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Opening sequence draft 2 together

  1. 1. Opening Sequence Draft 2 Ina Bayson Ramina Arlauskaite Carolle Mafuta-Nkalu
  2. 2. Genre: Drama
  3. 3. Ramina’s Brainstorm• A young girl + boyfriend• Go to the same school• Other girls likes the boy, jealousy because of the boy’s girlfriend• The girl bullies/fights the girlfriend• In the end, girlfriend just lying down with blood on her mouth.
  4. 4. Carolle’s Brainstorms• The girl trying to cut herself in front of a mirror crying• *flashback*• Girl and boy kissing while watching TV• Her phone rings and boy takes it off her• Tries to hit her• *flash forward*• Shows her trying to cut herself again
  5. 5. Ina’s Brainstorm• Girlfriend+Boyfriend• Boy proposes to the girl after a date (in a cafe)• She accepts• Then, flash-forward:• of her stalking boyfriend with another girl (holding hands)• Unanswered calls from the boy to the girl
  6. 6. Strongest Idea• Strongest Idea• Ramina’s Idea• Ina’s Idea• Not showing all story, just giving pieces of puzzle
  7. 7. Final Idea• Used Ramina and Ina’s Idea together:• Girlfriend + Boyfriend• Having a date, then he proposes to her• Other girl outside of cafe watching them angrily• He putting the ring in her finger• *Flash forward*• Girlfriend saw boyfriend and the other girl holding hands• She calls him but he didn’t pick up
  8. 8. Why did we chose this genre with example/conventions• Happens in real life o Shows that not all situations are perfect• Affects young married couples (not all) o Showing that they are still too young
  9. 9. Inspirational films My Amnesia Girl
  10. 10. I Love You To Death• Joey owns a pizza parlor, and is married to Rosalee, and is a major womanizer. Rosalee goes to extremes when she finds he has been cheating.Scene 3: Rosalee founds her husband cheatingLong shot of Rosalee Mid shot of her with Two shot of Rosaleeenter the library books and the librarian Time- 7:51/8:55 Mid shot of Rosalee point of view shot of her looking at shot as she see’s her husband ch?v=4Vp-books to borrow from the kissing another women Z0u4Rhs&feature=relatedlibrary
  11. 11. Character RepresentationGood/happy wifeMid shot of her smiling Two shot, Serving her Two shot, they areand she seems very happy husband a drink having conversation ch?v=4Vp- Z0u4Rhs&feature=relatedTwo shot, she loves being Two shot, kissing hernext to her husband husband(protection)
  12. 12. Character Representation Angry housewife Time- 00:00/00:53 ?v=sAnS9H6sLyM&feature=relat ed Rosalee hatred towards her husband because he cheated on her, she and her mother planning to kill her husband by over dose the food with sleeping pills, and different ingredient.
  13. 13. Chosen theme, brainstorm for opening• Theme: Tragic (a bit), Romance Close up Flash forwardsShowing emotions Clips of after heof a character/s proposed to her Mid-shot Brainstorm He took his phone out Boyfriend + to see who called him Girlfriend POV Other girl seeing them Young and became together + proposing engaged Cheating in a relationship
  14. 14. Research about our theme: Young couples• There are almost 16 million adults aged 16-24 living in the UK of which almost three in ten (4.6 million) are either married or living with their partner.• So there is a conflict in needs and readiness when it comes to relationships for those in that age bracket. Some may marry prematurely because the need for connection wins out.• Students who marry while in school may be missing out on some experiences that would enhance their life experience and maturity.• In their late teens and early twenties, people are still forming their adult identities, and are still doing a lot of growing psychologically. It is best to wait to marry until after about age 27 or so to ensure that this growth curve has begun to slow down. This reduces the chance that people will later come to realize that they didn’t really know themselves yet when they got married, as well as feel that they have grown apart from their partner.
  15. 15. Conventions of Genre• Real life Problems/Situations• Love• Conflict• Emotions
  16. 16. Who are the Characters & who they representCarolle: Nevaeh The Boyfriend’s other girlfriend Ina: LilyClothes: Black clothes to show jealousy, John’s Fiancéedark, and evil Clothes: Smart/Cute clothes while he’s proposing to herNeil: John Jeans and Top when she The Boyfriend/ Fiancée of his saw them holding handsgirlfriendClothes: Smart clothes when proposing Jeans and Hoody when goingout with other girlfriend
  17. 17. Location/Setting• Cafe: where John proposes to Lily, while Nevaeh is outside looking at them.• Round wood Park: When Lily saw John and Nevaeh holding hands
  18. 18. How are we going to create enigma• Showing pieces of the puzzle• Flashes of clips (flash forward)• Expressions
  19. 19. 5 bullet points of what is going to happen in the whole film• John and Lily got engage and move in together• Lily becomes very over protective and thinks that John is cheating on her• They always argue on simple things• John’s old friend (Nevaeh) text’s him to meet up, and Lily read it and become’s suspicious• John picks up the phone and meet up with Nevaeh. He doesn’t know that Lily is following him and Lily ended the relationship and John explains that him and Nevaeh are just friends
  20. 20. 5 bullet points of what is going to happen in the opening sequence• John proposes to Lily while they’re on a date.• Nevaeh is watching them angrily from outside the cafe. Then *Flash Forward*• Lily followed John and saw him holding hands with Nevaeh• Lily tries to call John• He declined the call
  21. 21. Storyboard
  22. 22. Shot listShot Shot Name Description Prop/CostumeNumber1 Two Shot Lily and John sitting down in Cafe, smart clothes- jeans, the cafe (having a date) polo, trainers, skirt, top, shoes, coffee2 Over the John taking out the ring to Ring in the box Shoulder shot propose to Lily3 Mid shot Nevaeh of her looking at Black jacket, jeans, John and Lily angrily white top, boots, make up black lipstick4 P.O.V Nevaeh’s POV of what she is Table, chairs, coffee, seeing people, ring, clothes5 Close up Opening of the box (ring) Box and ring6 Mid shot Lily shocked and happy Make up7 Close up Lily’s eyes crying of joy
  23. 23. Shot Shot Name Description Props/CostumeNumber8 Extreme Close Him putting the ring in her Ring up finger9 Long shot John and Nevaeh holding Park, clothes- hands in park trousers, Hoody, trainers, jeans, jacket, hand bag10 Mid shot Lily behind John and Tracksuit trousers, Nevaeh top, jacket, trainers, hair tied back11 Close up Lily dialling the phone to phone call John12 Two shot Nevaeh and John Talking Clothes, phone (Mid shot) *Phone rings*13 Extreme close Him declining the call phone up
  24. 24. 1. INT. Inside the cafe shop. Day ScriptTwo shot, of Lily and John sitting down in the cafe shop, drinking tea.Over-the-shoulder shot, John taking out the ring to propose to Lily2. EXT. The cafe shop windowMid-shot, Nevaeh looking at John and lily angrily. Wearing a black jacket, jeans, white top, boots and black lipstickPoint of view shot, Nevaeh point of view of what she seeing3. INT. Inside the coffee shopClose up shot, of John’s hand opening the ring boxMid shot, Lily shocked and happy, she put her hands over her mouth speechlessClose up, of Lily’s face crying as John propose to herExtreme close up, John putting the ring on Lily’s finger4. EXT. The park (roundwood)Long shot, John and Nevaeh holding hands, walking in the park. John’s wearing black trousers, hoody and trainers whilst Nevaeh wearing jeans, black jacket and hand bagMid shot, of Lily behide John and Nevaeh, Wearing tracksuit, top, jacket, trainers and hair tied backClose up shot, Lily dialling her phone to call John, she press the button hard as she cannot believe what she’s seeingTwo shot (Mid shot), Nevaeh and John talking, laughing, the phone ringsExtreme close up shot, of Johns hand and the phone and he declines the call Blackout
  25. 25. Applying theories of Todorov• Everything started good- him proposing• Then, becomes complicated- she sees John with someone else, suspicion
  26. 26. Applying theories of Propp• Villain- Nevaeh- wearing black, emo looking, Lily thinks that she is John’s girlfriend• Main Character- John- story revolves around him• Second Character- Lily- John’s girlfriend
  27. 27. Applying theories of Strauss• Didn’t use good and bad themes
  28. 28. Target Audience• Age: 15-25• Gender: Both• Social Class: Working class• Hobbies: exploring, going out,• Lifestyle: Teenagers, young adults• Location: London
  29. 29. Film Distributor and why• Most drama films used this film distributor
  30. 30. Age rate of the film BBFC standard
  31. 31. Evidence- Title and credits (fonts)
  32. 32. Music/Sound