Carpet One's Holiday Stain Guide


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Carpet One's Holiday Stain Guide

  1. 1. ENTERTAIN WITH EASEBE PREPARED FOR HOLIDAY STAINS‘Tis SPILLS HAPPEN – the season for inviting friends and family into your home to share in holiday celebrations. Holiday STAY AHEAD OF THEM No matter how careful guests are, spills are bound tofavorites like eggnog, cranberry sauce, red wine and happen. And, the holiday foods and drinks that we love arepumpkin pie are delicious – but are also notorious for all worthy adversaries when it comes to your furniture andcausing stains. Don’t let the fear of holiday spills stop floors. A little planning will prevent holiday mishaps from turning into expensive-to-remove, long-term from hosting a holiday celebration. With a littlebit of party prep, you can put your mind at ease. • Check the care guide and warranty on your upholstered furniture and flooring. If you can’t find them in your home, look online. Follow the“When you have visitors, you want them to feel as manufacturer’s advice for treating spills and stains orcomfortable as possible and that means you need you may invalidate your feel comfortable as well,” says Franny Andahazy, • Assemble a stain-prevention first aid kit. Many commonExecutive Designer of Party by Design, a creative household products will help you tackle fresh spills andevent company out of Boston, Massachusetts. “The stop them from becoming permanent blemishes. Yourbenefit of planning ahead and being prepared is that kit should include clear dishwashing detergent, a spot removal solvent, white vinegar, white dishtowels oryou can relax and enjoy your guests. After all, if you rags and plain white paper towels. Keep these suppliesaren’t having fun, chances are – neither are they.” together so you can quickly grab what you need.
  2. 2. QUICK GUIDE FOR : BE PREPAREDCOMMON OFFENDERSWine, coffee, cranberry sauce, chocolate and juices are 1known for their stain-causing ability. Don’t let the fear ofspills stop you from serving these holiday favorites. If a Six things yo Che u can do to pr ck your carpet event perman and furniture ent stains. warranty s to learn the 2spill happens, it’s best to tackle it right away. • Use a cloth or white paper towels to soak up any excess liquid 1 and manufac recommende turer website d methods of cleaning keep th em ning supplies and Shop for clea 2 33 • Mix 1/2 teaspoon of clear dishwashing detergent with 1-cup of warm water on hand prevent • Using a clean white cloth or unprinted paper towels, thways to help slowly blot the stain from the outside edges in Create clear pa bles trips and stum • For stubborn stains that may have had time to set, you may need to follow the detergent solution with white vinegar 44 Rem ove knickkna place to cks so guests safely put drin have a k cups and pl ates 55 • Rinse the vinegar away by blotting again with warm on as they up spills as so water Act fast – soak happen • Absorb any remaining moisture with paper towels or a clean cloth prevent spills outside in to ork from the 6 6 W gGreasy stains are more tricky to remove and sometimes from spreadinrequire specialty cleaning supplies. • Apply a spot cleaning solvent made for clothes • Using a damp towel; blot the stain • Repeat as necessary • Remove the cleaning solvent by blotting with a clean towel dampened with water • Absorb any remaining moisture with paper towels or a clean cloth SPOT PREVENTION FIRST AID KIT + Keep these supplies on hand and you’ll be ready for almost any party accident. ✓ Clear dishwashing detergent ✓ Spot removal solvent made for clothes ✓ White vinegar ✓ Club soda ✓ White dishtowel or cloth ✓ White, unprinted paper towels
  3. 3. IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATEHOLIDAY PARTY PLANNING 101Inspect holiday linens, serving dishes and glassware well Create a party theme – and ask your guests to adopt advance of your party. Items that have been sitting in For instance, if your theme is “Silver and Gold” use ribbonstorage probably need freshening, not to mention making and wrapping paper as table runners and decorative accents.sure they were properly cleaned last year. Then, ask your guests to dress in silver and gold to help bring the theme to life.Consider renting. Many party supply companies will rentlinens, plates, glassware and flatware to private party hosts Stock up early. Shop for non-perishable items like wine, mixers,and hostesses. You can also rent additional seating and non-alcoholic and other beverages early. Make your shoppingtables if needed. The best part? They take care of doing the easier by selecting a signature drink for the event and servedishes and storing everything until the next year! only that.Do a walk-through. Start at your front door and Accept offers of help. Many guests will offertry to view your home as if seeing it for the to bring something or help in anotherfirst time. Eliminate anything that may trip- Whether way in appreciation of your willingnessup a party guest or cause inconvenience. you’re a first-time to host a party. By all means, say yes. Let your artist friend help with décor.Place a festive throw rug in your entry party planner or an Know a florist? Let them create flowerway. These easily washable items create old pro, this simple guide arrangements. And, make sure you givea joyful atmosphere and are great at credit to your party helpers to showpreventing snow and mud from getting will help you kick off your appreciation.tracked through your home. the party-planning Keep it cool. Put beverages in a cooler on yourIncrease lighting in high traffic areas. It season. back porch to keep them cool. If the weather iswill help your guests see where they are going, cool enough, you won’t even need ice!which will help prevent accidents and spills. Fill the air with holiday scents. If you’re not using yourMove furniture. Create clear pathways so party-goers can stove, simmer a cinnamon stick and cloves in a pot of watereasily mix and mingle without having to bump into other on your stove – or purchase a mixture for that purpose fromfurniture or each other. Make sure you move furniture far your local kitchen supply or candle store.enough in advance to clean up any dust bunnies that youuncover. Also, eliminate carpet indentations by spraying The holidays are a time for celebrating with family andwith water and lifting the crushed pile with a grooming friends. Planning ahead for a festive gathering – andbrush (available at your carpet store). preparing for the unexpected surprises those gatherings can bring – will make this season truly one to enjoy for any partyRemove knickknacks from tabletops and shelves. Not host or hostess.only will it prevent breakage of your favorite treasurers, butit will also give your guests additional flat surfaces on whichto set drinks and plates.