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A new discovery for me and a refreshing one indeed! I like their philosophy and while I am only beginning to explore their work, I love what I see!

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Zeald.Com Website Fundamentals

  1. 1. WEBSITE How to Generate Amazing Results FUNDAMENTALS Online! Copyright © 2005, Zeald Limited You have permission to post this document, email it, print it and pass it along for free Disclaimer. Every effort has been made to verify the information provided in this to anyone you would like to, as long as you make no changes or edits to its contents publication, and to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. The information is or the printed or digital format of it. provided on an as-is basis. Zeald Limited assumes no responsibility or liability What this means: 1. You can pass this document on to a friend. 2. You can send them for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter within. to www.zeald.com to download it for free 3. You can make a copy of it or print it out and give it away (as long as you do not alter the original form).
  2. 2. About the Author Hi, my name is David Kelly and I lead the team at Zeald.com. Zeald.com is one of New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing website design and E-Business consulting companies. It is a franchised business, with licensed E- Business Consultants located through-out New Zealand. At the time of publication, it has been in operation for 5 years and has David Kelly worked with 500+ New Zealand companies, Chief Executive helping them to achieve amazing success Zeald.com online. Most business owners set up a website to Contact Us drive a sales and marketing result. They want Free Phone: 0508 WEBSITE (0508 932 748) the website to drive more business. We have Email: sales@zeald.com found repeatedly, though, that many Web: www.zeald.com businesses are achieving very poor results with their website. The fact is, many business owners don’t understand how a website works or how to make a website successful. This booklet has been put together as a practical guide for all business owners and it clearly outlines what is required to make a website successful. If, at any stage, you would like to spend some time with a Zeald.com E-Business Consultant discussing the concepts outlined in this booklet and how they relate to your business and its products and services – feel free to give us a call on 0508 WEBSITE (0508 932 748) or visit our website to register. I sincerely hope you find this booklet helpful! 02
  3. 3. Introduction Done right - your website can be the most successful and cost-effective 'sales rep' that you have ever hired! 03
  4. 4. The Internet Website Advantages The mid 1990's saw the emergence of a When a website is done well it can be turned phenomenon that was to take the world by into an incredibly powerful business tool with storm. It was something that would change the potential to generate massive amounts the way we communicate, work, live and play of qualified enquiries and sales. In fact, a from that time on. It was called the Internet. website is unique in that its advantages include: Communication Revolutionised , You can access it anywhere, globally, The Internet saw the introduction of an 24 hours a day, seven days a week amazing new technology called the World , It presents in-depth product/service Wide Web (www) - a tool that took worldwide communications to completely new levels. information and knowledge This new, affordable 'cyberspace' enabled , It follows the correct business processes - online communication between people every time! regardless of their location or time zone. , It can successfully satisfy many service Because the Web knows no boundaries, the enquiries simultaneously playing field was leveled. International communities grew closer and within reach , It can faithfully encourage up-sells, cross- of small to medium sized businesses. sells and re-orders. Today, the Web enables any company to Think about this - a website allows you to present itself globally, 24 hours a day, seven deliver your best sales presentation, every days a week, via their own website. time, no matter what the time or location. Done right - it can be the most successful and cost-effective 'sales rep' that you have ever hired! 04
  5. 5. 80% More than 80% of New Zealanders now have access to the internet nielsen//netratings - nz herald (april 2005) 70% Over 70% of people in the USA use the internet when seeking local products & services us survey – kelsey group (feb 2005) 34% 34% of New Zealand internet users investigated a purchase or bought something over the internet in the last 12 months (a 60% increase in the last 2 years) nielsen//netratings – nz herald (2005) 05
  6. 6. New Zealanders Embrace I think you’ll definitely agree with me – websites are here to stay and are becoming a the Internet vital part of any organisation's sales and Did you know that New Zealanders are marketing strategy. amongst the heaviest Internet-using populations in the OECD? And, as our uptake But here’s the big problem: many business of ATM and EFTPOS technology shows, we owners don’t understand how to make a have historically embraced new technologies website successful. They don’t understand swiftly. Given this penchant for technology, how a website works! How does one go about it’s no surprise that online trading has taken generating a website that is going to provide the country by storm and is growing an incredible return on the money and time exponentially. invested into it? Some figures to put this growing business In this book we are going to unlock the trend into perspective: fundamental principals behind every amazingly successful website on the planet , More than 80% of New Zealanders now and look at how you too can drive fantastic have access to the internet. amounts of new business online! (Nielsen//Netratings - 2005) , In the USA, over 70% of people now use the internet when seeking local products or services. (Kelsey Group - 2005) , 34% of New Zealand internet users have investigated a purchase or bought something over the internet in the last 12 months (a 60% increase in the last 2 years). (Nielsen//Netratings - 2005) It has also been predicted that by 2008 as many as 30% of all ‘offline’ purchases will be directly influenced by a website! 06
  7. 7. Business Fundamentals Still Apply! Websites aren’t magic! They require a good product or service and hard work 07
  8. 8. Competitive Offer It seems like common sense, right? Yet, these basic business fundamentals are often You’ve possibly heard stories that a website forgotten – people take their struggling will completely change your business – and business online and expect the world to make your fortunes – beyond your wildest dreams, a beeline to their website. all without you ever having to lift a finger; or about companies that have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for websites but been Commitment very disappointed with the returns. If you want to establish a successful website there are a number of facts that you need to The fact is that the Web cannot miraculously know: make your products or services good if they , It is going to involve work are not. Just as in the bricks and mortar world, , It is going to cost money sub-standard products and services will not , It is going to involve learning new skills last long. The Web is a huge consumer , It is going to take time. machine and ethics, value and integrity are still fundamental in this vocal community. There’s a common misconception that people will suddenly start purchasing from you just because you have a website. Wouldn’t that be nice? But your product or service must have a potential market to begin with! Most importantly of all, it must be competitive and attractive to your prospective customers. 08
  9. 9. Why Go Online? Before you even consider getting a new website or revamping an old website, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve by going online 09
  10. 10. There are five common reasons why an its revenue in the physical world. organisation will establish a website. Generate Referral Revenue Generate Enquiries & Leads Some websites make money by referring (or Many websites are focused on generating linking through) to products and services enquiries and leads. They are designed to contained on other websites. Every visitor generate interest in the organisation's that is referred is tracked by the website products or services. Prospects can then receiving the referral. A commission is then enquire about the products or services via a paid back to the referring website. This is a number of methods: powerful form of online marketing called an ‘affiliate program’. , Online Forms , Email In 2005 a book was published by Rosalind , Phone Gardner, titled `How I Made $436,797 in One , Fax Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online!’ , Or even by visiting the physical premises Never underestimate the power of the Web! of the organisation. Present Information Generate Sales Revenue Finally, every website is about presenting More and more businesses are setting up ‘e- information! The website may exist simply commerce’ websites. These automate the to support the organisation’s brand. Or, it buying process by allowing customers to may exist to automate the process of purchase products and services online. An e- distributing information to prospects and commerce website provides the business customers. owner with a tool that they can use to directly drive sales. Different organisations will have different website objectives and most business Generate Advertising Revenue websites have a number of objectives. But it is absolutely vital that you are completely Some organisations are starting to make clear on exactly what ‘business result’ you are money by selling online advertising space. trying to achieve from your website before Take, for example, the New Zealand Herald you venture into the online world. website, which provides an online edition of its daily paper for free (www.nzherald.co.nz). Why? Because it generates revenue by selling advertising space on its website - very similar to how the paper generates the majority of 10
  11. 11. Website - Think Branch Office The best way we have ever found of describing a website is to think of it as an ‘Online Branch Office’. The key factors that determine success in a physical branch office can be applied to an online branch office 11
  12. 12. Physical Branch Office Online Branch Office The revenue of any business is determined by Following a similar pattern, the performance four key metrics: of a website is determined by a very comparable set of metrics: , Leads The number of people that enquire , New Visitors about the products or services of the The number of new visitors to the business. website. , Conversion Rate , New Visitor Conversion Rate The percentage of ‘leads’ that purchase The percentage of new visitors that products or services from the business. make an enquiry, make a purchase, click (A 20% conversion rate means that for on an advertisement, sign up to the every 10 leads, the business makes two organisation's mailing list or do whatever sales). else is part of the overall objective of the website. , Transactions The number of times a customer , Returning Visitors purchases from the business over their The number of visitors that return to lifetime as a customer. visit the website. , Average Sale , Returning Visitor Conversion Rate The amount of money that the The percentage of returning visitors customer spends on average at the that make an enquiry, make a business each time they purchase. purchase, click on an advertisement, sign up to the organisation's mailing One of the golden rules in business is this - if list or do whatever else is part of the you can increase any one of the key metrics overall objective of the website. outlined above then your business will increase its turnover. , Average Sale The amount of money that each customer spends on average at the website (this metric is only applicable for websites that sell products or services online). 12
  13. 13. Website Success Metrics The performance of any website on the planet is determined by a small set of key ‘success metrics’ 13
  14. 14. The Golden Rule! The golden rule of all websites is this: If you can increase ANY ONE of the website success metrics then your website will deliver more results!! It is as simple as that! The following table outlines the exact success metrics that determine the performance of your website depending on your website objectives. Website Success Metrics 6Website Objectives New Visitors New Visitor Return Visitors Return Visitor Average Sale Conversion Conversion Rate Rate Enquiries / Leads P P P P O Sales Revenue P P P P P Advertising Revenue P O P O O Referral Revenue P P P P O Present Information P O P O O 14
  15. 15. Automatic Measurement! Monitoring & measuring the key metrics is important, but time consuming. Automation is the key! 15
  16. 16. The Best Thing About a Website! One of the most powerful aspects of any good website is this: It is very important that you measure every aspect of your website’s performance. You A website runs on a computer and due to may have heard the saying - “If you can’t this, it is possible to get the computer to measure it - you can’t manage it!” automatically measure every single one of the key success metrics. This saying rings true throughout every aspect of business. And this is where it gets really These figures should be available to you at exciting! the click of a button! Zeald.com Website Dashboard 16
  17. 17. Improving the Success Metrics Tune your website to increase the performance of each and every one of the key success metrics 17
  18. 18. A Wide Range of Strategies! Conversion Rate So how can you 'tune' a website and increase , Fast-loading website the performance of each and every one of the , User-friendly website layout success metrics? , Professional, personalised website design , Compelling website copy There are literally hundreds of strategies to , Clear sales process and pathway achieve this. The optimal strategy depends , Great testimonials and references. on many factors; the business, the target customer, the market environment and so on. Average Sale A summary of some you might find effective follows: , Cross-sells , Up-sells New Visitors , Specials and promotions , Wish-lists , Search engine optimisation , Volume pricing , Search engine advertising , Gift vouchers , Affiliate program , Best sellers , Promotion of website on business cards, , New items. , brochures, letterheads, etc , Online banner advertising , Directory listings, e.g. www.yellowpages.co.nz, www.ubd.co.nz. Returning Visitors , Email marketing , Regular promotions , Next purchase offers , 'What's New' webpage , VIP programs , Reminder systems. 18
  19. 19. Get the Order Right! Build a strong foundation for your website business. In order to maximise your return it is absolutely vital that you work on your success metrics in the correct order 19
  20. 20. Work Smarter Not Harder! Many organisations focus too early on attracting new visitors and spend large In order to maximise your return, it is amounts of money on marketing and absolutely vital that you work on your success promoting their website before ensuring that metrics in the right order. they have a good conversion rate, return visitor rate and average sale. This is money 1. Conversion Rate down the drain! Start by producing a website with a great conversion rate! This is absolutely vital and Make sure you get the order right! forms the basis of everything that follows; Remember - just as the success of a business 2. Returning Visitors is governed by a number of key metrics, so is Focus on maximizing the number of visitors a website. Understand your website’s success that continually return to your website; metrics and the keys to improving each of them and you will have learnt the secrets to 3. Average Sale developing a website that generates amazing Now work on the average sale to make sure returns at a fraction of the cost of the more you are making the most of every opportunity traditional forms of sales and marketing! (e-commerce websites only); All the best in your online endeavours! 4. New Visitors And then and only then, look to increase the amount of new visitors to your website. 4. Increase New visitors 3. Increase Average Sale 2. Increase Return visitors 1. Great Conversion Rate! The building blocks of a successful online business begin with creating a solid base. 20