magazine covers

    1. 1. Magazine Front Cover AnalysisCarrie Deans
    2. 2. Masthead <- MainimageMain coverline ->Date ->Barcode ->
    3. 3. Billboard The target audience of thismagazine is 16 – 30 years old. Itgives you information and the latestnews on the music that’s in thecharts. Its covers whats in the popcharts etc. It also gives you reviewson the latest albums and gives youinformation on the newest upcomingartists. It is seen as one of the mostpopular music magazines.
    4. 4. Masthead & Selling Line The Billboard logo is covered.Because people will already knowits Billboard because of the colouredletters at the end of the word. The selling line is Bruno Mars, andthen it gives you some informationabout him and what they will betaking about in the magazine.
    5. 5. Main Image Bruno mars is wearing sunglassesand showing of his gold jewelry. Heis wearing a red shirt this makes himstand out more against the bluebackground.
    6. 6. Cover Lines & Main Sells There is the catch phrasefutures so bright over BrunoMars this sticks in your head.There are other artists namesin the corner next to a plussymbol. There is a questionon the front ‘Whats next forLyor Cohen’? This mightmake you buy the magazineso you can find out what isnext for Lyor Cohen.
    7. 7. Masthead ->Main cover lineMain image ->Date and Barcode ^
    8. 8. NMEThe target audience for thismagazine is 18 – 40 years. It givesyou the latest music news on rockand indie music. It gives you news onthe latest artists in the rock industryand interviews varies singers andbands. It is seen as one of the mostpopular rock/indie magazines.
    9. 9. Masthead & Selling LineThe logo is red and white the sameas the rest of the magazine frontcover.The selling line is in shortsentences. This makes it seemsnappier and you read it quicker.
    10. 10. Main ImageSid Vicious is in black andwhite in a ripped t-shirt and hishair is messy. He’s holding uphis hands in the muscle pose.This makes him look like amessy ‘rock star’.
    11. 11. Cover Lines & Main SellsThe main sale line is ‘25 yearson the ultimate sex pistolsremembered’. This will be themain reason why people buythis magazine.
    12. 12. ComparisonsThere are obvious differences in these magazines. One of them is forpop music (billboard) the other one is for rock/indie music. The colourschemes are completely different, the pop magazine colour scheme isquite bright and vibant, Bruno Mars is dressed quite smart. Where ason the front of NME sid vicious isnt very well dressed and is going forthe messy rock stereotype look. The colour scheme is quite dark andthe black and white pictures takes up the whole of the front cover.
    13. 13. Ideas for your own magazineI will create a music magazinefocusing on chart music, it will becalled Ashca.