Study Tour - CEC May 2011


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Presentation given to Clinical Excellence Commission. Overvie of my HARC Study Tour to the UK and USA. What I leanrt, and how to progress.

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Study Tour - CEC May 2011

  1. 1. Dispatch from the world of Social Media Carolyn Der Vartanian @carolyndv April 2011
  2. 2. The TourWorld Social Media Forum - LondonMeeting at the Mayo Clinic Centre forSocial Media (MCCSM)Walking Meeting with Dr Ted Eytan-Kaiser PermanenteWorld Non-Profit and Social MarketingConference - Dublin
  3. 3. The Near Future!• Move to mobile/portable technology- phone/tablets• See/ receive information as • Portable • Personalised • Participatory (@susannahfox & @Pew_Internet)
  4. 4. Key Themes • SM is changing our habits but not who we are • “Social Media [represents] a fundamental shift in the dynamics of conversations enabled by new technologies” Craig Lefebvre
  5. 5. •Social Media is not a stand alonestrategy- must be integrated intocommunications strategy.A successful social media strategyincludes collaboration andengagementLeveraging the power of socialmedia: “Reach & Engage” rather than“Attract & Join”
  6. 6. • NHS has integrated social media into its flagship web portal- NHS Choices (• 9 million visitors to web in 2010• 60,000 followers across 9 different SM platforms: Facebook, Twitter & You Tube NHS Choices has 6 Twitter accounts @nhschoices,@nhschoicetal @carersdirect,@nhsfeedback @nhsnewsuk, @nhsflu
  7. 7. British Dental Association (BDA) • Facebook-style ‘friend’ activity, create own networks, contribute to discussion forums (purpose built platform). • Twitter account and active blogs- CEO, Chairs of Branches and Scientific Advisor • Sub-Committees, research suggestions, clinical chats • Yammer in Government/ Ozmosis
  8. 8. The Mayo Clinic Centrefor Social Media • Launched June 2010 • 8 staff, 3 campuses, $1mio investment, • Twitter, Facebook,You Tube PLUS regular PR & Comms
  9. 9. Using YouTube to engage patients Your first prosthodontics visit
  10. 10. TwitterChat with Dr Montori & AHRQ @MayoClinic
  11. 11. The HASHTAG # on Twitter• #HCSM• #HCSMANZ• #WSMC• #AHRQuixchat
  12. 12. Kaiser Permanente @tedeytan
  13. 13. • 15,000 physicians, 8.7m members• 100% of physicians use email to interact with their patients (Guidelines)• Electronic health records database with member-facing counterpart My Health Manager.• Social Media Policy plus Blogging Best Practice
  14. 14. Social Marketing• Lots to learn from behaviour change theory• Understand: barrier to change, tailor it to target audience, segmentation if required make it achievable, positive messages, local knowledge, co- creation- tap into others
  15. 15. • Social marketers were asking: How can we influence communities and marketplaces with the conversations we have using social media?• SM allows us to develop our ‘weak ties’ and reinforce our ‘strong ties’ (social networking theory)• Spread ideas through weak ties – world is small on the internet!
  16. 16. Suggestions• The conversation needs to include approaches for: • Organisation (engaging the community- not PR) • Program/Project (targeted conversations) • Individual reputation (dual citizenship)• What is CEC philosophy re SM?
  17. 17. Suggestions• Policy – disciplinary action vs building right processes• Training – how to use SM• On-line survey of SM uses by health professionals in 2011
  18. 18. THANKS• Hospital Alliance Research Committee (HARC)• Cliff & Peter for their support & encouragement• Bernie- for letting me take so much time off!• My virtual community in cyberspace
  19. 19. Questions?