You ate it now negate it-Holiday Edition


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Are you feeling eaters remorse from the Christmas holidays? Need to start thinking about New is what you did to yourself recently.

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You ate it now negate it-Holiday Edition

  1. 1. You Ate It… Now Negate It
  2. 2. You Are What You Eat A typical Christmas/Holiday dinner will come in between 2000-3000 calories. Every delicious bite adds up. Consider: •The chef •Your portion size • Seconds (Thirds) •One meal, two, three (How many gatherings did you go to? Now: •Think about that with New Year's parties around the corner as well •Are you going to do it all over again? Image courtesy Grant Cochrane /
  3. 3. What You Are Eating Roast turkey Roast potatoes (lets be honest you had mashed made with butter, milk or creamso double that number) Stuffing Cranberry sauce 250 calories 130 calories Egg nog and 2 (just 2 small) shortbread cookies 2 glasses of wine 840 calories 250 calories 90 calories 300 calories The list goes on with vegetables cooked in butter, gravy, dinner roll or biscuit, appetizers, more alcohol, we haven’t even mentioned dessert... Realistically you’re well over 1000 calories. Closer to 2000 and fast approaching 3000 calories in ONE MEAL.
  4. 4. You Ate…Now Negate For argument sake, let’s just say you ate 1000 calories of food
  5. 5. You Need To Do… Jump Rope Running Ice Skating Downhill Skiing 1 hr 22 mins 1 hr 35 mins 2 hrs 26 mins 2 hrs 43 mins Cardio Burpees Jump Squats Stairs 2 hrs 5 mins 400 300 250 Flights Push Ups Cycling 20 MPH Snow Shoveling Sex 1000 1 hour 2 hrs 22 mins 40 mins
  6. 6. Had Enough?? • When you are done with the turkey and all the fixins. • 1 slice of cheese pizza 300 calories = 30 minutes of running • 2 chocolate truffles 220 calories = playing basketball for 40 minutes • French fries 500 calories = racquetball for 30 minutes or swimming laps in the pool for an hour *all numbers are approximate (sex, weight, age…but; you get the idea*
  7. 7. Hope You Enjoyed Christmas What are you going to do for New Year’s ????
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